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Multiple Excel Users Can Open The Same File And Edit At The Same .

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We are running Excel 2002 SP2. We recently moved to a Windows 2000 server
and now we are running into the issue where Multiple users can open the same
excel file and edit it at the same time without getting the file the 2nd time
in Read Only mode.

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Similar Topics

Hi. I've got a question about a shared Excel file stored on Windows 2000
server. This file is accessed by two different Windows XP end users running
Excel 2002 on their machines. Recently these two different end users have
been accessing the same shared Excel file simultaneously without the usual
file lock or warning that the file is in use. Sometimes they get the
warning, sometimes not. When they don't, they assume they have rights to
save to the file, only to find later on that their changes were not saved.

I'm having both check for updates so that their Microsoft software is current.

Any clues what's going on?

Hello All,

I have an Excel file which I want many users to access at a time. These users are located in different cities and sharing this file on a Sharepoint Server.

I have set up versining options on Sharepoint Server.
I have shared the workbook for multiuser functionability

However, if a user opens this file, other users get a message that the file is locked by a user and hence, either other users can open it as Read-only or wait till they get notifivation of previous user has closed the file.

After browsing various forums, I have arived at a conclusion that multiple user editing simultaniously is not possible on Share point server.

Can any one help me whether is there any other way to achieve this? (other than Sharepoint server)

Is it possible if I upload it on a std. server and share the file by giving direct access to it to all?


Good morning.

(Is it possible to edit excel file by more Users at once?)
Ussually only the first user who open common excel file can edit and save the file. For other (next) users is the file only 'read only'.
Is there any way to edit and save (use) the file by more users at once?

Thank you for your help.


Hello All,
I have looked at many scripts that look at usernames of open workbooks on my computer, but the files reside on a server. I have a gui that users will open up, and it will display all the excel files and their status: open, closed, open with read/write/ open with read only. My next step is to have the name of the individual also displayed on those that are read/write. Issue is I have people internationally and if they forget to close the excel sheet then nobody else can use it as you already know. I want people to be able to know who has it open so they can contact them if there is a need to swap users.

I also want (maybe a not possible) to be able to know how long the file has been open. This way the users will be able to know if the actually user has forgot they have it open (happens a lot) and needs someone to let them know its time to share.

Appreciate any help I can get



Hey.. I am trying to figure out how to set up a workbook so that all of the following can occur:

1) The workbook is shared
2) It requires a password to open up as editable, otherwise it will open up as read only.
3) If it opens up as editable, it should require another password to be edited except when editing certain columns. (aka, the workbook should be protected except for certain columns).

So to clarify, if I open the file and do not have the password, the only thing i can do is view the data - I cant edit anything. If I have the password to open the file, all I should be able to edit is certain columns, unless I have the separate password to unprotect a sheet which will give me full control.

Is there a way to get all of these things at the same time? Are there any problems when running shared excel files over a network where 2 users are able to edit the file?


My excel file cannot be accessed and edit by more then one user at one time. If one of the users is editting the excel file, there will pop up a message with " Read Only" when others are trying to access to it. What is the problem with my excel file? Is it something wrong with my VB coding?

Looking for solution and reply...

Thank you.


I am working on a project in VB6.0 and SQL Server. We use MS Excel for our reports. We also

use server side COM+ components.

We have a situation where we are not able to open some of the reports in 'protected' mode

(i.e, to prevent the users from making changes to the excel report). When we try to open

these in protected mode, the application is crashing, giving a Dr. Watson error.

When we change the VB code to open the excel reports in 'Unprotected' mode, the applcation

works alright. But in this case, the users would be able to change the reports as they like.

Why am I not able to open these excel reports in protected mode from my VB6.0 exe?

Is there a way, where we can prevent the users from making changes to the excel report, even

if we open it in 'unprotected' mode?

We tried using the 'Read Only Recommended' option but that allows the users to make changes

and save changes as some other file name (although the users are prevented from making

changes to the same file) and this cannot be allowed in our application.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Sorry about the long title, we have a number of spreadsheets that reside on a file server (permissions to these spreadsheets controlled via AD to their folders). Recently we have upgraded to excel 2007 and some users have reported that when one of them is using the spreadsheet, another user can open it and they dont get prompted to open it "read only" / notify etc... They just get straight in and can start editing.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

The spreadsheets in question were created in excel 2000 before the upgrade, but this has only seemed to affect 3 so far.



Hi Guys,

Have a name.xlm file that was likely created in office 2000. I'm running excel 2007, but when I click on the file I get the error "the file you are trying to open name.XLM is in a different format than specified by the file extension... yada yada... do you want to open the file now?" yes/no/cancel.

I click yes but nothing happens, excel stays blank, doesn't even open a blank worksheet - the program isn't freezing or anything. Removing the error (via regedit as specified by the microsoft tech support) didn't help. I can't edit the XLM file itself as I'm one of only a few running office 2007, it's a common file and most of the users here have office 2000. When I had office 2000 it was no problem to open.

Any ideas? thanks in advance.

How can I share a file on a network drive where a user can open it ONLY as a read only without going through process of clicking 'read only' on a file that is protected?

Adding an 'extra step' to a simple process like opening an excel file has caused many non-experienced excel users a little frustration both on their end and my end.

I want a file that they can open, and it immediately opens for them as a READ ONLY while when I open it, I can do administrative work on it at the same time, etc.


How's it? I've learned a lot by surfing through this forum but haven't been able to resolve this problem on my own.

I've recently created a macro which takes a .csv file and scrubs the data and dresses it up for a report. I've finally got it running without any problems and have added it individually to 5 different user accounts on my network as an add-in, but need a way to share it across a computer network without allowing others to edit the file.

The report is generated multiple times a day by the different users, none of whom are very computer literate (not that I am much better, myself), and the macro over-writes the old file each time. I've read that it's possible to simply create a shortcut to the file that automatically opens the spreadsheet in read-only format, which would be perfect for what I'm trying to do, but I haven't been able to get it to work so far.

My current shortcut pathway is similar to this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\EXCEL.EXE" /R "C:\Users\Ben\Documents\OT Master.xlsx"

On my computer at work (Windows 7) the shortcut simply opens the spreadsheet so that anyone can edit it, instead of as a read-only file. On my computer at home (I'm trying to experiment) (windows 8.1) it won't even let me save the shortcut, saying I need to provide administrator permission & then cutting to a window that says "access denied".

I won't have the pathway for the actual file I'm trying to create a shortcut for until tomorrow when I get back to work, but I've formatted it essentially the same, directing to the excel.exe file, running the switch "/R", and then directing it to the actual file location. Anything I'm missing?

The ultimate goal is to have multiple people be able to view the file without locking out those who need to update it. I'd prefer not to have to go back into the macro as I'm likely to mess it up rather than fix it, but I can try that if there is an easier/better way to do this.


At work we just started using an Excel document that requires us to open the document and then edit it. The problem is that their are about 6 different users and only one person can edit the document at a time. The others are in a "read only" mode while the one person edits. My Boss (who created the document) states we will just have to take turns-it is very inconvenient as each of us are in and out of the document all day editing information. Is there a fix so that multiple users can edit the document simultaneously?-Thanks

I have an excel 2007 file sitting in a shared network folder. I only want one user to be able to make changes at a time (any other users would get a read-only). For some reason it currently does not do this, and I have multiple users with the same doc open. I'm concerned that changes will get over-written when 2 people are saving their changes. Can anyone help me with the settings for this.

I have a file that will be saved to a common shared drive where a slew of other files are saved. Some of the staff who have access to the share will only need read access to this particular file and creating separate folders with varying levels of read-write access will be too difficult. Is there a way for me to set a workbook to read-only mode while it's being opened, from say the Workbook Open event? I want to include a hidden sheet that contains a list of users who should have edit access and have it checked to determine whether the user should have read or edit rights when the file is opened.

The file is currently saved in a restricted share and has code in the open/close events to confirm the users ID or prompt for a password and hide certain sheets from view if they ar enot authorized.


I posted this same question in the Access forum, but thought it may be useful to post it here as well.

My issue is ... I have an Access database table linked to an Excel file and I am wondering if it is possible for the Access database to be opened by multiple users while each instance of the open database is linked to the same excel file. Currently I can only have the database open in one instance if I try to open it again I receive a Microsoft Engine error stating it cannot access the excel file because it has already be opened in executable state. I tried setting the Excel file's open properties to read only, but it seem the Access database always opens Excel file's in executable mode? Not sure if it is somehow possible to get Access to open the linked Excel file in read only mode?

Any suggestions would be amazing...

Thanks in advance.


I need some help.

I have an Excel File in my flashdrive that I've been accessing for the longest time, I regularly open it and edit it. It requires a password in order to be opened.

I tried to open it earlier, it asked me for the passowrd. I entered it and the following message appeared:

"[Filename.xls] cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding"

In the same flashdrive, I have other excel files that I can open and edit without any problems.

How do I solve this?

thanks very much.

Prevent multiple users accessing the same file at one time regardless of read only or not.

I have an excel file in a LAN drive that is shared by a couple departments. It's a master database for a project that we all are working on.

I.T. has restricted access to this folder to a handful of people who are intimate with this project. all of us who have access have read/write access.

This project has live for a few months now, so there is no need for more than one person to be in the file at a time. So, now I want to restrict access when some one is in the file.

Currently, if someone is in a file that you want to access, it gives you three options:

-Open Read only

I want to disable this. Is there a way?

Not exactly what year of Microsoft Excel we have at work buts its between 2007 to 2010.

Doing our weekly KPI on a friday is super stressful and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way so multiple users can edit the excel spreadsheet at the same time?

Because with our excel spreadsheet only one person can edit the document at a time very frustrating at the end of a day on a friday.

Any help out there or is it just Microsoft not allowing more than one editor at a time?

Please Help!


I am new to VBA and macros and have learned a lot searching this forum but I have a problem that I cannot find the answer to in previous threads. I will explain what I am trying to do, what I know how to do, then what I don't know how to do. This way if there is a better solution you can suggest one.

I have multiple excel 2010 spreadsheets loaded in one directory on our departments SharePoint. There are various users that access these files, they enter data save it and exit. The files open up as server read only, so they have the big yellow bar across the top that says "This workbook was opened from a server in read-only mode" and an "edit workbook" button that you can push and then click the save button to save the file without being prompted where to save it with a "save as" dialog box. My problem is that some users do not click the edit button and are then prompted with a save as box when click save,then they click the wrong file name and overwrite another workbook from the directory.

I want to create a button on the sheet that launches a macro that saves and closes the workbook. I have found this code here and have it working. The problem is the edit workbook button. some users click it and some do not. if I use a ActiveWorkbook.LockServerFile command, the macro will push the button for me but if the button has been clicked by the user, the script fails. I don't know how to write an if then to fix this


I need some help.

I have an Excel File in my flashdrive that I've been accessing for the longest time, I regularly open it and edit it. It requires a password in order to be opened.

I tried to open it earlier, it asked me for the passowrd. I entered it and the following message appeared:

"[Filename.xls] cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding"

In the same flashdrive, I have other excel files that I can open and edit without any problems.

How do I solve this?

thanks very much.


I created an add-in (.xlam) in Excel 2007 which has a number of user-defined functions. The add-in was deployed to a shared network folder as read-only so: (a) it could be referenced by multiple users at the same time and (b) we could easily deploy changes.
The individual functions within the add-in have worked properly and have thrown no errors.
The problem we are encountering is the functions often are proceeded by the folder where the add-in is located. So, users enter =GetFinancialValue(A1) -- where GetFinancialValue is a function we created. It initially works fine. Then, when the user closes and reopens the spreadsheet -- or sends it to someone else, the function is proceeded by: '\\\files\Software\ExcelAddIn\CompAddin.xlam'!GetFinancialValue(a1). The folder name is correct and may be referenced by all users. Why do this folder name occur? This causes the udf to not run and return #VALUE!.
We can resolve this by going into 'Data' --> 'Edit Links' and clicking 'Open Source' -- then everything calcs properly and the folder name is dropped from the udfs. But, the next time we open the file the same issue occurs again. Don't want users to have to do this every time they open a spreadsheet. When we click on 'Check Status' from the same 'Edit Links' dialog it displays 'Source is Open'

Thanks so much for any help you can offer. This is driving us nuts.



I have a workbook located in a network folder which is supposed to be updated only by two of us and other users are supposed to view the same.

The problem is that other users open the file but leave it open in their computer and therefore when I open it for edit or update, it says that file is in use by 'so and so' and unable to edit and save it.

I need a routine that should close the file automatically if the file is kept open for more than 5 minutes except for two users (eg:ABC and PQR).

Your help is highly appreciated.


I have a series of Databases connected together and multiple people can be logging data throughout the day.

I then harvest the data by using excel and a data connection to create a pivot table to pull the data into excel.

The problem is when anyone has the data bases open I cannot query the data base with excel and the other way around, when I have the excel file open, no one can get into the data base.

Since these data bases are connected by queries, they don't query if someone has the other data base open or I have my excel sheet connected to it.

These are all on a server share windows 2003 server and I used the Server Manager to create the share.

What do I need to do here? Is this an setting in Access or is it the share. I am the admin of the data base - do I need to put it into a certain mode before making it available to all users?

Its a race, whoever gets it first has access to it, you can't even open the data base to veiw the data if someone has it open, it returns an error that its locked or can't read the table because its in use or something like that.

The exact error is
You cannot open a db that is already open by User "Admin" on machine xyz, try again when the DB is avialble.


Hi all, did a search, found this
which got me half way there, but looking for help on the last bit.

I've got a file which I would like to set up so that certain specified users can only open it as read only, while other specified users can open a read/write version.

I don't really mind which way round this works - either I would specify the read only users, and all others would be read/write by default, OR I'd be happy to specify the users who could read/write, and all others would be read only by default.

I adapted the code in that other thread to this,

If Not ActiveWorkbook.ReadOnly Then 
ActiveWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess Mode:=xlReadOnly

which works. I've incorporated it into the Auto Open routine, and it correctly makes the file read only.

What I want to do is add something that says effectively...

If user = John Smith, Jane Brown
open the file as read only

and I need help with the bit in bold.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance...

I am trying to open 2 excel documents at the same time. When I open the second one I get this error:
'excel cannot complete this task with available resources'
If I try to open the second file first and then open the first file I get the same error. I get this error only with these 2 files, If I try to open up any other combo of files they open up just fine.

We are on a network, this happens on all users machines, including the main server which in a xeon 3.4 gh with 8 gigs of ram. I also tried copying the file from the server and pasting it onto a machine.....same error.

These files are password protected so I open them read only. But, we have tried entering in the password...still same error. Also, we have tried unpassword protecting the files and still get the same error.

the files are 5MB each, but I have tried opening files that are 15MB each and they open just fine. It has to be something in these two files, but I do not know what.

Version: Excel 2003
Workstation Platform: Windows XP Pro
Server Platform: 2003 Enterprise
kbase: <-- 2002 only...not 2003

Please Help!