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Design Of One Way Slab Using Excel Sheet

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I have an excel sheet for designing of two way slab but that sheet is password protected. I had downloaded that sheet from internet so even I dont know the password of it. If anybody can crack its password.
Second thing is that I want a similar sheet for designing of one way slab. I know that this sheet is made using macro but I have no idea of using macro. If anyone can help me using macro. I also request if someone can make similar sheet for designing of one way slab. I want the designing to be be done using IS 456-2000 code and not ACI code.

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I have an excel sheet which I got from some where but now I don't know where I got it from. In this sheet there is design of TWO WAY SLAB. I want similar sheet for designing of one way slab. There is macro in this sheet. This sheet works excellent. I am structural design Engineer.
I want to learn use of MACRO as it is very helpful in working with excel. I have to constantly make design sheets for various calculations. If anybody can help me work with it. Please provide me the kind of sheet for design of one way slab as I have attached.
Thank you.

Hello All,

In excel i have data as per below format

Emp ID Name CheckIn Checkout hrs/Duration SLAB
aaa 10:16 AM 7:36 PM 9:20
bbb 11:21 AM 8:37 PM 9:16

i want to calculate slab through formula.

Slab details
7-8 hrs should be in slab - A
8-9 hrs should be in slab - B
9-10 hrs should be in slab - C
10-11 hrs should be in slab - D


Would it be possible to make macro in Excel, to utilize granite slabs.
I work at the project, and usually I got slab which is different size. I recieve the sizes of the granite worktops, and I need to draw the drawing and fit in that way the worktops one the slab to reach the best usage of the slab.
Another words I need to do the best utilization of the slab. sometimes i need to use 2 or 3 or more. The point is to use as small as possible.
Is it possible to do such a thing in excel, or do you think differet program will be better ?


Hi All,

I need a formula to calculate values from slab Ranges.

for e.g

columnA columnB
1-10 A
11-20 B
21-30 C
31-40 D
41-50 E
51-60 F
61-70 G
71-80 H
81-90 I
91-100 J
101-110 K
111-120 L

If suppose value in cell c1 is 15, answer would be 'B' in cell D1 becuase it falls in 11-20 slab in A2.

I am using IF condition but it is not working for more than 7 times. Is there any other way to do this!

Thanks in advance!


I have developed a work book where in there are two sheets A & B. sheet B is linked with Sheet A i.e. values of sheet B are updated based on any change in sheet A and this is being done by a Sheet Activation Macro defined for Sheet B and every thing works perfectly.

Now I have protected my MACRO (VBA code) by applying password. and I protected Sheet B as well through password. But after protecting the sheet B, MACRO is not working on activation.

Can anyone guide me to fix this problem.

I want to apply slab rates to a figure.
For Example I have got a Number 400
Now want to apply slab rates like this

First 100 at 4.5/=
Next 200 hundreds (from 101 to 300) at 5/=
More than 300 at 6/=
please help creating formula
best regards

I have a sheet with following data

Row 2:
Level, Slab Area, status, casting date.
P2 , 212 , casted , 2-5-11
P3 . 486 ,
P2 ,500 , casted , 2-5-11
P2 , 100 , casted , 5-1-11
P1 , 200 , casted , 9-2-11
GF , 400 , casted , 7-3-11

I need the above table to reflect the most recent casted date for a particular slab and its area information infront of it. Further if there are two or more slabs casted in that particular date it should be able to add those.

Level, slab area , latest casting date
P3 , formula??? , formula??
P2 , formula??? , formula??
P1 , formula??? , formula??
GF , formula??? , formula??

I don't know if i have make my question clear, any help will be highly appriciated and thanks in advance.

Dear All,

I have a typical problem. actually we need to calculate tax on a total income where the tax rate would change depending upon the tax slab in which the total taxable income falls. Tax would be calculated on the basis of following

Slab No. Range Tax rate
1 $0-$500 0%
2 $500-$1000 10%
3 $1000-$1500 15% plus $50
4 $1500-$2000 20% plus $125
5 >$2000 30% plus $225

Now the problem is that either I write a very lengthy "if" formula (which we have to rewrite if the tax slab changes). also this is not a one tme excercise, since tax has to be calculated in the same worksheet at 4-5 places and the taxable income would also change if other components are changed. Can you please suggest some way out???

Thanks in advance.


I am sure this has been covered already but I can't seem to find it.

I have put together a workbook in Excel 2000 that will be sent out to
co-workers, users and viewers. I want the users to be able to make
changes to the cells but not the viewers, they just need to be able to
see the final product. I have protected each worksheet using a password
(Tools|Protection|Protect Sheet| put in a password.)

My question is this. When a user, who knows the password, goes to
re-lock the sheet after making changes types in the password
incorrectly/changes the password it is changes for that sheet. For
example if they original password was 1234 and they re-protect the
sheet and type in 2345 Excel 2000 picks up the new password. The other
users won't know of this change and the person who made the change
might not realized they did it.

Is there any way to make sure this doesn't happen? Can I set the
password so it can't be changed?


Ok, im rather new to macros, but here is my delimah.

I have a sheet that is protected, only certain cells are editable by users without the password. i wanted to create a macro that will hide certain field ranges. (that part i got done) here is the catch, when i Unlock the sheet with the macro, perform the actions, relock the sheet and close the macro, it all saves, but when i run the macro it 1. asks me for a password to unlock the sheet. i need this password to be hard coded into the macro so that everyone does not know it. and 2. once the macro has run, (it re protects the sheet like it was supposed to do, but i can unprotect the sheet without the use of a password. How can i fix those two things, and i hope i made some kind of sense explaining it

I have Excel sheet which does some tidious calculation.
So cells have formula's.
i dont want any one else to see the formula when i share this document.
Is it possible to make Formula Bar password protected so that by only entring the password one can see the formula....

Similary need to know if Name of the macro list can be password
i have number of VB Macros for excel sheet and pressing ALT-F8 displays the macro..i want this to be hidden or password protected...

Your help will greatly be aprreciated...

Thank You in advance

Riz Momin

Hello Everyone. I am using Excel 2007 and I cannot get my table to allow filtering when my worksheet is password protected. I recorded a macro to unprotect the worksheet, sort the table, then protect the worksheet again. My problem is that when I protect the sheet again, I lose the ability to filter the table even though the macro includes the following code when it protects the sheet again.

ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True, AllowFiltering:=True

By trying different things I have found that if I password protect the sheet BEFORE the above code, filtering still works but the page is no longer password protected. It is simply protected (without a password). If I password protect the sheet after the above code, the sheet is password protected, but then I cannot filter the table.

Is there some way to allow filtering AND to have the sheet password protected?


I am doing a project for my work and I don't want anybody to see how I am creating it.

My file has one sheet that is protected and also the VBA code is protected.
The sheet that is protected has a VBA module with the code below in order to let a macro change some values on that sheet.
Sheet5.UnProtect Password:="xxxxxx"
Sheet5.Protect Password:="xxxxxxxxxx"

However today I was surprised when a friend told me he could crack my file in 5 minutes.
I am very desapointed.

Is there any further way of proteting the file and making it impossible to crack?

many thanks


I am designing a sheet, using it like a Form, there will be various inputs that VBA will pick up from set cells. Basically this will be used by different people, and it will execute SQL queries against an Oracle database (all that I already have working)...

There will be a cell for users Schema, and a cell that asks for the password.

When someone types in the password, I would prefer that it is masked, so maybe it can be replaced with ******** is this possible ?

Otherwise I was going to write the VBA to ask for the password...

How could I code a portion of a page so that anytime I type the letters ab it is automatically converted to the letter A instead?

I would want the code to ONLY replace an "ab" which stands alone. In other words:

ab --> A
slab --> slab

Can this be done with a script that runs on the page? I already have a script running on this page -- I am also not sure how to have two run on the same page.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi every one,

I have a protected sheet and I use a macro to do some calculations. At the beginning of the macro I unprotect the sheet:


and it prompts me for the password. Fine so far. At the end of the code I protect the sheet:


The sheet apparently gets protected (I can't edit the cells, which is correct); however, I'm not prompted for the password to protect and if I go to the menu Tools-Protection-Unprotect Sheet... the sheet gets unprotected without asking me for the password. Could any one point out what I'm missing to get the sheet really protected and ask for the password every time I try to unprotect or protec it?

Note: the Workbook is also protected and I do not unprotect it at any time.

I have attached a sample workbook which contains data and formula needed for the same.
Actually it is a problem based on slabs.

I have explained the requirement in the attachment itself.

If any further information required, please let me know.
1. Total no of month is fixed and is 144. Thus B1 or B2 will never exceed 144.

2. Since B1 = 18, thus till 18 months rate will 65 and from 19 onwsrds rate will be 75 till month 144. The logic is that 18 falls within 36 ie First slab. So Remining period of 126 months (Cell B2) will take next slab value.

3. Thus if B1 = 50 then it goes to Slab 2 for 72 months. Then in this case value for first 36 months will be 65, next (50-36) 14 months will be 75 and for Remoining period 94 months Amount will be 82.

4. Some examples calculated manually is given for ready reference.

Thanks and regards
Sujit Talukder

I have an excel workbook with three sheets in it.
Sheet - Raw Data
Sheet - Summary Sheet
Sheet - Reports
I want to be able to send the workbook to people but I want to hide some formulas that are on the summary sheet. I was able to hide the formulas and password protect the sheet. However, I have a macro that sorts the data on the sheet. If I hit escape while the macro is running the vb editor opens up and you can see the code which has the password in it. I also password protected the vb code. Is there something else I am missing?

Thank you!

Hi. I have a macro that goes to each sheet in the workbook and unprotects it, with the user entering the password. I have another macro that protects each sheet.
These macros have the sheet names included as part of the code. I want users to be able to change sheet names, which will make my macro fail.
Is there another way? I know that the sheet that I have renamed as JOE is referred to as Sheet28 (JOE) if i view code. It seems like excel keeps track of the original name of the sheet. Can I use this in a macro to protect when sheet 28 might be renamed from JOE to BOB? All sheets in the workbook are password protected.

I have a workbook which is "Structure" protected (via Tool-Protect Workbook) which I forgot the password. I need to add a new sheet but it doesn't let me do it. I tried to save it as a new workbook (via Save As) with a different name but it did not change anything (same password protected). Of course I can create a new workbook from scratch but I need to avoid a lot of work and time I have spent in designing it.

Is there a way of duplicating (copying) the workbook to a new workbook, while keeping all shets and formulas the same without this protection?



My speadsheet is password protected but I need users to be able to run a macro (from a button) which creates a problem because of the password.

Using Activate.Unprotect I can bring up the password box and at the end Activate.Protect exept that this simply protects the sheet without a password.

I need the macro that they run to unprotect the sheet, perform it's functions and then reprotect the sheet with the same password.

Does anyone have any ideas, please?

Thanks guys

Hi everyone, i'd like your help to solve a problem i have.

I am no programmer but for work i need to set up an excel file with 4 sheets;

1-the first sheet must be protected with password and visible ONLY for who has the password.
2-opening the excel file the user (whoever he is) must see the sheet 2 as first sheet.
3-when the user clicks on the sheet 1 he can see an empty page (hidden all columns). He needs then to enter the password: if the password is correct the sheet 1 will appear properly, if not, it will stay locked with all columns hidden and no chance to modify it.
4 and main problem- i want to put the password once and never again until the excel file stays open. I had a macro that did the first 3 steps but i lost it and i had to re.enter the password every time i clicked on "sheet 1", which i don't want to do.
5-many people use this excel file, i need to hide the macro with the password for the sheet 1.

I work in an office, my job is not about solving this problem, i'm just an accountancy man, that's why i would really appreciate your help.


edit: easier solution you could give me:
i need this behaviour:
i open the excel file and i can see sheet 2, 3 and 4, while sheet 1 is very hidden (or how you say it, i mean you can't even see it). I need a button on sheet 2 that if i press it i will need to enter a password. If the password is correct sheet 1 will be visible (and editable) until i close the excel file. After that i need to hide the VBA code for the button so that nobody can see what's the password behind it.
I think it's really easy for you, this second way.


I have this code which allows me to Hide the formulas but i have a macro that needs to be run but this wont allow me to run the macro if the sheet is protected. What i wanted to do is have the sheet protected and password and formulas hidden the way it is but also have the option to enable me to run the macro without having to unhide the sheet/unprotect password etc.

Another thing i would like to do is have some sheets hidden (Not all the sheets but the the ones i want to hide) but also have them password protected by VBA so that its not a case where users can right click and Unhide sheet tabs but need the password to unhide

I am new to VBA.

Your help is much appreciated

Sub LockDown()
Dim WS As Worksheet
For Each WS In ThisWorkbook. WorkSheets
WS.Cells.FormulaHidden = True
WS.Protect Contents:=True, Password:="terces", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
ThisWorkbook.Protect Password:="drowssap", structu =True.
End Sub

I have a password protected sheet and want users to be able to run a macro which resets the auto filter, and once the macro has run, the sheet to be protected again with the original password

I don't mind having the password in the code


I am creating a macro is supposed to password protect a worksheet and then hide it.

I recorded the macro including entering a password. When I went to test the macro, it protected the sheet without setting a password at all.

I dont care if I have to manually enter the password or if it uses the password that i put in the macro, but at this point it doesnt password protect at all.

Anyone have any thoughs on how to correct this?