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Macro To Create Hyperlink

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Hello mr excel.

I have seen various post and fantastic answers to critical problems, solved by forum members

I have an problem with creating hyperlink i.e macro to create hyperlink

i requirement is that.... i want to click a range of data and create a hyperlink for each of these cells,,,,, After clicking the data of the cell should be in the search box of website like wikisearch or any other site... where can we search that data...

results are likely to--- click on hyperlink----will open target site----with cell data in search box ... search performed.... with single click on cell to create a macro for that

i am unable to link the data to search box of webpage.... in macro.....

Pls help

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Similar Topics

I am having a problem that has been KILLING me. I know how to create a hyperlink by right clicking on the cell>Hyperlink>"Place in This Documet">Type the cell reference>OK

This is easy, but I have 600 of these to do. Auto fill for =hyperlink function is needed.

I am wanting to reference the cell to itself and when the hyperlink in clicked excute using the following code:

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)

Dim cDwg As String
Dim myCell As Excel.Range

Set myCell = Target.Parent
Debug.Print myCell.Address, myCell.Value
    'Name of hyperlink title in excel file
   If Target.Name = "Search Swift" Then
      <My code here>
    End If   
End Sub

I can link to the code above using the right click method and the code runs fine, but I can't get it to work using =hyperlink in the cell method.

I tried using the following method and it does not link the code:

=HYPERLINK("#"&CELL("address",Sheet1!F14),"Search Swift")

Can this be done......what am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appriciative.

How do I create a hyperlink to a web page in Excel?

I click on Insert/Hyperlink. Click the on the "Browse the Web" button and
slect a web site. After creating the hyperlink, I am unable to open the
hyperlink. I get a error message box saying, "Unable to open. Unable to
locate Internet server or Proxy server".

Greetings, first time poster, I did a fairly extensive search before posting,
with no solutions, I am trying to create an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (saved as pdf with hyperlinks that execute a google search).

Here is the scenario: create a hyperlink, google hits, then open google in your browser and search on; physicist albert einstein, copy the link search link that google returns into the hyperlink, it should look like something link this:

run the hyperlink in the open Excel file and observe that it works,
now save the file as a .pdf (my version is Adobe Reader 9.1.3) close the spreadsheet, open the .pdf file, click the link and observe that the arguments passed to google appear to be stripped off, you get the standard google screen.

Next open the spreadsheet again, this time create a new hyperlink, wiki, and in your browser create a hyperlink for wikipedia similar to this:

Now save the file as a pdf file again, close Excel and open the pdf file, click on the link, and presto you get what you asked for the wikipedia page with it set to Albert Einstein as requested. This proves that searches can and do work.

I really want to use google because it gives the most complete number of hits possible.

I plan to publish the .pdf file to a physics forum, they do allow .xls files as well but due to the fact that macro's can do nasty things, first they must be checked by admins before being allowed on the forum. Second, many user's even when assured that excel speadsheet is benign will shy away and not use it.

I am open to any and all suggestions to get a google search feature working in a pdf file, or other alternative.

The following file extensions are supported on the forum, the ones I am most familiar with a pdf, xls file types.

m, ms, mw, mws, nb, pdf, png, psd, xls

Thanks in advance...


Greetings all.
I understand how to create a hyperlink to a folder and name it using hyperlink(location,name). But i would like to take that a step further:

Is it possible to create a double hyperlink so with a single click, it will open two separate folders?

A search of the forum has found this code by Tom Urtis which is close to what I'm looking for


Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
If Target.Range.Column < 4 Then Exit Sub
MsgBox "Your macro goes here."
End Sub

Which runs or exits the code based on the location of the cell containing the hyperlink.

What I need is to run or exit the code based on the hyperlink destination being linked to the cell that the link is in.

For example, if A1 is hyperlinked to A1 then run the macro, if not exit.

Can anyone see a way that this can be done?


I need to create a formula that will search a given range, then create a hyperlink to that specific cell the criteria was found in.

I have been working on trying to do this for the better part of two weeks now and have grown quite frustrated with it. If anyone has any insight or needs anymore information just say so and I will deliver what you require.

I am trying to figure out how to create a hyperlink cell that will perform a google search for whatever data is located in the cell. For example, I am creating a spreadsheet that will track equipment for our company. I would like to have tracking numbers placed in cells, which when clicked, will perform a google search for that tracking number.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Can anyone help with a Macro?? I Have a large list of file names
(16000) in excel and need to create a hyperlink link to the actual
files stored in a variety of subfolders to facilitate a search on the
list and the hyperlink clicked to access the file. At the moment I need
to identify what I need on the list and then do a search for each file
required in the subfolders which takes ages. I could link the files
individually but this is only reference data and I that would take
about as long as it would to find the files by searching individually,
any help appriciated, even if its just to tell me it's more hassle than
it's worth!

I have an excel sheet with 5,000 rows. I need to create a macro that will create a hyperlink from the information of 2 of the cell in the row. I want the macro to start at at Row1, go to A5, create hyperlink, use the data in A5 to select the proper directory name. Then while still in the create hyperlink mode, use the data in B5 to select the correct file from the directory (A5) that to the correct image. Then repeat on Row 2.... Long story short. Cell A5 has the directory name and B5 has the file name.
I need to use them both in a macro to create a hyperlink the that row, then move to the next row and continue

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Larry Clemons


I need to have a solution for the following excel requirement.

Assume that C5 has "some_val".
i need to look in the whole column of A for the cell value of "some_val" and i have to create a hyperlink to the matching cell.
(Assume that A15 has "some_val", then hyperlink in C5 should link to A15 automatically)

This process has to be automated as i have about >1000 cells. Hope i'm clear with my requirement!

Looking for some formula/vb script

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone,

I am using Access 2007 and Expression Web

I created my database in access which includes hyperlinks. I created a search with a grid view in expression and when the search results display, all is well except for the hyperlinks.

Instead, when you click on the hyperlink it is including the site, the name of the page & hyperlink. So it just hyperlinks back to the original search page instead of the link. I need help please!

I am trying to activate a link in an excel worksheet.

The link is comprised of several cells that are concatenated

=CONCATENATE(H29&I29&J29&K29&L29&M29&N29), producing the following link in cell H31

The cell that has the hyperlink is H33 and contains:

I just want to activate the HYPERLINK in cell H33 with a macro.

Sound simple but nothing is working for me. Thanks!


I have the hyperlink above that takes me to the last entry in my table. I've been trying to adapt it to create a hyperlink to the only cell on my spreadsheet that contains the text "Dan".

Is this possible - is a hyperlink able to search for specified text and send you to it?


Here is what i want to do
When you click on Cell C5 (which will say "ADD") I would Like the (Computer Browse Menu) to appear
you can then search for the file and press Attach
This will then create a hyperlink in that cell (or in a different cell) Saying "File Attached"
when you click on "File Attached" it will then open that file

I completly lost on how to do this
but here is the formula i have so far when it comes to click on the cell

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim arrValues
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Range("C5:C5000"), Target) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

End Sub


I'm trying to find a way to create a hyper link without using that specific function. The reason is to get around a shortcoming of Adobe Acrobat when the file is exported to PDF.

The Excel file contains a column with the addresses of target files (hundreds of them) that are in the "General" cell format. The addresses are not hyperlinked when the worksheet is opened.

If I create an explicit hyperlink in an Excel (2003) cell with right-click/Hyperlink, Acrobat's PDFMaker will export the link correctly in the destination PDF.

If however I use the HYPERLINK function in Excel to create a link, Acrobat is too stupid to recognize it, even though it works fine within Excel. What I'm doing is:

1 File_Address_1 =HYPERLINK(A1,"Link")
2 File_Address_2 =HYPERLINK(A2,"Link")

My question: Is there a way to create the hyperlink for each of the file address cells (similar to the explicit link above) without using the HYPERLINK function?

Thanks in advance,
Cliff Ober

I have a simple follow hyperlink code that will allow me to click any hyperlink on one worksheet, and will link to another worksheet within the same workbook and place the value of that chosen hyperlink within a certain cell. My issue is If I hyperlink by clicking on the hyperlink Icon, my macro works. However, if I use the hyperlink function/formula, my macro does not work. I've tried to pinpoint the issue, and noticed that my file name from using the hyperlink icon (file///C:\...), is different from the file name when I use the hyperlink formula ([C:\...). I would like the macro to work based on my the following hyperlink function located on Sheet1!A4. Please help!

=HYPERLINK("[C:\Documents and Settings\me\Desktop\Book1.xls]'Sheet2'!F16",IF(ROWS(A4:A$4)>$C$2,"",INDEX('Sheet3'!$B$4:$B$15,SMALL(IF((Sheet3!$C$4:$C$15=Coverpage!$C$22)*(Sheet3!$D$4:$D$15="Added"),ROW(Sheet3!$C$4:$C$15)-ROW('Sheet3'!$H$4)+1),ROWS(A4:A$4)))))

Below is my code:

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
Sheets("Sheet2").Range("f16").Value = Target.Range.Value
End Sub

I want to create a macro that can provide automatic hyperlink to values in one column to the next co

eg.if A1 contains the value,WO2011068564A1 then macro should create automatically in B1 the hyperlink to the number.

similiarly for other patent numbers also from the same site.

I have two workbooks that I'm working with in our Excel configuration:

- Master Workbook
- Data.xlt (Template)

The Master Workbook contains a hyperlink that points to the Data.xlt Template file...

When we run the hyperlink, what happens is it opens the original Data.xlt file. What we want the hyperlink to do is to create a copy of the Data.xlt file rather than opening the original Data.xlt ... the desired result of the hyperlink is to create and open a new file called "Data1.xls".

Are there switches or other parameters we can ad to the hyperlink that would have it create a new .xls rather than opening the original .xlt? Much the same as what happens when you double click on a .xlt file from explorer, or what happens when you create a desktop shortcut to a .xlt file ... both of these actions results in a "copy" of the .xlt opening (a new .xls) rather than the original .xlt opening.

Would like to avoid using Macros, unless however Macros are the only way...

Thanks Much

Just two hours ago, I could right click a cell, and I would be given a menu of options - the last of which was one entitled 'hyperlink.' I would click on this and I would be given a pop-up window enabling me to type in a website address and some text for the hyperlink.

For some reason something has changed and now 'hyperlink' is the only option that's non-clickable. And if I press try to do "insert->hyperlink" the hyperlink button is not clickable either.

Does anybody know what might be the problem ??

Thanks so much.

I put a hyperlink in a cell, then I with make a new line and type something. The whole cell then becomes a hyperlink. I then highlight the line I don't want hyperlinked, click off the underline and select the right letter color, but it still stays a hyperlink.

If I do this with text before the hyperlink, it works. And if I then do the same with the text after the hyperlinik it works too.

Has anyone have the same problem? Does anyone know a way around it? I've searched and search.

I am currently attempting to run a macro the opens a link in Internet Explorer. The cell it reads from is as follows:

Assume B1= "Excel" and C1="Forum"


The issue is that the macro actually opens up a google search with literally "B1 C1".

How can I create a cell next to it, with just the text "" and have the macro reference that.


I'm trying to solve the following problems with hyperlinks in Excel:

1) When I have two hyperlinks in a cell, I would like to be able to optionally go to these 2 links separately. Either I click on the cell and there's an option to go to one of the 2 links, or when I click on a different part of the cell I get a different hyperlink re-direction. Can this be done?

2) When I have an hyperlink in a cell mixed with non-linking texts, I would like to not follow the hyperlink automatically whenever I click the cell. Perhaps only if I click on the portion of the cell that contains the link?

3) This is not a problem but something I am currently able to do: Make the hyperlink in a cell have the hyperlink format (underlined blue), but the rest of the text remains in their own format. When I click on the cell, I follow the hyperlink.

For all intents and purposes let's assume hyperlinks are URLs only.

Thank you in advance for your help.


This should be very simple, but I am not able to find the solution.
I want to be able to run a macro stored in the same workbook when I click on a hyperlink present in one of the cells.

I do not want to create a control button to call the macro. Is it possible to give the destination of a hyperlink as a macro?

Thanks for your help!!

Hi All,

I would like your help in creating a hyperlink in a sheet, pointing from the selected cell in sheet3 to a different cell in the other sheet(sheet1 or sheet2).

The user is supposed to select a cell, and activate the macro.
The macro should then create a hyperlink to this cell.

The cell will usually contain a textdata, and the target cell will usually contain same textdata, but in other sheet(sheet1 or sheet2).

In this sheet when we open the data sheet you will find a column named Feild, In the feild column when we click on any text data in a cell it should automatically redirect us to the other sheet of the column where the exact text data is present.

Your help will be highly appreciated.


I recently submitted a post called "Hyperlink with a twist" for which i wished to click on a hyperlink and the value of the Hyperlink I clicked would be pasted in a cell on a different sheet. I was given the following code (cheers Norie )

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)

If Intersect(Range("C5:C184"), Target.Range) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

Application.EnableEvents = False
Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("E7").Value = Target.Range.Value
Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

However this only seems to paste the value in C5. I.e. if i click on the hyperlink in C20, the value of the hyperlink in C5 is returned. Same for C15,16,17 etc etc.

Has this got something to do with the way i have defined my hyperlink?