Zoom in Excel Using Keyboard Shortcuts

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Multiple ways to zoom into Excel using the keyboard and mouse. 

  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
  • Alt + V + Z
  • Alt + W + Q
  • Pinch the touch pad in or out with two fingers at the same time (good for laptops).

When you use the keyboard shortcuts, you will see a window like this:


You can then hit one of these keys and Enter to quickly zoom to a certain level:

1 - 100% zoom level

7 - 75% zoom level

5 - 50% zoom level

2 - 25% zoom level

0 - 200% zoom level

F - Zooms in until the selected cells completely fill the worksheet screen.

C - Allows you to enter a custom number for the zoom level.


Zooming in Excel is very easy but learning these few keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time when you have to do it often and will prevent you from interrupting any current workflow.

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