VBA File Selection Window to Open Files in Excel

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Make a file selection browser in Excel using VBA/Macros - this is the file window that allows a user to browse their computer and select a file to open or do something else with.

This tutorial includes two separate examples and macros and is part of a much larger premium course for VBA/Macros on TeachExcel.com.

The two macros that will be covered here include:

  • how to create a simple file selection window in Excel
  • how to apply file type filters to the file selection window so that the user will only see the file types that they should be able to select.

The tutorial also includes a File Filter Syntax Cheat-Sheet that shows you exactly how to make your own file filters, and this is in addition to my explaining how to make these filters in the tutorial itself.

The second example in this tutorial includes a more formal, or proper, example of creating a macro, whereas the first example is a barebones example that will get you started.

In addition to the above mentioned features, I will also show you how to prevent the macro from doing anything else if the user does not select a file and how to show the user a message if they do not select a file.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful!

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