Macro to Open a Website from Excel

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How to open a website in the browser from Excel using a Macro and VBA.

This is the same as following a link or clicking a link from the worksheet except that it will be done through a Macro.

This does not open a website within Excel. Everything will still open in the browser.

The Macro

Here is the full macro that you need:

Sub Go_to_Website()

Dim ie As Object






ie.Visible = True


While ie.busy




End Sub

This is a simple macro and it will open the website into Internet Explorer by default.

To use the macro, change to whatever website you want the user to visit.

You can also replace this with a variable that holds the website url in order to make this a bit more versatile. In that case, you would just replace "" with the desired variable name and without the double quotation marks around the variable name.

This is a fairly simple macro and you should not need to change anything other than what I just mentioned.

If you don't know how to put this macro into Excel, you can read this tutorial here: Install a Macro into Excel

Make sure to download the sample file attached to this tutorial so you can get the macro ready to go in Excel.

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Downloadable Files: Excel File

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