Mark an Excel File as Complete and Final Version

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Author: don

This feature allows you to make an Excel file that tells everyone that it is the final version, the completed version.

This is great when you need to send a file to someone while at the same time letting them know that no further changes need to or should be made to the workbook.

Note: this feature does not prevent a user from making changes to the workbook.  It merely informs them that no further changes need to be made.

Steps to Mark a Workbook as Final

  1. Click the File button:
  2. Go to the Info section:
  3. Click the Protect Workbook button and then Mark as Final:
  4. Hit OK on the window that appears:
  5. Depending on your settings another window may open, hit OK on there too:
  6. That's it!

The next time you, or anyone else, open the file, a notification message will appear at the top of the window:

If the user then clicks Edit Anyway and edits and saves the file, it will no longer be marked as final.


I just want to repeat that this feature does not prevent the editing of a workbook.  It merely tells someone that this is the final version.

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