SEQUENCE() Function - Excel 365 New Function for List Making

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The new SEQUENCE() function for Excel 365 allows you to quickly, easily, and simply make large lists of numbers that span multiple rows and as many columns as you want.

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Using the new SEQUENCE() function, you can quickly create a list of numbers that goes up or down as far as you need and at whatever interval you need.

This allows you to quickly generate a list of numbers or to combine this with other formulas to create whatever kind of list you need:

  • lists of numbers
  • lists of dates
  • lists of custom values
  • lists with custom increment values
  • lists that go negative
  • tables of numbered lists

This is one of the great new functions for Excel 365 that uses the new SPILL features and calculation engine and its quite useful.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Excel Function: SEQUENCE()
Excel Version: Excel 365
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