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Payroll Calculator Excel Template

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On the Payroll Calculator template under tax status, what do the numbers
represent? Any suggestions on the template?

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What are the tax status codes for the payroll calculator template, employee
information, or where can I find them?


I just got done with my first payroll using Excel. I am very happy with the template except for one problem. I have twenty employees and only four pay stubs showed up. The only option I see is printing out those four and then erasing the info and manually retyping the other sixteen, four at a time and reprinting. Is there any way the paystub tab can work together like the information and calculator tabs?


can some one please help me to convert the excel US payroll calculator
numbers into canadian percentages for accurate canadian payroll with this
payroll feature?

I was wondering if someone had already created a payroll template that shows the deductions for Federal, state , medicare, and social security that updates the yearly total. If you would be willing to share I have searched extensively and the only template I have found was locked and the web site is no longer active. I am not skilled enough to create my own


Ok so here's the deal.........

I've created this simple calculator where people input simple info like company name, supplier, some basic numbers, and the calculator gives them a value. What I would like to do (don't know if its possible) is somehow insert a letter template into the excel document. As the user fills in the values for their calculator I would like those values to be transfered into the blanks of the letter.

If anyone could help me with this that would be awesome.


I have inherited a very large, complex excel workbook used for payroll. 125 sheets, 20 departments and 20 earnings codes.

Unfortunately, it does not contain any Year to Date amounts for hours or dollars. That itself is not a big deal, but this workbook is cleared out after each payroll and returns to a template.

I believe I should be exporting the info to Access but again I need to create year to date totals from each payroll.


I am trying to add more payroll stubs on my payroll calculator. I have 5
employees and it only gives me stubs for four of them. I need to be able to
add more with out having to set it up myself, as I don't know how.

Does anyone know where I can find a Template for Excel that I can figure my pay check on a Biweekly or Semimonthly payroll.
Thanks to all for any and all help.
Eugene Cummings

I have a macro in a workbook (template) that needs to copy the data on a worksheet from a payroll file and pull it into template. I want the user to just click the macro button from template and have it go get the data.
This is simple, except that the source data file name changes with each payroll week. I don't want the user to have to rename the file or to enter a file name.
Is this possible?
How do I code the switch over to the other open workbook?

Hi All,

I will use this topic to first introduce myself, my name is Vince an I am from the island of Malta. I have worked for a few years in finance and accounting, and am progressing for an ACCA as well. Tomorrow I will start a new job, which will involve payroll for about 20 people, a few of them with O/T duties, and others with fixed salaries.

I have never used excel for payroll, so I would likem to ask if anyone has a template and then i Can add/subtract data as necessary to accomodate my criteria.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


PS Happy new year to all!!!

I am a small business and would like to get my employees payroll entered in
excel .
I need a template or formula that includes hours worked X hourly wage= gross
pay minus SS, Med care

Anyone have any suggestions on how to add to the following code whe if Template (2) exists, replace the data in Template (2) with the data from "Template". Currently, the code creates a new sheet everytime it's run, ie- Template (3), Template (4) etc...I only want to copy the contents from Template to Template (2) each time it's run. Hope this makes sense.. Thanks in advance for any help.

'Replace "Template" with the name of the sheet to be copied.
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Template").copy _
Sheets("Template (2)").Select
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Visible = False

I am seaching for a template in excel or access to track payroll, calculate
leave and bonus for 750 employees. I need to complete this asap. Can anyone
point me in thr right direction?

i have a template with a program.
the user opens the template and clicks to create a toolbar button.

plus there are few other sheets with guidelines, screenshots etc...

but when the template is closed an .xls file is created
plus the program refers to this template because the template
has a table needed for a vlookup.

any suggestions?

can i put something in a Workbook.close event?
or something


Need a excel template with formulas for calculating direct and indirect job
costs. Specificall for labor and insurance. Like calculating payroll tax,
and workers comp to be added on to hourly rate or based on total payroll for
the job. Also formulas for calculating indirect costs like take monthly
totals for fuel and divide by 30, vehicle insurance daily rate. Or anything
like this that would help.

I am looking for a template to keep track of golf scores and to calculate
handicaps over a prolonged period. I am using Office 2003 professional.

I have a template that is used to create a new worksheet every month. My code (from a command button) executes the routine that copies the template, renames it and does some formatting. I want the "Before Double-Click" event to be copied along with the template.


Sheets("Template").Copy Befo =Sheets("Paycheck Calculator") 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring me in support of injured Royal Marines

The Copy command only has two options (according to the help). Before and after. Of course the help has no useful information. What I am looking for is a method to send a row of data depending on the row I double click. Any row, any sheet. There are not that many events available.

I have created Excel spreasheets for our payroll. The answers on my calculator are sometimes different than my spreadsheet. How can I make them tie?

I have small modification to my question I posted at:

I have a workbook say, Template Rev 1.xls. I have one of the formula mentioned in above link to return the filename in one of the worksheets of this template. Now, whenever the file is saved in another name other than Template Rev 1.xls, say T-512.xls, then it should retain the filename Template Rev 1. This is because I have so many templates and I would like to know which template I used to create the file T-512.xls. I have templates Template Rev 2.xls, Template Rev 3.xls and so on.

However, whenever I modify the Template Rev 1.xls to Template Rev 2.xls then, the code should return Template Rev 2 as the filename. So, if the filename has "Template", then it should change the filename otherwise it should not change (this is just my suggestion for generating the code). Please suggest.

I have these templates I have been working on. One is a sales template where I have all the selections a client can choose from. The other is a PO template that pulls data from the sales template and populates the PO template. I am trying to get it to where the PO template hides all the unused rows that are not populated. For example if a client does not want a cabinet selection instead of pulling nothing from the sales template I would like the PO template to just hide these selections.

Can someone please help me or give me some advice in developing a Net Present Value Calculator template in excel which is easy to use and easy to understand.

Thank you very much.

Hey Guys,

I actually came here the other day to seek advice and it rectified the problem, but now I'm trying to add 2 more references to my SUMPRODUCT function, and it isn't working.

Here is the Formula that worked yesterday for two of the values:

I'm trying to add:

So I figured the end product should look like:
=SUMPRODUCT(--(Template!AA5:AA95="Short"),--(Template!AB5:AB95="OptionC"),--(Template!T5:T95="ED"),--(Template!W5:W95="October"), Template!Z5:Z95

Am using Excel 2002. Looking for a template that will calculate time to
repay debts with fixed payments each month, rolling amounts from paid off
debts toward remaining debt. (This type of calculator is available on Thanks for any help.

Hi Guys,

I need to create some kind of template/macro that looks at a column, and replaces the values in that column with values from a mapping list. The mapping is fixed which should make things quite straight forward, and the columns are always fixed as well.

I will have a report coming out of a payroll system, the extract is created in Excel format. I then need to have a template to load this data into, or a macro that can be run, which will take one column (which contains payroll Wage Type codes that represent different wage types - ie: different earnings and deductions) because the Wage Type codes then have to be changed, as we then need to load this extract into a different system that has different WT codes for the same Wage Type.

What is the best way to do something like this - a template, or simply create a Macro and run it once we have the extract from the first system?


I will have an extract that looks something like this (pipe used here to separate columns to make it look clearer, no pipe in actual file, just columns):

Base Salary | 1,000 | 100
Bonus | 500 | 105
Tax | 200 | 200
Soc Security | 50 | 205

and I need to change the values in the third column so that I get the Wage Type codes needed to load into the next system:

Base Salary | 1,000 | BS10
Bonus | 500 | EC05
Tax | 200 | IT00
Soc Security | 50 | SS00

The mapping of the values in the third column is fixed, ie: 100 = BS10, 105 = EC05 etc.

Any help is much appreciated guys!

I am trying to attempt to create a payroll spreadsheet with certain aspects and with multiple worksheets. so what im trying to accomplish is this

1/ on my main worksheet would have the payroll template there would be 2 columns (1) would be "routes" (2) would be the dollar value of that route.

2/ i want to be able to pick from a drop down list in colume (1) which will have various routes such as A,
B, C, D, E etc

3/ once i have selected a route in colum (1) i want to have the dollar value that is associated to that route to show up in column (2)

ex/ route A worth $1
route B worth $2
route C worth $3

so in column (1) i pick route "A" then in colum (2) it will show up as "$1" (dollar sign not needed)

- as for multiple worksheets, i will have my 1st worksheet as my payroll template and the 2nd worksheet will have my drivers names and routes and values of the routes which will be a master list of all my data

is there any way to do this, i have managed to create a dropdown list but thats about it, i have not been able to link any values together.