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How Do I Merge Two Excel Spreadsheets Into One?

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I have an excel spreadsheet with two Tabs or two Worksheets. I have another spreadsheet with two worksheets again. I want to know combine all these into one excel file with four tabs/worksheets? Any suggestion your end would be most appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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As I mentioned in my other thread, I have a spreadsheet with 9 worksheets and 200+ charts in individual tabs. As you can imagine, searching back and forth across 200+ tabs is a bear. While I have used Tab Colors to help, it's still way too annoying.

Sadly, each chart must be in its own tab in order to ensure that the links to PowerPoint and Word continue to work. Unless I'm missing something, individual tabs are the only thing that have worked for me.

I recently found a macro that creates a TOC for worksheets, but it didn't include chart tabs. Is there such a thing, or is there a way to creat such a TOC manually? Man, that would save me no small amount of aggravation!


I have 12 seperate spreadsheets I want to combine into 1 workbook (12 tabs).
Any other alternative ways to do this other than copy and paste? Need to
reformat "most" of the worksheets, I assume this can be done if all 12 tabs
are selected. I may have to do this several times otherwise I would just
copy and paste. Each spreadsheet has an average of 3k-4k transactions.

I have 60 tabs and would like to merge them all. Is there an easy way to do that other than cutting and pasting each sheet?

To clarify, I have one file with 60 worksheets or tabs. I want them to take all that data and put it into a single tab. Thanks.

Each day I receive completed worksheets (About 25 a day) in the shape of an Excel document.

I am looking for a way to create one master file (Possibly Sorted By Date) that consolidates all the info from one tab on the completed spreadsheet into - obviously - a master file - Data list.

The spreadsheets as they come in have about 8 tabs, they are then stored in seperate folders on the same branch using the employees name.

As they come in daily, I am hoping to open the master and have a macro (??) that updates by appending all the most recent data.

Hi All,

I need help from anyone who has done this before or can easily help me....

Basically I inherited a Excel Workbook which has 128 different tabs, unsurprising this is almost impossible to manage.

My requirement is to merge all of the 128 tabs into 1 tab 'Sheet1'.
The macro should keep going even if there are blanks, it should move onto the next tab only when there are over 10 consecutive blanks in Column B.

I have tried searching the forum but nothing seems to cater for the specifics of this case. I would really appreciate some help. I mean really, i am in a mad panic thinking i will have to do 128 tabs manually otherwise.

Thanks, Darren

Is it possible to merge multiple worksheets that are in the same workbook, into one long worksheet?

What happened is, I converted a 131 page pdf table into excel, but instead of getting one long excel spreadsheet, each page was put onto a different worksheet. So I now have an Excel document with 131 worksheet tabs. Is there a simple way to merge/consolidate them into the same worksheet so that it's one continuous spreadsheet?


I was wondering is it possible to put worksheets within worksheets/tabs within tabs? I need to organise my worksheets so that I have Monthly tabs and then within them I have weekly tabs.

Any advice?

How do you get a quick report of all of the worksheets in a given file?

Is there functionality in Excel that would provide this? Or a simple macro?

I inherited a file w/ approx. 50 tabs and I'd like to print out the list of all the worksheets so I can create a checklist of tasks I need to do for each worksheet. Thanks.


The scenario is we have around 20 people using a copy of a template spreadsheet every day and saving data to 3 different tabs (bru, app, rtn), a fourth tabs totals figures from the other 3 tabs (balnces)

At the end of the day i need to run a macro to combine the data from everyones spreadsheet into 1 new spreadsheet. The code below does combine everyones spreadsheet but unfortunately all into new tabs for every users sheet it reads so i have around 20 tabs names bru, 20 named app and 20 named rtn.

Sub CombineFiles()
    Dim Path            As String
    Dim FileName        As String
    Dim Wkb             As Workbook
    Dim WS              As Worksheet
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Path = "C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\Test" 'Change as needed
    FileName = Dir(Path & "\*.xls", vbNormal)
    Do Until FileName = ""
        Set Wkb = Workbooks.Open(FileName:=Path & "\" & FileName)
        For Each WS In Wkb.Worksheets
            WS.Copy After:=ThisWorkbook.Sheets(ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Count)
        Next WS
        Wkb.Close False
        FileName = Dir()
    Application.EnableEvents = True
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub 

What i need is everyones data to be combined into only 4 tabs in the new spreadsheet ie all 20 bru tabs are combined into 1 new bru tab, all 20 rtn tabs combine into 1 new rtn tab etc

Any help would be greatly appreaciated

Currently, I have 3 worksheets (tabs) on my excel spreadsheet. All of these worksheets take the same exact information from the same userform. However, they still need to be sorted using the tabs. So what I did was add 3 command buttons to each tab (one says submit to sheetA, the other to B and the last to C). This does work, it sends all of the information to the specified sheet, but it throws off my sequence of numbers and it's already taken me forever to get that going.

Here is the code for the beginning of one of the submit command buttons.

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("ReceivingReturns")

I'm wondering, is there any way to add more worksheets to this button? Something like Set ws = Worksheets("ReceivingReturns, Floor") (ReceivingReturns and Floor are names of two of the worksheets). That way my sequence of numbers isnt affected by the tabs?

It's probably realy confusing the way I've worded it, let me know if you need it explained better.

I have 24 spreadsheets. Each workbook has 3 worksheets (tabs). The three tabs are called "TO" "BY" and "CUM". I only want to import the data on the "TO" worksheet. Each "TO" worksheet has the same field Names in each spreadsheet. Ideally, I want to have an automated process that will : 1) Import the "TO" worksheet into a TEMP Table 2) Append that imported data to a MAIN table 3) delete the data in the TEMP table 4) Get the next spreadsheet and Repeat the process until all 24 spreadsheets have been imported. Each spreadsheet starts with a different 3 digit number followed by a date -- Like "724 spent 010110". Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I know there has to be a way to do this!!

I have a file that has multiple worksheets (about 30) with very long tab names (25+ characters). Each month we have to update the sheets but it is a pain in the patootie to scroll through all the tabs, and it takes a ton of time. If it were me alone, I would just shorten the spreadsheet tab names but other people like the format so I am not allowed to do this. So! My question is:

Is there a way to format the worksheet tab display (on the bottom of the spreadsheet - print screen attached) so it stacks the tabs in rows and thus makes the tab area thicker, but is able to show all the tabs at one time? I am sure other people have had this question - I've seen spreadsheets with 50 tabs so I am pretty certain this is a common question.

I would truly appreciate your help with this, oh Excel gods and goddesses!!


Is there a way to link comments from multiple spreadsheets to a summary spreadsheet? I did some searching on this site and foudn this macro:

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
Worksheets("Destination").[A1].PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteComments
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

But from my limited knowledge of VBA I don't think it would work. For example I have different departments on multiple tabs. So I have travel and conference amounts for multiple departments as well as supplies. How can I link or pull in the comments from those tabs into the tabs on the summary spreadsheet?


I've being asked to create this awesome new spreadsheet that summaries data from two other spreadsheets. I personally have no idea about excel but have gotten quiet good with the vlookup and isna formulas etc and so far so good.

Till i had to search for a value over 12 worksheets. Ive tried Vlookup using an indirect formula using named cells etc i found but i cant work it out and all this reading has turned my brain to mush.

So what im trying to do is:

I have a new spreadsheet called summary. What i need to do is pull sales data through from a spread sheet called "Sales Orders_2009". In the spread sheet there is multiple tabs, 12 of which i need to search. The tabs are called SalesJan, SalesFeb etc. On each tab i need to search in the data range B10 to I34. In the Summary spreadsheet i type an invoice number into A2 and that is the lookup value to search for across the 12 worksheets.

Any help would be muhcly appreciated.

i am hoping some excel wizard can help me here and not tell me i should use
Access. anyway, i have several lists of names on about 15 tabs/worksheets.
each list is a different length, one column wide, and i want to combine them
to come up with 1 master. i don't want to eliminate duplicates and i want it
to auto-update if an additional name is entered on one of the tabs.

i've tried the "offset" function with the insert name range which works, but
i can only have up to 7 functions in my formula, and since i have more than 7
tabs, i don't know how i can use it.

so alas, here i am seeking some guidance because i feel i'm close, but oh
sooooo far away.



I'm looking for a way to show the worksheets (tabs) on top of the (main)worksheet.
I saw a spreadsheet where you have the tabs on top like in an archive-system. The highlighted sheet is in front and the other tabs are in the background (but still visible).

Does anyone know how to do this??

( is not the solution!)

Brand new VBA !!! Can this be done ?
HI guys

Kind of a random question and I hope someone can help.

I am in the middle of completing an excercise where 200 odd Excel sheets were sent out to different areas. They are now returning and I wish to compile an Overview spreadsheet.

So I have a folder on my desktop each workbook saved with a different name ( being the customer name!!!) and each with an unspecified number of tabs.

What I would like ( im going to write this in the best english I can !!!)

PART 1 For a blank excel workbook ( with this magic macro) go to this folder and pull all the spreadsheets together (regardless of whether one workbook has 5 tabs or another has 18 etc) and copy the data into this Excel workbook.

PART 2 Transponse and combine the data so the row headers become the Column headers , and it looks more like a Log.

PART 3 Each of the workbooks has numerous tabs but the tab names will contain either the words "Customer", "Facility" or "Drawdown". So, on the master Excel workbook there is only 3 tabs (titled as above) so when bringing the data over if the tab in which its coming from says Facility put it into the facility tab and so on.

If anyone can help with any of this all input would be greatly appreciated !!!!


I had a look on the web on how to do this, and a search on the forums, but searching TABS is not the easiest thing in the world.

Anyway, I am looking to add an icon to the TABS in my work sheet, is this possible? I have alot of Worksheets, and I would like to add a flag to them, as they are country contacts.

Any help would be appreciated.


cannot find instructions to bring multiple spreadsheets into worksheet tabs and combine in 1 file. should be simple I know...


I posted a question here a few days ago and got some helpful suggestions -- thanks!

I'm now trying to re-arrange the order of worksheets in an excel document. I have one file, and have created 16 worksheets within that file. So, when I have one worksheet open, there are 15 tabs at the bottom. I'd like to re-arrange the order of the tabs so that they are in alphabetical order.

Does anyone know how I can do that?

Hi there.

I need to do the following.

I have several spreadsheets each with different reports. Each spreadsheet has 52 tabs denoting different areas. These are the same in each spreadsheet.

What I need to do is "take" out each tab from each spreadsheet, and collate all the similar tabs, i.e all area 1 together in one new spreadsheet then all area 2 tabs from each spreadsheet, put in new spreadsheet.

so common term is worksheet tabs are all having same names.

Other possible problems, is that in each spreadsheet because of the different amount of data sheets there are, area 1 may start on a different tab to the others.

the other thing is that each sheet needs to be inserted in an exact order in the new spreadsheet created.

any help with the principles behind this would be much appreciated.

Hi all,

I have two spreadsheets, each with about 50-60 separate worksheets in them, and each spreadsheet has simarly named tabs. I am trying to replace the values in column Q on spreadsheet 2, and move them to column O on spreadsheet 1, on each worksheet.

Is there a way to do this quickly, or will I have to copy-paste many times over?

Thanks for any help,

Hi All,

I'm currently working on creating a set of specifications using Excel. These specifications are contained within a single Excel spreadsheet which contain multiple worksheets, each relating to a different aspect of the form (say calculations, form rules, dependencies). The problem is that anytime you make a change to one form, say you change text, or add another column, you must make the corresponding changes in all the other tabs. This can be very time consuming - especially if there are 8 tabs.

My question is this: Is it possible to create a parent 'Look and Feel' worksheet and have all other worksheets inherit from it while also retaining their own data? For example, if the parent worksheet contains a 5x10 grid, with text, is it possible to force the other worksheets to inherit this. And also, if you make changes to the parent worksheet will all other worksheets inherit these changes and incorporate them into their own data?

Any suggestions at all will be most appreciated.


How do you count how many Worksheets (tabs) in a Excel
file. I know at one time I have a macro that went through
each worksheet.
I'm trying to get the number of worksheets
and then loop thru all the worksheets and if the tab name
of any start with "R-" copy the data from that worksheet
to another to combine all the data from all the "R-"

If this makes since can anyone help me? Thanks

Dear Potential Helper,

I have a friend who I regularly send Excel spreadsheets back and forward from. I have Windows Microsoft Excel and he has Apple "Numbers". I believe this is the Apple equivalent.

Whenever I send a spreadsheet it has tabs numbered "1", "2" etc. Whenever he sends the spreadsheet the tabs automatically get changed to "1 - Table 1" and "2 - Table 2". This is without him having any changes to the renaming of these tabs.

This is quite frustrating as the longer names on the tabs mean that only a few tabs can fit at the base of the spreadsheet.

Is there anything either he or I can do to help resolve this?

Thanks in anticipation.

Mark Sanders