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Today, I launch the Requested Tutorials feature that you can see below. Using this feature, I want to work with you to create the content that you want.

We start-off with a brand new course for UserForms in Excel. The goal is to create an expectional training guide for building UserForms in Excel so that you never have to pay to learn this material.

View the UserForms course outline in this blog post and feel free to leave your feedback there.

I need your help to create the content, and I look forward to working with you in a collaborative manner in order to create an extensive, open, and free learning experience for everyone!

to your account today and submit a tutorial! :)

(Blog post about our future and how we want to work with you to create the best possible learning experience.)


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Sort data in Excel that doesn't have headers using a macro. This Excel macro assumes that your data set does not have any headers or rows above the database that describe the contents of the column. The data is sorted in descending order. This means that is is in Z - A and 10 - 1 order. The last letter of the alphabet first and the highest number i ...
Excel Tip
This free Excel macro formats a selection of cells as Text in Excel. This macro applies the Text number format to cells in Excel. This means that all contents of a cell are treated as text and, though you can display numbers in the same cells, text is formatted to align to the left of a cell. This means that numbers with text formatting will appear ...
Excel Tip
This free Excel UDF allows you to get the numbers out of a cell that contain both text and numbers. This is a great function for splitting numbers and text from cells and can help you with many of your text manipulation / extraction needs. This is especially helpful when separating product id numbers and names and conducting inventory management w ...
Excel Tip
This free excel macro allows you to open any program on your computer from excel. You can open a media player, file viewer, image editor, internet browser, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, or any other program on your computer. This is a really useful macro to, in essence, combine excel's functionality with that of another program. The vba code below ca ...
Excel Tip
This Excel macro filters data in Excel in order to display the top 10 items from the data set. The macro uses the autofilter feature and xltop10items operator in Excel. The top 10 items from a list applies to number formatting in Excel and means the top ten highest values or numbers within the list. This is a good way to narrow down results in Exce ...
Excel Tip
This macro will send the current workbook in an email through Microsoft Outlook. The Macro allows you to send the most recently saved version of the excel file you are working in as an attachment. You must use the email client Outlook and you will need to have an internet connection. The specifics of the email are all contained within the macro. Th ...
Excel Tip
This free Excel UDF (user defined function) returns the first word from a cell in Excel. This extracts the first word from a sentence or just a string of words or characters. This is a really easy to use function and very helpful when working with text manipulation in Excel. There are two arguments, text and separator. The separator argument is op ...
Excel Tip
This Excel macro allows you to filter a data set on multiple columns and criteria at once. This means that you can filter the data based on values in column A and then Column B etc. You can also have separate criteria for every column. This allows you to be able to narrow your data sets down to just exactly what you need to view; this is similar to ...
Excel Tip
Add background images and photos to your comments in Excel with this macro. This macro uses a really cool feature in Excel that allows you to set a photo or image from your computer as the background image for a comment. This allows you to spruce up your comments to make them less boring or simply in line with the them of your workbook or workshee ...
Excel Tip
Create a bar chart in Excel with this macro. You will be able to quickly and easily turn any range of numbers and data into an Excel bar chart. This is a great macro because it is so simply and therefore easy to integrate into any existing projects of macros for Excel. This macro has a hard-coded (static) range as the reference for the source data ...
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