Hide or Unhide a Worksheet by Hand in Excel

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I'll show you how to hide worksheets in Excel so that a user cannot see them but you can still access data on them.

This method is the simplest way to hide a sheet and it will still allow you to easily access it when you need to.  This is especially good when you want to hide a source data tab or simply reduce clutter in the workbook.

Hide a Worksheet in Excel

  1. Right-click the worksheet tab that you want to hide and click Hide



Notice that Sheet1 is now gone.

Unhide a Worksheet in Excel

  1. Right-click a remaining worksheet tab and click Unhide

  2. Select the sheet that you want to make visible in the workbook and then hit the OK button.



This is a simple and easy way to hide a worksheet in Excel but it is not secure.  Anyone to whom you send this workbook can unhide the worksheet and read what's in it or change what's in it.

This method is good for hiding tabs that don't need to be visible to everyone and that might cause them confusion.  For example, you will often want to hide any tabs that contain raw data, because you don't want a user to accidentally corrupt that data; but only use this method to hide the raw data if it's not a big deal if the user does see it.

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