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How Do I Print Just The Odd Or Even Numbered Pages.

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I have a printer that will not duplex, and so I am trying to print the odd
number pages and then turn over the paper and print the even numbered pages.
Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this. I thought it would be an easy
thing, but am having no luck? ThankS!

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I'm trying to find the right code to send a command to our printer to print two pages of a spreadsheet in duplex [i.e. both sides of the paper].

I can do it manually from the print screen and I have tried recording it but it doesnt record the properties.

I have to make it a default setting and that would print ALL pages in duplex which I dont want

Any help would be much appreciated


Eric Rossiter

I have a work book with multiple worksheets, I would like the worksheets to print on numbered pages when I print the entire workbook. But some worksheets will be several pages on their own - and I need everything to print numbered. Is this possible?

So of I have 40 worksheets in one workbook that print on 150 pages I need them to be numbered 1-150.

I would like to be able to print an entire workbook with the pages of the
individual sheets numbered per the number of pages in that sheet.

For example, Sheet 1 has 5 pages I would like them numbered page 1 of 5,
etc, Sheet 2 has 6 pages-I would like them numbered 1 of 6, etc.----as I
print the entire workbook.

Can this be done. As I have it set up now, the entire workbook has 45
pages. I can print the individual sheets and get the results I want, BUT,
as I print the entire workbook, the pages are numbered 1 of 45, etc.

Thanks for your help.



I have a excel file, I want to print the content of file in A4 size paper. My printing requirement is:
I want to print on both sides of paper and on each side, it should print 2 pages (Pages per sheet =2). This is quite easy.
Another requirement is, I want to print like a directory, that means, after printing 4 pages in one A4 paper, if I cut the paper into halves, it should give correct pages on back.

In normal, I am able to print as, Page 4 behind Page 1 and Page 3 behind
Page 2.

My requiremtn is:Page 1 should be behind Page 2 and Page 3 should be behind Page 4.

Is it possible to print JUST the odd numbered pages from multiple tabs?
I have a workbook with 32 tabs. 27 of them are Performance Enhancement Evaluations. Each of those 27 tabs has two pages if printed out (a front and back). Is it possible to print out JUST the front (the odd number ) from each tab in a single print job.

I can print everything out in a single print job by grouping the tabs, but I don't need the back.


I need VBA code to print two particular sheets of a workbook called
Sheet1 (tab named PR282) & Sheet2 (tab named PRpg2) to print on my HP printer duplexed front & back.

I have the printer preset to duplex, select both pages to print, & print, they print on separate pages instead of front & back (duplexed).

Any & all help greatly appreciated. mikeburg

Very, very new to vba... It appears that code can be created to link two areas of a worksheet together into one print job (union?).

Is it feasible to create a code such that a novice can adjust the ranges/pages in a worksheet to link together and print as a single job?

I've likely created a worksheet that isn't very efficient but allows one to print up to 50 pages that replicate the same data but sequentially numbers each page.

This is to be joined with a separate area of the worksheet that has another 1 - 5 pages of similar but sequential numbered pages.

Idealy, one user could selected pages 1 - 30 in the first set and 1 - 3 in the second, whereas another could choose a different grouping from the fist and second set to print together.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I have a workbook with 21 single-page landscape-format worksheets in it. I would like to be able to use Win-XP's File/Print function to print only some of the worksheets in the workbook. That is, when I select File/Print, I'd like to be able to specify worksheets 1, 3-21 (I will never want to print worksheet 2). I can see where I can select specific pages to print but not how to select specific worksheets to print. Can I do this manually with File/Print?

I would also like to duplex the printing (printing worksheet 1 and three on the front and back of the same piece of paper, and 4 and 5, and 6 and 7 ... and so on through 20 and 21). My printer allows duplex printing to be selected from Properties under the printer selection within the File/Print process, but again, I'm not seeing how to select worksheets as opposed to pages for printing.

Finally, since my intention is to three-hole punch the landscape formated output for use in a three-ring binder, I would like the duplex printing to be a "tumble print" so that, for example, with the binder open, say, to worksheet 5 (on the right) and the binder then rotated 90-degrees clock-wise, the top of worksheet 6 will be just below the bottom of worksheet 5 for a straight read from top of one page to the bottom of the next. Would a "tumble print" require a special print driver?

I'm havening a problem figuring out how to only print a set amount of pages when i hit the print button, instead of going to file print and telling it how many pages to print. i have a template I'm using that is 9 pages long. i have a cell that is set up to count the number of pages in a report every time we start typing on the next page. ex( its says 1 of 1 until we type in the next page then says 1 of 2, the number in the cell keep getting bigger) is there anyway to have the print button just print how many pages i have typed into instead of all 9? thanks

My request is due a printer problem, happens that I have to print a report
of 52 pages, every time I print them as a group I only got a few pages OK
the rest is garbage, I have reinstalled the system and same thing.
What I wanted to do was to set up a macro (after I choose all the pages as a
group) to print page 1 pf 52, then page 2 of 52, and so on, I can set 32
lines in the macro for this, but I am just wondering if any of you have a
shorter way to do this.



I have forms I need to print, there are 21 pages, when I use the "Record Macro" on the Developer menu the block the range I need to print, press print, Set printer options ie

Select "Printer",
Settings = Print selected range, Print Landscape, Fit to Page.

The Print.

I then close the Record Macro. and try to run it.

I get an error command.

The macro show as:

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Where the last line shows as the error.

Also, every time I block a range to print, press print key, the printer option set the entire worksheet to print, not just the part I selected.

With large worksheets this take several minutes, I've waited as much as 12 minute for the preview page to show before I can manually change the options.

I am attaching the file I need to print. This is all old data. I printed it manually one at a time.

Please note I need to print all the even pages first then turn the paper over to print the odd pages so it page 1 and 2 are on opposite sided of one page

Any help will be appreciated

I have a workbook with 4 spreadsheets, each taking 1 page to print.

I want Sheet 2 to print on the reverse side of Sheet 1 and Sheet 4 on the reverse of Sheet 3 so that all four pages of data takes 2 sheets of paper to print.

I have tried selecting 2 sheets at a time and 4 sheets at a time but printing result is always single sided even though "duplex" is selected in printer properties. In the Print dialog box I have tried selecting "Active Sheets", "Entire Workbook" and even "Selection". I've also tried specifying pages 1-4 rather than All. Eventually, by printing to a PDF creator, I have concluded that Excel is treating each tab is a separate print job. i.e. I get 4 separate PDFs.

I'm sure I've done this successfully before but I can't remember how.

Hi folks - new to this forum, so please forgive any breach of etiquette.

I am re-cataloguing in Excel for local charity library.

The output is in the region of 200 pages per book type. My laser printer is not capable of duplexing.

Is there a way that I can print alternate pages, turn the pack over and print the others, please? I have very little experience of macros, but would this be an option....and if so, would someone tell me how to do it?

Simple question..... with mazbe a possible answer.

At my internship they have an excel spreadsheet that will print as 56 pages. They want it to print in 8 pages. Preferably in 2 pages high 4 wide. I tried to specify it in the print setup... but it only makes the printed part of the pages smaller, therefor making it 117 printited pages, then alot of cutting, taping and puzzling.

Is there any way I can specify this without having to reformat the whole spreadsheet.

I know you probably will not be able to read it but this is how they want it.

So I have this worksheet that prints 54 pages on tabloid paper. I have macros that change the view to through a designated month plus that month's cumulative total. If I select my macro to show data through May and then select print, it prints ALL 54 PAGES but the pages for June through December are blank. How can I tell it to print only what's showing on the screen? I considered a macro to change view then select onscreen data as print area then send to printer, but it still prints ALL 54 PAGES. Any thoughts, anyone? Thanks!

Is there a way to send a print job for an entire workbook without any blank pages coming out of the printer?

For instance, suppose my pages numbers are labeled from top to bottom and then from left to right. Suppose also that I have text on pages 1, 3 and 4, and that page 2 is blank and is below page 1, and pages 3 and 4 are to the right of pages 1 and 2 respectively. If I just go to File, print, and hit enter, all 4 pages are printed, including the blank page #2.

Thanks for any help.


I will try to explain again, I did not do a very good job last time. I have
a workbook that has several tabs. Under these tabs there may be several
pages of information. I would like to be able to number the pages and have
the number change as additional pages are added. Also I would like to be
able to print the entire workbook and have all the pages numbered. This
would be a different number than just numbering the pages under a tab. Hope
this helps explain what I would like to do.


I have a worksheet that consists of 277 pages. I have a macro that hides pages if they end with a $0 amount. When I print, I want only the visible pages to print, but all 277 pages are printing. The hidden pages actually just come out as blank sheets of paper, but who wants to go through 277 sheets of paper and pull out all of the blank ones?

How to print odd pages and even pages seperately. For ex I have 100 pages
with page numbers customized to read "001" upto "100" and I want to print all
"Even pages" first then at the reverse side I want to print all "odd pages".

How to complete this task in two setp printing.

I have a workbook consisting of about 20 worksheets. I have VBA code that prints any sheet that is used but skips any pages that are not used. This works fine but if there are more than one user printing sheets at the same time on our network printer, the pages get all mixed together and they have to pick through the stack to find their pages. Is there a way that the used pages can be assembled and then all printed as one printjob so that each users pages will all print together simplifying the sorting process... Thanks


I want to print odd pages only so I can print even pages on other side to
save paper.

Have you experienced this type of error before?

I am using a macro, creating a copy my report sheet to new sheets. It worked for the first 30 pages, and then suddenly telling the error message listed as title.

If I reduce the number of print pages per print job, this message will still show up but it will take more times untill the total amount of pages printed out reaching around 30 pages.

Is it related to some kind of memory issue?

Why it works if I just print 3 pages but not work if I print more than 30 pages?

Any comments? Thanks,

i have a worksheet in which cell N10 counts the number of cells in
column D that have entries, and using an if statement, determines how
many pages need to be printed in order to print all rows that have
entries. The cell displays 1, 2, or 3 [pages], depending on the number
of rows that are filled in. For example, if the count is greater than
62, 2 pages have to be printed. If less than 62, only one page need be
printed. I have to do this because there are formulas in other rows
that go down all the way to the 169th row and 3 pages will be printed
out if i dont specify in the print range the number of pages i need
printed. Is it possible to have a macro use the cell value of 1 or 2 or
3 and then print only the matching required number of pages.



I have a color printer that is set to grayscale as a default. When I print my
excel workbook and select it to print in color in the print driver properties
the first page prints in color but the other pages print in black and white
even though the other pages are in color.

I have 3 different workbooks with multiple tabs and some of the tabs have multiple pages. I have a macro setup to print certain pages from each workbook in a cetrain order( like i have one tab that has 30 pages one for each employees total sales, on another tab i have commission figures for each employee, and another workbook has previous years information.) Is there a way i can get to print to one PDF file like where Employee A's sheets print together then it goes to Employee Bs? Right now I can set the default printer to my PDF printer but every time it changes from workbook to workbook or tab to tab to print the give pages i need it makes me save a new file for each page.