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Creating Alerts!or Popups In Excel

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is it possible to create a popup or alert message if any one of the cell meet condition with in the range of cells.


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Similar Topics

Sorry if the subject is a bit confusing... Here's what I'm trying to do.

I'd building a stock price alert sheet, much like many others have done on this board. Basically there will be thresholds/triggers, live market data being fed in, and some sort of marker column to indicate when an alert has been triggered (and should be sent to pop-up) and when it has been reset by the user.

The pop-up I'm looking to create (dialog box or userform of some type) should have the following characteristics:

1) Hopefully it won't disable the data feed/auto calcs/other scripts running on my sheet (i.e. if the user doesn't click 'OK' then nothing else in Excel can happen -- this would be a problem)

2) The pop-up is persistent enough that it isn't overlooked by the user, i.e. Always on Top, flashing Excel bar in taskbar, etc. Something to that effect...

3) The pop-up will ideally look more like a list or log, able to house multiple alerts at once. For example, if one alert pops up and the user is away from their desk, and then a second alert appears, I'd like for both to be listed in the alert window. Is something like this even possible? Can I embed part of a worksheet into something like a userform, so that as cells of the sheet are populated they appear in the "pop-up"? If not, I would need the ability to have multiple pop-ups at once (for different alerts being triggered simultaneously or before the previous alert was dismissed).

Hopefully that's a start... I'm fairly comfortable with VBA but can't do much from scratch. I feel like I can figure out how to structure my sheet, autocalc code, markers, etc, but the pop-up is causing some trouble. Any help would be appreciated.



I would like some help in creating a VBA Macro that will create a popup message if cell C7 contains text. Cell C7 will populate text depending on a vlookup of a different sheet. The popup message is simple, something like "See Instructions".

Please advise on whether this is possible and what the best way to go about it is. Much thanks in advance.

Hi Guys,

I want to create a Pop-up without buttons in my macro (like outlook desktop alert).
it will show after a process completed when i am working on some other applications like browser, or MS Access.
When I surf for this stuff all forums and websites I've browsed are giving idea only with message box. But I want to create a Pop-up like outlook desktop alert. Can I have a solution for this?

I hope I will have solution.


I'm trying to get Excel to pop up an alert to check if a cell hasn't been filled in. I 've run into a few times where I have not put anything into it, only to get in trouble at work for not having the proper info in it. It doesn't always have data in it, but I want to make sure that it alerts me regardless. Any ideas?

Hello, this query is more for my curiosity than need. I'm using 2007 and Win XP.
What code do I use to answer yes to a popup generated by a macro?
The popup occurs when I move sheets that have a vlookup formula into another workbook that has the same formula.
The popup asks, "YES" or "NO", if I want to use the "NAME" listed in the workbook I'm moving the sheet into.
I've tried to elliminate the "NAME" by replacing it with the range of the array in both workbooks, but it seems to assign the "NAME", the sheet name that has the Vlookup array, automatically.
Thanks, I'll try to answer any questions that may help if you find this specific challenge interesting, but was more interested in a generic type of response to popups in macros.

I need some help. Everyone who has posted in these Forums has been incredibly helpful so far. I wasn't able to find any information on this one however.

I have a sheet that alerts me with a message box when a set time has passed. This works fine as long as I have this sheet active. I would also like to get the same alert when I have a different sheet selected.

For example, in Sheet 1, cell A1 I have entered 12:00. If I am on Sheet 1 and it is after 12:00 I get a message box. However, if I am on Sheet 2, the alert never pops up.

Is it possible to have the message box pop up no matter which sheet I am on?


I need some help with creating a conditional message box based on formatting. Here's my situation:

I have several cells in my worksheet that are conditionally formatted. These cells turn red if the value in that cell is greater than 20% of the value in the cell above it. I would like to create a message box that alerts the user if there are red cells in the worksheet when the user tries to close the workbook. I tried the following code (based soley on web searches that I did, as I have no VBA experience), but it did not work.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim cell As Range
For Each cell In Range("main_body")
If cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3 Then
MsgBox "A required field has not been filled in." & vbCrLf & "Please review and re-submit", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "Validation"
Cancel = True
End If
Next cell
End Sub

I named the range of cells that would contain the red cells as "main_body."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


hello everybody.
I have an excel sheet that uses data from a html file.when that file stops working I recieve on my excel that I cannot connect to the file.It's all right.After one minute the file starts again transfering.But the problem is that if i do not push the alert button excel will not start again.Is there a way eather to delay the transfer to excel when there is no data (so it will not get the alert) or stop the alert message?
thank you all.


i am trying to create a automatic popup alert window. the window pops up after a certain criteria is reached. for instance, a stock price change not more than x% the alert window pops up.

the problem is that if i use the worksheet_change, or other events because the price change value is calculated by a excel formula, the value change couldn't trigger the event.

any thoughts?



I have a chart that's being updated with different values when I cklick on different radiobuttons.
When the cells that the radio button refers to is empty or the calculation in the cell have an error it pops up a message that I need to click OK to go on.

Is there a way to stop these alerts by writing a script that shuts the alert messages off during each click?


Hello All! I need some help with creating alerts in excel with durations. I'll explain.

Let's say we're working with cell A1. When A1>5, I would like another cell to turn to red fill and display a certain text. Well...this is easy enough using conditional formatting and some formula work.

However, what I really need is for the cell that turned red and displayed text to return to its original state after a certain pariod of time has elapsed from the time that A1 became greater than 5. For example, 1 hour, or 1 day after the inital alert.

I think this is possible using timestamps...but I'm not sure how. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Hi -

I have a few cells that I have conditional formating to make font bold red if meet. There are too many to look at. Can I make one cell at the top of the page say something that will alert me to look down the list for anything in red bold???

Thank you


I found a bit of code that is doing all but one thing I would like it to. I can't figure out the last part. In column B, I have tracking numbers. Once any cell in column B is selected, there is a popup, followed by the Insert Hyperlink popup. Perfect. The user can click on the hyperlink and everything works as it should, only they still get the two popups. Is there a way to have the popups appear only when they select a cell in Column B that is empty? I hope all that makes sense. Here is my code:


Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
With Target
    If .Count = 1 And .Column = 2 Then
        MsgBox "Enter the hyperlink with TEXT TO DISPLAY as the Tracking Number and ADDRESS as the location"
    End If
End With
End Sub

This one doesn't make sense to me.

I'm working on a project using data validated lists. For some, I'm leaving the error alert setting on "Stop", and for others I'm using the "Information" setting to permit entry of something other than the specific list values.

I have a situation where I'm not getting a consistent response from these settings. In some cells, I'll have the error alerts set to "Stop" (and the box checked to show the alert), and I can enter text manually without getting any alert warning. Other cells set the same way on the same page work as they should.

Anyone have an idea why or how this could occur?

I use these data validation feature all the time and have never seen this behavior before. I've tried clearing the cells and re-setting them, with the same results. I don't get it...


Others have posted about disabling alerts with VBA when a PivotTable will overwrite cells ( I want to disable the alert, and prevent the overwrite.

Disabling alerts defaults to an answer of 'Yes' in the case of overwriting cells adjacent to a PivotTable. How can I programmatically force Excel to answer 'No' in the event a warning pop up should appear?

Thanks for the help. First post from a long time reader.

I have attched a sample workbook,

When the time required for is entered in column J column k counts down the time left to complete the job, the cell goes red with one
hour to go.

is it possible to do the following:-

When the half hour to go is reached warning alert message box is shown and or audio alert is sounded, but if the completed box is selected in column P the alerts are disabled and the time frozen in K ???



I am creating a excel spreadsheet that contains expiration dates of contracts. Is there a way to have the excel alert me before the date arrives or maybe just change color to let me know the end date is coming up? I would like to have an alert 2 months prior to the expiration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a fairly new user of excel 2003.


I Need a Macro Which will filter & show me a popup message with "Cell Value C - Purchase Order To be Raised" when the following condition is true
1.Cell Value Column L = (65% of E)
2.Cell Value Column M = Yes

I don't want the Popup Message to appear when the Cell Value Column M = No


Hey everyone!

I would like to be able to create an alert/message which appears when someone opens a specific file. Is this possible?? Ive tried to search MS site but cant find anything.

Although Im considered advanced where I work Im still not 100% with things like VBA so any easy methods would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

Hi All,

I am not so good at VBA coding, so can you help me with this.
I have a question: In excel while we fill data if user skips to enter data in any cell can we pop up any alert message which guides user to fill up empty cells before they proceed to any other cell?

I need alert message for certain columns from column A to I,
R to S,
only U,
W to AC.

and in Column S if we skip to enter data we can either enter in column T
viceversa if we skip to enter data in T should enter data in column S.
i.e data should be entered either in S or T, Cant leave both columns empty.

I need alert message for the entire cells not for a particular range of cells.

I need a alert pop up message soon after the user tries to skip entering data in any cell in excel2003,Using VBA coding is this possible?And i dont require any validation for this.Please suggest any solution with coding.
Solution to this problem would help me a lot...

Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks in advance...

Hello -

When I click A1, B1, C1, etc. I'd like to have a message box pop up with any notes I have entered into A20, B20, C20, etc. If there's nothing in A20, B20, C20, etc. then I do not need an alert box. Esentially I need something that alerts me that I have notes and need to do something about them. This is a tracking spreadsheet that I am continually forgetting to look at the notes on.

Any suggestions?

is there a way to install an alert message similar to the ones excel and word show if you go to close out the file when you have not saved it yet?
I would need an alert window/message to pop up telling or reminding the user to save data before making any other changes

I am trying to create an alert message when the cell equals zero. The zero is in a dollar format $0.00.
I just need the formula I already know how to create the message.

Any help is appreaciated.


Hello again,
I've searched the intewebz and thought I found my answer, but i'm obviously doing something wrong. Basically, I have checklist that is filled out, and to make it easier, condenced to 3 cells (A1,B1 & C1).

If the cell is left blank, do nothing.
If something is added to the cell, I need the following pop up boxes.

If something is entered into A1 the popup box should say "Message #1"
If something is entered into B1 the popup box should say "Message #2"
If something is entered into C1 the popup box should say "Message #3"

These would go in order, so A1 would be first. If pop up appears, you would close it out, then go to B1, and so on.

Below is the code i'm using. It works with one, but obiously not mulitple based on how I put it together.

Please help!!


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Dim rng As Range
   Set rng = Range("A1")
   If Not Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then
       If rng = "" Then
       End If
        MsgBox "Message #1"
          End If

   Set rng = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Dim rng As Range
   Set rng = Range("b1")
   If Not Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then
       If rng = "" Then
       End If
        MsgBox "Message #2"
          End If

   Set rng = Nothing

End Sub
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Dim rng As Range
   Set rng = Range("c1")
   If Not Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then
       If rng = "" Then
       End If
        MsgBox "Message #3"
          End If

   Set rng = Nothing

End Sub

Hi all,

I'm using Excel for Mac and I have a list of objects to which I want to link a picture present in a folder on my computer. The problem is that every time I click on the link I created in Excel an alert message shows up: "Are you sure you want to open data from outside Excel". Can somebody tell me how to stop this message from showing up?