FILTER() Function Excel - Power Lookup for the Future

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The new FILTER() function for Excel 365 allows you to do amazing things with a single simple function, including powerful lookups that return multiple results.

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The FILTER() function is new for Excel 365 and it uses the new calc engine to return all results form a list that match a certain criteria, which is similar to a Vlookup that returns multiple results.

This is a filtering function where you input the criteria and it returns all matches.

This single simple function replaces what used to require complex and confusing array formulas in Excel - this function makes your life much easier!

The filtering abilites of this function include:

  • matching one of multiple criteria
  • matching all criteria
  • returning multiple results
  • returning single results
  • returning entire data sets
  • returning parts of data sets

This formula uses the new spill feature and calc engine for Excel and it is definitely the future of Excel!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Excel Function: FILTER()
Excel Version: Excel 365
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