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Today, I launch the Requested Tutorials feature that you can see below. Using this feature, I want to work with you to create the content that you want.

We start-off with a brand new course for UserForms in Excel. The goal is to create an expectional training guide for building UserForms in Excel so that you never have to pay to learn this material.

View the UserForms course outline in this blog post and feel free to leave your feedback there.

I need your help to create the content, and I look forward to working with you in a collaborative manner in order to create an extensive, open, and free learning experience for everyone!

to your account today and submit a tutorial! :)

(Blog post about our future and how we want to work with you to create the best possible learning experience.)


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Create a line chart in Excel with this macro. This allows you to quickly and easily create line charts and graphs from a selection of data on the worksheet. As this macro is currently set, the range from which the line chart will be created is a static range that is hard-coded into the macro. This is a bare-bones version of this macro and is in thi ...
Excel Tip
Automatically run an Excel macro at a certain time. This allows you to not have to worry about running a macro every day. This macro will, on its own, run another macro in your workbook at a certain time in the day. This is a great macro to use to automate your Excel spreadsheets. This macro only works in the ThisWorkbook vba section and not a modu ...
Excel Tip
Run a macro after a certain amount of time has passed since the Excel workbook was opened. This means that you can set this macro to run another macro after the Excel workbook has been open for 10 seconds, 25 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This allows you to run times sensitive macros in Excel, such as time based warnings - i.e. "You have 15 minutes left f ...
Excel Tip
This free Excel macro formats a selection of cells as a Percentage in Excel. This simply changes a cell's number format to the Percentage number format. That will multiply any number by 100 in order to display the correct percentage number, which is what Excel does when you change the number format to Percent. This Excel macro is great for quickly ...
Excel Tip
This free Excel macro filters a data set to show the bottom X number of items from that data set. This macro is really great because you can easily customize it to choose how many items you want to be displayed after you run the filter. To determine the number of items to display simply replace the "#" sign in the macro with the number of items whi ...
Excel Tip
Return the highest number between two numbers that is in a range of cells with this UDF (user defined function) in Excel. This allows you to select a range of cells that you want to check and then to return the highest number from those cells that is between two numbers. This UDF in Excel is great for searching through large results of data and fo ...
Excel Tip
Remove all data validation from a cell in Excel with this free Excel macro. This is a great macro to use when you need to remove all data validation from cells in Excel. This removes drop down menus and lists, input messages, and all other data validation from a cell in Excel. Below, there are two versions of this macro. The first version works on ...
Excel Tip
This macro will display a message box when the numbers within a range of cells reaches an average of 5. The current macro will display a pop-up message in excel when the average number in cells A1:C5 reaches exactly 5. The average number can be changed to any desired number and so can the message contained in the pop-up message box. To change the a ...
Excel Tip
This macro will perform a bubble sort in excel. You use it simply by selecting one column to sort and then running the macro. This is basically just like a regular sort but just done using the bubble sort method of comparing two contiguous cells and then switching cell position between those two cells so that those two are arranged in a local ascen ...
Excel Tip
This macro allows you to have your worksheets named by whatever is in a particular cell within a worksheet. This means that you can set your worksheets to be named by what is in cell A1 or F455 etc. You set what cell you want the name to come from in the vba code and whatever text or numbers are pulled from there become that sheets name. This is a ...
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