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Wireless Connection But No Internet

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Hi, I have an old Dell Inspiron 5000 that is about 10 years old with XP. I bought a wireless card for it (encore 54 mbps wireless pc card). I cannot get on the internet at home even though it says my signal strength is excellent. I don't know if I have messed up the configuration for the connection or where I should start. I have another laptop (Lenovo t61) that connects just fine. I have a Linksys router, but the information for that is not at my fingertips at this time. I have been able to get online at work with this computer but not at home. I am simply wanting this to be something for my 3 year old daughter to work on with my wife. I'm not really computer savvy so pardon my ignorance.

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My dad recently started having wireless internet trouble with his Dell Inspiron I6400. He will be connected to the wireless internet in our home and the computer will drop the wireless signal automatically. This happens approx every 2 minutes, but it will not do it on consecutive days or even weeks. This all started about 1.5 months ago, I have checked if his computer did updates around that time, thinking it is a glitch with a windows update, and there were none done during that time. The integrated wireless card is a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card. And we get our internet through Hughes Satellite which is routed through their modem and then plugged into our wireless router, which is a Linksys WRT54G. The wireless signal is controlled on the computer by the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility, which I do not like, but when I uninstalled or disabled it, the wireless on the computer stopped working all together. I have changed the channels on the router, thinking it may be an interference issue, but that did no good. Also there are 3 other laptops in the house that use this same wireless signal, and this one is the only one that has problems with it.

If anybody has any suggestions or ideas to what it may be, please respond. I am an IT major, so please don't hold back on IT jargon.

I was reading manga until 2 A.M. on Saturday, and then my internet connection stopped.
It was working fine until then, I did not move the wireless router anywhere.. I was just sitting on my chair and reading.

It's been about 4 days.

I have a:
Linksys Wireless -B USB Network Adapter ( 2.4 GHz 802.11 ) model: WusB11v4

Linksys Wireless -G 2,4 GHZ 4 Mbps Broadband Router, model: WRT54G v.3

and a DSL Router
Model: A90 - 22001-04

When I check my network connections, it says I am connected, but I can't receive an IP address, nor can I even repair them. I receive a "TCP/IP" error, and so I'm unable to receive an IP address for the internet.

My Local Area Connection is able to receive an IP Address, but my 1394 Connection sends 0 packets, and receives 0 packets, and has no IP Address.

The DSL and Broadband router seem to work, because I'm able to use another computer downstairs. (I turned off both routers, and when I checked this computer, the one with the internet, it displayed showing no connection, and when I turned on the routers, I was connected to the internet.

I think my Wireless Router may have burnt out. I've had it for at least 4 years. But recently, when I was adjusting the router to get a signal of wireless strength, I waved it up in the air, I was able to see the "Strength Signal." But now I don't see anything. And when I connect to the internet, I can't connect to the Server.

Even in my device manager, I see a yellow question mark for the ethernet adapter.

So I did a reformat on the computer with no internet. But nothing happened.
It detects hardware for an ethernet and USB controller, but I can't find it using Wizard, and it is asking to use internet to seek for updates.

Please help me!

Here is my problem. I can't get my younger son's laptop (Dell inspiron 1525; shipped with Vista, but I've "upgraded" it with Xp sp3) to get good internet speed at his mother's home. It shows as having an excellent strength of connection, but barely loads the Google home page.
Here's where it gets difficult: my other son has no problems with wireless access here at his mom's place (he is running an older dell with xp sp3) nor does the desktop here which is wired directly. Thus, the router shouldn't be the problem. (The Router is a linksys Befw11s4). To complicate matters further, both laptops have fine throughput at my home, where the wireless is through our fios router. That would seem to rule out a hardware issue. I've looked, and the internet settings are identical, as far as I can tell, but nothing seems to work. And it may help you to know that the internet speed was slow before on Vista; it was the primary reason for the os change. I don't show any issues in the device manager, so I think all my xp drivers are fine. I am at my wit's end. Please help.


I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop that won't connect to my network all of a sudden. When I click on my wireless network, the messge shows that it is connected and the signal strength is excellent.

When I look in the Wireless Connection Status, the General tab shows I am connected at 54.0 Mbps and the signal strength is excellent (all 5 bars are green).

The Support tab gives the address type as "Assigned by DHCP" whatever that means. I have an IP address, subnet mask and Default gateway that all look fine.

When I open the Wireless Connection properties it tells me I connect using the DELL wireless 1394LAN MiniCard, and that the connection uses the following items: Client for Microsoft networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, Network Monitor Driver,Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). When I click "configure" I get a message that says" This device is working properly. If you are having problems with this device click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter."

DUH--I cannot connect to the network so the troubleshooter doesn't work. When I try the other paths, nothing else works either.

I tried to reinstall from the disc and got a message saying I have the latest driver.

I have clicked and tracked everything and cannot get the computer to pick up the connection.

Can anyone help???

Hi there,

I am currently trying to set up some internet sharing action, and am having a bit of difficulty. Ok, so there is a wireless network in the house I am in, my laptop has wireless in built, but my desktop has no wireless card so as I am in the attic of the house, I am unable to just use an ethernet cable to connect it to the internet. I DO, however, have a cat 5 crossover cable, and was just wondering if it is possible to go from wireless router to wireless laptop, then through a WIRED connection to the desktop?

I've been trying for about half an hour now, but no joy. Am I just being stupid, or do I just create a connection between the desktop and the laptop and then bridge it with the wireless connection? is there something that I need to activate that I've missed?

I have just bought a wireless card, and it should be arriving next week, but I just thought it might be interesting to someone to solve this question.

thanks guys

Ok, I have the netgear 108 mbps wireless router and it is all set up fine and dandy but, when I try to surf the net on my laptop I get the "Page cannot be displayed" thing. My connection says excellent and I am cruisin at 54 mbps but why can't I surf the net or run my norton live update?


internet connection dropping
Windows XP pro SP2 with wireless d-link card
cable modem hooked into WRT4GL router (which has been very stable)
security set up using Mac addressing for 3 comptuers and PS3(wireless) and PSP(wireless).

I have been runing with the above configuration for over 1 year - no problems.

I have 3 computers + PS3 + PSP. Problem computer connects wirelessly. Other 2 comptuers hooked directly to the router. I have connected the problem computer direclty to the router and the problem below is exactly the same.


After booting up the comptuer I have a good and stable internet connection and I can surf for about 5 minutes. Then, I lose the connection. For example, if I go to it will not bring up that the bottom it will say connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx ip address (i dont have that address - I am currently at work).

The 'view wireless connection' screen shows that I am 'connected' to my router and shows very good strength. As mentioned above when I connect directly to the router the problem is the same. Now if i shutdown and boot up again the connection is good then drops after 5 minutes.

I did make some changes to my DNS since I thought the problem was DNS related but I reversed them and really I dont understand even if I screwed up these settings why can I still connect for 5 min then get dropped ?

I did try releasing / refreshing the DNS - but that did not do anything.

I have a HP laptop with xp home and was trying to connect to my brother in laws wireless signal last nite ,,,could not get the internal wireless card to connect tried configuring a usb adapter and it was connected but still could not surf the net with IE7 or Firefox.... then tried connection hardline with an ethernet line and still no connection....

tried to restore back to previous day when it was working fine on my home wireless and would not restore..

any one with suggestion on the fix. must have some tcip configuration setting hosed up or something simple I am sure.

help is appreciated. thanks in advance Louge

After a Super Anti-Spyware quarantine, I'm unable to connect to the internet via the Wireless Adapter . I cant still connect to the internet via the Wireline Ethernet connect.

I am using Windows XP SP2 on Dell D630 laptop and a Dlink Di524 Wireless router.

I have reinstalled the driver for the Dell 1395 WiLan and the wireless connection seems to be fine with strong signal strength. I do have access to the router ( but it seems there is issue with DNS or something is wrong with the TCP/IP

I have tried to configure the DNS manually but after a reboot the configuration disappears again.

The router is doing DHCP assignment and DNS relay. I have set the DNS server on the router to OpenDNS servers...I can ping the DNS server but cannot use IE/FireFox or Chrome...

When I do ipconfig /all, it shows as a DNS server and DCHP server.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


I recently put in a new Motherboard on my computer and did a complete install of xp.
I have no wired connection to the internet, due to location of this pc, I do have wireless access. SO I put in my linksys wireless card and ran the software.

I got all of the MS updates.. about 200 of them.. all ran.

I want to dump the linksys software and run via windows wireless configuration.

But when I remove the linksys software, I cannot get windows to see the wireless connection.
Ive turned on the WZC function. via services.msc page.

I don't have a clue as to what is happening here.. any ideas? Thanks.

Dear Friends,
I am running XP on a four-year-old HP and also on a one-year-old HP laptop. A standard Linksys router connects the two units via wi-fi (or cable if desired).
Things were working fine until a few months ago when I lent the laptop to my brother.
Now when I try to use the laptop to connect to the internet via wi-fi, it doesn't work. The wireless connection on the laptop says that it's got a good signal -- no problem there. But the Local Area Connection has that pesky red X and says a network cable is unplugged. (A third box labelled 1394 Connection 4 says that it's also connected.)
I've read a bunch of online posts but they all seem to deal with people using the wrong cable. Point is, there's no cable plugged into -- or unplugged from -- the laptop. I'm not using a cable -- I want to my wi-fi to work like it used to, without a cable!
Some posts says to disable the Local Area Connection. I've done that repeatedly, but it makes no difference --I still can't get to the internet.
One other point that may or not mean anything: If I do connect the laptop to the router with a cable, everything is great -- I get the internet.
Any help would be much appreciated.

On xp pro. i have a linksys wireless router. just got a xp pro laptop. it connects imediately to my wireless router but won't connect to the internet. all my other computers do. why is this one so different? is there a fix?
i've tried deleting my connection and reinstalling in the control panel. connect with wire direct to router and that works.

Hi everyone. I just installed Windows XP Pro, SP3 next to my Ubuntu installation.

My laptop connects to the internet via a router that my wife's desktop is hooked up to, using its built-in wireless card. I'm not sure what model the card is, but I am using an ASUS x83v gaming laptop, and Ubuntu tells me that my wireless driver is iwlagn, or something along those lines...

At any rate, my new XP installation simply cannot connect to the internet. I've followed all the necessary steps-- going to My Network Places, etc-- but I am never given the option of connecting to the wireless router. It would appear that XP is not recognizing my wireless card, though Ubuntu recognizes it without a problem.

Obviously I would have some difficulty downloading any adapters or drivers, considering my utter lack of internet.

What steps should I take to rectify this problem?


I am trying to setup a home network. I have 2 computers both running Windows XP. One computer I use is hooked directly to the internet (Road Runner) with the internet box wired right to this computer. The other computer which I would like to hook up is on the other side of my house, around 100 feet away, and is on a wireless card at the moment. With the distance between the two computers the wireless card does not get good signal strength. Is there a way to connect the second computer so the signal strength is stronger? If I was to run an ethernet cable to the second computer I would have to run a long cable through my attic to the second computer as I have a second router which I can use but if there is another way to connect them I would appreciate it.



I have recently set up a wireless connection on a second computer, this is through a wireless router (BT Voyager 2110), the original computer is working fine but the wireless one is having issues with no connecting to the internet, when i open IE the words 'internet explorer cannot display the page'. The wireless connection is showing fine & excellent signal & every thing is showing as connected, so why can i not access the internet? Both systems are service pack 3 & the intended wireless system is useing a wireless USB adaptor. i have checked all settings and all seem fine. Can anyone please let me know what causing this problem, surely its a couple of clicks away from completed seen as every thing is showing connected? Thanks in advance.

hello, on my dell d600 laptop i've had no problems getting wireless internet since i bought my wireless router many months ago. but then one day instantly there was just a permanent X over my wifi connection icon. I tried going to another wifi hot spot and it still didnt work and other laptops get access at my house so i know its the computer not the router. Hitting the Function key and F2 has done nothing (thats supposed to turn wireless on and off). Initially when i looked into the problem it said my wireless internet was being blocked by my firewall, but when i turned my firewall off it still didn't work. and even though it no longer said that the firewall was blocking me, there was still a big X through my wireless icon. i'm not a computer genius but i can usually navigate my way through my problems and fix them myself, so this is pretty annoying to get stuck on something like this. thanks a lot if you can help me. also, i bought the laptop refurbished and pluging in to get internet via ethernet cable has never worked, so i can't get online with it at all. The wireless internet IS enabled. The wireless device is an intel pro. also sometimes (not every time) when i start up the computer the wireless internet icons don't even come up and instead i get 2 found new hardware bubbles. one of them says: pci to cardbus bridge. and the other says: generic cardbus controller. i haven't installed any new hardware by the way. thanks again and i hope someone can help me out with this cause it's driving me crazy!!!

This crops up now and then in my clients machine repairs. Usually a complete reformat and reinstall sorts it. This time no joy. Windows XP on client's Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop.
Procedure was files and settings transfer before reformat. After reinstallation of Win XP restored files and settings. LAN connection to internet ok. Wireless connection to router ok. No Internet via wireless connection. Help!
Thanks in anticipation

I'm having trouble setting up a wireless network in my home and sharing the desktop computer's Internet connection via its USB network adapter.

I don't want to set up a wireless router, I don't need wireless in my home often. I would like to occasionally plug in the USB network adapter and create a wireless network.

everything seems to works fine -- the Ethernet-connected PC has "Internet Connection Sharing" checked. The Wireless Network Connection can connect to the other stuff in our house.

but whenever the Wireless is active, the Internet connection of the whole network goes down. Inactivate the Wireless, the Internet comes back.

basically, the host computer stops listening to the Ethernet whenever its Wireless connection is active.

help please and thanks.


My dell mini is running windows xp and shows a full signal for my wireless network. It will not connect to the internet via any browser (internet explorer, mozilla or google chrome). I have disabled my firewall, repaired my wireless connection, disconnected and reconnected to my wireless using the password and restarted my laptop in 'safe' and 'debugging' modes to try and remedy the problem. Nothing works. But skype will still connect and work on a unsecure wireless linksys signal. Help please!?!?!?!?!

p.s. I have no CD/DVD drive to reinstall drivers.

Ok. I have a IBM thinkPad laptop. Here is the problem I have.

I have been trying to get it to connect to the internet wireless for some time.

When I tried to connect the page would redirect to http://localhost:9100/proxy.pac. I researched this and all problems pointed to the Google Accelerator that was installed. The only real option seemed to uninstall it. I uninstalled the program and the pages no longer redirect, however the http://localhost:9100/ is still shaded out in the LAN settings under AUTO Config script. I do not have this checks and its set to Auto Detect. (IE7). The computer connects to the router with a strong signal but still does not connect to the internet.

Here is the strange thing I have found. I have a Sprint Air Card that allows me to dial into the internet anywhere I have cell service. When I put the card into the laptop the internet works fine.

I have tried using IE7, Firefox, and Google chrome and none of them will browse the internet.

So to recap, I can not connect to the internet via my wireless router but can via my Sprint Air Card. I do not want to alway use this card and want to use my home network.

Can anyone help me please?

OK trying to install a brand spanking new Ralink PCI wireless card onto my desktop PC and having some issues. I have excellent signal strength and connectivity . I am renting a basement apartment which includes free wifi that I use on my MacBook just fine! Here on my desktop this is what is happening:

Using the bundled software instead of microsoft software I am getting a 14KB connection! ha! they have the highest high speed internet what is up?

I am using my skycard now to connect but the wifi connection is soooooo slow it will not even register and says : Limited or no connectivity on my desktop. I have tried a few thinks to no avail.

I have :

switched to other pci sockets and reinstalled

tried installing the driver only and using the microsoft wireless software

nothing is working..... Perhaps it may be some configuration thing......

any help MUCHO appreciated~

I connect to the internet at home through a linksys router... Everything works fine. I go to the King county library to use the wireless, which worked last time I was there 2 months ago. I connect with a strong signal, but can't use browser, and email will not connect. I went to Pierce County library, and tried there with the same result. I am on the internet now at home again with the laptop and all is fine. Xp with Intel Proset wireless. What setting could this possibly be??

I bought a laptop from a friend and found out it had the gxgxy virus. it basically just spams these chinese popups forever while your connected to the internet and prevents you from installing any type of antivirus or anything that can get rid of it. i had a wireless connection set up and the internet worked fine with the exception of the virus, so i took it to another friend and he said id need to reformat to get rid of it since he couldnt do anything for me.

so now its reformatted and i have to do everything from scratch and ive never done it before. i reinstalled windows xp home edition w/service pack 2 from disc and thats basically all i know. im at a loss on how to get this wireless set up again like i had it before. it was set up by the guy i bought the laptop from so i dont know where to go from here. i still have the wireless router set up and everything just like before, but the laptop is totally wiped so id have to start over. if anyone knows a really easy faq i can use to accomplish this, id really appreciate it. its a dell inspiron 1150.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop using windows xp and just bought and hooked up a new Linksys wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster. My laptop will not connect to the internet. "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Why? It connects to the internet everywhere else I go.

The wireless icon in the system tray says I'm connected but I'm not.

I cannot connect to either the LAN or the Internet.

The other wireless computer on the network is not affected, so it isn't the router/modem.

I cannot reinstall the driver as I don't have a setup disc for this card and it seems quite impossible to find (or at least download) the appropriate driver from the Internet.

[Windows XP Home SP-3. Ralink Turbo Wireless LAN Card]