Exclude Cells that are Filtered, Hidden or Grouped from Formulas

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2 different Powerful data analysis formulas for Excel that allow you to exclude hidden, grouped, or filtered data from calculations and that will also allow you to avoid issues caused by errors in the data set.

Normally, functions in Excel will include data that is hidden or filtered - this means that if you want to count only the visible rows of data after you have filtered them, the normal COUNT() function will not work - this causes an issue with data analysis in Excel where the values that you see, output from the formulas, do not correspond with what you actually see in the spreadsheet.

This tutorial will cover 4 distinct scenarios and show you how to perform analysis on only the visible results:

  • filtering data in Excel
  • grouping data in Excel
  • manually hiding data in Excel
  • data sets that include errors in them, regardless of whether the errors are hidden or not

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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