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Where Can I Get A Template For Excel To Track Vending Machine Tak.

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where can I get a template for excel to track vending machine tak...

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How do I sart a inventory sheet to keep track of filling and sales of a
vending machine?



Set of excel files(2000) with macros are used to generate reports of any changes happen in an application.

An batch file is used to call upon these excel template at periodic intervals by windows schedule task.


For some reason , we have to use this templates in another machine to do the same task. in the new machine but when tried( just by copying the template and batch files syntax and manually executing it as test), its not working. in the new machine we have excel 2007.

is there anything like.. macros of excel 2000 wont work when we use that template in excel 2007?
Am totally novice when it comes to excel.

Please advice.

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forums, though I've solved a couple of my problems by lurking here.
I'm currently having a problem with a worksheet I've been working on at work. I'm not very experienced in Exel and have inherited a worksheet that keeps track of the machines we do maintenance on during the year. What I have now is a spreadsheet with columns alternating between initials and date, and rows with the machine names all the way down. It looks similar to this :

Name of machine Initials date initials date initials date initials date etc.
machine 1
machine 2
machine 3
machine 4
machine 121

I'd like to keep this format, but we need to keep track of who does what within a certain week, which means I need to count the number of instances of an initial, then compare it with the date in the column next to it, which I don't think would be a problem with just two columns, but I'm having problems wrapping my brain around how to do so with 20-30 columns.
I'm using date ranges in some of my calculation formulas, which I think necessitates the date being in a separate column than the text.

Any suggestions?


I am looking for some KPI board templates in Excel. I have a two shift, 6 machine operation. I would like to track pieces, footage, and weight per man hour. I currently have 30 employees. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sample data:
Machine Part Number machine 1 123 machine 2 123 machine 3 123 machine 1 123 machine 2 456 machine 1 456 machine 3 456
Hi everyone, I have this problem here, that i need to based on tis sample data come out with sth like tt:

Used In: 123 Machine 1, Machine 2, Machine 3 456 Machine 2, Machine 1, Machine 3

I need to group those machines under 1 part number. For instance, part 123 is used in which machines, I need to state them in a way like above. But repeated should not be stated again.

Hope someone is able to help.

Thanks alot in advance!

I am new to the forum! my friends talk a lot about this and glad to be in the forum using Office 2007.

My question---
I work in a manufacturing company which makes different sizes of Nuts on many machines. One machine can do only one size of Nuts for a particular period and can be molded for another variant.I manage an excel sheet defining the date ranges of the machine utility for a particular Nut, this allows us to mark our next point for another size.

The problem is.. after fixing dates for a process on a machine, I many time loose track of the previous marked dates and issue new dates for the same machine that is usually overlapping and lately found out.

Please help me with a solution ~~~ which does not allow overlapping of dates on a particular machine unless the previous dates alloted be changed.

Machines Start date End date
Machine 1 1/25/2011 2/7/2011
Machine 2 1/2/2011 1/25/2011
Machine 3 1/2/2011 1/25/2011
Machine 1 2/19/2011 3/22/2011
Machine 1 1/27/2011 2/11/2011

I use the Table feature of Excel 2007 for this data

Is the IF formula the best for this?

i work for a Vending machine reseller and currently have to size up the items to put in the machine as they have different drawers they could go in.

For example, an A drawer has the capacity to take a product 97mm wide, and 23mm high, with depths ranging from 26 to 366mm. i have tried doing this with IF formula, but to no avail.

=IF(I70>300, "T8", IF(I70>200, "T6", (I70>175, "T4", (I70>120, "4", (I70>70, "3", (I70>23 "2", (I70>0 "1", "FALSE")))))))

this formula works, but the next formula i have to work takes over 7 stages, so it wont work.

i will attach further details.

Example of products:

Height Width Length
30 80 130
23 23 65
23 23 65
23 23 65
23 23 65
23 23 65
23 23 65

Drawer sizes a

Level Width Height
Z 1 63 23
A 1 97 23
AA 1 250 23
B 2 97 68
BB 1 250 68
C 1 164 23
D 2 164 70
E 1 385 23
F 2 385 68
G 3 397 120
H 4 397 175
J 4 160 175
T4 4 440 200
T6 6 440 300
T8 8 440 400

Please help, as this will save me hours per week.

Many thanks

I am currently using the PO number template in Excel 2000. I am attempting to track that info from the PO number template into a spreadsheet database. While it will allow me to track single items, because the formula is an absolute reference, it will not allow me to track multiple items in the database. Is it possible to work around this?? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


I'm desperately hoping there is a function for this!

I have a range named IncomeRegion. (b11:g18). Columns c:d (merged) are validation lists with different IncomeTypes, e.g. Vending Commission Inhouse. Column F contains the cash amount receieved. I would like a function that loops thru the c:d column of the range, checks for the variable say "Vending Commission Inhouse", grabs the amount in F, and Sums all Amounts accordingly.

Thanks for any assistance!

i'm looking for an excel template that will help me track business insurance
policies over a long period of time (compare coverage, deductibles, costs
etc,) while tracking carrier changes as well.

I am using a template to track vacation, sick, overtime. Original template only allowed to track by day and not by hours. I have added to the template, but there must be a more precise way to change the formulas. Now I have been asked to allow for calculating hours by half hours also.

I am hoping to correct the formulas and learn how to use half hours now.

Could someone please help me set up a template to track expense and VAT while
I am building my house? I need to track VAT so I can claim it back at the end
of the build. I am currently using Office 2003.
Thank You

Hi everyone,

I would like an estimate that the probability of the machine will work without failing between a certain time.

The machine should run 7.67 everyday. But the machine breaks down time to time. I would like to know if I schedule a Product to run say at 3.17 hours on that machine or if I schedule a product to run 7.67 hours what are the percentages of the machine will work without failing in the 3.17 hours or at 7.67 hours?

I know in excel there is a function call WEIBULL to help modeling machine lifetimes but I do not know where to start.

Here is my data below.

Machine Name
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1
Cast machine-1

Column B is the data for the last 2 weeks of the number of hours it ran until hitting downtime.

Life of the Machine

I am looking for a template or database that will track home building costs.
Keeping track of subs, invoices, payments, inspections, etc.

I have been working on this for a few days now, trying to get this done by myself but just cant seem to find the right way.

I have created a list that has invoice numbers that will automatically be used based on the information given by a template that I have created. I cant use the same Invoice number again so each time this template asks for an invoice number a new one needs to be given. The template is basically a workbook that has all of the information that I need on a day to day basis. The list has the invoice numbers that I need but i also want to know to what file this invoice number is going to. I want the template to insert information into the list to track the invoice number. Can this be done and if so is there a direction someone could push me in to get me on the right track? I have gone thru the excel bible twice with no luck. Thanks!

I am setting up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of vendors, by invoice and
amount of the order. I am new at doing this. Is there a template where I
can just drop these in and it is done!!!

I'm trying to decide between Access and Excel on this one. I don't have any Access experience, but I'm having trouble building this in Excel.

Essentially, my department needs to track rejections.
This includes:
Rejection Number
Rejection Type/Description
Part Number
Lot ID
Engineering Disposition
Work Center/Area
Machine Asset Number

The problem is that there multiple instances of more than one operator running a machine for a part that has a rejection, as we have two shifts and a weekend shift at our facility. When I attempted to build this in Excel originally and filter results with a pivot table, it would work but showed multiple rejections per machine (due to there being several operators running that machine). I've since tried separating the operators by shift, but that still won't work, owing to the fact that there can be different operators running that machine/job from day to day.
Is Access the right tool for this job, or will I run into the same issues when entering data.

I am looking to track daily/weekly activites of my employees with
excel/pivot. Have been searching mainly for freeware but have not found
anything. Am looking to list name, date, kind of activity, positive/negative,
action item etc. - Is there something like this? The more employees, the
harder it gets to keep mental track of a specific worker (things he has done
good or bad) - Hence, a 'Employee Chronicle' template is what I am looking
for. Thank You


Refer to below sample data table.

In summary, A2 & B2 are drop lists for the users to select what months results they want to see for each machine for result area B5:B11

The lookup table and with the detailed results by month are in A13:H25. For this example I have placed the expected results and highlighted the data area in question.

What formula solution could be applied to sum the data in question based off what the user selects in the drop list?

A B C D E F G H 1 START MONTH END MONTH 2 NOVEMBER JANUARY 3 4 RESULT 5 Machine 1 70 6 Machine 2 120 7 Machine 3 84 8 Machine 4 246 9 Machine 5 57 10 Machine 6 160 11 Machine 7 172 12 13 LOOKUP TABLE Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 Machine 4 Machine 5 Machine 6 Machine 7 14 JULY 68 82 25 89 56 37 72 15 AUGUST 0 70 96 89 66 70 92 16 SEPTEMBER 14 71 0 71 83 80 36 17 OCTOBER 31 8 45 0 69 96 89 18 NOVEMBER 13 44 27 97 7 54 28 19 DECEMBER 29 30 13 79 47 22 60 20 JANUARY 28 46 44 70 3 84 84 21 FEBRUARY 26 47 0 11 59 38 91 22 MARCH 8 38 74 12 35 6 76 23 APRIL 81 57 5 4 72 76 22 24 MAY 16 96 58 11 43 85 20 25 JUNE 79 42 26 49 62 54 95

I'm an iSeries developer and know just enough Excel to get into trouble. I have an iSeries application which generates a CSV file of data. This data is generated via a batch process on the iSeries, and we have a mechanism to start excel on a PC type of machine using an XML interface file and a vbScript program which can start Excel with the appropriate template. We want to generate an XLS file from the merging of the CSV file and the associated Excel template. The XLS file will then be e-mailed to the recipient as an attachment so the recipient.

The batch process on the iSeries will run through a scheduler at some time in the early hours of the morning.

The interesting thing is that there is no need for a human, which means there is no need for any on-line interaction.

So the question is, how do we open a template with an associated CSV data file and create the XLS without the work-sheet displaying?

A batch process on an iSeries machine is simply one which does not require any user interaction.

Excel always seems to open in interactive mode.

I've seen a switch which allows a particular template to be used, and another which suppresses the Excel notification window, and I think the answer may be in VBA in the Open event.

I hope I've made sense.

Thanks In Advance.

I have two MSVista machines on the same LAN running MSExcel 2007.

Machine A runs calculations and at given times during the day will enter values into a specific sheet. I would like that machine B would monitor this sheet and copy the values of Machine A's sheet onto a sheet on Machine B as soon as they appear on Machine A (within 15 seconds). I cannot alter the Excel sheet on Machine A ,however on Machine B I have no restrictions.

Does anybody have an idea of how I could achieve this ?.

Would like a resource/template to track Gain/Loss for IRS purposes (IRS Form
Schedule C)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a meeting report template where we can track all our topic discussed per meeting. I will contain the update of each topic and the action done that was taken. It will tag completed, pending or not started or dates for the completion.

I am planning to do one but If we have an available template out there, may you can share it to me. I wish to have a macro template where creation of data is automatic or dynamic.

THanks in advance.

When running excel template on a netbook, being XP Home Edition SP3, with XP Office Pro (Excel 2002 SP3) getting an error "Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine". Please help me to solve this issue..

We have several users whose directory naming and drive mapping differ, but who access a template .xls with reference to a database .xls in the same folder. The cell references in the template are saved with the drive mapping and folder names from the machine where the file is saved. When another user opens the file, his machine will not resolve the reference, even though the data source is in the same directory.

My understanding is that excel will look first for the file name in memory, then in the current directory, then to the full path, and if the path doesn't exist it prompts for the file. That isn't working here. We are running Excel 2003. The excel template (with the cell references) is embedded in a word document. Other than that it's all very straightforward.

I'm wondering if there is a formulaic way to force excel to ONLY look at the current directory for a cell reference.