Worksheet Functions for VBA - VLOOKUP() and More

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How to use actual worksheet functions within your macros and VBA - this tutorial covers VLOOKUP() as well as some other basic functions and an advanced reference method that helps you build more powerful macros.

This tutorial covers multiple ways to use worksheet functions from Excel within your macros and vba and it includes a number of examples that start out simple and become more advanced.

You do not need to be advanced in Exel in order to understand this tutorial, but it also shouldn't feel too simple or slow if you are already proficient in vba.

The important concepts that are covered in this tutorial include:

  • How to use ranges in worksheet functions in vba.
  • How to use simple worksheet functions in vba.
  • How to use Vlookup in vba and macros.
  • How to prevent errors with functions in vba.

Excel Function: MAX(), PROPER(), VLOOKUP()
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