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Covert Quattro Pro To Excel With Microsoft Office Xp ?

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i am using microsoft office xp and have some quattro pro files i would like
to convert to excel. but have not bin able to find away

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Similar Topics

Where do I find a converter in Microsoft Office XP Professional to convert
directly from a *.wb1 file in Quattro Pro to Excel 2002.
At present I am using a workaround, by first saving as a Lotus 1-2-3 file in
Quattro Pro and then opening this in Excel.

Hey, this is my first post, so bear with me. My office has Excel on some computers, and Quattro Pro on others. I am having difficulty with this because I designed a macro in Excel, but I cannot figure out how to get it to run in Quattro Pro. Does anyone know if this is possible or where I might be able to look to find out how this can be done?

Someone has sent me some Quattro Pro 7.0 files that I need to open up. When
I had Excel 2000 before, it was as simple as downloading a converter and the
files opened up in Excel. However, for Excel 2003, I cannot find a converter
anywhere on the web site. Can someone point me to a converter or how I can
convert into Excel 2003 from Quattro. I have already tried the "Office
Conversion Pack" that the downloads site seems to direct me to.


Help, I have a bunch of files that are Quattro and they weren't saved AS into
another format so I can't open them. It is only saying it can open Quattro
1-5 (wb1) and these are like 8 (wb3)

Would like to know if MS Office Pro Excell 2003 can convert Corel Word
Perfect 8 Quattro spreadsheet files to it's format & if so, what is the

I'm trying to convert quattro pro files into excel files. In quattro pro I
can build a database just by making a table, then using the "notebook query"
button. Is there a similar way to do the same thing in excel?

I have only found a quattro pro 7.0 converter for excel 2000. This will not
install on a system with office 2003. Does anybody know of a Quattro pro 9.0
converter for Excel 2003. Does anybody know the answer to this? Please help.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Everyone,

I have been switched from Corel Quattro Pro 8 to Excel because of 04 main reasons (1) domination of MS Office (2) Found (3) Excel 2007 can now handle the nesting leaves created in 10 year old version of Quattro Pro and finally (4) downloaded the Mr. Excel's Book "Learn Excel 97 to 2007".
Quattro has a capability to load xls files of ver. 5-7 as well as converts its QB3 format to xls.
Problem is that Excel is silent to change the format of numerical values. It can just change the formats available on the ribbon but custom format launcher nor Ctrl+1 is not responding.
Is there any solution?


My apologies for the cut and paste. I saw that someone posted this a year ago but i did not see a response. I am having the exact same issue,

"I am trying to open Quattro Pro 7.0 files (.wb3) in Excel 2003. It says in
their documents about supported file formats that this file format is
supported for opening in Excel 2003, with a converter installed. I've
installed the entire Excel 2003 software, along with all service packs and
the Office 2003 Conversion Pack. I am still unable to open Quattro Pro 7.0
files in Excel 2003. There are downloadable converters for Excel 2000 and
97, and those work fine for those version. But, there is nothing for Excel
2003 and information is scarce."


Can anyone tell me if MS Office 2003 Pro's Excell can convert Corel Word
Perfect Pro Quattro files to the Excell format. If so, what is the
procedure? Thank you.

Hi all,

On one computer I run MS Excel 2003 and Windows XP Professional.
On a new, recently bought computer I run Quattro Pro X3 and Windows Vista home premium.

So I've copied some sheets to the new computer and opened them with Quattro Pro.
Sometimes it returned the message "Quattro Pro loader discovered a problem" or something like this.
Sometimes it actually did open the file.

Since today Quattro Pro gives a runtime error immediately when started up, and shuts down.

Does this have anything to do with opening sheets from another version?

I have a Quattro Pro 7 file on a disk. I no longer have the Quattro Pro 7
program. I want to open the file in Excel 2003. It says it is not a valid

Does anyone know of a converter that I can use to convert my Quattro Pro v8 files to Excel 2002.


Is there any easy way to convert a .qpw (quattro pro) file to .xls? I
created a quattro pro file on my mother's machine to help me manage her
finances after my dad's death and after sending the file to my machine find
I can't convert. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
BTW, I'm running Excel 97.

I have a Quattro Pro file that i would like to open in Excel but the extension is *.wb2. The only conversion download i can find is for a *.wb1 or *.wb3.

Anyone have any ideas??

I have downloaded the Office Converter Pack per instructions and can still
not open a Quattro Pro for Windows 5.0 file. The help menu says it should be
converted. What next?

Excel Help saysFile Converter for Quattro Pro 5.0 files on download site.
Cannot find it! Thanks!

I am converting quattro pro over to excel spreadsheets and have run across formulas that I would like to find out it's Excel equivalent.



Any help in converting these formulas from Quattro Pro to Excel will be much appreciated.

hi Excel Gurus,

Hope you could help out.

I'd like to extract first 5 words out of a phrase in excel but if the phrase only has 5 words or less leave blank.

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i was using the beta version of office 2007, My licence expired, how do i
convert .xlsx files to microsoft office worksheet in office 2003 (excel)


I am moving from Quattro Pro to Excel.

In Quattro Pro you can use #AND# and/or #OR# with @IF().

Can, or how do I achieve the same with Excel's IF()?

Quattro Pro Example:


Can, or how do I achieve the same as above with Excel?

Thank you

Good son was able to recover some files I created using Quattro Pro...the bad news is... I can't figure out how to open them in Excel and no longer have Quattro to open them. I've tried importing them every way I can think of, but no luck. Any ideas on opening these files or am I just out of luck?


I have an old file in Quattro and I now need to review it. I no longer have
Quattro and cannot open in Excel. Any suggestions?


If I go to and then navigate
to English - Office - Excel I get 12 Newsgroups, the same as in my Outlook
express (Excel General Questions, Excel New users, Excel, Excel 123 Quattro,
Excel Application Errors, Excel Charts, Excel Links, Excel Macintosh, Excel
Printing, Excel Programming, Excel Setup, Excel Worksheet Functions)

But If I go to I get
7 newsgroups (General Questions, New Users, Application Errors , Charts ,
Setup , Programming , Worksheet Functions )

Why is there a difference?

Thanks a lot,