Get Formulas from Cells in Excel with VBA

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Get a formula from a cell using VBA in Excel.

This method returns the actual formula instead of the output value.

Get the Formula of a Cell into a Macro

We use the Formula property for this.

To get the formula in cell A1, type this in a macro:



I will put MsgBox in front of this line of code so we can see the output in Excel:

MsgBox Range("A1").Formula

Go back to Excel and run it on a cell that has a date and this is the result:


In cell A1, you can see the actual visible output, which is the date, and in the message box pop-up you can see the formula that was used to create the output.

Using Formula in VBA means that the macro will get the formula that we see in the message box.


This is pretty straightforward, if you want to get the value of a cell that is easy and you can read about it in the link.

Download the attached workbook to see this example in Excel.

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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