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Wireless Network Connection

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hi everyone,

few days ago my connection internet on my laptop was working perfectly, i left on stand by during 2 nights and one morning internet wanst working anymore. it was saying that my connectivity has limited or no connectivity but my wireless is working excellent.

so i had a look on some forums on this site which i found helpful but unfornutely, it didnt work.

basically, i followed the processus to change my ip address, it did cancelled the old one but now it doesnt to renew it...

can you please help and guide me.


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Ok, when i try to connect to my wireless network, after it attempts to connect it says "limited to no connectivity" i have tried disableing the connection and re connecting. i have unplugged my modem, restarted my computer-nothing changes. I have tried the "repair" button which then sends me a message saying that it can't renew the IP address. i've gone through cmd and typed in ipconfig/renew and it tells me: "an error occurred while renewing interface wireless network connection 2: unable to contact your DHCP server. request has timed out"

i had my friends laptop over to see if other computers could connect and there was no problem.

can someone please help me connect to the internet?

I'm working on a Dell laptop for a friend Latitude D630 running Windows XP Pro SP2. Seems the only place he can connect to a wireless network is at his home. I now have the laptop trying to figure what the problem is. Here's what I found.

I was able to connect to the internet via a wireless at my place. First on another friend's wireless unsecured connection. I was also able to connect via my own connection a WEP secured connection. Connectivity lasted for about 30 minutes. I was suddenly disconnected with a message saying the there was no connectivity via my WEP connection. I then tried the unsecured connection and was able to connect to the net at least for a few minutes. Since that time I've had some trouble connecting. I've opened a command prompt and entered ipconfig / release, then ipconfig /renew. It works on the unsecured wireless connection, but not on the WEP network. Any ideas what could be happening.

Thanks in advance

Hi Guys,

Looks like this is one of the most active forums on the net and I am hoping that I am able to find some help

I am having problems connecting to the internet through the wireless on my Windows XP service pack 2. It was working fine, I moved, got a new internet connection but now it has gone Kaput. It get the message " Limited or No Connectivity " and at times it shows connected but I am unable to browse.

Following are my findings:

* My Roomies laptops on Win 7 work fine on Wi Fi
* My work laptop on Windows XP works fine on Wi Fi
* IP config gives 192.168.1.*
* Unable to ping the default gateway
* Internet works fine on my Laptop through Lan Cable.

I have tried the following.

- Power cycling the modem and router
- Resetting Winsock and TCP IP
- Windows Repair by right clicking on wireless icon
- IP Config Release and Renew doesn't work

Any thoughts guys ??

I just had a new ATT Router installed. Everything was working fine.Than went to get on the net and it came up Limited Connectivity. So did a repair on the connection. It came up cant renew IP Address. I have a desk top that is wired and this laptop that is wireless and they are fine. So figure it is a setting on the laptop some where. Thank You for your help in advanced.

recently i switch to orangge broadband and got netgear n150 router. wireless is working fine on Win 7 and mac laptop and xp pc with cable connection. but with my acer aspire netbook running on XP SP3, it shows limited connection first and after few seconds it shows connected with excellent connectivity. but i cant access the internet. it works fine with cable connection. can somebody help me here. please!!!


I really hope you can help me. Im using a HP windows xp laptop and cannot connect to the internet. The internet was working fine for several weeks then it stopped working. I have another Toshiba laptop in the house and its working fine. The HP laptop however says its limited or no connectivity. Ive read several forums on what the problem maybe but nothing working I may have done something to the laptop to change the setting accidentally, I even tried inputting the correct IP Address into the HP because its showing as subnet mask but when I put in the correct ip address it refers back to the 169. code. I live in a block of flats and I share the connection with my neighbour her laptops working fine & so is my toshiba laptop its just this old HP laptop thats got the problem. Please can you help get a connection.


For about 2-3 days ago my internet stoped working (totally random).
I have a feeling that it is a SYN Attack, but I don't know how to stop a SYN Attack.
I get this error msg when I try to connect to internet:
"Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You may not connect to the Internet or some network resources."
(translated with google, form Norwegian to English)

Need anymore info?

OK trying to install a brand spanking new Ralink PCI wireless card onto my desktop PC and having some issues. I have excellent signal strength and connectivity . I am renting a basement apartment which includes free wifi that I use on my MacBook just fine! Here on my desktop this is what is happening:

Using the bundled software instead of microsoft software I am getting a 14KB connection! ha! they have the highest high speed internet what is up?

I am using my skycard now to connect but the wifi connection is soooooo slow it will not even register and says : Limited or no connectivity on my desktop. I have tried a few thinks to no avail.

I have :

switched to other pci sockets and reinstalled

tried installing the driver only and using the microsoft wireless software

nothing is working..... Perhaps it may be some configuration thing......

any help MUCHO appreciated~

This is just a heads-up that after security update KB957097, my wireless stopped working.

I have a Belkin N-Wireless Router, and I use WPA-PSK (TKIP) security.

Specifically, I got 2 message balloons on my wireless connectivity icon (bottom right tray in XP).

1. windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network

2. this connection has limited or no connectivity

After I uninstalled that security update (after 2 hours of knocking my head), it started working fine.


System: Dell 8600 laptop, Win 5.1 XP SP3
I use a wireless internet connection, which was working fine until two days ago when I turned my computer on and IE refuses to connect to the internet. It showed that I had a good connection to the internet. My other computer connects fine to the internet.

I ran the diagnostics from the IE msg, asked me to reset the winsock configurations, which I did and did a reboot to no avail. Ran the diagnostics again and same msg saying need to reset the winsock configurations. I have rebooted about 7 times in total already but no fix.

Tried a few other internet sites which said to reset the winsock by following command...
netsh winsock reset
did the reboot same problem.

Tried to repair the wireless connection and stalled during the renewing IP address. Now it detects the wireless connection but "limited or no connectivity"

I am clueless now, please help

Hi all

Just wondering anyone could help me with this please? I used to use irish broadband, a friend's friend helped me connect that to a wireless router, which was all working fine, however i cancelled the irish broadband in May, and i think by then my wireless on my dell inspiron 6400 was still working once i turned on the laptop, i could view all the wireless connection available. i have Intel PRO/Wireless 3845ABG network connection built in.

Then in May i got meteor broadband to go, i installed that, which is working fine. however, since then, my wireless has stopped working, i tried to fix it for days, but could not get anywhere, which is very stressful because everything is turned on and enabled, i looked through trouble shooting and i ran ipconfig, but it says 'media state disconnected'. I rang meteor, and they told me to go to device manager, which i had ensure all card/connection is enabled. but maybe there is something else, im just not sure where to look and fix the problem. i installed meteor broadband on another laptop, which the wireless on that laptop is still working perfectly, only my Dell wireless connection is not

could anyone give me any advice please?

Really appreciated!

Okay so heres the problem I have this (of course) wireless laptop that runs on windows XP

This laptop does have windows xp service pack 3, but I cannot uninstall it (just saying I found it but there isn't a remove option) that is not the problem though

The problem is is that every time I try and connect to the Internet it gives me that cursed yellow triangle saying that there is limited to no connectivity.

After various reboots failed to change this I went online using another computer. And nothing has helped so far, I have tried EVERYTHING it seems from hardware fixes like unplugging the router to cmd run winsock intsh. Nothing seems to work.

By the way if it helps at all before this happened I lost my password I signed in with another account (an administrative account) when I did this though it wouldnt even attempt to connect to the internet so I tried to set up a wireless connection and that is when it has said limited to no connectivity for the first time and it has said so since then.

Also if it helps I had to change the password to my original account in order to log in.

plz help!

I have an HP and about two days ago i went to turn on my computer and get on to the internet. Well when i brought it up, it said that it can not be displayed. So i tried to renew it and everything by going to CMD and then putting in ipconfig /release and then ipconfig / renew and that didnt work. It said that no operation can be perforemed on wireless connection 2 qhile it has its media disconnected. but i still had in the internet cord. so i should haeve been getting a connection. i don't know what to do anymore. and i also stayed on the phone for ann hour yesterday with tech support and got absolutely no where. cna someone please help me??? i have the the HP mini by the way.

this is a problem that is similar to many other posts on this site, but is just unique enough that the solutions don't work:

recently my internet has stated to err after a short period of time of being open. I have a DYNEX wireless enhanced G usp Adapter for my desktop so I can use the wireless in my house.
My computer is running win XP sp3. while on the internet my dynex adapter stops flashing, and the wireless icon turns red and says that it has "limited or no connectivity" When i try to re-connect to a wireless network, the computer says it's appempting to re-establish a never succeeds. the only thing that allows me to go on the internet is a restart. I have run every registry cleaner, disk cleaner, malware remover and AntiVirus that I know of, and no success. I have tried System restores, CCleaner, CHKDisk, and "repair connection" all to no avail. I have tried re-installing the driver about eight times.
HELP! please!!!! :[[

Hi all

I got an Aspire one laptop loaded with XP and when i tried to connect to the wireless it was showing errors such as "validating connectivity" , no or limited connectivity etc. so i thought there may be an issue with drivers or the s/w itself and when i checked the deivice manager there were lot of yellow signal and hence i I reinstalled Win XP and now there are no problems in the device manager. The wireless network is visible so i guess the drivers and the hardware is working fine.

I know its some setting error that iam making but not sure where....iam running a wpa 2 encryption wireless on Belkin G wireless. I couldnt find wpa 2 in my xp laptop wireless settings so i chose all the options one by one but none are working. The password is the same for the wireless since i set up and i havent changed it ever.

my other laptop on win 7 ultimate doesnt have any problem as it discovered the wireless and asked for the password only the first time and now connects everytime i switch it on.

I have in the netwrok options open, shared, wpa, wpa psk options and AES & TKIP as network authetication.

Iam just fed up....have been trying differnt things for the last one week and tried out many things available on the net but nothing is working...hope i get an answer.

It would be great if some one can help me get the laptop to connect to the wireless network

Many Thanks

Hi guys,

Hope somebody can help me, I've just recently switched to BT broadband at home and have the new v2 homehub router. I've got 2 laptops and a desktop, the desktop and the one laptop connect wirelessly to the internet perfectly but i'm at my wits end with the other laptop. It finds the wireless network but then gives "limited or no connectivity"

I can't get it to assign an IP address properly. if i go to run > cmd > ipconfig then i get and autoconfiguration IP of and a subnet mask of with the rest blank. Am i right in thinking an ip starting 169 is a personal one and it should really start with 192 as the others do?

I have tried cmd > ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew but then get "An error occurred while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection 5 : unable to contact your dchp server. Request has timed out"

I have tried restarting everything to no avail and have tried ispfix.exe and winsockxpfix but sadly no joy there either.

Basically i'm stumped and would be willing to give any ideas a go.

Thanks in advance


Hardware - Dell Latitude D810
OS - Windows XP, I believe it has service pack 2
Internet Explorer

Internet has been working without a problem until today. I got home from work and my wife told me she was not able to get on internet with machine today. I tried and was unsuccessful, so I plugged in a working ethernet cable to bypass wireless card in case that was the problem, no change. I turned all computers off, modem off, router off, waited for a couple of minutes and turned modem on first, after all lights were solid turned on router, then turned on computers. I have two other computers that are actively accessing the internet, therefore router and modem are not a problem. I went to run, typed in cmd and then ipconfig, which showed a so I went into control panel opened network connections and made sure it was set to get IP address automatically, restarted computer and now ipconfig shows

Local Area Connection Status - message - Limited or no connectivity You might not be able to access the internet or some network resources. This problem occurred because the networkd did not assign a network address to the computer. To restart the connection and try to establish full connectivity . Click Repair.

I selected repair and got this message: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Renewing your IP address

Of note- I was not able to update my AVG free anti-virus so earlier this week I uninstalled AVG free and downloaded it successfully but can't get it to run, it keeps giving me an error message, so right now there is no virus protection on the machine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am experiencing problme connecting my office laptop to my home wireless internet connection. All other laptops are working fine with the same network. This office laptop had some errors and our IT department fixed the same last week. Prior to this it was working fine. It is still working fine if I connect to my office wireless connection.

Obviously some configuration needs to be tweaked. The error I am getting is limited or no connectvity. Repair button is greyedout when I click the wireless netwrok connection status. Any help highly apprected.



I am having terrible trouble connecting my friend's notebook to the internet. She has a wireless DLINK router and her laptop works fine, but the notebook is not connecting at all. It used to work fine a couple of weeks ago, but suddenly stopped working/connecting last week,
The notebook is running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3. When I boot the notebook up it tries to connect and I bring up the list of wireless networks and it says 'Aquiring Network Address' and then it changes to 'Limited or no connectivity'.
When I go to the properties of the wireless network adapter and go to the Wireless Networks tab, it states the Dlink is Automatic and when I click on the properites of the Dlink the Network Authentication is currently set to 'Open' and the Data encryption is set to WEP. Could this be the problem perhaps?
One other thing we have tried is connecting to the internet with a wired connection and this works fine, it is just connecting wirelessly we having problems connecting.
Please can someone help us out with this, thanks

I just can't connect to the internet with my desktop. I disconnected some plugs in the back to withdraw the wireless signal from my router for a brief second, and it refuses to reconnect despite the fact that everything is plugged in correctly. I know my internet is not it because I'm using the wifi that my desktop is hooked up to through a cable.

Looking on Network Connections, theres two options there. One being Net Adapter which is connected and the other is Local Area Connection which says 'Limited or no connectivity'. When I try to repair Local area connection, it doesn't let me renew my ip address, which is the first step of repairing.

Please help, thanks.

Hi all again,

I managed to fix the screen problem with my laptop in my last thread, by simply hanging the computer upside down for 2 minutes, then turning it to normal axis.

Now, I'm also having another problem, related to connecting to the internet. I'm no computer wizz, however if I'm told something, I should be able to do it.


So I have a blue ethernet cable, which is plugged in directly to my modem.

I can get internet working on my desktop, however when I plug the ethernet cable into my laptop, I get the following message:

"This connection has limited or no connectivity..."

It recognises that I've plugged in the ethernet cable, however when I go to try to repair the problem, listed under "Network Connections", I get an error message saying that it could not 'renew the ip address'.

I HAVE used this laptop in a way, where I'd just plug in the ethernet cable and the internet would work, (Around 6 months ago) however for some reason it is not working for me anymore.

Help would be appreciated.


My problem started when my computer froze up. I was unable to move my mouse or do anything else. I turned my computer off and back on, and when it came back on, the first thing I noticed was that the visual theme had changed to one resembling an earlier version of Windows. I eventually found a solution to that.

Now the remaining problem is that I can't connect to the internet. I am "connected" to my wireless network, but it says "limited or no connectivity." My IP address is listed as When I use the "repair" option for my wireless network, it says it can't renew my IP address. It says the problem is probably with the network. Internet Explorer also says that. However, I know the problem is strictly with the computer itself.

When I renew the IP address myself, it just stays the same-- I can't connect to the internet this way.

I use a Toshiba Portege M400-S5032 with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. I have a Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless Router WGR614 v7. Please be patient with me, as I don't know anything about how wireless networking works, or very many technical terms assosciated with it.

I have a Gateway MX6426 laptop. I use XP SP 3.

My issue is that for the past couple days, I haven't been able to browse the internet, despite a good wireless network connection.

The issue started up around the time I use the same laptop as a wireless router to my Xbox 360, using a bridge connection and ethernet cable. I hooked it up fine for a few days, then was in a hurry one day, and I unplugged the cable without unbridging my connections. As far as I remember, that is the only out of the ordinary thing I've done with my laptop.

For awhile it would just say I was connected to the network, and when I would open my browser (Firefox), it would lead to a "Server Not Found" page. I got on two Wii's, and a desktop with a wireless card built in, and accessed the same network with no problem. I used the desktop to search for fixes. I found the comman prompt fixes for redoing the Winsock, IP/TCIP, etc. And nothing was fixed. Now it comes up with the "Limited Or No Connectivity", as well as no internet still.

I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. I turned off my firewall, and checked the settings. Nothing. I use Norton for Anti Virus, I tried disabling it. Nothing.

The thing is, it works on any other network, just not this one at my home anymore.

I'm stumped, frustrated, and can't figure it out. Help? (:

The internet on my laptop is not working. i usually connect wirelessly to my wireless router but it doent appear to be working, so i have tried using my yellow ethernet cable and it still will not work, down in the taskbar where the icons are, it has the internet connection icons. when i either use wireless or cable they say that it is connected with excellent signal, but when i open internet explorer it will not load any page and when i try to use the internet in any way(eg, checking for updates for programs) it says there is an internet error.
the internet itself is working because this computer that i am currently using now is connected to the same router.
Please Help!

Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting my wireless internet up and I need some help. I own a desktop hp pavilion windows xp that i recently reset to factory settings and now I'm having trouble getting wifi. The other computers in my house work fine with the router, and my computer gets internet through an ethernet cable, so I know it isn't the router. I used to use a d-link G rangebooster desktop adapter to get wifi, and I have tried downloading a driver for it but still no luck. Some of the things I have tried are as follows:
-Renewing IP address
-going through new wireless network wizard
-unchecking the "IEEE 802.1x authentication"
-creating a new network for the "preferred network list"
-other random edits that have not worked!

By now I am completely drained and out of ideas...The wireless network connection says signal strength is excellent but status is limited or no connectivity. Any input is appreciated, and thanks in advance :-/