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Cant Delete Blank Pages

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I have a spreadsheet that when I go into print preview there are 59 pages. I
did not create the spreadsheet. However, there is only something on 3 of
those pages. How to I delete all of these extra pages.

Thanks very much for any help. I am using Excel 2003


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i have created some graphs and when i 'page break preview' them they fit nicely on 3 pages. However when i print it / print preview it, 2 blank pages appear.

Im usually quite good with excel but this is really puzzleing me and my colleagues. I have check for hidden rows, pages breaks but nothing seems to delete the blank pages.

Can anyone help? Thanks

I'm kind of new to Excel and what i do know is self taught. I've created a spreadsheet of several pages which is a price list. I've split the pages (so it's A4 size but split into two so when it's printed it will be folded in half to create an A5 size booklet). My problem is i want to number the pages so a contents page can be include. When i go to print preview it shows 55 pages. How do i delete the blank pages i don't want. I tried just deleting rows but that doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help?

Hello all!

Please see the attached .xls file, I need to get rid of the extra blank pages where there is only the vertical page break... when I go on print preview I get 4 pages but I just need the 2 pages where there is the actual data... I know it appears trivial but I didn't manage to find a solution.

Please help!


I am trying to work out why when I print the attached excel spreadsheet it prints two extra blank pages.

I have done a print preview on the file and it print previews two extra blank pages.

When I print to paper or PDF it also adds two extra pages - see the attached PDF... half way through the last page there is some some of cursor on the screen.

Is anyone able to help me with this?

I have a price list that is 24 pages.. but when someone prints it there are
extra balnk pages at the end (total of 48 pages). What do I need to do to
eliminate those blank pages?

I have an Excel document that I use each month. The data covers about 10
pages each month but somehow along the way thhe document has grown to be
about 300 pages. That is, there's nothing on about 290 pages but if someone
starts to print the whole document, 300 pages begins to print.

How can I delete these excess blank pages?

Thanks, Richard

Dear Excel Users,

First of all I am not sure whether should I put this thread under the programming section because I feel that it has got nothing to do with programming. Mods: Feel free to move this thread if it is not in the appropriate section, thank you.

Computer configuration:
Office 2003 SP2

I have a 3 pages template, the first 2 pages consist of only words while the third one has a chart in it. After running through my java program, it will create X number of pages and each pages will have a chart. When I opened the file and look at it, there are only 14 pages (the side scrollbar stopped at pg 14). However, when I tried the Print Preview, it showed 22 pages. Pages after 14 just consist of blank page.

After trying a lot of things I found out that it's the problem with the charts generated by the codes. Because after I removed all of them, the Print Preview showed the correct pages (14). According to my knowledge, adding a chart will not automatically add rows right?

FYI, the chart is 17 rows high and 10 columns wide. Adding a chart will add in additional 2 blank pages when I did a Print Preview.

Any ideas what's wrong or is there any settings that I can set to prevent this? Thanx in advance!


I have a workbook with six sheets. Four of these sheets behave quite

However, one sheet, which should print on onto two pages, shows four pages
in Print Preview. The extra (unwanted) two pages have a continuous line down
the left hand side. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of this line. It
appears like a border but deleting all borders, highlighting all the cells
and deleting them and checking in Format/Cells/Borders shows nothing.

The other rogue sheet should should print on only two pages but shows six
pages in Print Preview. The last four are completely blank except for one
(Page 5) which has a couple of entries that mean nothing. No matter what I
do I cannot delete these rogue entries. I have unlocked all cells and the
sheet is Unprotected. The last sheet of these six shows nothing.

In both cases I have highlighted all cells below the legitimate entries
across double the width of the page and below by at least ten pages before
hitting "Delete".

Has anyone had this experience and resolved it that can help me?



Simple question..... with mazbe a possible answer.

At my internship they have an excel spreadsheet that will print as 56 pages. They want it to print in 8 pages. Preferably in 2 pages high 4 wide. I tried to specify it in the print setup... but it only makes the printed part of the pages smaller, therefor making it 117 printited pages, then alot of cutting, taping and puzzling.

Is there any way I can specify this without having to reformat the whole spreadsheet.

I know you probably will not be able to read it but this is how they want it.

I have a long spreadsheet with lots of tables and charts in it.

I am in Page Break Preview, and it wont let me drag the blue bar any further down!
It apparently stops at 25 pages.

What is going on? Cant I print more than 26 pages high?

I am using Excel 2003.


I have a spreadsheet that has 50 named ranges on a workskeet. Each range equates to a printed A4 page. All these sit vertically down the page. I have the print areas set-up for each "page" so when you print, great, you get 50 pages.

Now then. I now need to be able to show and hide ranges, hence "pages". I have created a quick index page, with checkboxes, so the user checks or unchecks the pages required, and the corresponding range is shown or hidden.

This works well. Problem is when I go to print, I still get a blank page for all the hidden pages. If the users have selected say pages 4, 15 and 25... the pages are still labeled as this in the print preview.

How can I control this.


Is there a way to send a print job for an entire workbook without any blank pages coming out of the printer?

For instance, suppose my pages numbers are labeled from top to bottom and then from left to right. Suppose also that I have text on pages 1, 3 and 4, and that page 2 is blank and is below page 1, and pages 3 and 4 are to the right of pages 1 and 2 respectively. If I just go to File, print, and hit enter, all 4 pages are printed, including the blank page #2.

Thanks for any help.


I've never encountered this before. Let me preface that I am a 20+ year user of Excel. Currently using Excel 2007.

I have 43 pages set up to print which encompasses 75 rows and 271 columns (I am using Page Break Preview when viewing the spreadsheet). Whenever I attempt to print, or review with Print Preview, only 37 pages are generated (through column #244).

There is no print area defined (only print titles). Any ideas? Thanks.

I have a 2 page excel document but when I check the print preview it shows 5 pages. How do i delete a blank page 2, 4 & 5?

I have a excel sheet that i use to enter data into, however when it goes over 5 pages it won't print those pages e.g.

I start with maybe 250 rows over 5 pages and then if i need more i insert new ones to accommodate the extra data maybe going up to 400 rows and 8 pages. However when i go to print it, the extra 3 pages don't print. I have to go into the page break view and drag it down to get the next few. Is there anyway to set it so it does it automatically. Help please!!!

I have VBA code which sets a print area but for some reason the printpreview tacks a couple more pages on the bottom (Ive tried palying with the pages breaks and it still does it).

Is there a way , apart from setting a print area, to limit the printed pages to, say,only pages 1-5 of the 10 shown on the print preview ?

There may be a simple explanation for this, but I have had this problem repeatedly over the years:

I create a worksheet, and only 4 pages have anything on them, but if I print it, it prints 8 pages! I can use Edit\Clear\All for nearby columns, etc, and it STILL prints 8 pages!

It seems that there is something in Excel that tacks on adjoining pages. I can CLOSE the Excel application, re-open the file, and THEN it prints 4 pages. This annoys the cr*p out of me.

Anyone know why this happens, and why I cannot get it to print properly without closing the application? Any help is most welcome. Thanks!


How to print odd pages and even pages seperately. For ex I have 100 pages
with page numbers customized to read "001" upto "100" and I want to print all
"Even pages" first then at the reverse side I want to print all "odd pages".

How to complete this task in two setp printing.


I'm sorry you to trouble you all with a novice question but...

I have a worksheet that has 1254 pages. I will rarely be needing to print all of the pages. When I do print a range of pages, I need the footer to say "Page 1 of (how many pages I choose to print)".

For instance, if I print 515 pages, I will need the footer to read "Page 1 of 515, Page 2 of 515, Page 3 of 515, and so on".

So far, I've only been able to get Excel 2003 to say "Page 1 of 1254, etc..."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have an Excel 2007 file that should be around 8 pages long. When I go into Page break mode it is broken in 72 pages. I have inserted NO page breaks. I have used reset all page breaks, that has not helped. It will not allowe me to manually adjust or delete these breaks. When I view the document in Print Preview it shows a modified version of page 1 on all 72 pages and no other information.

I have never seen this before..... HELP??

I am trying to print an excel workbook and it keeps printing blank pages between certain worksheets. I have checked all the formatting to see if what is causing this issue and I can't see why it is doing this.The blank pages all have a 1/2" line on the left hand top corner of the page.

I am facing a problem whenever I try to take printout of many pages. Before printing, I suppose to view print-preview option where tediously I forced to see all pages( from 1 to n) instead of viewing desired page (i.e. pg. 20 of 50, 35 of 50 or 150 of 300)

Can any user suggest me how should I avail to see only required pages e.g. 50, 77, 35 etc.


Someone has set me up with a template of multiple pages. I need to be able
to delete and add pages as required for invoices. Any help gratefully received

I have a worksheet that consists of 277 pages. I have a macro that hides pages if they end with a $0 amount. When I print, I want only the visible pages to print, but all 277 pages are printing. The hidden pages actually just come out as blank sheets of paper, but who wants to go through 277 sheets of paper and pull out all of the blank ones?

I have a spreadsheet with many tabs. Each tab has 2 pages. However, sometimes I need to leave a 3rd page blank depending on a flag I set.

How can I make it so that if the flag is set (eg. A1 = 1), 3 pages are printed, otherwise only print the first 2 pages.

On another note, is it also possible to skip a page when printing? for example, if the flag is set, print pages 1 and 3, otherwise print pages 1 and 2?