Print Different First Page in Excel

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How to include different information, headers, or footers, on the first page when printing an Excel spreadsheet.


Go to the View tab and click Page Layout.


Click at the top of the page where it says Click to add header or click the bottom where it says Click to add footer.


Click the Design tab that should have now appeared and put a check next to Different First Page.


Now, you can put whatever you want in the header and footer for the first page and it will not affect the following pages.

Go to Print Preview to verify this:


In the included workbook for this tutorial the first page will say First Page in the left side of the header.


This is a very helpful feature, especially when you want to design a cover page that should not have anything in the header or the footer.

Make sure to download the sample file to see the above example in Excel.

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Excel Version: Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013
Downloadable Files: Excel File