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How To Nest Three And Conditions In An If Statement

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I am trying to put three AND conditions in an IF statement. I am using three conditions as qualifying criteria for being selected into a group.

If they were on the blue team (BN12="Blue Team","Y","N"), ranked the experience (8 CL11>=8) or higher, and said Yes (DI11="Yes") to interest in the team, and will be available to play (AC=YES).

Here is what I have:
=IF(AND(CL11>=8, DI11="Yes", AC="Yes"), BN12="Blue Team","Y","N")

Thank you for the assistance!!

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I have this huge formula that I am using to create a field with text in it defining ingredients in food items. Is there anyway I can break it up?

Here's the formula:

=C2&IF(SUM(D2:E2)>0," -","")
&IF(D2=3," on request","")
&IF(SUM(D2:E2)=2," or ","")
&IF(E2=3," on request","")
&IF(SUM(D2:E2)=2," on request","")
&IF(SUM(F2:O2)>0," contains (","")
&IF(P2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(AND(G2=1,H2=0,I2=0,J2=0,K2=0,L2=0,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(Q2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(G2>0," Dairy","")
&IF(AND(H2=1,I2=0,J2=0,K2=0,L2=0,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(R2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(H2>0," Eggs","")
&IF(AND(I2=1,J2=0,K2=0,L2=0,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(S2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(I2>0," Gluten","")
&IF(AND(J2=1,K2=0,L2=0,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(T2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(J2>0," Soy","")
&IF(AND(K2=1,L2=0,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(U2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(K2>0," Peanuts","")
&IF(AND(L2=1,M2=0,N2=0,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(V2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(L2>0," Nuts","")
&IF(AND(M2=1,N2=1,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(W2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(M2>0," Seeds","")
&IF(AND(N2=1,O2=0,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(X2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(N2>0," Fish","")
&IF(AND(O2=1,SUM(F2:O2)>1)," &","")
&IF(Y2=1," May Contain","")
&IF(O2>0," Shell Fish","")


I have a stupid long forumla that needs to be longer! There must be an easier way of doing and I'm hoping one of you guys can sort it.

=IF((AND(AF4="w",AG4="w")),"0")*(IF((AND(AF4="w",AG4="1c")),"1"),(IF((AND(AF4="w",AG4="1b")),"2",(IF ((AND(AF4="w",AG4="1a")),"3",(IF((AND(AF4="w",AG4="2c")),"w",(IF((AND(AF4="w",AG4="2c")),"4",(IF((AN D(AF4="1c",AG4="w")),"-1",(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="1c")),"0",(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="1a")),"1"),(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="1a"))," 2"),(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="2c")),"3"),(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="2b")),"4"),(IF((AND(AF4="1c",AG4="2a")) ,"5"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="w")),"-2"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="1c")),"-1"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="1b")),"0"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="1a")),"1"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="2c")) ,"2"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="2b")),"3"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="2a")),"4"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="3c" )),"5"),(IF((AND(AF4="1a",AG4="w")),"-3"),(IF((AND(AF4="1a",AG4="1c")),"-1"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="2b")),"3"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="2a")),"4"),(IF((AND(AF4="1b",AG4="3c")) ,"5"),(IF((AND(AF4="1a",AG4="w")),"-3"),(IF((AND(AF4="1a",AG4="1c")),"-1"))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Any ideas?

Hello, I'm trying to see if there is a way to get Formula to look up 2 (Vlookup formulas to get 1 result)? Then in part 2, I'm trying to get a Team Points and Opponents Points total. When I try to do a "SUM" in cell AF4, =SUM(T4,V4,X4,Z4,AB4,AD4) and also in cell AG4, =SUM(U4,W4,Y4,Z4,AA4,AC4) It would give me a #Value! or a "0" error.

Example: I have a Tournament of 20 teams, and each Team plays each other and I have the layout like this.......
"Team A" (B4) "Team A" Score (C4) "Team B" (D4) "Team B" Score (E4)
"Team C" (B5) "Team C" Score (C5) "Team D" (D5) "Team D" Score (E5)
"Team E" (B6) "Team E" Score (C6) "Team F" (D6) "Team F" Score (E6) etc.

The result that I want to find is... when the Score is put in the (C4) or (E4) for the First game, I want another section like (I4)&(K4) & (N4)&(P4) to display Team Results for (Points For & Points Against). I have a file I can send you to clear up any confusion that I'm asking.

Thanks for your help,

i've written this code to obtain a list view but i cannot visualize all
data contained in my list.
everytime i launch my macro i get an "1004 run time error", i can't
understand why.
(surely because my lack of knowledge about list view & tree view

the structure i want to obtain is very simple, here follow a little


etc etc etc

Actually i can visualize only 10 of my 15 categories... is this a
limitation of list view or there's someting wrong in my code...... ???

this is what i've written

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim player1 As String
Dim player As String

With TreeView1.Nodes
' player1 = Worksheets("team").Range("H3").Value
player1 = "Team"
.Add , , "KEY_1", player1

For i = 4 To 25
player = Worksheets("team").Range("H" & i - 1).Value
' add other "father-nodes"

.Add "KEY_" & i - 3, tvwNext, "KEY_" & i - 2, player
' add "child nodes"

.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_A" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("W2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("W" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_B" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("X2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("X" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_C" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("Y2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("Y" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_D" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("Z2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("Z" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_E" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AA2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AA" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_F" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AB2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AB" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_G" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AC2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AC" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_H" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AD2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AD" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_I" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AE2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AE" & i - 1).Value
.Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_J" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("AF2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("AF" & i - 1).Value
' .Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_K" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("I2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("I " & i - 1).Value
' .Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_L" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("S2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("S" & i - 1).Value
' .Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_M" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("T2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("T" & i - 1).Value
' .Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_N" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("U2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("U" & i - 1).Value
' .Add "KEY_" & i - 2, tvwChild, "KEY_O" & i - 2,
Worksheets("team").Range("V2").Value & ": " &
Worksheets("team").Range("V" & i - 1).Value

' End If
Next i

End With

End Sub

thank for your help.


NB: i've other questions about this topic... but let's do it step by

Hi Excel gurus, I have a formula that says too long, heres my formula...
=LOOKUP(B141,{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32 ,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65, 66,67,68,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,494,495,496,497,498,499},{"$11.00","$11.00","$9.50","$8 .00","$8.50","$15.00","$12.00","$21.50","$14.50","$21.50","$22.50","$18.00","$21.50","$26.50","$14.0 0","$14.50","$14.50","$19.50","$14.50","$14.50","$19.50","$9.50","$14.50","$28.50","$42.00","$40.00" ,"$14.50","$24.00","$18.00","$24.00","$9.00","$7.50","$42.00","$30.00","$33.50","$45.00","$25.00","$ 23.50","$21.00","$14.50","$7.00","$21.50","$23.50","$33.50","$9.00","$8.50","$21.50","$36.00","$36.0 0","$36.00","$8.00","$33.50","$30.00","$50.00","$58.00","$72.00","$12.00","$6.00","$21.00","$7.00"," $72.00","$30.00","$7.00","$15.00","$10.00","$35.00","$36.00","$40.00","$7.00","$3.00","$8.00","$25.0 0","$3.00","$4.50","$1.50","$6.00","$12.00","18","20","16","$25.00","$28.00","$25.00","$35.00","$25. 00","$18.00"})

Enter PLU here qty entered
81 16
79 18
39 21

the problem is I will have a lot more PLU numbers as time goes. No wI am stuck, please help thanx in advance...

I've researched a few options but havent been able to make anything work.
Here is the formula I know would would if the limit were not 7....

=IF(C5="AT",K5*9.5%,IF(C5="Cr",K5*9.8%,IF(C5 ="Du",K5*9.8%,IF(C5="OH",K5*9.5%,IF(C5="PWC",K5 *9.5%,IF(C5="Sc",K5*9.8%,IF(C5="Sp",K5*9.8 %,IF(C5="To",K5*9.8%,IF(C5="Tr",K5*9.8%, IF(C5="UTV",K5*9.8%))))))))))

Well I've added a few more values now totaling 14...

I tried this and I get a "false" AND then the correct answer, obviously because the correct value is in the second IF statement.

=IF(C5="ATV S",J5*9.5%,IF(C5="ATV U",J5*9.5%,IF(C5="Cr",J5*9.8%,IF(C5="Cr T",J5*9.8%,IF(C5="DS",J5*9.8%,IF(C5="MX",J5*9.5%,IF(C5="Off", J5*9.5%)))))))&IF(C5="PWC",J5*9.5%,IF(C5="Scr" ,J5*9.8%,IF(C5="Sta",J5*9.8%,IF(C5="Sp",J5 *9.8%,IF(C5="Sp T",J5*9.8%,IF(C5="Tr",J5*9.5%,IF(C5="UTV",J5*9.5%)))))))

The I tried this, but I get "formula contains an error"

=LOOKUP(C5,{"ATV S","ATV U","Cruiser","Cr T","DS","MX","Off","PWC","Scr","St"," Sp","Sp T","Tr","UTV"},{J5*9.5%,J5*9.5%,J5*9.8% ,J5*9.8%,J5*9.8%,J5*9.5%,J5*9.5%,J5*9.5%,J5*9.8%,J 5*9.8%,J5*9.8%,J5*9.8%,J5*9.5%,J5*9.5%})

I'd REALLY appreciate any help you can give...I'm stumped.


I'm looking to create a mailto link. The issue i'm having is with the 255char limit i believe. I'd like to enter quite a few email addresses so that they'll automatically be entered into outlook when I click on the link. Is there a way to do this? all the addresses come from a different row of a column. I've concatenated them all with a comma delimiter so that formula can be used to enter after the mailto.

What I have:

=hyperlink("mailto:" & =$K$12&IF($K$13<>"",","&$K$13,"")&IF($K$14<>"",","&$K$14,"")&IF($K$15<>"",","&$K$15,"")&IF($K$16<>"" ,","&$K$16,"")&IF($K$17<>"",","&$K$17,"")&IF($K$18<>"",","&$K$18,"")&IF($K$19<>"",","&$K$19,"")&IF($ K$20<>"",","&$K$20,"")&IF($K$21<>"",","&$K$21,"")&IF($K$22<>"",","&$K$22,"")&IF($K$23<>"",","&$K$23, "")&IF($K$35<>"",","&$K$35,"")&IF($K$36<>"",","&$K$36,"")&IF($K$37<>"",","&$K$37,"")&IF($K$38<>"",", "&$K$38,"")&IF($K$39<>"",","&$K$39,"")&IF($K$40<>"",","&$K$40,"")&IF($K$41<>"",","&$K$41,"")&IF($K$4 2<>"",","&$K$42,"")&IF($K$43<>"",","&$K$43,"")&IF($K$44<>"",","&$K$44,"")&IF($K$45<>"",","&$K$45,"") &IF($K$46<>"",","&$K$46,"")&IF($K$47<>"",","&$K$47,"")&IF($K$48<>"",","&$K$48,"")&IF($K$49<>"",","&$ K$49,"")&IF($K$50<>"",","&$K$50,"")&IF($K$51<>"",","&$K$51,"")&IF($K$52<>"",","&$K$52,"")&IF($K$53<> "",","&$K$53,"")&IF($K$54<>"",","&$K$54,"")&IF($K$55<>"",","&$K$55,"")&IF($K$56<>"",","&$K$56,"")&IF ($K$57<>"",","&$K$57,"")&IF($K$58<>"",","&$K$58,"")&IF($K$59<>"",","&$K$59,"")&IF($K$60<>"",","&$K$6 0,""))

I've also tried to do things like display all the emails so that they can be copied to the clipboard after the excel file has been saved and then viewed as a webpage. This runs into the 1024char limit when leaving the concatenated addresses in a cell or even a text box. any fancy idea on a way to accomplish any of this?


The formula i want to use is the following:

=SUM('KCR 1'!G24="Yes",'KCR 1'!G25="Yes",'KCR 1'!G26="Yes",'KCR 1'!G27="Yes",'KCR 1'!G28="Yes",'KCR 1'!G29="Yes",'KCR 2'!G24="Yes",'KCR 2'!G25="Yes",'KCR 2'!G26="Yes",'KCR 2'!G27="Yes",'KCR 2'!G28="Yes",'KCR 2'!G29="Yes",'KCR 3'!G24="Yes",'KCR 3'!G25="Yes",'KCR 3'!G26="Yes",'KCR 3'!G27="Yes",'KCR 3'!G28="Yes",'KCR 3'!G29="Yes",'KCR 4'!G24="Yes",'KCR 4'!G25="Yes",'KCR 4'!G26="Yes",'KCR 4'!G27="Yes",'KCR 4'!G28="Yes",'KCR 4'!G29="Yes",'KCR 5'!G24="Yes",'KCR 5'!G25="Yes",'KCR 5'!G26="Yes",'KCR 5'!G27="Yes",'KCR 5'!G28="Yes",'KCR 5'!G29="Yes",'KCR 6'!G24="Yes",'KCR 6'!G25="Yes",'KCR 6'!G26="Yes",'KCR 6'!G27="Yes",'KCR 6'!G28="Yes",'KCR 6'!G29="Yes",'KCR 7'!G24="Yes",'KCR 7'!G25="Yes",'KCR 7'!G26="Yes",'KCR 7'!G27="Yes",'KCR 7'!G28="Yes",'KCR 7'!G29="Yes",'KCR 8'!G24="Yes",'KCR 8'!G25="Yes",'KCR 8'!G26="Yes",'KCR 8'!G27="Yes",'KCR 8'!G28="Yes",'KCR 8'!G29="Yes",'KCR 9'!G24="Yes",'KCR 9'!G25="Yes",'KCR 9'!G26="Yes",'KCR 9'!G27="Yes",'KCR 9'!G28="Yes",'KCR 9'!G29="Yes",'KCR 10'!G24="Yes",'KCR 10'!G25="Yes",'KCR 10'!G26="Yes",'KCR 10'!G27="Yes",'KCR 10'!G28="Yes",'KCR 10'!G29="Yes")/60

Obviously very longwinded, so i guess im asking if theres a much shorter way of doing this calculation, or if anyone can recommend a completly different way altogether?!?

Many thanks!!!


I am having problems using IF in a formula.

This one works:


This one does not work. I get an error message.


As you can see, I am just giving more values. Is there a limit for IF to be
used ?

Thanks in advance for your help

I have the following code for a dde input everyhting is working fine except that, it is happening every second as the incoming DDE data is everrchanging and so the calculations always kick start off, every second.
This is making the program take lot of memory and computer resources is there any way to simplify this and yet make the calculations as precise as now? pls help


Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

'This is the code that decides wether to initiate the main program, _
by depending on the value typed in C30 in sheet Prima. _
Make sure that the value in C30 is not directly input but rather referenced to another cell this is in order _
to kick start the CALCULATE event in this case it is referenced to D30
If (Range("C30").Value = 1) Then

If (Range("C2").Value > Range("G2").Value) Then
Range("E2").Value = Range("C2").Value
Range("G2").Value = Range("C2").Value
Range("E2").Value = Range("G2").Value
End If

If (Range("C2").Value < Range("H2").Value) Then
Range("F2").Value = Range("C2").Value
Range("H2").Value = Range("F2").Value
Range("F2").Value = Range("H2").Value
End If

If (Range("C3").Value > Range("G3").Value) Then
Range("E3").Value = Range("C3").Value
Range("G3").Value = Range("C3").Value
Range("E3").Value = Range("G3").Value
End If

If (Range("C3").Value < Range("H3").Value) Then
Range("F3").Value = Range("C3").Value
Range("H3").Value = Range("F3").Value
Range("F3").Value = Range("H3").Value
End If

If (Range("C4").Value > Range("G4").Value) Then
Range("E4").Value = Range("C4").Value
Range("G4").Value = Range("C4").Value
Range("E4").Value = Range("G4").Value
End If

If (Range("C4").Value < Range("H4").Value) Then
Range("F4").Value = Range("C4").Value
Range("H4").Value = Range("F4").Value
Range("F4").Value = Range("H4").Value
End If

If (Range("C5").Value > Range("G5").Value) Then
Range("E5").Value = Range("C5").Value
Range("G5").Value = Range("C5").Value
Range("E5").Value = Range("G5").Value
End If

If (Range("C5").Value < Range("H5").Value) Then
Range("F5").Value = Range("C5").Value
Range("H5").Value = Range("F5").Value
Range("F5").Value = Range("H5").Value
End If

If (Range("C6").Value > Range("G6").Value) Then
Range("E6").Value = Range("C6").Value
Range("G6").Value = Range("C6").Value
Range("E6").Value = Range("G6").Value
End If

If (Range("C6").Value < Range("H6").Value) Then
Range("F6").Value = Range("C6").Value
Range("H6").Value = Range("F6").Value
Range("F6").Value = Range("H6").Value
End If

If (Range("C7").Value > Range("G7").Value) Then
Range("E7").Value = Range("C7").Value
Range("G7").Value = Range("C7").Value
Range("E7").Value = Range("G7").Value
End If

If (Range("C7").Value < Range("H7").Value) Then
Range("F7").Value = Range("C7").Value
Range("H7").Value = Range("F7").Value
Range("F7").Value = Range("H7").Value
End If

If (Range("C8").Value > Range("G8").Value) Then
Range("E8").Value = Range("C8").Value
Range("G8").Value = Range("C8").Value
Range("E8").Value = Range("G8").Value
End If

If (Range("C8").Value < Range("H8").Value) Then
Range("F8").Value = Range("C8").Value
Range("H8").Value = Range("F8").Value
Range("F8").Value = Range("H8").Value
End If

If (Range("C9").Value > Range("G9").Value) Then
Range("E9").Value = Range("C9").Value
Range("G9").Value = Range("C9").Value
Range("E9").Value = Range("G9").Value
End If

If (Range("C9").Value < Range("H9").Value) Then
Range("F9").Value = Range("C9").Value
Range("H9").Value = Range("F9").Value
Range("F9").Value = Range("H9").Value
End If

If (Range("C10").Value > Range("G10").Value) Then
Range("E10").Value = Range("C10").Value
Range("G10").Value = Range("C10").Value
Range("E10").Value = Range("G10").Value
End If

If (Range("C10").Value < Range("H10").Value) Then
Range("F10").Value = Range("C10").Value
Range("H10").Value = Range("F10").Value
Range("F10").Value = Range("H10").Value
End If

If (Range("C11").Value > Range("G11").Value) Then
Range("E11").Value = Range("C11").Value
Range("G11").Value = Range("C11").Value
Range("E11").Value = Range("G11").Value
End If

If (Range("C11").Value < Range("H11").Value) Then
Range("F11").Value = Range("C11").Value
Range("H11").Value = Range("F11").Value
Range("F11").Value = Range("H11").Value
End If

If (Range("C12").Value > Range("G12").Value) Then
Range("E12").Value = Range("C12").Value
Range("G12").Value = Range("C12").Value
Range("E12").Value = Range("G12").Value
End If

If (Range("C12").Value < Range("H12").Value) Then
Range("F12").Value = Range("C12").Value
Range("H12").Value = Range("F12").Value
Range("F12").Value = Range("H12").Value
End If

If (Range("C13").Value > Range("G13").Value) Then
Range("E13").Value = Range("C13").Value
Range("G13").Value = Range("C13").Value
Range("E13").Value = Range("G13").Value
End If

If (Range("C13").Value < Range("H13").Value) Then
Range("F13").Value = Range("C13").Value
Range("H13").Value = Range("F13").Value
Range("F13").Value = Range("H13").Value
End If

If (Range("C14").Value > Range("G14").Value) Then
Range("E14").Value = Range("C14").Value
Range("G14").Value = Range("C14").Value
Range("E14").Value = Range("G14").Value
End If

If (Range("C14").Value < Range("H14").Value) Then
Range("F14").Value = Range("C14").Value
Range("H14").Value = Range("F14").Value
Range("F14").Value = Range("H14").Value
End If

End If

End Sub

Could you just tell me what am I doing wrong? I've tried hundreds of times..

In C2 I have the following function:
=IF((B2<="0,15");"10";IF(("0,15"<B2<="0,4");"20";IF(("0,4"<B2<="0,58");"30";IF(("0,58"<B2<="0,8");"4 0";IF(("0,8"<B2<="0,93");"50";"")))))

The number that i've got in B2 is 0,534577706840502 but the computer insists that C2=10

Thank you so much

I have three columns, with "Home team", "Away team" and "Winner"

"Winner" can either be "H" (home), "A" (away) or "D" (draw)

So essentially my SS looks something like:

A / B / H
C / D / A
B / A / H
D / C / H
C / A / D
B / D / A

etc. as the list is continually updated.

I'm trying to calculate streaks.

For example, I would like to create a formula that calculates team A's win percentage over its past 10 games.

Using the SUM function and arrays, I have created a "stream" of results (i.e. 1,-1,1,-1,0,1,1,etc.) for team A in cells I21 to AD21, but this will continue to expand in the future.

Anyone smarter than me have any ideas?

Just curious if I can Say Fill this Combobox with letters from A to AZ, so I do not need to do this:


Me.cobColumn.List = Array("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", _
        "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "O", "P", "Q", "R", "S", "T", "U", "V", "W", _
        "X", "Y", "Z", "AA", "AB", "AC", "AD", "AE", "AF", "AG", "AH", "AI", "AJ", _
        "AK", "AL", "AM", "AN", "AO", "AP", "AQ", "AR", "AS", "AT", "AU", "AV", "AW", _
        "AY", "AZ")

I need to set up something like an IF formula that will populate 1 cell based on which of 11 possible values will be represented in another cell. I can do this up to 7 with no problems using the following IF statement:

= IF(G23="1","a", IF(G23="2","b", IF(G23="3","c", IF(G23="4","d", IF(G23="5","e", IF(G23="6","f", IF(G23="6","g",IF(G23="7","h", "OTHER"))))))))

But if I try to put more than 7 conditions in there it tells me I've entered too many arguments. Is there a way I can either use more than 7 arguments or some other formula I should be using to accomplish this?


How can i put these 4 diff if conditions into one if ?









},0)),"Sect 1","")





},0)),"Sect 2","")







},0)),"Sect 3","")






},0)),"Sect 4","")

The numbers in B3=0, C3=2 and D3=0 the formula I'm using is:

=IF(B3="0",1,IF(B3="5",1,IF(B3="1",2,IF(B3="6",2,IF(B3="2",3,IF(B3="7",3,IF(B3="3",4,IF(B3="8",4,IF( B3="4",5,IF(B3="9",5))))))))))

For cell "B3" the formula works

Now for both the next two cells C3 & D3 the formula is:

=IF(C3="0",1,IF(C3="5",1,IF(C3="1",2,IF(C3="6",2,IF(C3="2",3,IF(C3="7",3,IF(C3="3",4,IF(C3="8",4,IF( C3="4",5,IF(C3="9",5))))))))))

=IF(D3="0",1,IF(D3="5",1,IF(D3="1",2,IF(D3="6",2,IF(D3="2",3,IF(D3="7",3,IF(D3="3",4,IF(D3="8",4,IF( D3="4",5,IF(D3="9",5))))))))))

Doesn't work and displays "FALSE" ?????

I don't the luxury of wasting time, the formula should work but I don't understand why it isn't, could anyone please help me. (Probably just stressed and tried.)

Thanks ahead of time,

Simplifying multiple IF-Then while maintaining one macro.

How can i simplify this? This is only 2 of 5, idealy i want this to do exactly what it's doing, checking to see what value is in the cells B5:B9

There has to be an easier way.


Sub Players()
If Range("B5") = "1" Then
    Range("G16").Value = Range("G16").Value + 1
   If Range("B5") = "2" Then
    Range("G17").Value = Range("G17").Value + 1
        If Range("B5") = "3" Then
            Range("G18").Value = Range("G18").Value + 1
            If Range("B5") = "4" Then
            Range("G19").Value = Range("G19").Value + 1
                If Range("B5") = "5" Then
                Range("G20").Value = Range("G20").Value + 1
                    If Range("B5") = "6" Then
                    Range("G21").Value = Range("G21").Value + 1
                        If Range("B5") = "7" Then
                        Range("G22").Value = Range("G22").Value + 1
                            If Range("B5") = "8" Then
                            Range("G23").Value = Range("G23").Value + 1
                            End If
                        End If
                    End If
                End If
            End If
        End If
    End If
End If
If Range("B6") = "1" Then
    Range("G16").Value = Range("G16").Value + 1
   If Range("B6") = "2" Then
    Range("G17").Value = Range("G17").Value + 1
        If Range("B6") = "3" Then
            Range("G18").Value = Range("G18").Value + 1
            If Range("B6") = "4" Then
            Range("G19").Value = Range("G19").Value + 1
                If Range("B6") = "5" Then
                Range("G20").Value = Range("G20").Value + 1
                    If Range("B6") = "6" Then
                    Range("G21").Value = Range("G21").Value + 1
                        If Range("B6") = "7" Then
                        Range("G22").Value = Range("G22").Value + 1
                            If Range("B6") = "8" Then
                            Range("G23").Value = Range("G23").Value + 1
                            End If
                        End If
                    End If
                End If
            End If
        End If
    End If
End If
End Sub

I have four groups with three teams with different amount of people on the
teams my current code using team 1 as an example is:

Sheets(Array("T1-02", "T1-03", "T1-04", "T1-05", "T1-06", "T1-07",
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
Sheets("Team 1").Select

problem is those who have less get the form with no data. My question is can
I get a message box to enter the number of people on the team and print that?
and how 3 ppl = T1-01 to T1-03, 8 ppl is as you see above. Much thanks

I am trying to make a logical expression that checks for one of 4 conditions, and returns a displayed value for each of those conditions, but returns an error message if one of those conditions is not met.

If cell C5 = "N", then C10 = "N", if C5="S", then C10 = "S", if c5="+", then c10="+", if c5="-", then c10="-", if C5 is not equal to one of the previous four conditions, then c10="C5 error"

Restated another way for clarity:

If c5=N,S,+,or -, then c10=c5, else c10="c5 error"

So, what is the proper syntax for this? Sorry that my jargon is not up to speed, this is the only way I know how to ask the question.Thanks for the help.

I am trying to calculate averages of Key Stage 2 SAT results that have the following outcomes:


Each student has three values like:

4c 4b 5b

I am after a formula that will give me an average of all three or more. I have got as far as:

(D4:F4,{"5a","5b","5c","4a","4b","4c","3a","3b","3c","2a","2b","2c","1a","1b","1c"},{15,14,13,12,10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1})

This seems to be in the right area, but I cant quite get enough information to get the thing working. I know how to do it with VLOOKUP, but that requires a separate table and is then independent on that, this way it will be easy to share the formula with colleagues.

Help greatly appreciated on this one.

Hi, have a long formula that is double long for having to repeat for up, or
down conditions. If it is possible to embed the operators > <, I can cut
a formula in half / add other conditions: running out of IF's. thanks

basically have / need fix for: (receives an error)
long verson of formula is: (works but double of everything)

Long version that works now, but need to add more variables:




Hey folks,
I am kind of a newb to Excel. I have come up with this formula that works (I was really supprised when I hit enter and it actually worked) but I was wondering if theres any way to simplify it..


IF(AND(E3<>"",E4="",E5="",E6="",E7="",E8="",E9="",E10="",E11="",E12="",E13="",E14="",E15="",E16="",E17="",E18="",E19="",E20="",E21="",E22="",E23="",E24="",E25="",E26="",E27=""),D3,"NOTHING FOLLOWS")

Basically it checks E3 to make sure something is there AND that E4 through E27 are blank... if those two conditions are met then D3 becomes the output... otherwise and error (nothing follows) is given.

Is there som way to shorten this for the blank cells? something like ..


=IF(AND(E3<>"",E4:E27=""),D3,"NOTHING FOLLOWS")

I have tried doing that but it just says NAME? in the cell when I hit enter... is this the right format or is there an easier way to do what I want?



I need to create a function that can cope with more than 7 if ands, where it
can read what's in cell A1 and what's in cell B1 then spit out a defined
value in C1. For example,

If A1="a" and B1="a", then 1, but if A1="a" and B1="b", then 2 and so on for
combinations aa, ab, ac, ad, ae, ba, bb, bc..........ea, eb, ec, ed and ee.
My formula below works but only gets me up to bc.

=IF(AND(A1="a",B1="a"),"1",IF(AND(A1="a",B1="b"),"2",IF(AND(A1="a",B1="c"),"3",IF(AND(A1="a",B1="d") ,"3",IF(AND(A1="b",B1="a"),"2",IF(AND(A1="b",B1="b"),"2",IF(AND(A1="b",B1="c"),"3",)))))))

I've found some tricks to get around the 7-limit IF functions but can't seem
to make them work for my nest IF(AND) function.

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be most appreciated.



I think I'm looking for a nested If And statement. In column U W and X I have a drop down of Yes, No and N/A. What I am looking to do is score based on the Yes, No and N//A answers.

U3 = no then n/a
U3 = yes, W3 = no, X3 = yes = 1
U3 = yes, W3 = no, X3 = no = 2
U3 = yes, W3 = yes, X3 = yes = 0

This is the formula I created. It sort of worked it accepted my formula but with a #VALUE! response saying I was missing some parenthases.


If you can add any assistance, I'd appreciate it.

Hi All,

I was trying to input a fair few if conditions into an "IF" function:
=IF(RIGHT(A14,2)="EA","Earrings",IF(RIGHT(A14,4)="BRCE","Bracelet",IF(RIGHT(A14,4)="NECK","Necklace" ,IF(RIGHT(A14,4)="PEND","Pendant",IF(RIGHT(A14,4)="BNGL","Bangel",IF(RIGHT(A14,2)="AE","Earrings",IF (RIGHT(A14,2)="UE","Earrings")))))))

However, when I was trying to add more conditions, it keeps telling me there was an error, although I examed the funtion many times and couldn't find any problem there. Does Excel 2003 "IF" function has limit for a certain amount of conditions?

Please help and please be advised if there is any other way to complete this calculation.