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Today, I launch the Requested Tutorials feature that you can see below. Using this feature, I want to work with you to create the content that you want.

We start-off with a brand new course for UserForms in Excel. The goal is to create an expectional training guide for building UserForms in Excel so that you never have to pay to learn this material.

View the UserForms course outline in this blog post and feel free to leave your feedback there.

I need your help to create the content, and I look forward to working with you in a collaborative manner in order to create an extensive, open, and free learning experience for everyone!

to your account today and submit a tutorial! :)

(Blog post about our future and how we want to work with you to create the best possible learning experience.)


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This is a practical guide to using Variables in Macros and VBA for Excel. I will tell you what they are and how to use them. Sections: What is a Variable? Why Should I use Variables? How to Make and Use Variables in Macros Naming Variables Declaring Variables - What is it and Are you Sure It's Not Important? Notes What is a Variable? A variable is ...
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Select data from other worksheets with Macros and VBA without navigating to those worksheets or activating them. This method allows the user to remain on one single worksheet while the macro goes through the workbook to get data from where it needs to get it. Syntax Worksheets(Sheet name or Index number) Argument Description Sheet name or Index num ...
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How to prompt a user for their input in Excel. There is a simple way to do this using VBA and macros; we use the InputBox function. This causes a small window to appear that has a place for the user to enter data. In this tutorial I will show you examples of how to get a user's input using this method; this is a practical tutorial, which means that ...
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How to input data into cells in a worksheet from a macro. Once you have data in your macro and you do something with it, you need to be able to put it back into Excel so you can see it or store it. This tutorial assumes that you have read and are familiar with the last tutorial: Get Data from the Worksheet into a Macro in Excel Sections: Putting Da ...
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Here, you'll learn how to get information from the Excel worksheet into a macro so you can do something with it. One of the most important things with macros is getting information from the user, and the most often used method is to get it from a cell in the worksheet. There are two steps required to do this: reference a cell that contains the data ...
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This is the first step to learning about Macros for Excel and how to use them.  What is a Macro?   A macro is a small program that you make in Excel that automates tasks. Basically, this "thing", the macro, can save you hours of time. You can create macros that do almost anything in Excel and even other Microsoft Office programs. How can Macros ...
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Create a pop-up message box in Excel using VBA Macros. This allows you to show a message to the user and to get input back, depending on which buttons were clicked in the pop-up message. To output a message in Excel, we use the MsgBox function. Below, you will find many examples that should suit your needs. Sections: Syntax Example 1 - Output Basic ...
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VBA comparison operators are used to compare values in VBA and Macros for Excel. List of VBA Comparison Operators Comparison Operator Meaning < A < B - Checks if A is LESS THAN B. > A > B - Checks if A is GREATER THAN B. <= A <= B - Checks if A is less than or equal to B. >= A >= B - Checks if A is greater than or equal to B ...
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How to create a countdown timer in Excel. This allows you to display a timer in whatever cell you want and it will count down until it reaches zero. I also included a method to stop or pause the timer. To create the countdown timer, a macro will be used. However, this tutorial does not require any previous knowledge of macros or VBA in Excel. If y ...
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Excel function that makes combining text very easy. This function is simpler and better than the CONCATENATE function. This function is a UDF and this tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of those. You can learn about them here: User Defined Functions (UDF) in Excel Sections: Syntax Create the Function and Install It Usage Examples ...
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