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Monitor Wont Show Desktop.

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Im sorry if this isnt the right section,But i really need help.I think this goes here since Windows XP is my operating system :/

Well here's my problem:

For some reason my Monitor wont display my desktop,I know its my computer having the problem since ive tried several monitors and they all did the same thing,This has never happened before,I have the computer hooked up to everything well,I think it has to do with how i tried to do dual monitoring on my laptop and monitor and changed the settings around on my seperate monitor,What can i do to get my computer to show up on the desktop again?

By the way if it helps,Whenever i turn on my computer,my monitor goes to sleep/power save mode..

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I have a Toshiba satelite laptop and connecting to it a viewsonic vp201s monitor. Have connected them with a monitor cable and installed from manufacturers cd. monitor show up in system hardware but when go to display it shows 2 monitors in settings but neither one say viewsonic and wont' let me choose the second monitor. won't accept the ''expand desktop to external monitor'' just keeps clearing the check. when I turn on the monitor [before laptop] the green light comes on then turns amber and get a small square in the blank screen that says no signal. should there be another item in system hardware that shows it recognizes the external monitor?
what to do?

I have a sony Vaio PCG-FXA36 running XP professional. I hooked up an external video monitor. I can see the exact image on the video monitor as on my laptop screen but I want to use the monitor as a secondary presentation monitor. I went to display options under the settings tab to try and make adjustments, but only one monitor is displayed showing the setting to be multiple monitors on ATI Rage. I am trying to get dual monitor setting. How do I achieve that?

i am running xp sp3 version 2002 ; i recently had a new fan installed and now i cannot get my tv (used as a monitor) to show the same thing as my reg. monitor. I've had this problem before but i can't remember how i fixed it. i have my monitor set as primary and the tv is attached but there is nowhere to mirror the second monitor. All i have on the 2nd monitor is the desktop with no icons. Any ideas? Thanks

Hello I have been using dual monitors and working on adding a third (it is for work-finance job with charts etc)

I bought a 4 way splitter, vga cable and plugged the 3rd monitor in. It does work but all my 3 of my monitors display the same screen.

I went to control panel - apperance/themes/display/settings and only 2 monitors show up??

I tried to google my problem but no luck so decided to join the board here and ask.

here is a screen shot of what I see.

I need to have my 3rd monitor work and have each monitor be different then the same screen

also when I go to Indentify each monitor they all show up as "1" ????

Any help would be huge! thank you

Compaq presario sr1563nx
Xp Pro 2002 SP3
K8S-LA mainboard
Video graphics Integrated with up to Up to 128MB allocated video memory
- I had a graphics before I installed the Radeon in 07.
Radeon x1650 AGP Graphics
Looks like this in the back.
Neither of the monitors support DVI
HDMI is not supported by my graphics card

Is it possible to have dual monitors, using the old on board video(VGA) and the newer ATI video (VGA)?
-I've Enabled the option in the display and selected stretch desktop, the monitor is still dark, all the necessary cables are hooked up.
-HP 22" is hooked up to the Radeon VGA.
-Display is set to: 1. HP w2207 Wide LCD Monitor on Radion x1650 Series
-The HP 17" is plugged into the mainboard, VGA.
-The DISPLAY is set to: 2. (Default Monitor) on Radeon X1650 Secondary I'm assuming that this is the DVI, slot. Please offer me any suggestions.
-When I select Extend my windows desktop onto the second monitor is the display windows turns gray and the secondary monitor Flashes, then says monitor going to sleep.after the display window returns Extend windows desktop, is unselected.
I assume the video card is trying to connect a DVI connection that is not there. Neither of the monitors support DVI.

-Going to see if i can update any display drivers. Please help.

i just found this website so i hope someone can help me out.

my monitor wont show anything. i press the power button and the fan goes on normal and everything just the monitor doesnt show anything. all dark. and if i try the monitor on another computer it works perfectly. so i cleaned all conectors and everything but no changes.
i really need some help here!!

Hey All,

I have recently put together a dual monitro setup for my desktop computer. Both monitors are identical 22 inchers. I am running Windows XP pro and I believe the graphics card is an ATI Radeon 4650 or an ATI Radeon 6450..

I have one monitor hooked up by DVI, and one monitor hooked up by VGA. Both are hooked up to the one single video card. I've been through the XP troubleshooting, I have the "extend my desktop blah" box checked under my display properties, and I'm pretty positive the screen scaling is set to "stretch" because thats what I've always had it at.

The problem... the monitor hooked up by VGA displays everything and allows me to change the resolution with no problems, but the picture/screen doesn't fit to the top/left corner of the monitor. It is like the screen is pushed down from the top by about 1/2 inch or so, and it is just a black space running horizontally on top of what the screen is displaying. So when I put a full screen web browser on the second monitor, the top sets against the black space and the bottom of the browser is extended past the bottom of my monitor screen space to where I can't see..

I have moved the monitor's "Vertical Position" by adjusting the settings on the actual monitor. Still didn't work. Got it close, but it is still cutting off my image at the bottom of the monitor. When I "auto-align" the monitor, it is pushed back down to make the black space appear at the 1/2 inch height..

Any ideas or solutions? All help is appreciated.

I didn't know how to title this, but I hope I can explain what's screwed up.

First of all, I often use more than one monitor. Now I have a new 2nd monitor hooked up and some of my programs just are NOT visible. I believe they're in some "phantom" zone. These are the ones I had the previous 2nd monitor display. However, they do not show up new 2nd monitor and not in the main one either.

When I shut off "Extend desktop....", it works for a couple/few programs, but not all. Spybot S&D, for example, is in limbo. Some Photoshop windows.... that I used to run in the old 2nd monitor, are now completely invisible and unuseable.

Is there any setting that tells ALL windows to open in the main monitor so I can re-set them? Running completely as a single monitor and resetting it this way DOES NOT WORK for everything.

Sorry, but it's another reason I'm getting less and less impressed with MS.

Any ideas?

Configuration: Win-XP, SP3, Dell 2650 laptop, external monitor Dell 1081FP.

Objective- switch from laptop display to larger external Dell 1081FP monitor.

After connecting external monitor and using control panel/display/settings/ select monitor 2, and ensuring that the box " extend my windows desk top on to this monitor IS NOT CHECKED...then clicking on Apply and OK. Next using Fn key and F8 (switch crt/lcd) the desktop swiches to the external monitor ok. However when switching back to the lcd using Fn key and F8, the desktop does move back to the laptop lcd display but the extenal monitor automatically becomes the extension of the desktop. Using Fn key and F8 again to switch back again has no effect...nothing happens...the desktop remains on the lcd and the extended desktop stays on the external monitor. Tried may things to resolve the problem including updating the driver for the external Dell 1081FP etc.

Tried the external monitor Dell 1081FP on another dell ls400 laptop and everything works as expected.

I previously had dual monitors and one of them burned out. I am trying to replace that monitor with one we had sitting around in the office not being used. I connected it and triple checked that everything is plugged in right, but the computer is not detecting it. I have gone through all the display devices to update drivers but, again, the monitor is not being detected. I have also tried to follow the steps here but in the setting tab I dont have the drop down menu to select multiple monitors. It's as if the monitor is not plugged in to the computer at all. The monitor has power and currently displays "Dell 2: Digital Input Self Test Feature Check; Red Green Blue White"

Do I have to install monitor software or something?

Thanks for the help!


I am trying to use two monitors in xp and i cannot see how to display my photos as a slide show on my second monitor
it shows it on my laptop monitor but not on my second monitor
i want to show my slide show on the second monitor while i work on my laptop
Cheers for any help

I have a P4 PC .. which has XP installed in it ..
Its has P4 .. and 512 of RAM ..
recently there was some renovation in my home .. so i had removed all the wiring and kept it aside ..
but later on .. i connected all the wires properly .. and i started my PC .. it did start .. i was backing up my data from my old PC ..
but after few days .. my PC aint starting up .. i turn on the button of the CPU .. it does get turn on(the lights come) .. the CPU fan also starts .. but i am not able to see anything on the monitor..
i think there is no connection between my old monitor and the CPU/Cabinet .. i tried connecting it to my new LED monitor .. but then came to know it isnt the VGA cable or monitor's fault ..

when i power on there is no beeps of hardware failure .. it just doesnt show up anything on my monitor .. the monitor's power keeps on blinking ..

any suggestions appreciated

Compaq Presario R3000 running Windows XP SP3 and nVIDIA display controller GeForce4 440 Go 64.

The on-board LCD won't light up so I would like to use this as a desktop with an external monitor. I can get the laptop to extend the desktop so that it stretches the desktop across two monitors (the broken laptop LCD and the desktop monitor); but, what I need is for the laptop to duplicate the display on each monitor.

I cannot get it to do that, help!


I just got another one of LG's 19" LCD monitors and made myself a dual screen. All working nice and good and I'm loving the horizontal span, except for one tiny problem: single-screen games. When launching a game, I would want for the 2nd monitor to stay on desktop and not get "included" in the game. Included as in going into standby / power saving mode. Can this be bypassed? I understand it must be quite impossible to use the mouse on the 2nd monitor while in-game on the 1st monitor, but I would at least want to see the desktop and the real-time programs that are running there (virus scanners, time, IRC etc.).

When I exit the game, or alt-tab, the 2nd monitor automatically returns from power save and all is normal.

Some specs if needed:

GF 8800GT 512
Core2Duo E6600
LG Flatron L1953TR as 1st monitor
LG Flatron L1952TQ as 2nd

i changed my old monitor to a view sonic flat screen monitor. when i power off the monitor, windows logs out to stand by mode? how could i change to when monitor's off the tower is still powered on?


Using DVI I hooked up my computer and my monitor to my computer at the same time. The TV works fine, but now the computer won't recognize my monitor as a second display in Display Properties. Is there any way to display DVI and my regular monitor at the same time?


As the title says, my monitor is entering powersave mode on it's own, it can happen while playing a game or browsing the web, has happened at least 3 times in the last month and it hasn't happened in about 3 weeks and suddenly today. I changed my power adapter because I thought the old one might be faulty or old so I don't know if this will solve the problem or if it was even the cause, I have my power settings all set to never turn off monitor and such and have had for quite a while, any input would be nice as I've heard different causes to this.


I have a confusing problem.I hope I can explain it clear.I have a laptop works on xp sp3.I have no monitor plugged it.I want to expand the desktop to the second monitor and I want to see this second monitor desktop on my laptop screen.Is it possible?

Hey guys,
its rajkalyan here.
I swapped monitors with my brother so I could get the DVI input.
I plugged it into my desktop while it was the running [hotswapping] and turned on the monitor.
The monitor was connected with the DVI input and will not show the desktop unless I restart.
Let me explain it.
Say you are watching a movie.
The built-in speakers seem fuzzy so you unplug and plug it back in.
The power cable has a loose contact and power is lost.
After power is returned by pulling on the cable, the output won't show unless you restart the computer.
It is a flat-panel, 21 in. Model E211H.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have an extra monitor hooked to my laptop, with XP Pro. They have been showing identical. I recently had to reinstall XP, before that I also used the TV as a third monitor, using an S cable (showing no icons), it showed as the second monitor, and both the laptop and the second monitor showed as the first monitor. (watching movies on #2, and playing games and surfing the net on the #1, with the laptop also #1 over on my desk). After reinstalling XP, I could not get the third monitor back. I was looking at my "Display Properties", and wondered what “Extend my Windows desktop into this monitor” would do. All icons disappeared on my now #2 monitor. So I unchecked that option and applied. I got a black screen. It will go back to no icons, but not back to the same as the main screen. I tried restoring to a few days ago, It did nothing. Restore even said "no changes were made". I would love to have all 3 back, but would like to at least get both of the actual screens showing icons.

I have a Dell M6500 precision laptop that has 1 DELL monitor hooked up to it so that it is in a dual monitor configuration with the laptop.

Everytime I undock or reboot or power down the laptop or take the laptop out of the docking station, the laptop would always forget it's dual monitor settings and clone my other monitor rather than keep the "extend the desktop" settings. After I check I can confirm that the laptop always unchecks the Extend my monitor unto this laptop checkbox automatically.

The laptop also seems to reverse and move my icons around the screen and I would have to manually move them all back again. This is frustrating to have to keep doing this and moving my icons back to their original location as well as redo the dual monitor settings again every morning.

I read that a lot of people think it can be a drive problem but I did download the latest drivers from DELL's site and tried both the ISV and the latest driver version to no avail for the nvidia driver.

I also tried reinstalling the drivers but that did not help. Does anyone know how I can make the dual monitor settings stick permanently? Again, I am using a Dell Precision M6500 laptop with docking station and 1 standard DELL flat screen monitor in a dual monitor configuration. Does someone have a more recent driver perhaps or is there some setting that can fix this?


Hey, so I have been using two monitors for quite a while now with no problems. I recently reformatted my computer and straight away, I had no support for my second monitor. I have an Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 as my primary display and the onboard graphics card that I hope to use with my secondary monitor. Like I said, up until after the reformat, everything was working fine. It says I have to latest driver for the onboard card. It also looks like a screen saver is on the secondary monitor. I can also move windows over to it but they just don't show up. I have this picture and as you can see, the '2' monitor is 'grayed' or 'dotted' out. I don't know if that is part of the problem. I can click extend, but when I hit apply, it doesn't do anything. Any ideas?

I own a NVIDIA GTX 460 graphics card. It has 2 DVI and 1 HDMI mini outputs...I currently have my 2 monitors connected via DVI and the TV connected via HDMI mini. I know that it doesn't support three devices at the same time, for instance I can only have 2 monitors on at once, or 1 monitor and the TV at one time because it will automatically shut the third device off.

Currently I have to either use dual monitor setup or primary monitor and TV. If I buy an HDMI splitter, will it allow me to have all three devices connected and on at the same time? For instance, If i connect the Primary Monitor/TV up to the splitter (which will be directly connected to PC) and the second monitor connected as is...can I have dual independent monitors running as well as have the TV mirror the primary monitor? Will I be able to have all three devices running at once even though this gpu wont support it?

I just want my TV to mirror primary monitor and have the second monitor be independent for dual-monitor usage. So is this possible? Primary/TV mirrored and secondary monitor independent (to use for dual-monitor usage)

Grapics card: GTX 460
Motherboard: I honestly have no idea...don't even know where to look to find this info


Foolishly, I accidentally changed my display settings (right mouse click on desktop) from "Monitor" to "Digital Display" and now I cannot see anything!

Obviously, I dont have access to the desktop to change it back again, so wondering what my options are....

I can see the system boot up, display the windows logo, etc, but when it should show me the windows desktop, the monitor just goes black and i see nothing.

I can boot up in safe mood, and see the desktop, but not when i boot up normally. Is there anything I can change in "safe mode" that will enable me to change things back?

please help!!!

I have Windows XP - Dell Latitude D505

Okay so I was given a laptop with a cracked screen. My friend kindly took the screen off since it was useless. I had the laptop hooked up to an external monitor and it worked great just like a mini desktop!

However I just recently moved, and I think my computer got damaged. It no longer accepts the external monitor. I have tried two monitors that work perfectly fine so I know its not a monitor issue. Since I can no longer view anything at all by a VGA cable.. is there any other cable/monitor I can try? Any way I can press a sequence of buttons to make it work? Or do I have to take it in somewhere if I want any help whatsoever?