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I Wanta Infopath Form To Submit Data To An Excel Databse File

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Similar Topics

Is it possible using excel vba to open a xml file in notepad and do a find and replace, and then resave it?

Reason for asking is I am trying to reproduce an infopath form with data from excel, exported into an xml. Issue I have is when I export the xml from Excel, the header is not my infopath header so the xml is not recognized as an info path form. If you do a find and replace in the xml, infopath recognizes the form just fine...


Is it possible to import\export data to and from Infopath.
i know i can export Infopath forms into Excel but can i export an Excel spreadsheet into Infopath. I presume if this were possible i would have to have similiar fields in infopath to that in excel for the data i want to export.

i will need to be able to do this via a macro

basicly i will be export data from an application into Excel then export to infopath to display on our intranet site via sharepoint 2007, but it all has to work in 2003 versions as this is what the users have.

Thank you


I'm working in Excel and have done something in Visual Basic so that when a change or something is entered in a particular column I want an InfoPath Form to open.

It there a method similar to the

Workbooks.Open (Filepath name) that would work for an InfoPath form, I can get this to work to open an existing Excel spreadsheet, but not to open an InfoPath form.

The other way I was trying to achieve the same result was by having a hyperlink to the InfoPath form in my spreadsheet and then creating a macro to access the Hyperlink and then in the vb script having "Call Macro1"

This worked if I used INSERT - HYPERLINK and browsed to the InfoPath form which results in a link like:

But if I used INSERT - FUNCTION - HYPERLINK so I could have the full filename path like:
\\troy\org\timesheets current\annualleave.xsn

And I need it to use the second option (with the full filename path) as the timesheet / spreadsheet could sit in a number of various file locations.

Hope this doesn't sound too confusing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi, I am tryng to conect InfoPath Form to Microsoft SQL Server DataBase. But I have no idea what "Microsoft SQL Server DataBase" actually mean

Does Microsoft SQL Server DataBase mean Access 2007 Database basically? I have the form build in to submit few lines of data from sharepoint and then once submitted throw the data to Database in network drive. Does it work this way? 'm kind of confused and dont know what to please suggest, please advice [I have no prior expirience as such...]

Thank you soo much for helping.

Are there any eager, helpful SharePoint/InfoPath mavens out there? Failing that does anyone know a good, smart, active user group that could help me with these questions?

I have a couple of questions about using InfoPath 2010 to populate a SharePoint 2007 form library:

1. When editing within SharePoint is it possible to set up SharePoint to use the original InfoPath form as the editor - to make us of the pull down menus - rather than the default editor template?
2. Is it possible to create a field that equals the SharePoint ID # plus a constant value?

Thanks as ever


I'd like to find a way to automate looping through a folder and converting all InfoPath forms into Excel spreadsheets. There's a reference to InfoPath in Excel, so I am thinking there has to be some way to automate this, but I can't figure out how to open a form and export it to Excel.

Anyone else try to take on this task?


Hi Everyone,
Hope this is the right thread section for this question.
I have a form in Infopath that will be accessed by several people and I want them to export to excel. Is it possible to export this data to the one spreadsheet or does it have to be a new one each time? I have been cutting and pasting to my master spreadsheet.
Thanks for any info.

Hi everybody;
I have a problem related to Infopath forms. When the users try to open the form, they face to a prompt window on which they should select one of "Read Only / Edit" options.
If a form's Edit option is selected by the user A, then the user B has no permission to edit.
But I want to let all users edit the same infopath form at the same time.
For solution of the related problem, I searched and found that it can be accomplished through a webinterface (cgı based or not, I have no idea)
Also another solution I found is using javascript that controls these 2 options (Read / Edit)
Can anyone any idea to solve this issue?


I'm trying to develop a temporary Excel database system at work until we can get hold of a proper Database system. I would like to create a function using a button to generate VBA code that will submit form data from one Excel document into a general repository within a separate Excel document.

Many people will use the form.xlt file to enter data and submit it to the database.xls file. I cannot find anywhere online which will show me how to connect to another Excel file, create a recordset of the data being capture in my form, and then exporting it to my database xls document.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me out on this.

Hi all!

I am trying to create custom properties in Word. I have read all sorts of help files and I get the feeling I need to use InfoPath to do this. I have never used this program before.

I have Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft InfoPath 2003. I get that I need to create these "custom properties" in InfoPath and then somehow attach the file to Word using the Developer tab on the ribbon. If this is correct, can someone help me out with how to do that?

Basically, in Word, you know how there are property entry areas for keywords, category, status, etc.? I want to add some more fields like: Applications, Government Agency, Prime/Sub, and Capabilities. I want to be able to simply type text into all those fields and then be able to search on them later, much like typing something into the keywords area.

Can someone dumb down this process for me and help me out? Thank you!!

I have a form where people enter in data and submit it. The form puts the data in specific cells. What i am looking to do is when the form is opened again the data they entered the first time will remain in the text box.

I have accomplished this with

Sub Showform()
End Sub

Private Sub Form_initialize()
Form.TextBox.Text = Range("B1").Value
End Sub

Private Sub Submit_Click()
Range("B1").Value = Form.textbox.Value
End Sub

this seems to work if I open the form type something submit it and then open the form again, but problem is if i save the file close it and reopen it the form wont populate with the value of B1 like it did before (the value does still exist in B1)

Any thoughts?


Used to have 52 individual Excel timesheets to keep track of working hours. This time was cumulated in a global Excel spreadsheet that had simple references to a cell in these external workbooks. Example:

='D:\My Documents\Admin\Hours\2007\[Time-Week-05.doc.xls]Timesheet'!$H$32
='D:\My Documents\Admin\Hours\2007\[Time-Week-06.doc.xls]Timesheet'!$H$32

The company has now converted the weekly timesheet from Excel format to an InfoPath form (XML) with tables and cells. There is still 52 individual forms, one for each week.

Is there a way to update links in the global Excel file to read specific data in these InfoPath forms? For example:

='D:\My Documents\Admin\Hours\2007\[Time-Week-05.doc.xml][SpecificCellfromXMLFile]

There is little documentation on how to achieve this and what format should be used for such links if they are possible.

I guess an alternative would be a static XML import, but this would be a second option.

Any help with this conversion would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance


There is a form on the web with 10 entry boxes, a submit button. Once you press submit, the results are displayed.

Is there any way to automatically populate the 10 entry boxes with data that is located within 10 cells in an Excel spreadsheet? And then automatically press submit?

I would like to have a first submit box in Excel that would run some kind of macro that copies the 10 numbers and then submits, so that all I will see in the end will be the output results.

Thanks if you can help!

Reason I ask is that I work within a health care information role and would love to get the hand of infopath for setting up pro-formas linked to various databases.

If there's anyone out there with experience in this could they PM me. I'd like to know the advantages of using this software.

I am trying to get Excel to fill in a form, submit the form, and then repeat the process on the second page. I have tried some of the stuff that directly submits data to the website and the response to the form is that the session has timed out. Essentially, when I use excel to submit the form directly (something like this . . .

URL = "
sHTML = Inet1.OpenURL(URL)

The website will say that I have an inactive session on the next page rather than returning the second page with the second form that needs to be filled out. Is there a way to manipulate the website directly so that Excel is essentially clicking the submit button as if a human were on the website? Once the first page works, I would think that I can simply repeat the process on the second page. Because the website requires you to fill in preliminary data, submit the form, then fill in additional information on the second page, as opposed to simply sending data directly to the server, I haven't been able to find any guides for coding this up in other forums.

Maybe a stupid question but I'm a beginner so any help is appreciated.

Do any of you use InfoPath? Are there advantages to using this over excel for forms?

Is it "friendlier" to use by other programs?

Just trying to figure out why the IS dept. wants to use this over Excel for one of the forms.


Is there a way to create an XML macro that occurs on a button click where it would create the following xml and then save the xml to a location that I specify in the macro? Where it says 'CELL X# is the cell I would need to populate that field in the xml.

All of the infopath stuff needs to stay in there for the time being because I will be trying to save it to an infopath form library on a sharepoint site.

I would also need to make sure all the cells used in the xml are not null.

Is it possible to link Infopath forms to Excel? Could anybody point me in the right direction if this is possible?

Many thanks in advance


I'm importing infopath forms as external data into excel, but the lists
appear in the worksheet without column headings - which is a pain because
there are dozens of them.

The element names are meant to appear as column headings aren't they? They
don't seem to be. Is there any way I can get them in without typing them?


Basically i have this html file with a quiz on it which submits the results to a server (using javascript) and then returns the mark.

I want to use this html file for offline veiwing, so i've saved the complete webpage. Now i can still select the radio buttons for options a,b,c,d, but if i click the submit button, it will try and send the form results to the server, but i want to use this for offline veiwing. So i want to change the submit button so it saves the form results in an excel file, which i can then manually check.

I have a macro currently that is set to email multiple users a copy of a excel file once the click a "submit" button. This form requires users to enter some data and then hit submit to be delivered to other people, but the don't need to do anything with it.

The problem is that it sends them a exact copy. The macro is included, including a active submit button.
All I need the user to get is a copy of the excel sheet that they can't modify.

I have a very simple Infopath form in which the user types in their
name and id number, which will concatinate to show them what their user
name will be in another text box on the form.

We have a separate exel sheet with the pre-setup usernames.

I would like a bit of script to take the contents of the text box in
infopath and verify that the exel spreadsheet includes a cell with that
content and if it does, show a "succesful" message or if it doesn't
exist show a "try again" message to the user.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks alot


Is there a tutorial on how to create a form in Excel that will send the completed form to a designated e-mail address?

I would like to make a form has drop downs, etc and once completed will send the form to a designated e-mail address once the submit button is clicked. Also, is there a way to have an Excel file automatically save based on populated fields within the form? i.e., using the name, contact info, and date.

This may be too complicated to answer in a post so if any suggestions can be made of a good tutorial or a good book that will address this it would be much appreciated.

if controlsource is not specified for comboboxes, textboxes, and other form controls on a particular userform, until a "submit" button is clicked at the end of this userform, will the data be "held" in the form controls and not pushed into the underlying spreadsheet? i want my users' to complete the form and then click on "SUBMIT" which will then write the data to the spreadsheet. I was thinking I can add control sources for each field in the on click event for the SUBMIT command button.

So I keep a spreadsheet data that needs to be submitted at various times during the year. When we submit the data it needs to be place into a basic form that was built in excel. The forms have about 15 different fields that need to be filled in the form for each submission and we probably submit about 200+ forms a year.

Instead of typing in the information for each form for each submission can I make excel automatically fill in the information from the data sheet already in excel?

Ideally I would love to be able to pick a row of data, hit print and out prints the form completely filled out.

Any ideas?