Get the Current Date in Excel

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How to get the current date using Excel.  This method updates the date every day so that it is always accurate.

To do this we will use the TODAY() function.



There are no arguments for this function; you simply type it in as it is displayed above.

List the Current Date in Excel

Simply type =TODAY() into any cell where you want the current date to be displayed.

That's it!

You don't even have to change the formatting of the cell to a date because Excel will automatically do that for the TODAY() function.

If you want, you can change the format of the date that it displays by right-clicking the cell and going to Format Cells...

Then look to the Date formats on the Number tab and select whichever one you want and hit the OK button.


Every day that you open your spreadsheet, the date will update to that day's date.  You will never have to update another date in Excel again.

Dates will look different depending on your location.  The date above is displayed in the U.S. format where the month comes first.

This function may seem trivial but you can combine it with many other date and time functions in Excel in order to create more powerful spreadsheets.  Check out our Date and Time Tutorials for Excel.

If you want to also display the current time, look to our tutorial on the NOW function.

Make sure to download the accompanying workbook if you want to see this function being used.

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Excel Function: TODAY()
Downloadable Files: Excel File

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