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Cells No Longer Highlight When Selected

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In Excel 2003, a weird problem just started occurring where if you select
multiple ranges of cells (i.e. using Ctrl-Select), the cells being selected
are no longer highlighted (although the rows and columns of the selection
are). This just started happening, and I don't know why or how to fix it. The
cells are still being selected, but it's much more difficult to see because
the bold border isn't shown around them.

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Similar Topics

When you select individual cells with CTRL+mouse click; How do you get each cell to be HIGHLIGHTED (same color on each click) just like it did in ALL previous version of MS Office (2003, 2000, etc)?

The only things being highlighted in 2007 version, are the end borders of the row where each cell is located and the top of the column.

It is very difficult to look back and see all the individual cells that you just selected (especially in multiple columns selection with same row of cells selected). The NEW 2007 MS Office no longer perform this highlighting action by default. \o/

What is the best way to test for selected cells? For example, I used
If Cells(30, 1) = Selected Then 'do something
End If

This seems to work, but I need Selection.Clear otherwise the If then always evalutes to true even after the cell is no longer selected. What's the cleanest way to do this?

Thanks for the help!

You know how when you hold down CTRL you can select different areas of a worksheet? Well in my Excel 2007 as soon as you make a second selection of cells, the border box around your selection falls away and I can barely see what cells are selected. In my old Excel, it was a nice dark shading on the cells that were selected. Any advice on how to darken the area selected in Excel 2007 so I can see it better?


Good day,

I have a ws that has 4 cells in each row that can be selected (A-D). What I need to do is 'lock' the other 3 cells in that row once a cell is selected. So, if A was selected B-D are unavailable, if B is selected, A&C&D are no longer selectable, etc. The 4 cells are options that other cells in the row use for calculations based on which of the 4 options is selected. I would have prefered to do this with a user form, but there are dozens of users who have been using this wb in this format and they don't want to change.

Regards, Tazz


I work in a computer lab, and a student is having a rather bizarre problem.

Whenever she clicks on a cell, the cell to the right of it is also selected. When she tries using tab to move to a new cell, she can only move between the two selected cells. Same with using the enter key. As such, it is extremely difficult for her to modify only one cell, since she always has two selected.

I looked around on the internet, and found a few suggestions. Namely, the F8 key, as well as Ctrl+F8. However, pressing the F8 key only adds more cells to the autoselection, and Ctrl+F8 allows her to select one cell, but also highlights the cells around it, and when we tried to select other cells, every cell we clicked stayed highlighted.

Additionally, sometimes when she clicks a cell, it will just select that one cell. Click it again, and the problem is back. I haven't been able to determine any patterns to this behavior, and I know there is no problem with the input (the keyboard and mouse are standard-issue in our lab, and we keep them well maintained). She doesn't remember the exact moment the problem began, so I don't know what to undo.

Any help would be appreciated.

I only have a basic knowledge of constructing macros to help with repetitive tasks. Please could you clever guys help me with this one. Your help is much appreciated.

I have a worksheet containing contiguous blocks of visible data separated by empty rows, for example:
Row 5 empty
Row 16 empty

The position of the data on the sheet is not constant, so the cell ranges will not always be as shown in the example. Likewise, the number of cells per block is not constant but variable.

I want a bit of VBA code that will select just the contiguous cells, around the active cell, in that block. ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Select usually works fine for me, but the problem is that all cells in columns E and G contain formulas, so those cells/rows get selected also.

Can you modify the code so that:

1) cells containing formulas outside a data block are excluded from the selection.

2) if the top row of cells of a selected data block contains the word Present or Future, that row is de-selected but the other cells in the block remain selected.

Many thanks -

I know that I can select multiple cells, not necessarily contiguous, by holding on to CTRL key and then successively clicking on the cells I want to select. But now if I want to de-select any one cell ( which perhaps I have wrongly selected ) from this selected lot, I cannot. I just have to start all over again.
Is there any way to deselect a selected cell without affecting the other cells?

A V Veerkar

I'm not even sure if what I want to do is possible but here's the scenario:

I want to be able to select (highlight) multiple cells in a column, then
press a command button, and those selected cells will repeat down all the way
to the bottom of the column, no matter how many selected cells have been
selected. So if I select 2 cells containing 1-2, I want the entire column to
be 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2,etc.. and If I select 3 cells such as 1-2-3, The entire
column should be 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3.

I should also mention that I have 4 columns, and that I need the command
button to work for each of them, depending on which one I select the cells in.

How Can I do that? I've tried everything.

Thank you.:

Hi all,

I need help creating a macro where some cells in a range (Say A1:H20) are highlighted dependant on if they are duplicate of cells that are to the right of the current selected cell. (selected cell "J2", cells to match"J3:J6").

The process I want to follow for using the macro is to open the worksheet, click a cell, then the duplicate data in cells A1:H20 will be highlighted, I then view the data for assessment.
I then move down the column to J3, then the next duplicate data in cells A1:H20 will be highlighted. I will probably need to repeat this step about 10 times per sheet. The cells that I will be selecting will be only in 2 columns.

An alternative to this method would be to select all the cells with the raw data (in a single row adjacent to each other, maximum 6 cells), then the duplicates will highlight.

I have been searching for something for a while, and have come close, but still can't find the answer. Im definately not an expert at VBA, but I do have good excel skills. BTW using excel 2007.

cheers in advance.

I have a subroutine (Excel 2010) that includes subtotaling the data on a worksheet, then collapsing the subtotals. With the subtotal on level 2, I am trying to bold all the subtotaled numbers and apply a back color, while leaving the cells in between unbolded and white background. The code that I'm using is this:

Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(lngLastRow, lngLastCol)).Select
With Selection
    .Font.Bold = False
    .Interior.Color = vbWhite
End With

With Selection
    .Font.Bold = True
    .Interior.Color = vbLtBlue
End With

The first selection and With block works as expected; it undoes all bolding and turns everything white. The second With block starts with the same selection, then uses the .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).select to change it so only the subtotaled rows are selected. In addition to seeing a visible change in the selection, I have verified via selection.cells.count that only those cells are in the selection. However, when the .Font.Bold and .Interior.Color sections execute, they hit everything, not just visible or selected cells. Any idea why this is happening?

can i address the cells selected when holding the CTRL key?

folks, here's the background:

1. say i have a column of data
2. i select 5 cells (out of 50) by holding down the CTRL key
3. i'd like to pass the cell selections to an array
4. the array would then be passed to a procedure when i hit a button, and the procedure would iterate through the array to perform some calculations on the cell values

i tried to record a macro, but it records the 'range' of each of the selected cells and doesn't expose where excel is 'holding' the multiple selections. i am guessing there is range, select and selection to be used here, but i have no clue how to do it.

yes, i'm new, so maybe this is obvious to everyone -- but i can't figure it out.

thanks for any feedback


I just got Excel 2010 installed and the first thing I did was to work in array formulas. The problem I immediately noticed is that with this new version that whenever I press Ctrl+Shift+Enter it would no longer select the whole table that the formula array is used but the only preceding rows and only that column. So for example, if I have a formula array in cells A:1 to C:4 I re-press CSE on say cell B:3 then only cells B:1 to B:3 gets selected. Is this a feature for new 2010 that I'm not aware of or a bug in my machine? Thanks in advance.

I have a function that I want to run, ONLY if the user has selected a single range. If they do Ctrl+ to select multiple ranges, then I want it to do nothing. I know about Select.Columns.Count but I'm unsure what could be used to count the #of ranges selected.
Thx in advance.

Sub My_Macro()

Dim Reconciliation As Workbook Set Reconciliation = ActiveWorkbook Selection.EntireRow.Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Matched Items").Select Range("A" & ActiveSheet.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Select ActiveSheet.Paste Range("A" & ActiveSheet.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Select ActiveSheet.Previous.Select Selection.EntireRow.Delete Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub

Hello Everyone,

I have this VB code that cuts, pastes on "Sheet 2" and deletes the selected rows from "sheet 1". This code is working fine.

Now I have a question

How can I highlight the selected cells based on number of cells selected.
for ex:
1) selected cells are >2 but 8 but 16 but 20 then color code green.



Hi, I have a problem that keeps harassing me...

I create a new Excel document, I then start to fill it with data... Then at a random time someday, somewhere Excel will start to "auto-select" multiple rows when I click in a cell.

Example: If I select the cell C4 then the cell C4, C5 and C6 automatically get selected. It happens to every cell I select in the sheets within the same document and if I select the cell C4 and then I continue my selection through G4, all of the cells between C4 and G6 are selected.

I can't get rid of it. It was happening to me in Office 2003 then I installed Office 2007 and it still happens. I HATE that !

Thank you

I have many workbooks that are protected, the usual cells with formulas in. When run a macro to sort the sheet, the macro unlocks first then the last thing it does is lock the sheet but I only want to be able to select certain cells that I want to edit not cells outside a range.

When I protect the sheet manually a list box is displayed showing what the user can select, I've not selected "SELECT LOCKED CELLS" box. This then allows me to only select the cells I want, which is correct but when I run the macro again and again the "SELECT LOCKED CELLS" is selected therefore I can select all the cells.

Another problem with this I have 2 columns with auto filters I've also seleted this to be able to use when the sheet is protected but that is also not selected by default and to use them I have had to create a macro to unlock the sheet to use them.

Sometimes it works for a while then after using the sort macro all the selections are put back to default.

How can I stop these from happening?

I just hope someone understands what I'm saying!

Thanks in advance


Is it possible to change the colour that Excel uses when you select a range of cells? I've recently been upgraded to Office 2007 and find it very difficult to pick out the active cell in a selection because the highlight colour is so pale.
e.g. if searching within a selected range, it's difficult to see what cell is selected. I had no problems at all with Excel 2002/3.

Hello, everybody!

Guys, I was trying to write a code that would make a filter on some data, and then it would cut those data selected by the filter and paste in another sheet. But I would like that the code was able to just cut and paste only what was selected, and what is happening with my actual code is: it is cutting and pasting everything, not just what was selected... check part of the code out...

ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(ult_lin, ult_col)).AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=">" & Date - 1, _
Cells(2, 2).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
ult_lin = Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row
Cells(ult_lin + 1, 1).Select

can you guys help me, please???

thanks a lot!

I have been trying to figure out how I can make the range that is being selected with my macro be at the top of the sheet so that the selection is always below the frozen cells showing the headers.

For example, if you select Birmingham Banking and select Jan-12 and then click the button, it will highlight the 13 cells that are found to match and have the last as the active cell along with having the data above it viewable.

What I would like to happen is that the cells are highlighted, the top row in the selection is moved to the top of the sheet so that all you see is 1 - 13 right below the header rows that are frozen and nothing below it with the 1st cell in the highlight range selected as the active cell.

I have tried different things, but nothing seems to work. I hope this is not hard to understand what I am trying to do. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything and I greatly appreciate any help.


Budget Test.xlsm

Hi there! I'm new here and I'm really hoping you can help me out. I recently installed Office 2007 at home and now when I am in an Excel spreadsheet, I've noticed that the gridlines are VERY faint and also, when I select a group of cells in a sheet, normally they would become highlighted (or grayed out) so that you could see what was selected on the spreadsheet and what wasn't, but now you can't tell the difference between the selected cells and unselected cells. If I select the entire table, the only things that become highlighted are the column letters and row numbers.

I looked around to see if a setting needs to be changed, but couldn't find any. I did find one where you could change the color of the gridlines, but that was all. I also use the same software at work and don't have either problem. I also tried playing around with my monitor settings, but that didn't help either.

I am running it on Windows XP SP3.

If anyone can help me with this problem, I would really appreciate it a lot!

Thanks so much!


Hi, could some one please help me to do the following?

Please refer to attached Excel 2003 screen-capture.

The User has made multiple selections with the mouse.

The spreadsheet is filtered.

The user will usually make different multiple selections on the following columns:

A and X through to AR (inclusive) .

I just need some code to capture these various multiple selected ranges so that I can copy the selected range as shown below:

I have searched Google and not found an answer to what I need.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,



    Sheets("Data to Text").Select

Running Excel in Office 2003 on Windows XP Home

I have a column with about 20 rows in it. I would like to place a border
(black line) at the bottom of each cell. If I drag my mouse over all 20
cells, they highlight. I then go to format>cells>border and select the
bottom line option. It applies it to only one of the 20 cells even though
all were highlighted. If I click the first cell then Shift-Click the last
cell, they all highlight but again using the format>>>> only one cell gets
the bottom border.

If I click on the first cell, then CTRL-click on each of the other 19 cells
one at a time, they are all highlighted and then the format>>>> process
will provide a bottom border on all cells.

Why do I have to individualy click on every one of the 20 cells to get them
included in the formatting?

I don't want to format the entire column A or any cells to the right of
column A.

What am I missing? I've spent hours and much frustration over something
that's probably straight-forward.



Hello all,

A workbook contains rows of data. Ideally I would like to make a selection of cells from various rows or consecutive rows and then using Selection.EntireRow.Select, I would like to select the entire rows of each selected cell and then manipulate the data.

Values from cells in the first selected row will be copied and pasted into a new workbook and then printed. This will repeat for the remaining rows.

I have it working for a single row but I'm getting stuck with multiple rows and manipulating the data. I'm not sure how to store the selected rows and run through them.

Here is my code:

Please Login or Register  to view this content.

Thank you for any help or suggestions.


I'm using Excel 2007 and want to select every 4th cell in several different rows (not all adjacent) and create a named range with those cells that can be used in a formula. I'll end up with 24 selected cells in each row. I know that I can manually select the cells using the ctrl key, but it is very time consuming. Is there an easier way to select non-contiguous cells?

Hello everyone,

Please see the attached file Highlight Ranges for details

Formula in cell L4 =IF(ROWS(L$3:L4)<2,0,SUMPRODUCT(--($B4:$J4=1),--($C3:$K3=1)))
I want when I select the cell L4 Range $B4:$J4 & $C3:$K3 could be highlight as shown

Formula in cell M5 =SI(FILAS(M$3:M5)<3;0;SUMAPRODUCTO(--($B5:$I5=1);--($C4:$J4=1);--($D3:$K3=1)))
I want when I select the cell M5 Range $B5:$I5& $C4:$J4 & $D3:$K3 could be highlight as shown

Colour does not matter only I want to see selected formula range highlighted

Please Help