MODE() - Find Most Repeated Value in a List in Excel

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The MODE() function in Excel allows you to quickly find the most repeated or frequently occuring value within a list or range of data. This allows you to quickly analyze a series of data to do things like finding the highest sales amount for a quarter or the cost of the most expensive part in a project, and so much more.

Note: Arguments for the MODE() function in Excel can be numbers, names, arrays, or other references that contain numbers. Also, any argument in the MODE() function that is text that can't be turned into a number or that throw errors will return an error for the MODE() function. If there are no duplicate values in the list, which means there can be no value repeated more than another, this function will return an error in Excel.

Syntax for the MODE() function in Excel:

MODE(number1, number2, ...)



MODE() Function in Excel

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Excel Function: MODE()