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Hyperlink On Single Word In A Cell?

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Hi all, just wondering is it possible to insert a hyperlink on a single word in a cell containing text, rather than on the whole cell? Or to have more than one hyperlink in the cell, each referring to a single word? My initial research says no, but I would be delighted if somebody could prove me wrong.


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Wondering if this is possible, hopefully this is a clear enough picture.

Name Job
Link 1 Bob 1
hyperlink 1 2 Bill 2
hyperlink 2 3 Brad 3
hyperlink 3
The LINK column are 3 microsoft word files hyperlink'd to my excel file.

(Q) Would it be possible to write a macro/forumla/something to be able to look for a word within the hyperlink'd files. If the word is found, then that person will show up.

Lets say I was looking for the word "Fork" and it was in hyperlink 1. I would like to get:

Name Job
Link 1 Bob 1
hyper 1
I hope this makes sense. I know a little about macros and formulas, but not much.

Thanks for any help,


I'm wondering if its possible to start a makro by clicking on a single word in a cell (I basically want to connect a macro to the word like you connect it to an object)? The cell contains a text with multiple sentences.
I have tried to create an object containing just text with the same word, but the object changes size when I zoom. If there is any way to prevent this it could be a good solution.

thanks in advance


I have a database set up in Excel where I can click on a cell and it opens a Word file. The cell is just a hyperlink to a network drive where the Word file is stored.

When I click on the hyperlink, Excel is minimized and Word (containing my file) is brought up. When I close Word, Excel stays minimized. I'm using two monitors, one to look at the Excel file and one to look at the Word files, and when I look at more than one file it because a click-fest to keep Excel up.

Is there a way to keep Excel from minimizing when I open a hyperlink?


Hi all, i posted this thread previously a while ago and couldnt make myself understood, so I'm gonna try again and put this in plain english this time.

Imagine if the word below was a hyperlink to a webpage somewhere;


I would like to know how to get excel to look at this paticular page and return that one word to a cell, so in this example, I would like cell A1 to to contain the word house.

I do not need any information about where the link is referring to, I already have this information.

All I need is for excel to look at this link and tell me what it is called.

Hope that is clear enough, I will give further examples if need be.....

Thanks in advance for any help with.....


I need to create a hyperlink which takes me from a cell in excel to a bookmark in a word doc which will be inserted into the excel file itself. The problem i have is that the users of the spreadsheet will not have access to a shared server (so i can't do a regular hyperlink), but will have to reference specific parts of the word doc at a click of a button.

I've been able to open the file using a macro, but not get to the bookmarks in the word doc.

Please ask if further clarification of my problem is needed.


Can I create a hyperlink to a word in a cell (as opposed to the cell itself).

For example, if cell A1 has the following text

"Topics to help build your tool"

How can I hyperlink the word "Topics" only

I use excel '08 for Mac, and would like to hyperlink a word/phrase to a specific word or pdf document on my computer.

Here's what I do: right-click the word/phrase in the cell, click "hyperlink," and select "document" then click "ok"

Here's what happens: although the word then appears hyperlinked, when I click on it I get the message "cannot open that specific file".

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Nate

How can I hyperlink from word to a particular cell in an Excel spreadsheet. I have tried naming the cell, but I cant find the function on the toolbar to allow it then to be linked. I am assuming its like making a bookmark in a word doc.
THanks for your help

I am trying to get a hyperlink to transfer to a cell that generates a random word from a set list. Here is the code in the cell:


What i am looking for is the words in A26-A49 to appear in cell B2 as a hyperlink thats opens a picture. I have the hyperlinks in the list and have tested, however when i generate the list the word from A26-A49 appears just not hyperlinked. Im thinking the hyperlink is attached to the cell not the words. Thanks for your help.

I thought this would be pretty straight forward but I guess I was wrong. I
want to create a hyperlink to a web site within a cell. But, I have a large
amount of text in the cell and I don't want the whole cell hyperlinked - just
the one word.

Can this be done?

I've tried creating a hyperlink between text content in a .xls cell and a distinct location in a secondary MS word document. Said location is defined by a bookmark. Result>

Error message: Microsoft Office could not open this file or parse a file of this type.

Error Detail: Certain file formats, such as XML, do not support bookmarks so you cannot create a hyperlink to a bookmark in a file that does not support bookmarks. You can either hyperlink to the file without any bookmarks, or change the file format so you can insert bookmarks into and hyperlink to the bookmark.

I'm not sure how to interpert and resolve. Suggestions would be appreciated. The need requires a hyperlink to a specific location within the word document, so hyperlinking to the file doesn't help.


Hi Folks,

Is it possible to create a macro or code for the following issue?

In column B I have a list of names (which could build to 500) that I aim to hyperlink each to their own word doc file. When adding a new name, can a macro run to check down the list to see if a hyperlink is made, if not add the link to a word doc using the same title as the cell in another folder. Thus it has to create the word file before it can be linked?

I have a button that will put the names in alpha order.


Hi all!

Someone here is using Excel 2003 and would like to create a hyperlink from a cell to a .doc file. When we try to create the hyperlink, we navigate to the directory that stores the .doc file, but Excel isn't letting us "see" the .doc files that are in the directory.

Is it possible to link a cell to a Word .doc? My co-worker could swear that she's done it before.

Thanks much!

I see how to hyperlink to a file

=HYPERLINK("path to sample .doc on the desktop here")

but the hyperlink opens the directory instead of opening the file in Word. We'd like the file to open in Word, as she's seen before.

[end edit]

How do you make a macro that does the following: go to next cell down in Column B copy contents (a single word) of that cell select entire Column A find first instance, in Column A, of the word that was copied from Column B, above, (the word is part of a sentence in a single cell in Column A), underline just that word (not the whole sentence) in Column A loop

I hope someone can help - this is above my skills.

I have a column in excel with the word Yes, No, or Check. I would like that word to show up as a hyperlink to a cell in a different worksheet based on a value in the first sheet.

For instance

Sheet 1:
Tomato YES
Carrot NO

Sheet 2:

The word yes should show as a hyperlink which directs to the cell in sheet 2 named Carrot. The word NO (cell b2) should direct to carrot in worksheet 2 (cell a1) based on the fact that that word is also contained in sheet 1 cell A2.


Thanks in advance

Can someone please help me..

Heres what I want to do.

Whilst in Excel create a hyperlink to a specific docoument in Word (Thats the easy part) once Ive finished with the Word document either a button with a macro or hyperlink back to my excel sheet and closing the word document.

Many Thanks


Can this be done? This is what I want to do. Say I have a workbook open and my A column cells are filled with (example) Mike-1 in the first row Mike-2 in the second row and so on. Now I have another folder on the computer with Word documents that I want to hyperlink to. The corresponding Word file is named mike1. So I want Excel to go through column A and Hyperlink to the corresponding Word file. Is it possible to do this?


I have a bunch of tabs. Each tab has a name like "WO-101", "WO-102", etc..

The names are on a datasheet that is automated from a main sheet thanks to Akashwani......

I have a Table of contents page that pulls from the datasheet using just this formula:


That way if the cell = "WO-101" then the cell on the Table of contents page = "WO-101"

Now the datasheet creates a copy of the "WO-101" sheet and names that sheet tab "WO-101"

What i need from the hyperlink guru that responds to this is a maco or formula that will change the word "WO-101' to a hyperlink automaticlly and direct that link to the copied page named "WO-101".

In short, I need each word that pops up in my column to hyperlink to the sheet that matches it's name. So I can click on the word and go directly to the applicable sheet. Keep in mind the cell where the word pops up is set to a formula {=IF(StoreData!A2="","",StoreData!A2)}

Any takers?


I want to hyperlink one specific word from one sentence in one cell.
eg: "This is my Google."
This is one sentence in the cell and i want to add hyperlink the word google but rest should remain as it is.
Can someone help?


hi guys, is it possible to make a hyperlink in say cell 1A to link to page 3 in a word document? ive tried creating a macro but to no joy.

I have a spreedsheet with Company Data in it that I need to extract emails from.

The data for each company is in a row however the Emails are all set as a hyperlink with this data in various columns through out the sheet.

E.G. Row 1 has the word Email in column N with the word email being a hyperlink, row 2 has the word email in Column L, row 3 has the word email in Column M.

I need to search through each row in the sheet and find the word email, extract the email address from the hyperlink and cut/paste the email into one specific column at the end while keeping it in the same row. I also have the word website as a hyperlink that I need to extract the URL from and paste into a separate column next to the column with email addresses.

Any Help?

I am trying to build a hyperlink useing various cells. Currently the formula looks like this



The results of the formula can be displayed as text but as soon as I add "=HYPERLINK" it errors. Is there another method I can use to get this to run?

I was able to find a workaround regarding copying the hyperlink pasting it into word then pasting it into excel which allowed the hyperlink to exceed 255ch. When I modify the cell to the original formula the URL does not update and keeps going to that original page.

I have a word document and I want to add an excel spreadsheet into it. The problem is I need to hyperlink headers in the word doc to open in excel. I can add the excel file ok and hyperlink the headers fine but when I send the word doc to someone the hyperlink is dead. Its like its still looking for my machine to find the excel file. Is there any way to save the excel file to word doc so it will open on another computer

I have a hyperlink to a word document, but I really don't want to open up word, as much as I just want that link to bring up a window with the TEXT found in the word document. In essence, I want a pop-up window, so you can still see excel in the background.

I tried placing the following code in the word document, but it just opened it normally without the size changes:


Private Sub Document_Open()
    With Application
        .Width = 150
        .Height = 500
    End With
End Sub

I'm looking for some VBA code which will ideally allow me to....

Follow a hyperlink in Excel which links to a zipped MS Word Document on a web server.
Extract the single file in the zip archive and save to a local drive.
Capture the name of the file that was within the archive or perform the save with a name that I can define (and therefore know).

Any ideas?