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Cant Copy And Paste Or Paste Special Between Excel Workbooks

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Similar Topics

Good Evening --

I have Office XP - I use Paste Special frequently.
Paste Special is in my Drop Down Edit Menu but is NOT in my Right Click Pop up Munu. Just "Paste" Appears there.

A Friend also has Office XP and His is in the right click Menu. It was on the computer when he bought it and had no idea how / why paste special is in the Right Click Menu - He has always just taken in for granted.

I have read the Paste Special Threads here - and Searched Excel Help and find no reference to my quest.

Does Anyone know how to put it there ?


Hello folks,

I can't believe I cannot find a solution to this problem somewhere on the Internet, but alas. I want to do something very simple:

1. Copy to the clipboard the contents of a cell in Excel, formatted as Currency.
2. Alt-Tab to a web browser
3. Paste the value WITH NO FORMATTING into an edit control.

For example, I copy the value 25000 (formatted to look like $25,000 by Excel) to the clipboard, then when I paste it into the browser edit field it appears with the dollar sign, commas, and some spaces thrown in for good measure.

Is there no way to make Excel copy only the value to the Windows clipboard with no formatting?

Yes, I know about Paste Special for pasting without the formatting. But I want to paste in an app that knows nothing of Paste Special.

Thanks in advance

I'm pretty new to Visual Basic and it appears I have learned just enough to get myself into trouble. I was trying to secure a document by disabling cut, copy, and paste functions, and now I can't quite seem to get them to work again.

I have recovered my copy and paste functionality, but can not get the paste-special option to reappear. I tried searching for a solution but the closest I found was in the following thread:

Anyone have suggestions that might get me back on track?

I recently started at a new company and notice a wierd issue ith Excel 2003.

When I first go into the edit menu after copying something, instead of paste special being there, I instead have paste picture link. if i leave and go back to the edit menu the paste special option reappears.

This is more than mildly annoying as I have Alt+E ,S,V/T/F hardwired into my brain, and it fails to work, due to this.

If anyone knows how to fix this I'd really appreciate it.

(and yes customized menus are disabled)


Can someone please provide me with a way to throw a message each time paste is used in a sheet? I have a workbook with multiple sheets and I wish to disable paste (just paste, not cut/copy) on that particular sheet only and enforce the users to use Paste Special (Text) instead. Also, each time they try to use paste, a message should show up asking them to use Paste Special instead. Is this possible?

If paste cannot be disabled for just one sheet, then I'd be content with allowing them to use paste but would still like to have a message box asking them to use paste special instead each time they use paste.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in anticipation..

I have a number of control spreadsheets which my users paste data into daily. Despite asking them to only paste special values to preserve the formats, they often forget and the spreadsheet requires reformatting.

Is there anyway when they open the control spreadsheet I can reassign paste or CTRL-V to paste special values. I've searched long and hard and found a solution for excel 2003 but nothing that seems to work in Excel 2007.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have tried everything to get the comments and contents of cells from 1
workbook to copy to another. When I use the Paste Special option I do not
get the correct dialogue box to open. (the one that asks if you want to
paste all, formats, comments, etc. with selection check boxes) I get the
Paste Special dialogue box opening that says Paste Special as: Microsoft
Office Excell Worksheet Object, Bitmap, Biff5, 4, 3 etc. What is happening??
How do I fix this problem???

I have an excel sheet that is not protected. I can apparently copy or cut a cell but when I go to paste or paste specal both choices are grayed out in the menu and it not allow me to do either. Whats wrong?

I use Microsoft Office Professional 2003, and I have noticed a strange behaviour of Excel.
I have to copy some cells from an Excel file to another one, and I have to use the Paste Special function, because I want to past only the values of the cells (not the formulas or the borders). So, when I click on "Paste Special", in the options following window I select "Values" and click Ok.
Sometimes it happens that, when I click on "Paste Special", insted of the classic Paste Special options window (where I can select "Values" as paste type), another window opens, in which I can choose if the text must be pasted as formatted unicode or not formatted.
Do you know why? I have done hundreds of tests, but I didn't understand the reason of that...

Thank you very much

Hey all...
I have a question for what seems like a simple operation, but dont' know if it's possible..

I just want to highlight several cells, and paste the total sum of those cells to another individual cell. But I don't see this under paste special etc.


A1 = $50
B1 = $50
C1 = $50

I want to highlight all 3 cells, hit copy, then on another page paste into A1 and have the cells value be $150. A paste special "sum" option would be cool. This is a simplified example, just to get my point accross. Thanks!

When I cut and paste a formula from one file to another file, I lose the formula, and paste the value only. This only happens between files, copy between worksheets in the same file works fine.

When I choose "Paste Special", I get "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object", rather than the usual Paste Special choices.

How can I copy a cell (or ranges of cells) into a brand new file, and copy the formula?

Somehow I lost the right click, cut, copy, paste, special paste. They are still there but "grayed out". The workbook is not protected either. Any thoughts. They are even "grayed out" when I open a brand new sheet.
Help please! Im using excel 2007.

How can I in vba

Disable the shortkeys to copy , paste, cut , paste special, insert.


Disable the right click menu


Disable the menu icons to copy, paste, cut, paste special , insert.

I need this to ristrict the end user... help needed ... all your assistance is appreciated

I am trying to do a very simple copy and paste of a simple formula in Excel 2007 and nothing seems to be working. Excel will not let me copy and paste a formula and will only paste the value into to workbook. For instance, if I make a very simple spreadsheet such as:
A1 type in 10, A2 type in =A1 (calculated A2 to be 10)
B1 type in 5

And then click the copy on B1, and then click paste special on cell B2, the only options it gives me are text and unicode text and so no matter how I paste, cell b2 will always be populated with a value of 5. I cannot imagine a simpler copy and paste and no matter what I do I can't make this work.
All cells are formatted as general. It seems that all copy and pasting of formulas in my excel has been disabled. If I open any spreadsheet on my computer, I can't copy and paste formulas, but do the exact same thing on the exact same spreadsheet on any other computer and it works no problem.

Any help?


If I copy a range of data (single column , many rows) and paste in to
another worksheet/workbook then column widths are not pasted properly. If I
go to paste special and use -- All-- it still wont work. I have to first use
paste special - Column Width - and then if I do ctrl + v immediately it will

Is the option --All -- not a super-set of -- Column Width-- in Paste special

If the above is NO, shouldnt the paste special option box be a Check box
rather than a Radio button?

Did MS intentionally designed it that way or am I missing something.

Thanks a lot,

Hello All,
I’m doing a simple copy and paste special values of a range from one sheet in one workbook to another sheet in a different workbook. The sheets are set up identically. If I do a regular copy paste the data drops, however I need to paste special values. When I do the Paste special values I get the following Pop Up Warning –

This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized.

I couldn’t find anything about this and not sure why I’m getting it, but it stops me from pasting specials values.


Is it possible to execute (force) a paste special values command (by disabling or replacing paste commands with paste special values) when a user attempts to paste (via toolbar button, edit > paste, right click paste & ctrl-V) for the specific destination worksheet (specific active sheet).
To insure destination cell/s formatting and data validation are not replaced by that of the source.

Hi guys,

I'm pasting some info from the internet in an excel file.

I cannot paste it special transpose directly from the website (because if I choose paste special I have a choice between HTML, Unicode Text and Text)

Basicaly This

Member Name: Jewelers - IA
Address 1: 123 West Monroe
Address 2:
City: Pleasant
State: IA
Zip: 52641
Phone: 546544
Fax: 545465
Additional Contact:

must come out like this in one row.

I have to do this for a lot of time so I thought of making a macro. However, when I record the "paste special transpose" action. It always selects the same cells with my shortcut.

The best would be to find an option to paste special transpose directly from the website. But if that's not possible, at least that i can have a shortcut for paste special transpose.

Could someone help me with the code?



I seem to have a problem. When I load Excel the Cut, Copy & Paste icons are greyed out, also if I right-click the three are greyed out there as well. I can still do Ctrl C & Ctrl V, but can't get Paste Special.

I've tried Detect & Repair but still no fix? I've downloaded spreadsheets from this forum today and it seems to be while doing this, could one of these had a macro to disable Cut, Copy & Paste?

I've got Norton with all the latest updates. Any ideas anybody?

Any help would be appreciated.

Having problems getting COUNTIF to recognize text from a paste special values.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Column A has two words (e.g. mister excel)
Column C has a formula to reverse the order of the words (outputting e.g. excel mister)

I then copy and paste special values of column C to Column B where I have conditional formatting to highlight duplicate values between Column A and Column B.

When I use paste special values, duplicates from columns A and B never highlight. If, however, I manually type in the same word that has been paste specialed, the highlight will appear.

I've tried formatting the cells but that is not working either.

For some reason I cannot copy from one workbook to another. My typical
method for copying is to hit Ctrl+C, switch workbooks, then hit Ctrl+V
although attempts to use the toolbar and right-clicking don't seem to
work either.

The copy function works fine. I get the "marching ants" to indicate
the area I've selected to copy. However, when I switch to another
workbook, the clipboard seems to empty itself so I cannot paste what
I've copied. I can copy/paste within the same workbook without a
problem. This only occurs when I want to copy from one workbook to

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Guys, First time post, Not sure what is going on, Happens all the time but usually just drop it and try something else...

I am trying to copy a range of cells and Need to transpose the values. Easy Enough? When I right-click and paste special, it gives me a new window with an array of options but not the standard Paste special value screen. I have used the others in the past and just pasted text. However this does not give me the paste transpose option which is what I need.

I am sure this is a User error where there is something about the way that I am copying this information but I am Drawing a Blank... Please help guys

Why does the paste special options sometimes come up with a screen similar to
word where it doesn't give you all the options but comes up instead with
paste as either a Bitmap, Unicode Text or Text. I have someone who said this
is happening when trying to copy formulas from one workbook to another. The
only time I've had this come up is when I copy a cell that does not have a
formula. The person this is happening to insists that he is copying from a
cell that contains a formula. It happens sporadically and in different


When I try "paste special" from two open workbooks from one monitor to other I don't get the normal menu instead a menu that allows pasting of text or object, etc box.

If I put two worbooks on one monitor paste special works OK.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,



My problem is that I will select data in one sheet or workbook, copy it,
then select "paste special" to paste with a specific format (e.g. keep column
widths, values only etc.) into a new sheet; when I try to "paste special"
into the new sheet, the data is somehow read as a Worksheet Object, and my
choices are Picture, Bitmap etc. How can I fix this? Thanks very much in
advance for your advice.