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We start-off with a brand new course for UserForms in Excel. The goal is to create an expectional training guide for building UserForms in Excel so that you never have to pay to learn this material.

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Excel Tip
The Find & Replace works much the same way as Find and is located in the same place. (Find & Select drop down on the Home tab) You can even just open up Find (Ctrl + F) and select the Replace tab:   All you need to do is enter what you are looking to find in the Find what box then what you are looking to replace it with in the Replace with ...
Excel Tip
Finding specific records and/or cells is easy when using the Find tool in Excel. It is located within the Find & Select drop down on the Home tab. Just click on Find within that drop down (Ctrl + F works too) and the following window will open: To use Find you simply type the data you are looking for into the Find what text box. Above, I am lo ...
Excel Tip
Ill show you three different ways to create an array in Excel VBA and Macros and how to get the data out of those arrays. Arrays are types of variables that can hold multiple separate values.  This allows you to store a lot of data in one variable so that you can later go through the variable and use what you need.  This is much better than creat ...
Excel Tip
Filtering allows you to hide rows of data which you are not interested in so that you can easily look at the rows you want to see. Its as easy to use as sorting and can be basic or very complicated depending on how you use it. In this tutorial I will just go through basic filtering. To filter a table you just select the column headings or the whole ...
Excel Tip
I'll show you the easy and simple way to sum time past 24 hours in Excel.  All we really have to do is to change the format of the desired cell. The quick answer is to use the number format [h]:mm:ss Below, I will give a more in depth explanation of how this works. Here, we have a list of start and finish work times stored in Excel.  There is als ...
Excel Tip
Sorting Data can be done with a few quick clicks of the mouse. I have used the same data as the previous 2 tutorials but have also added a Date Added column to demonstrate the sorting of dates. I will start by sorting alphabetically by Forename. To do this I first select the column I wish to sort.   I then select the sorting from 1 of 3 places. Th ...
Excel Tip
The Selection Pane is a very useful tool in Excel that allows you to view all of the objects, shapes, charts, pictures, etc. in an worksheet. It is really easy to get there when one of these items is visible: click the item, click the Format tab that appears, then click Selection Pane. When no objects are visible, you can still get to the Selection ...
Excel Tip
Text files in CSV format are one of the easiest ways to store and transfer data as it is one of the most compatible files to use. Even a basic text editor such as Notepad can understand them, although this is not recommended when you have 1,000s or even 10,000s of lines of text stored as it gets a bit confusing to read/navigate, and this is why you ...
Excel Tip
In order to combine a cell that has a date with a cell that has a time, using a Macro and VBA in Excel, you must sum the data. For instance, if you have one cell formatted as a date and another cell formatted as a time and you want to combine them into a single cell with the date and time together, you cannot simply concatenate the data. If the dat ...
Excel Tip
In Excel, you can add shapes, images, objects, photos, and all sorts of items to the spreadsheet. The problem is that sometimes these items can be hidden or can overlap each other such that you cant find them. But, there is a really great tool that allows you to view all of the objects that you have in your worksheet, its called the Selection Pane. ...