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Remove Document Password In Excel 2010

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I have a document that was created in Excel 2010 and requires a password to open. How do I remove the password so that it is no longer required?

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I have an old MS word document that I set to prompt for password for it to open. Unfortunately I cant remember the password and have tried all the passwords I've been using as far as I can remember. Tried the password recovery tools in the web but to no avail.
By any chance how can I remove the password so that I could open the document anew.


I protected a special document with a password so noone could see, including me. I typed in what I thought the password was and no luck.
Does anyone know of a way to bypass the password check, remove the password and access my document?
It would be a great saver...


Hey Guys,

Our company is using sharepoint, so we no longer need to keep passwords on our excel files. Also, we just recently upgraded from 03 to 07. However, we can't find out how to remove the workbook password in excel 07. To be clear, Im not talking about the password to let you edit items in the sheets and what not. Im talking about the password you are prompted for BEFORE the workbook is even opened! It will say "test.xls is reserved by JSA715 Enter password for write access, or open read only."

I've tried all of the password options under the review tab, none of them work.


I am using Excel 2003.

I have a workbook with password protection for opening. When I open it, Tool>Option>Security shows the password as asterisks. I remove them. I then SaveAs and under Tools, General Options, Remove the Asterisks for Password to Open. I then continue with the save.

Then I check that the password has been removed, but it has come back.

I have put an Exit Sub as the first line of my Before_Save code so I know that the code is not doing anything.

Does anyone know what stops me from removing the password to open the file.

Right, I've saved a document but cannot open it - I've forgot the password. can anyone point me in the right direction to remove the password. I've looked on Google and there are plenty of programs at about $60 which will do this, but I dont really want to pay that much for one document.

Thanks in advance, or if someone is kind enough to offer to remove for me - EDIT: Removed e-mail address I can mail.



I have a VBA project coded by one of my co-workers who left our company last month. He however gave me the password to open the project before he left. Now I think this VBA project no longer needs protecting, therefore I want to remove the protection. I know for an Excel worksheet, it is very easy to remove the protection if you know the password and want to remove it. Simply open the Excel workbook by using the password and then go to tool --> option --> security ...

Is there an easy way to remove the protection for the VBA project because I have already had the password?

Thanks for help!!!


Is it possible to base the password for opening an Excel document on a formula, or set it up in such a way that the password changes on a daily basis?

I produce spreadsheet concept designs that I send to clients to provide an idea of how their data issues could be resolved. The problem I have is that from time to time, once I've got the framework sorted and give them a quote, they then take the design and do the job internally or outsource it to someone who copies my design and charges less as no design time is required.

I would like to be able to send a document which they can open with a password I supply, but only for a day or for a set period of time. After that, the document can not be opened.

I can do this through macros/vba, but this can be easily countered by anyone familiar with excel. Any ideas on manipulating the file password?

Appreciate your thoughts,



I'm hoping someone can help me here! I have an Excel document that is viewed by approximately 200 users. For obvious reasons I only want them to have read only access however I use and update the document regularly throughout the day.

Previously when the document was on Excel 2003 I would go to Tools/Options and select from there to add a Password to either Modify or Open.

I'm now using Excell 2007 and I can't seem to find the same function. I know there is one section when saving a document as "Save As" that will allow me to do this however I don't to have to create a new document every time I add a password. Likewise I know I can go onto my drive and right click the document to "Read Only" but this seems a bit of a clunky way round it rather than just adding a password.

The Microsoft help pages say to go to menus that don't exist so I'm a bit confused!!

Hello~~ ^^

I wrote out a document and stored it.

And I locked the document with personal code

Now I`d like to open the document.

But I can`t becouse I completely forget the password.

Please, let me know what I have to do!
I am waiting for your quick answer.

Hi All,
I Have a macro enabled workbook and i am trying to set it that only people with the password can open the file, I can set the password for modifying the file but when i set it for opening the file, i get this message;

"This workbook contains Excel 4.0 macros or Excel 5.0 modules. If you would like to password protect or restrict permission to this document, you need to remove these macros."

But i cannot remove these macros as they are integral to the sheet...!!!

Please help!!!

Hi, I accidentally placed a password in my workbook. Now, every time I open the xlsm file, it requires me to input a password. (thankfully i was able to guess the password.) I tried protecting and unprotecting the workbook using the one under review tab, but it's still there. This happened after tinkering the macros. Any ideas?

Dim x
x = Inputbox("Type your password here.", "Password Required")
If x = "" Then Exit Do
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
x = pswrd("Type your password here.", "Password Required")
Loop Until x = "password" Or x = False

Always always it'll never take the correct password the first time. Ive tried the until right after the do but then I can't get out of it (by canceling or not entering anything).

I can't seem to see through my own created fog to see the problem. Can anyone help me?

Hi Guys.

I have a spreadsheet that I am using as a 'portal' to various folders and documents.

For the folders I have used hyperlinks, thats no problem, but I am having to use some coding to open the documents in order to have them open in a new window (Which I have been told by the people that are using the 'portal' this is thier preferred method)

So I used this simple coding below

Sub Open_Tenure_and_Turnover()
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:="Filepathname&document", NewWindow:=True
End Sub

This has caused me 2 problems which I hope someone could help me with.

When the document starts to open it requires a password. If i select cancel (perhaps I clicked on the wrong document) I get a runtime error and I have no idea why?

If I enter the password the document opens in a new window but within the original Excel application, how can i create a button that opens a document that is its own entity? If that is the correct way to word the question?

I have created a worksheet some time ago and protected certain cell within it
and gave the worksheet a password in order to edit it. Unfortunately I can
no longer remember the password and to save me creating the worksheet again
it would be better if there was a way round this or a small program that will
remove the password for me. Your help is appreciated.

I found a function to set the password a an excel file:

Function SetPwd(strNoPwdFile As String, _
strPwdFile As String, _
Optional strOpenPwd As String, _
Optional strModPwd As String) ' As Boolean
' This function requires the following arguments:
' strNoPwdFile - The path to a document without a password.
' strPwdFile - The path and name to save the password-
' protected document.
' This function accepts the following optional arguments:
' strOpenPwd - A case-sensitive password required to open
' the document.
' strModPwd - A case-sensitive password required to modify
' the document.
On Error GoTo SetPwd_Err
Documents.Open FileName:=strNoPwdFile
With ActiveDocument
.SaveAs FileName:=strPwdFile, _
Password:=strOpenPwd, _
End With
SetPwd = True

Exit Function

MsgBox "Error #: " & Err.Number & vbCrLf _
& Err.Description

Resume SetPwd_End

End Function

And I have the following visual basic code to call the function :

Sub main()
End Sub

But the compiler said that it is syntax error.

How can i rectify the error ?

I have an excel spreadsheet which when I try to remove the workbook protection asks for a password. Unfortunately I have forgotten the password. I have downloaded numerous software which claim to be able to remove the password but as yet none of them have worked. Can anybody help?

Hy everyone,
I need help.
I want to make vba code that will set up password protection for opening word document, also that key for opening should be written on the document, because document is suposed to be printed and then taken to someone who would have to open the same document on some shared server and add some text. only person who get the document physicaly should be able to open the same document on web.
I have never programmed before in vba, and i would aprecieate any help.

My boss gave me an excel document with sensitive payroll information about all our employees in it. I want to password-protect the document so nobody else in the office can open/modify it.

For whatever reason, in the Save As dialog box undre General Options, the option to set a password for opening the document is disabled. Interestingly, the option for setting a password for modifying it is still there, but the one for opening the document is greyed out.

Another interesting characteristic about the document is that the option to Protect Sheet is disabled (2 sheets in the workbook - both are disabled from protection).

There are no macros defined in the workbook and I'm using Excel 2007. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Hi All,

I have a workbook that I save as unprotected, but when I reopen it it asks for a password. I did designate a password for certain things in my VBA programing, but that code doesn't run until you put in the password upon opening the document. (The password that opens the document is the same in the code)

Therefore, I believe the issue is with a user setting in Excel that I can change. However, I have no idea what that is. Hopefully I have explained myself clearly.

Thank you for your help!

Can't Remove password protection
I inserted the following code into one of my workbooks to password protect the document before closing which works great, however when I reopen the workbook I type in the password the workbook opens and then I try to remove the protection but it is stuck and in the protection it keeps saying that the workbook isn't protected. I then removed all macro code from the workbook and saved it as a different file name however it still stays protected and there is no way to remove the protection, can someone please help with this.

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
ThisWorkbook.Password = "jaye"
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
ThisWorkbook.Saved = True

There is a database that we want to modfied, but the creator no longer works
for our company. She password protected the document. Is there away to
overide the password?

Mr. Excel,

Am attempting to create a macro that requires the password "OPEN", before going from the current sheet (Instructions), to Sheet1.

currently using:

Sub SheetPassword()
Var1 = InputBox("Enter Password in this Input Box :", _
"Required Password", "OPEN")
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Getting message: Compile Error, Expected End Sub.

Thank you in advance,

Can any one help me on how to remove password from xls file to open it. I have the file which is password protected. I forget the password. Any suggested free/trial software?.

Hi all,
I'm using a online submitted Excel speadsheet using as calender which is PASSWORD protected. Now I want to remove the password which I don't know how to do.

Can you help me?

Thanx in advance.

I have a excel file that a user password protected. The user left the company and i don't know the password. Is there a free way to remove the password without recreating the entire sheet.

thank you,