Vlookup Date Picker in Excel (Dynamic)

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Make a dynamically updating vlookup date picker for excel that allows you to choose a date from three separate, but linked, drop down lists within the worksheet.

The days of each month will be accurate based on the year and month selected, even for February and leap years!

There will be 3 drop downs:

  1. Year
  2. Month
  3. Day

And each drop down list will update based on the current year and the month selection.

This tutorial combines: Vlookups, data validation, and complex custom formulas.

Part 1 - The Vlookup

This part shows you how to build the vlookups that use a date as a lookup value.

Note: DATEVALUE() could have been used to create the entire date for the vlookup in this video, like was done in the next video, but now you at least know multiple ways to do the same thing.

Part 2 - Dynamic Date Generation

This part shows you how to create the dates for the drop down menus and how to make them dynamic so that they always show the correct number of days based on the year and month selection.

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