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Colored Cells Are Showing White On Screen, Want To See Color?

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I have sheet cells that I know are colored, but they show white on my system,
and print grayscale, while showing their true colors on other office

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Similar Topics

Dear All,

I have a strange problem with Excel. Colored fonts, fills and borders will not show on screen, even though I know how to do this. All text remains black and cells remain white. My screen is OK, because colors & fills show up OK in other applications (such as Word), and they also show OK in "print preview" mode, and also when I print. It's only on the main Excel screen that the colors do not appear. Opening the same file in another computer shows up the colors fine. Is there some obscure Excel setting that is causing this behaviour? What do you think?

Many thanks everyone ...


I have a large worksheet that was initially created by selecting the entire worksheet (Ctrl A) & then Fill Color White. This removed all the gridlines. From there, the user filled in the worksheet with data, formulas, etc. & also highlighted certain cells various colors.

I would like to remove all the white shading, but keep all the non-white shading in place. This would show all gridlines except cells that are fill colored.

I know I could spend time by going through the entire thing and eye-balling for non-white fill colored cells, but I was hoping that there might be a quicker way. I tried to do this via conditional formatting, but no dice there. Was wondering if anyone here had any advice. Please note that I can't use VBA.


Hi All,

Can anyone tell me the VB script where i can lock all cells which are not colored? or colored in white.

Doing that users who will use files can only change colored cells (say yellow & green)


Deepak Sharma

I know that:

.BlackAndWhite = True

Will print in black and white but if I have a box with a gray background it will only print it as white.

Is there a grayscale option so when I print a box with a gray fill it comes out as gray not white?

I have several cells color-coded (based on frequency) but there are many white, non-colored, cells which I need to color gray.

Is there any way to color all these non-colored cells quickly, as I have many sheets to do.

Seems like an easy logic I just cant find a simple way to do it.

I am making an electronic timsheet I am designing more pleasing to the eye by color coding everything that is locked in a light blue, and everything that the user must fill out in white. After the timesheet has been completed for the pay cycle, it is printed and signed.

Is there anyway to tell the spreadsheet to only show color on the electronic version? That is to say, when it is printed, all cells should be completely devoid of color, as it is printed in B/W on colored paper (blue paper for union employees and pink paper for supervisors). Right now, the shaded cells appear "grey" when I print it in B/W on the colored paper.

Thank you in advance if you are able to help!


I have a matrix of cells that is located between A1 to Ao44.

There are cells of 4 colors and some of the borders painted in green.

I would like to know the total count of each colored cell.
(Don't care for the border)

Is it possible to have a live count of colored cells?
Total for each type?

I am still new to macros and execution of them.
Please include a how to run proceadure with it too.

Also, is there anyway to know what is the value of the colors that I selected to fill cells?


Hi experts,

I have recorded a macro to print excel worksheets in color by unchecking print in garyscale option but its not working. Recorded code is as follows,

Application.ActivePrinter = ".......PRI_LC01 on Ne01:"
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1

this code prints in black white, but the code should go to the properties and color and uncheck "print in grayscale" under color options and then finally print in color

Could you pls help



Hi to everyone !

I am new here and I have a question / problem:

I want to have colored cells as much as I entered number value in one specific cell.


In one cell (e.g. A1) I enter the number 10 and I want to have 10 colored cells in (same or other) row or column. (color or direction is not important)

1 - one colored cell
5 - five colored cells
25 - 25 colored cells

How can I do that in Excel?


My co-workers and I print to a Xerox WorkCentre 7655 xerox/printer. We use Excel 2007.

For three of us, when we format our text to a color the text will not print in color but prints only in black. My other two co-workers CAN print their text in color.

When we print we are setting up our printer properties to print in color, spreadsheet is set up with "print in black and white" turned off, etc.

One other point, we have another color printer in the office which we CAN print text in color on. So the problem appears to be the "connection" between us three users and the Xerox WorkCentre.

Any thoughts as to where to look for the fix? Is it something inside Excel or is it a problem with the operating system or is it a problem on the Xerox end?


I have a data entry form with colors. I want it to print black and white on print. There will be multiple users using the file so I need some kind of print macro or setting to print black and white? Thank you.

Hi Guys,

What I am looking to do is search through and find any cells in Range A:A and if they are colored red (manually, no conditional formatting) I would like the same Row of column C to be colored red also.
For example if A1 is colored red then color C1 red

Any ideas?


Is there a way to force a sheet to print out in black and white without changing the sheet itself to black and white. I was thinking of something that physically tells the printer to print in black and white vs. color.

My thing is that I have a lease copier that charges me a ton for color copies and the users of my workbook always forget to change the print properties to black and white.

I already tried the following script with no luck:


Sub PrintBnW()
With ActiveDocument
.Compatibility(wdPrintColBlack) = True
.Compatibility(wdPrintColBlack) = False
End With
End Sub

Dear All,

Suppose in a workbook I have more than 1 sheets. Few cells of each sheet are multicolored for different values.

Now In particular sheet I want the sum of all the colored cells in all sheets:

Sum Of Green colored cells:
Sum Of Yellow colored cells:
Sum Of Pink colored cells :
& so on..............

Is it possible using a VBA code ?

Thanks in advance

My Dad has a spread sheet with columns and rows of colors but the color
isn't showing up. I can't figure it out. When he emailed it to me
colors all the colors are visible and when he print previews the color
is there but when viewing the document on the screen the colors are not
there and he cant add any color? Any idea what setting is holding this
back? I have looked and looked......

Alright, here is the 'problem', I have a workbook containing several sheets. This workbook gets printed several times for different departments. Different departments get different combinations of the different worksheets (this is all done through scripting). Only one department needs color, the rest need grayscale. What I can't figure out is how to set the grayscale through my vb this even possible?

I could probably do it with some send keys, but that isn't really the best way to go about this. The 'black and white' option will not work because there is shading that needs to be printed for a lot of the rows, and whenever I select black and white it strips out all shading. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have 3 columns of cells that have numbers between 1-100 (these are percentiles). I need all cells 1-25 to be colored blue, 26-75 colored yellow, and 76-100 colored red. Is there a way I can make these cells automatically change color, or is this possible to do with a macro? Thanks


I have a report that I use and right now I have a command button that prints the report x2. What I would like to do is to have it print one in color and one in grayscale. I could do this I think with two different buttons, but I would like to utilize just one. I tried creating a macro but it did not pick up the fact that I changed the properties to black and white. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

In Excel 2007, is there a way to count the number of colored cells in a column? The cells are not automatically formatted with color, but instead are filled with color manually on an individual basis. There are different colors based on the appropriate situation for each cell. Thanks!

When my boss opens a spreadsheet with Fill Colors and Font Colors they appear Black and White under the normal view. However, under Print Preview, they show up correctly. This just started happening, but he can't remember what he may have done to cause this and I can't find anything. Any ideas?


Hello all,

I have made a function in VBA which allows a user to choose an option (with the option buttons), the chosen option will color the cell its linked to. There are 4 options 1 = green 2 = orange 3 = red and 4 = white/ no color. The option buttons (4 linked to eachotter) are put in a cell for example A1, the cell its then linked to (which it colors) is B1 and A2 is linked to B2 and so on so on.
The VBA code i made with my, poorly VBA skills is:

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This code is working excellent but there is one downside to it. Since im not using 2 cells to color in (like in the code example) it are more like 90 cells +/- (option button total with 90 cells to color in = 90 x 4 buttons). This means a lot of copy pasting and changing 1. every name of every option button 2. every cell number which needs to be colored 3. linking every seperate macro to the right option button. So its really a lot lot lot lot of work with so many cells to be colored.

My question is, can i make an easier code (like 1) which will do the same but doesnt require this much work?

Thx in advance!

I want to shade some cells to show that they're unlocked (which cells are ok to edit numbers in while the other numbers are calculated automatically), but I don't want them to print out in a different color -- I want those cells to print out in white just like every other cell.

Is this possible?

I'm looking for VBA code for a formula to determine if a cell is colored. The goal is to add cells that are colored (could be multiple colors) and figured if I could use a True/False formula to determine if a cell is colored then I could use an array formula to add the cells who have a corresponding "true" result. Thank you in advance for your help.

I am using paste special to copy text in a group of cells into a set of cells on another page.
This happens except that colored text pastes as black and white text. What change(s) do I have to make to paste the text color as well?


I am trying to count all colored cells in my excel doc. I have a calendar that I am trying to make to where it will subtract a number from total people when you color in a cell in their row. i have attached the document to this. I see tons of help on how to count specific colors but I want it to do that for all colors. On all tabs if you look at L73 to AP73, I would like to have the total amount of personel i would have for that day in those boxes. Each box is a different day of the month. The colors are at the bottom that we use.