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Merge/combine/overlay But Dont Duplicate???

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Similar Topics

I have an xls document in excel 2007. It spans 7 columns. If the value in column a is duplicated in any row I need to merge the rows keeping once instance of the value in column A and adding lines from the duplicate rows within the same row. Basically this is a combine duplicate rows operation but the row should be considered duplicate based on the value in column a only.

Im trying out MrExcels Easy-XL and for the life of me, Im having a heck of a time getting my head wrapped around a simple function like MERGE

I have a list of products that somehow got copied a few times and various work was done on each of the 4 copies! Now what I need to do is combine them based on the (product number) and simply append all the data.

Some sheets might have for example part of the dept or sub catagories done, whereas another sheet might have the Mfgrs all updated, another might have the Vendors we buy them from updated ..

and what I have to do is just put them all together.

Given the 4 "MERGE OPTIONS" available (to output rows with the types of matches) ... for some reason Im just getting totally goofed!

1 Rows in sheet 1 that match a row in sheet 2
2. Rows in sheet 1 that DONT match a row in sheet2, (columns combine from sheet 2 will be blank)
3 Rows in sheet 2 that match a row in sheet 1
4. Rows in sheet 2 that DONT match a row in sheet1, (columns combine from sheet 1 will be blank)

I just need the idiotproof version / way of doing this ...
I was just hoping to Merge!

Sorry .. I know in a week, Ill look back at this and be totally ashamed of myself!


Having an issue where I am trying to use mail merge in congress with an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet in question has a data dump from the database and lists mutiple rows of contact information. However some of the contacts have multiple Job descriptions, hence there are duplicate rows for some of these people. I am trying to find a way to combine the data from the multiple rows of these duplicates into one row so that mail merge will pull the data from it correctly. If that was as confusing as it feels, let me try an example.

In the attached spreadsheet example, I need mail merge to pull from one row, all of Mr. Pink's information. You will notice that he exists in the list three times, because the industry column is unique for each row. What I would like to do is somehow combine this information into a single row for Mr. Pink, and as many others as are represented in the data dump, so that mail merge will work.

Many thanks for any assistance,

how would i run a macro to merge duplicate cells in a column

For example, i have lots of data in columns A, B and C
however some of the data in columns A and B is the same. Column C data never changes. so to make it easier to read, i would like to merge these cells (which are the same) together?


would become.... (with all the other data the same)




I dont want to lose any of the rows, as the data in column C is always different. I just want to merge the similar ones, so its easier to read.

Its a bit like this, but i cant even come close to getting this to work:


Is this possible, in a column, identify and merge duplicate values using macro. I found a post here about Identifying Duplicate Rows but having difficulty modifying the code. (Newbie)


Hi, I'm trying to do a mail merge from excel to a word doc. The excel sheet has some duplicate records, which I need to print. When I merge it, and look at the data one record at a time, the duplicates are there. However, when I loop them onto a page, it extracts the duplicate. Is there any way to keep the duplicate???

Thank you


I have a workbook where I need to combine/merge data from one sheet into the other. However, one of the sheets has multiple records for the same lookup criteria (PERNR: Personnel Number, BEGDA: Start Date) but not the other. Hence I need to duplicate rows in the sheet with single records (IT8) so that the sheet with multiple records (IT0) can be assimilated.

In the attached example, I want to map each individual record in IT0 to one in IT8 by concatenating and vlooking up both PERNR and BEGDA. The check column indicates that there are multiple IT0 records for the same PERNR on the same BEGDA. I intend to pivottable the data later as well to display the number of affected IT8 and IT0 records separately.

Currently, a vlookup done in IT8 will only provide details of the first IT0 record for the corresponding PERNR and BEGDA (as in sheet "Current"). Is there a macro to:

1) Add new rows to the multiple records respectively? (i.e. 2 rows for IT0 records with same PERNR/BEGDA, 3 rows for 3, 4 rows for 4...) - Sheet Step 1

2) Copy the existing IT8 records into the blank rows? (i.e. Duplicating the IT8 records of the same PERNR/BEGDA) - Sheet Step 2

[1+2 = Duplicate IT8 records to so that each IT0 record can be mapped to each IT8]

3) Filling in the multiple IT0 records which were skipped by vlookup? (i.e. Mapping each individual IT0 to an IT8) - Result

Or is there any other non-manual way (formula, etc.) to merge the sheets as there are thousands of records?



I am trying to create a spreedsheet that analyzes the price changes between months. I have been given two workbooks that contains data for the year 2010 and 2011 YTD. I do know how to locate duplicate data in the same column betwen I don't know how to combine the corresponding row values. What I want to do is merge the values and delete the duplicate row. In the attachments provided I have somewhat minimized the data by only including the batch month that I want to be included.

The duplicate values that I would what to be meged will be in column B (Shipment_ID), the corresponding values that I what to total will be in column S (GL_Allocated_Amount).

2010 and 2011.xls

Any help will be appreciate.


I would like combine (overlay) a bubble chart with a connected point scatter chart.

I understand that, without VBA, this is not possible. However, I understand that, by using VBA, the markers of a scatter chart can be configured as circles with their size proportional to values in a specified column.

This pseudo-bubble chart can then easily be combined with a connected point scatter chart.

Unfortunately, I am a VBA newbie, and so I cannot yet write my own code. However, I can usually adapt other people's code to my specific environment without a problem.

My question is: does anyone have any VBA code to share that shows how to configure a scatter chart as the type of pseudo-bubble chart described above.



Just wanting to know if it was possible to make gridlines in a chart overlay.

I have a column chart and would like the gridlines to overlay the columns.



I have two spread sheets. there is one common column (A). I'd like to merge the two sheets keeping all the information from both sheets. I dont want to cut and paste it because i dont want duplicate rows of the common A. I hope this is clear.

Basically, we have duplicates in our master call list and would like to erase the duplicates while salvaging the information that is within the duplicate. The problem is, when there is a duplicate, we have two entries; each entry having information different from the other. I would like to find out how to merge the entire row of the duplicate in that where information is missing in the original, it can be attained from the duplicate.

The end product would have no duplicates and any row that had a duplicate, would have the duplicates info in their row.

Ive attached a sample of the sheet with about 30 rows. It has over 11000 rows, so doing this manually is out of the question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

it would also be great if any responses could be emailed to and


I have two tables of 5,000+ rows that I need to merge while maintaining "duplicate" entries. I basically need to compare revenue information from the two sheets to determine what is gone, unchanged, increased, decreased or net new. Via an excel add-in, I'm able to get all information except for the increased/decreased because when I merge the documents it only keeps the 1st "match" based on the criteria selected. If I could somehow select a variable that is 'not equal to" within the search criteria, I would have what I need, but this piece seems to be missing as the functionality of a merge is to remove duplicates.

Any recommendations or insight on how to pull this information is greatly appreciated. If I can just extract the increases and decreases, I can then combine it with my other information to create the pivot table needed...thanks!

OK...I hope someone out there can help me as this is sending me mad!

I have used mailmerge from Excel 2007 to Word 2007 many times without any problems apart from this one.....

I keep getting the value zero, ("0") from some columns when the two documents merge.....and to make it even more baffling, it sometimes moves and the "0" will go to another part of the merge. I JUST DONT GET IT. I have changes the column names etc etc, done everything I can think of. The actual value is coming from a cell which looks up from a vlookup table, however there are others in the document and they dont have any problem in the merge......

I have searched and searched the internet for a solution.

Please help!


Hello everyone!

I have a huge data lists of construction materials and most are duplicates. What I want to do is merge the duplicates and add them together. I need to match them by diameter, size, and description then add the quantaties together. I have attached a small portion of my sheet with duplicate rows.
Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi again
I have been working with 2 sheets of data that I wanted to combine into one sheet. I wanted to keep all the data in both sheets but bring it together. I used the merge sheets and am now unsure exactly what this has done? Have the feeling that some data may have overwritten..
Can someone explain what merge sheets does, and if it can be used to combine 2 sets of data?


hi all, have to merge two columns of names into one. in Column A, I have our business contacts, and in Column B, their partners/wives names. I need to create one list in the same order as Column A. I thought that by inserting a new blank row between each existing row in Col A would be the start. But then how do i overlay the Col B names into the new blank spaces??

any suggestions?

I have two separate worksheets and each worksheet has a pivot table. Is there a way to combine the two pivot tables. Basically the area that counts the data need to be combined.

I can do the obvious which is of course copy each for values only and merge them that way but thought there was a way to merge two pivot tables.

My supervisor wants me to figure out how to merge two files (we know how to
do this) but then set it up so that if there are any duplicate cells/cell
rows in the two files, they will automatically delete. Anyone know if this is
even a possible function?

I need to merge two excel files that have my customer lists. I do not see
the following option on the drop down menu so I am puzzled as what to do.
I'm running excel '02. Also, I do not want to merge duplicate contacts.
Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks, victor
1.. On the Tools menu, click Compare and Merge Workbooks.

Im new around here, so I dont know if this has been discussed previously or not. My apoligies if it has been, but I could still use some help...

I am trying to create a normal distribution based on a specific mean and standard deviation (that I will be able to change), so that I can overlay this distribution overtop of another graph. I would ideally like to create the graph of the normal distribution based simply on the parameters, that is, withOUT having to create data to do it. Is this possible?

Additionally, I have tried a couple of things, and I can get the normal distribution to graph by itself (but the method is somewhat cumbersome). When I try to do two series on the same graph, the mean of the normal distribution shifts for some reason away from the value that I manually specified.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you in advance!!

Is it possible to combine to spreadsheets and then delete the duplicate records?

Hi, I have two sets of age profile data, one for a small area and would like to overlay the chart over a state profile to demonstarte the difference. Does anyone know if this possible? Giles

I am working on a spreadsheet where I have three cells that I need to merge the information from each of them so that they will combine into a single cell. In cell AC2 I have the current month (i.e. - 09). In AD2 I have the day for that specific sheet (i.e. - 01). In AE2 I have the current year (i.e. - 10). I would like to combine the three of them so that it will come out as 09/01/10 with a formula that will combind the three cells. I need it this way so that I can add the formula to each sheet since each one is for one day of the month and that way we won't have to put the date into the top of eash worksheet.

If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate the help. All I have found so far is that I can buy some software for $30 that will do it for me but that is a lot of money and I'm pretty sure that there is a way to do it with out spending the money.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.



I wish to import a csv file into an existing spreadsheet so that the non-blank fields in the csv file fill in the correspnding cell in the spreadsheet and leave the others alone.
But when I use Import (or even copy and paste), the blank (ie null) fields in the csv file overlay all the fixed cells basically wiping out many existing spreadsheet fields.
Is there maybe a value that can be put in csv field to say "dont overlay the cell this would normally go in"?