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How Do I Transfer Data In A Pdf File Into An Excel Workbook?

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How do I transfer data in a pdf file into an excel workbook?

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In my open workbook, I have data in cells D11, D12, E11, E12, F11,F14 that I want to transfer to a closed workbook (workbook name will always change but the location of the file will always be the same) in a directory. There is always a single file in that directory (I process the file and then ship the file off to somebody else for further processing and then I delete the file) and it's name always changes but the structure of the file remains the same. The data will be transferred to the exact same worksheet name and location in the closed file.


- There are 2 workbooks in a same folder, let us say A & B.

- Macro has been written to transfer datas from workbook "A" to "B".

- File name of workbook "B" is referenced in workbook "A" thro' vba programming for data transfer.

- Now if i change the file name of workbook "B" then data tranfer should not get effected.

- Changed filename should get automatically updated in the VBA programming in workbook "A".

Please go thro' the above conditions and help me.


hi, I'm trying to transfer data from one excel file to another. The format of the file i want to transfer the data to is different from the file I'm getting the data from. How can I transfer these data to different cells. I could copy and paste all the way through but it would take forever. So probably a macro or a piece of code that could help??

Hi, any help would be much appreciated..

I have a macro that transfers data (transfer macro) on a daily basis to 30 separate workbooks. As a number of users tend to leave themselves logged in to their workbook, I have applied some inactivity code to the first workbook only, in 'this workbook' and 'module 1' to test that the transfer macro still works (the inactivity code autmoatically closes the workbook after 10 minutes of inactivity).

However, when trying to transfer the data, the transfer macro does not get past opening the first workbook. It opens it up but it won't copy the data across and move on to the other workbooks.

As this works perfectly without the inactivity code being applied, I can only assume that this is the problem - is there a way that I can get the transfer macro to skip the inactivity code that is applied?

Apologies if any further detail is required / should be added to this post.


I have a workbook that runs a macro to loop through a number of files, transfer data from each file to a template file, and save a new version of each file. In the macro file, I need to call a sub in a module in the template file, in order to get the data to transfer properly - how can I do this?
Thank you!!

Hi all

I am trying to write a process that will help me to transfer data from a file to a destination file by a simple process (if possible), I say simple but my excel skills are not fantastic and it may not be possible.

If anyone could suggest a way of perhaps making this process better i would really appreciate it.

My problem:
I have a file called 'initial data sheet' (attached) currently i fill in weekly the data that i require (it changes by week) once i have put this data into this file i have to then put all the rows which have a figure greater than 0 in column D (highlighted yellow) into another workbook 'Target file complete' to be uploaded somewhere else.

Another problem i have when trying to do this is that in 'Target file complete' there are hidden columns which make the transfer of data more difficult.

Is this a case of writing a couple of macros?
perhaps one for filtering the data in 'initial data sheet' and another for the transfer to 'Target file complete' .

I have just realised i cannot send attachments , If anyone feels they can and waould like to help i suppose i couls forward the 2 files direct to you.

Many thanks for your time
much appreciated

Dear all,
I try to transfer a data from multiple worksheet in a same 2 identical workbook. One I keep for me and the other one will be update by the user. So I need the data update by the user can be transfer to my workbook and only the new data not the one that already in my workbook. I try with the code below which i got from but it seem not working. The code run but nothing being transfer. I dont know what is the problem, so I really need help here.

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Regard Nas

BOOK 1 BOOK 2 Date Amount Ro Date Amount Ro Diff 5-Jan-09 Other 500,000.000 12-Jan-09 Transfer (1,540,400.000) 12-Jan-09 Other 1,539,600.000 21-Jan-09 Transfer (933.149) 15-Jan-09 Other 900,000.000 22-Jan-09 Transfer 645,516.160 20-Jan-09 Other 1,500,000.000 22-Jan-09 Transfer 14,000.000 26-Jan-09 Other 500,000.000 27-Jan-09 Transfer (955.100) 2-Feb-09 Other 800,000.000 27-Jan-09 Transfer (500,000.000) 9-Feb-09 Other 769,800.000 27-Jan-09 Transfer (500,000.000) 9-Feb-09 Other 500,000.000 27-Jan-09 Transfer (1,500,000.000) 23-Feb-09 Other 2,200,000.000 27-Jan-09 Transfer (900,000.000) 23-Feb-09 Other 769,800.000 24-Feb-09 Transfer (120.000) 2-Mar-09 Other 500,000.000 24-Feb-09 Transfer (2,200,000.000) 9-Mar-09 Other 6,158,400.000 24-Feb-09 Transfer (800,000.000) 9-Mar-09 Other 500,000.000 24-Feb-09 Transfer (500,000.000) 16-Mar-09 Other 500,000.000 25-Feb-09 Transfer (770,200.000) 18-Mar-09 Other 846,780.000 25-Feb-09 Transfer (770,200.000) 23-Mar-09 Other 2,800,000.000 28-Feb-09 Transfer 562,119.442 25-Mar-09 Other 1,539,600.000 28-Feb-09 Transfer 14,000.000 30-Mar-09 Other 384,900.000 30-Mar-09 Transfer 418.000 30-Mar-09 Other (418.000) 31-Mar-09 Transfer (500,000.000) 30-Mar-09 Other 1,344.000 31-Mar-09 Transfer (2,800,000.000) 23,209,806.000 (12,046,754.647)
I want to reconcile book 1 with book 2 and find the difference.

Book 1 is debit balances and book 2 is credit balances. So my concern is the difference in amount.

Example if book 1 amount 500 and book 2 is (500) means balance OK. Only I need to get the difference.

For your assistance please.


I have set up a excel spreadsheet that I wish to transfer data to a csv file that sites on an ftp site. I have set up the ftp via the office network and now sits in the window explorer folder.

I would normally copy and paste the data but doing this on a daily basis is too much.

1. What is the best way to transfer data across to the csv file ?

2. I heard you can use indirect function in excel I am not sure what it does



HELLO frnds,

i have attached a file and i want to create a macro for this file even i have recorded macro but i'm not success in what i want to do.

There is 3 sheets and sheet1 have data which we need to transfer to another sheet, sheet2 as in excel file by macro if i click on submit data from sheet1 would transfer to sheet2 and if i click 2nd time on submit button then the data should transfer to sheet2 in 3rd row and if i again click on submit button after feeding data in cells then the data should transfer to sheet2 in 4th row..

for more details check file.



hey guys,
i m a beginner in vba. I m having problem in upgrading my excel vba file.i made a stock data entry file in which

1) i want that my file should create another workbook for each location while adding new location name and ignore if it has already created

2) add data to particular location File say USA data to Usa.xlsx Canada data to canada.xlsx ,the location is choose in combo box.

i successfully managed to transfer my data to a another workbook but i need that it should be filtered and saved in different location file name.

File Attached for your better understand my query.

hi all , if you can help
I have two files file a, file b, (like attached) file a is my main file , I collect my data on it monthly and I have a calculated data year to date as in file.
I receive file b every month, i have to fill some cells in file b from file a depending on the month
i need a macro to transfer these cell values automatically
for example if we now in FEB-10 i need to transfer C3,C5,N3 from file a to C3,C5,C9 in file b respectively
(with a button in file a to open file b and transfer these values)
Thanks in advance


I have used a macro to transfer 8 queries from Access to Excel. It requires the file name, or the file has to exist. But I need the macro to create a new file each time I transfer the queries (each query in a separate sheet). How can I do this. BTW, I used the 'Transferspreadsheet' function.


This is a long standing problem that is driving me insane.

I have a workbook which contains information that I would like to transfer to a new spreadsheet.

If column I (in the exsisting workbook) contains the words 'New Business' I would like the entire row (all values) to transfer to the new spreadsheet. I need the information from the entire workbook (containing 12 worksheets) to transfer over to the new spreadsheet if column I states 'New Business'.

I have tried many things, most recently VLOOKUP, but with no luck at all.

I understand that a macro is the best option, however my excel skills are nowhere near advanced enough to know where to begin

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Workbook A contains data that feeds into Workbook B. Workbook B retrieves data from Workbook A (via a macro) and then puts data into cells in Workbook B, Workbook B process the information and does calculations etc... on the data from A. Now I want to transfer the results back to Workbook A in specific cells.

Example (just for information only and not actual problem): Workbook A, contains employee information, years in company, position etc... This is transferred to Workbook B (this portioin I have coded and tested). Workbook B calculates pay, benefits etc... Now I want to put the pay information back to Workbook A.


Hi there,

Can anyone help, i need to do the following:

1. Have VBA code that gets Excel to check in a particular folder that is full of forms in .xls format (say about 70 forms)
2. Extract data from each form in the folder (can this be done without opening the form entirely?). Transfer values by row into the already open destination workbook.

The transfer of data from each form is not so much a problem for me code wise. What I really need help with is getting Excel to search in the folder of forms, creating a cycle to go through them one by one. Can a reference to each file in the folder be done by a numeric index i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc?

Help gratefully received.

Am using Excel 2007


I usually download data from a program into excel. This raw data has specific number of columns, but the row count changes constantly. I need to transfer this data, file name "New Output2", tab name "New Output2", and range A2:Q# into "Master Template", "Data" tab, on range B5.

How can I do this. I'm sorry I'm just starting to learn VBA.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi all,

I'm completely new to VBS and need to complete a project by 9am (BST) this morning!
I've tried recording macros etc but just cant get what Im trying to do to work.

Basically I have a sheet on a workbook named 'transfer' It is auto populated from various sources. I trying to create script I can allocate to a button that will select all populated cells on the 'transfer' sheet and save them to a txt file need Transfer.txt

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi...I would like to transfer data from an excel FILE into many other excel FILES. Lets say I have an excel desktop file called "A" that has a, b, c columns and I want to transfer that data into other excel files located in a "H" drive with files called B, C, D that also have a,b,c columns in each file. ALSO, I would like to do this transfer whether the other files are open or closed. HOW DO I DO THIS ?

Hi everyone

I'm sure there's a simple answer to this question, but I can't figure it out.

I have 2 workbooks and I want to transfer a row of data from one to the other. I could just copy and paste it, but a) this would take a while as I have many rows to transfer and b) there may be times when data in a cell from the original row changes, so I want the change to occur automatically on the new row.

Plus I want to extend the function to include cells that I haven't typed data into yet, so when I type it in it automatically transfers to the new spreadsheet.

I have attached the files that I am working with. I want to transfer data from row C6:P6 (highlighted in bold) of the Original workbook to row C3:P3 of the New workbook.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Trying to transfer data from a spreadsheet to another spreadsheet when I click on a Macro Button i want it to transfers to the other workbook.ALso need it to move down a row each time there is data and will also allow more than one person to transfer data at a time, maybe up to 3 or 4 so will get a message similar to below until ok to transferMsgBox "The database is being accessed by another user. Please wait.... If you receive any message regarding File Reservation, please choose 'Cancel'.", , "Save Record"

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask if there's a Macro Code to transfer the data to another file without opening the other file. I've attached 2 files (Tracker Leave & Master File). The Tracker Leave it is where we input all the data then later on I'll transfer it to another file which I named as Master File (no need to open this file).



I wonder if somebody can help, please.

I have two Excel workbooks.

Workbook 1 is a list of 400 names, addresses, and loads of other data going across in rows with column headers.

Workbook 2 is a document. Within this document are several empty fields.

What I would like to be able to do is automate the process of transferring some of the data from Workbook 1 to populate the relevant fields in Workbook 2.

Then I need to print the document in Workbook 2.

Then transfer the data applicable for the next name on the list in Workbook 1 to Workbook 2 - print that - then continue for all 400 records in Workbook 1.

Is there a way I can automate this process?

I hope I've explained that OK!!!



Hi Everyone,

I have a question for you. I run HDD/SSD tests on my computer ,the test environment spits out plethora of data on an excel sheet (say workbook1). Now I want to automatically copy one of the column of my workbook1 to another column of workbook2, and the column that I want to transfer(copy) has data which is not continuous, what I mean by continuous is, it has data in every 6th row, for example I want to transfer data from column C and Column C has data in C6, C12 ,C18,C24... and so on and I want the data that is transfered to workbook2 to be continous that is I want to transfer it to a column say Column B in workbook2 such that the data is present in B1,B2,B3,B4....

It would be great if anyone can comeup with an idea.

Thank U

This is a long standing problem that is driving me insane.

I have a workbook which contains information that I would like to transfer to a new spreadsheet.

If column I contains the words 'New Business' I would like the entire row (all values) to transfer to the new spreadsheet. I need the information from the entire workbook (containing 12 worksheets) to transfer over to the new spreadsheet if column I states 'New Business'.

I have tried many things, most recently VLOOKUP, but with no luck at all.

I understand that a macro is the best option, however my excel skills are nowhere near advanced enough to know where to begin

Any help would be greatly appriciated.