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Excel Wont Open. It Says It Needs To Install(?) Why? Word And P.

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when I click on the excel icon a box comes up saying"preparing to install"
then it asks me to insert disk. I cannot find my discs!!! Why is it doing
this as i installed word excel and powerpoint together and the other 2 work

Please help!


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Hi. Excel worked fine for two years then one day, whenever I launched Excel, a Windows Installer window popped up and the following series of messages are displayed: "preparing to install" then "Please wait while windows configures MicroSoft Office Basic Edition 2003" then "The future you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003' disk and click OK"

Now, if I click CANCEL during these messages, Excel runs fine. The PROBLEM is when I am trying to IMPORT into Excel. The same series of messages starts and if I cancel, the import can not proceed. If I do not cancel, I reach a dead-end at the message that tells me to insert the disk.

My Dell computer came new with Excel loaded. Whether or not I received the Excel discs with the computer, I don't know... I certainly don't have them now.

Anyone know if there is a fix for this? Thanks much for any help!

I am getting so frustrated! I can not get the template with data tracking to
load. I have used my original Office ** to try to install it, but can not
get this to work. I click on tools, add-ins, and it keeps telling me its not
installed. so I say yes, install now. Says to insert disk so I put in **,
keeps asking me to find data1.msi file (which I select from browse) and it
keeps telling me thats not the right file. I feel like Im in an endless loop
and can not get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

If I try to open a .csv in Excel 2000 I get an error saying the
converter isn't installed and it asks if I want to install it. If I
select yes then it says the converter can't be installed. If I select
no then the file opens up fine. So it appears to work fine so how do I
get it to quit asking if I want to install the converter?

when i try to open excel, a message appears saying it has been moved or
removed... it then asks me to insert the windows xp disk to re-install it.
The problem is i do not have the disk anymore. Is there a way i can find
whatever is missing to make excel work again?


For last few days everytime i open Excel 2010 it keeps trying to install Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate even through it is already installed on my PC.

When it is left to install it does not install it just produces a screen asking for a the Visual Studio 2010 disk to install the software.

Does anyone know why Excel keeps doing this?



when trying to insert a picture as an object without linking and not as an icon it doesn't matter what type of picture file i try to insert .bmp , .jpg the picture shows as an icon. the isnert picture as icon box is unticked. I found a temporary solution by converting the picture to a 24 bit bmp file but this as stopped working.
i'm using word 2003 with sp3 and office 2007 compatability pack installed .

can someone tell me how to get to see the picture i'mtrying to install rather than an icon.

I have:
XP Pro/SP1
Office 2000 SR-1 Professional

I have got some problems with Excel. When I click an XLS file I get
a message flash up and then vanish which says "Preparing To Install"
and then nothing else happens.

I can launch Excel by running the EXE direct. I still get the
message "Preparing To Install" but then Excel appears.

MS Word is ok.

I decided to do a repair installation. I put my original ** in the
** drive and clicked Add/Remove Programs > MS Office > Change. I get
a message saying:

"The installation source for this product is
not available. Verify that the source exists
and that you can access it".

I get the same message if I click "Remove" for MS Office.

And if I go to the ** and list the files and launch the SETUP.EXE
file I also get the same message. (This time the message box is
titled Windows Installer whereas before it was titles Add/Remove

How do I get around this to repair my Excel?

For some reason, the "HELP" button at the top right of the Excel screen (blue circle with a question mark in it) is not working. I had been working for some time but it suddenly started acting different. I rely on the online HELP feature very heavily, so this is a big problem for me. What happens when I click on it, instead of the online help showing up, it tries to "configure" Microsoft Office again. A "configuration process" box opens and when I let it go through to the end of the process it asks me to reboot, which I did, then when I open Excel again and click on the help button, it just tries to configure MS Office again. In other words, it does the same thing over and over and never lets me get to Excel HELP, which I really really need. I suspect I will need to uninstall and reinstall MS Office from the discs, but my question is, will that delete ALL my Word, Excel, Powerpoint files, and so on. That would be tragic. Any ideas what caused this problem and what I can do about it to get the Excel HELP feature back? By the way, when I click on the HELP button in MS Word 2010, it doesn't work but in a different gives me an error box saying "there are no help topics available that match your request." Thanks!

I downloaded and installed all the Service upgrades for Excel2000. Now when
starting Excel I get a message that data1.msi is missing and to put the
installation disc in the drive.

Problem is, I bought the computer with the software on board, and did not
get install/system software. I do have the product key. Can I get the
install software, online?

Mark Duncan


I have a free trial version of office 2007 installed on my computer and have the complete office 2003.

the trial version has expired and so opens files in compatibility mode - you cant edit them.

all of my excel files now open in excel 2007 for some reason whereas before they used to open in excel 2003. i want all my files to open in excel 2003. i have tried numerous things to achieve this.

i right click on the file i want to open, and select "open with", but when i browse files and select Excel from the folder "Office11" (the 2003 version) it never shows up on the list of programmes, it just highlights the 2007 version.

i have tried uninstalling the trial version of office 2007 but i receive a message which says i have to insert the original data source (or something along those lines) and it wont let me uninstall it. i have also tried deleting Excel from the folder "Office12" (the 2007 version) but then when i double click files after, it says "preparing to install" and wont open.

is there any way i can have all my documents open with excel 2003 rather than the trial version of excel 2007? Excel 2003 still works if i click on the excel 2003 icon on the desktop. so im having to first open excel 2003 and then open the file i wish to view, which is getting very annoying especially when opening excel attachments in e-mails, which i have to save first, then open excel 2003 and then open the file in there.

is there any other way that i can have all my files open with excel 2003? i have tried a number of things as described above but have had no luck so far...could there be some sort of technical problem with my computer?

any replies would be greatly appreciated...thanks.

When I try to open excel or go to an excel file, I get a pop up for windows
installer saying that it is preparing to install microsoft office 2000 sh-1
small business and asks me to insert the appropriate office 2000 disk (which
I don't have)
How can I eliminate this pop up? I have windows me


Hi All

If you read my other post you will gather that I have had a hard drive fail. I have installed all my Microsoft products from the original discs and are all real discs. However anytime I open a excel or word doc I get the end user agreement I click except and all is well can anyone tell me how to sort this problem?


a friend of mine had her computer frozen with Excel open. She then pressed the reset button. Now she cannot open xls files from explorer - Excel opens, but complains that it cannot find the file. Starting Excel and then opening the file via the "file-open" dialog works. When trying to open a file that is exported from Access, it says "ole server not installed"
I tried repairing the install, reinstalling, complete new install, cleaning the registry, excel /unregserver etc.
What else can I try?
Thanks in advance for any help!

I am using the 'My Add-in.xlam' add-in from Ron de Bruin's website, I have been adding custom macros for over 2 years to the add-in. When the company gave me a new computer, the add-in did not install on startup. I have been trying to get it to work ever since with no luck.

The add-in loads an icon into the quick access toolbar. This icon when clicked brings up a popup with a list of my custom macro commands. Or it should. Currently, the icon (a green arrow) loads into the quick access toolbar, but when you click the icon nothing happens. This is similar to when you have it in debug mode, it won't run any of the macros. But the VBA Editor isn't open in debug mode.

I have been playing with it installing and uninstalling the add-in. When you install originally, it works fine. But when you close excel and reload, it doesn't work. The file works fine when I open it manually as well.

Any help on what the problem could be would be appreciated.

I've tried everything I can think of to get the "View Definition" icon/button to be active (not gray) with no luck. I looked at the install disc to see if it was an installation install, looked at all the settings and preference options, etc.
Example: I open Object Browser, type in "Range" to search for, click on Range, then one of its "members" (e.g., "EntireColumn" property) then - one would think, I could click on the "View Definition" icon at top to get details on this item. But its always grayed out.

I'm running Excel 2004 on the MAC OS X 10.4

I believe it's an educational version---this may or may not be relevant.

When I click on TOOLS > Add-ins to install the Analysis Toolpak

I notice that all of them are checked. I click OK to install them but nothing happens.

I know for a fact that they are not installed as many of the functionality available on my PC version of Excel 2000 is not present!

Can anyone help me install the Add-ins!

Greatly appreciate it!

I am finding that the easiest way to make some areas of my sheet work is to use functions from the Analysis Toolpack. The sheet I am making is intended to be a general use sheet that would go out to a large group most of whom don't have a lot of excel knowledge. I tried to write a routine to check for the add-in but it seems that every time the workbook is loaded it seems to think that the add-in is not loaded. I am not sure if I have the wrong syntax or something in my check.

On a side note I would really like to know if there is an easy way to have VBA code actually install the add-in (not just load but if it was not installed with excel to install it).

Here is the code I was trying to use.

If AddIns("analysis toolpak").Installed Then
     'No action required since add-in already loaded
    Response = MsgBox("This sheet uses functions from the Analysis Toolpack that comes with Excel.  It is not installed yet.  Install Now?", 1, "Add-in Needs to be Installed")
    If Response = vbYes Then    ' User chose Yes.
        AddIns("analysis toolpak").Installed = True
    Else    ' User chose No.
        ' either close the workbook or install the toolpack
    End If
End If

I want to put an Excel icon into a word document (like an attachment in an
email), but I can't seem to do it. If I cut and paste the icon into Word, it
pastes the contents of the Excel file, not "an attachment", and if I click
"insert", "file", it only list's Word files...

I have seen this in other documents, I'm sure...


Hello all.

Maybe someone here can help me out with this problem.

I have a table that has textual information in different columns. What I want to do is have a master "counting sheet" that counts how many occurrences of a specific word occur in the same row.

For example, I want to count how many times column "C" has the word "Install" with a column "A" value that has the word "Troubleshooting".

In other words, something like a COUNTIF statement, except it will do something like the following:

=MyCountIf(Column A value = "Troubleshooting" and Column C = "Install").

Does anyone here know how to do that?

Much thanks for any advise given.

Recently upgraded to Office 2007 (Windows XP Professional 5.1). With my prior version, I installed VBHTML Maker w/ no problems, an icon was placed on my menu, etc. Now, I've added it (as an add in) successfully but don't know where to go to actually make the application work. Again, before I would have the sheet open that I wanted to convert, I'd click the HTML icon and all worked fine. Now, I don't know where to go to get the that icon that converts my file.


i currently have excel on my desktop under windows xp. i would like to install it on my laptop which is running ME. can i, and if so how do i download a copy of excel and install it on my laptop? or do i have to buy another version of it for ME. the puter (desktop) was purchased w/ excel already installed, as i was thinking i could just install excel by using a backup disk. thanx for any help on this.

I have a new laptop with Office 2003 Student Edition. I use Excel and Word
the most. I recently found the word merge portion of our Realtor MLS program
can not work with Word or Excel 2003. I have a prior version Office XP 2002
I can install. Will I be able to use all the Excel 2003 and Word 2003
documents if I uninstall 2003 and install Office XP 2002? I can't afford to
screw up 100's of Excel Spreadsheet work.


ok here is one for you...
I have 3 columns
"A" Planned install, date is entered manually for the day install is to happen
"B" Install date, date the install is actually completed
"C" Expected install, should show the same date as planned install.

this is inserted into "C" currently, =if(B4>0,A4," ").

How do I make the date in cell "C" stay if it's after the date entered in "B" install date, and clear the cell if the date entered in "B" install date is the same as or earlier than date entered?

the purpose is to see which of my 14 crews is not making target dates
hope all this makes sense!!

Hello. I a while ago I cleaned of my computer completely. Then reinstalled Office 2003. When I'm in excel and want to use the help, it works but when I want to use help in VBA it brings up a msgbox reading...
"This feature is not currently installed. would you like to install it now?... I click yes. It starts to install then it asks for.."enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'data.msi' "
It all worked before I cleaned up my computer which is why I don't understand why it's not working now.
I do have the disc for office 2003.

If someone could help me out that would be awesome.
Thanks for your time.



I am trying to insert a Word Object into Excel 2007. I go to the Insert tab, then select Object under the Text grouping. From the pop-up window I select Microsoft Office Word Document, click OK and then I get a small Word browser inserted into the Excel document with a new menu bar at the top. I click File at the top, then Open to open the word document I want to Insert. I Select the file, Click OK, and then get the error: " "FileName".docx : file format is not valid ". I have tried other Word files, as well as the older .doc type files, nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.