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Today, I launch the Requested Tutorials feature that you can see below. Using this feature, I want to work with you to create the content that you want.

We start-off with a brand new course for UserForms in Excel. The goal is to create an expectional training guide for building UserForms in Excel so that you never have to pay to learn this material.

View the UserForms course outline in this blog post and feel free to leave your feedback there.

I need your help to create the content, and I look forward to working with you in a collaborative manner in order to create an extensive, open, and free learning experience for everyone!

Sign-in to your account today and submit a tutorial! I promise I won't bite. :)

(Blog post about our future and how we want to work with you to create the best possible learning experience.)


Site Update

Hi guys! I just finished making some long-needed formatting updates, particularly to the Mobile version of the site. If the formatting looks messed-up, please make sure to clear your cache and reload the page.

Thanks! Don :)

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How to format the appearance of a comment and the text within it. Sections: Format Text within a Comment Format the Comments Appearance Access All Formatting and Adjustment Options for Comments Notes Format Text within a Comment Format the appearance of the text in the comment. Right-click the cell that contains the comment and click Edit Comment. ...
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How to Exit, End, or Break out of loops in Excel. This tutorial includes breaking out of While, Do, and For loops. Sections: Break out of a Do Loop Break out of a For Loop Break out of a While Loop Break out of a Loop when a Condition is Met Notes Break out of a Do Loop This will exit or break out of a Do loop, including Do While and Do Until loops ...
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How to password protect VBA code and macros in Excel so that a user cannot see the code or edit it or do anything to it at all. This allows you to safely secure your VBA code and prevent users from tampering with it or even seeing it. Steps to Password Protect VBA Code/Macros Go to the VBA Editor window by hitting Alt  + F11 Right-click the desir ...
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Simple way to open an Excel workbook using VBA and macros. Syntax Workbooks.Open ("File Path") Replace file path with the path to the file on your computer along with the full file name. Here is what it looks like in the VBA Editor window: Note: you do not always have to use the file extension of the file but it is a good practice to do so. In my ...
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How to close an Excel workbook using VBA and macros, including how to save the file before you close it or discard any changes. Sections: Selecting Which Workbook to Close Close Workbook While Saving Changes Close Workbook Without Saving Changes Let the User Decide to Save Changes or Not Notes Selecting Which Workbook to Close First, we need to tel ...
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You can change the size of the units on a chart axis, their interval, where they start, where they finish, and more. Sections: Change Vertical Axis Units Change the Horizontal Axis Notes Change Vertical Axis Units Select your chart and then go to the Layout tab and click Axes > Primary Vertical Axes and then More Primary Vertical Axis Options.. ...
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How to make the Y axis start at 0 in charts in Excel. This is a simple formatting issue. Select the Chart and go to the Layout tab (that is visible only when you select a chart). Click the Axes button and go to Primary Vertical Axis and then More Primary Vertical Axis Options... You will now be in the Format Axis window. Look to the top and next to ...
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How to make a macro stop or pause for a specified amount of time. This allows you to slow down the execution of a macro. Method 1 - Simple but Not Versatile Add this line of code anywhere in your macro where you want it to pause. Application.Wait(Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")) This will pause the macro for 1 second. The first set of zeros is hours; t ...
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How to stop a macro from running after it has started. This method uses the keyboard and has nothing to do with the programming of the macro. If the Macro is simply in a continuous loop or is running for too long you can use one of these keyboard shortcuts to kill it: Esc hit the Escape key. Ctrl + Break hit Ctrl key and then the break key, which ...
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