Enable the Analysis ToolPak in Excel

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How to enable the Analysis ToolPak in Excel.

This is an add-in program that comes with Excel and allows you to use powerful statistical and engineering analysis features.

Steps to Enable the Analysis ToolPak

  1. Click the File button (Microsoft Office Button for Excel 2007).
  2. Click Options from the left side of the menu that appears (Excel Options for Excel 2007).
  3. Click the Add-Ins option from the left side of the window that opens.
  4. Look to the bottom of the window for a drop-down menu that says Manage: next to it.  Click it and make sure it says Excel Add-ins and then click the Go... button.
  5. In the window that opens, select the Analysis ToolPak option and any other options you want.  Then hit the OK button.
  6. That's it.  Now, go to the Data tab and look all the way to the right and you will see the new button Data Analysis. That button takes you to all of the new statistical analysis feature that you can now use in Excel.


If you have the Analysis ToolPak already installed, you will find it on the Data tab all the way to the right.  There will be a button that says Data Analysis and that takes you to all of the Analysis ToolPak features.

To remove the Analysis ToolPak from Excel, follow the same steps as above except that in step 5 you will un-check the feature you no longer want instead of checking it.

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Excel Version: Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013