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How Do I Get My Menu Bar Back?

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I've lost my menu bar in Excel. I tried to enable Worksheet Menu bar, but
that is not even listed in my toolbar section in the Customize box. Any
other ideas?

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Similar Topics

How do I make Excel-document load up without menu-bar?

Also, when I have my Excel-document open in full-screen, with the menu-bar visible, then if I do the following steps:

1.Right click on the menu-bar.
2. Select 'Customize' in the bottom.
3. In the toolbar-tab, also at the bottom there is a checkbox saying 'Worksheet Menu Bar'. when I uncheck this, the toolbar disappears but here is the issue:
When I click Close the toolbar, re-appears by itself!

Any solutions to this guys?

The file menu has mysteriously disappeared from the menu bar in Word 2003
(Student and Teacher edition). Is there any way to get it back? I've tried
both View>Toolbars>Customize and Tools>Customize.

Please help me replace the entire edit menu. i have tried customize | options 'reset menu and toolbar usage' and that doesnt put it back. It cant be dragged back on like the submenu's can.

I'm sure theres a way, just cant find it yet.

When customizing a toolbar, a tried to create a button for Goal Seek by
dragging it from the menu to to the toolbar. At that point it disappeared
completely, appearing on neither the toolbar nor the menu. Using the "Reset
menu and toolbar usage data" button under customize has failed to bring it
back, and I have no way to use the Goal seek function now.

I created buttons in this way with the "Hide rows" menu choice successfully
in the past. Unfortunately, they have disappeared completely now as well
when I tried to use the "Reset menu and toolbar usage data" button. I cannot
hide rows as this action is completely gone (off the menu as well).
Aaaahhhh! Help! Thanks.


I want to disable or hide the right click short cut menu when I right click on toolbar which gives ability to add formatting toolbars etc....... til customize.

When I create my own custimize tool bar on the bottom right side excel creates a small arrow which let me go to customize the toolbar options.

Is there any way I can hide that option while creating my own customize toolbar?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Group,

Is it possible to enable a single toolbar button OR menu option from a Menu or Toolbar if I protect the Toolbar or Menu?

For Exp: I protect the Formatting Toolbar completely in my project but at later stage I only want to enable 'Merge Cells' button (rest all should remain disabled). Is it possible if yes please give me an idea or a peice of code .

Gajendra Gupta

I have been trying to run a Macro attached to a new Menu or a new toolbar. My problem is that when I takes this File to other PC, the menu or toolbar disappear. Is there any way to save the new Menu or toolbar with the Workbook.

Thanks in advance

Just curious as to what could make a custom menu or custom button disappear from Excel upon opening it.

I had created a custom menu with personal.xls macros in it for someone here a while back, and today it was completely missing.. although the Personal.xls folder still existed with the macros.

I am quite sure that they did not manually remove the menu by right-clicking and selecting Customize and dragging back the menu items...


Hi All,

While working on a macro I had to made my File menu invisible by Application.CommandBars("File").Visible = False. After completing my task I made my File Menu again vishible by making the same condition True.

However, in the process I have lost my access Key (Alt +F). Now I don't see the underscore below the letter "F" in my File menu nor Alt+F opens my File menu.

How can I bring my "File" menu to be accessed by Alt+F.

Many thanks in advance.

Rgds, Kaushal


I am using Excel as front end in my application and using Excel interface for communication between excel and my ATL COM components, As part of it, i need to enable Undo / Redo Operation from my components depending on the user

I'm able to enable the undo (both menu & toolbar) through raw_OnUndo()
method present in _Application interface,also i found one more method
raw_OnRepeat() which would enable Repeat Menu alone , but i'm not able to
find any method for enabling Redo options.

Can Some one suggest how to enable redo menu & toolbar icon.

Thanks in Advance,

I cannot find my worksheet menu bar.
When I tried: right clicking on a tool bar clicking customize in the
drop down menu and in the new customize pop up box put a check and clicked
Reset - it still would not work.
I need Help.
Any Help is Appreciated

Hi all

The menu bar has changed from the standard menu functions to what
appears to be chart funtions. I have file, edit, view, insert, format,
tools, chart, window, help. I have lost the Data menu function and
most of the functions under Insert and format.
I have tried to reset the toolbar as well as uninstalling and
reinstalling Excel with no luck.

Thanks for advise


I was trying to learn how to build custom menu bars on excel. In the process I removed several existing pulldown menus. I.e. View, Insert, and Help are gone. I cannot figure how to reset Excel to get back those menus. I have been in the help menu, and tried to reset the menu bar through Tools-customize-reset.

Any suggestions

I want to add a new top level entry on the Main Menu that will run a
macro. Doing so should allow me to have a menu with the new entry each
time I open Excel. I've done this before under Excel 97 but when I try
to do it under 2003 I run into the following problem

I right click on the Main Menu and choose Customize. I then select
Macro from Categories and drag a Custom Menu Item from Commands to the
menu. I then rename it and assign a macro. At least, I believe this is
the way I did it under 97 years ago.

The menu item works just as expected.

However, when I exit Excel and then open Excel again, the recently added
menu item appears briefly but disappears shortly and the menu is as it
was before I changed it.

Can someone suggest what I might being doing wrong?

Thank you.

I have removed some of the menu options on my menu bar such as Format, Data Tools, help and such.

I am now trying to put them back on. I am going to "Customize" and doing it, but it keeps disappearing as soon as I close it.

I am sure this is so simple. Just not today,,,, for me....

Please help.


I have created a new menu-bar for a spreadsheet application I have designed.
The menu looks great on the front page, however what I would really want is on subsequent sheets for the menu to be minimised and replaced by a small box saying something like "Menu", which would then call the menu-bar again. I can do the boxes etc, and code to reactivate the menu-bar but not sure of the code I could use to alter the position of the menu-bar on the screen.

Any ideas folks ?


Hi everyone,

I have many macro Buttons on a toolbar and what I'd like to do is create a custom menu and add the macro's to it. If I can do this I'd want to have a drop down menu like "File" that is on the standard excel menu bar so I can have sub-menus to group the macro's by.

For example

Main menu = My Macro's, Sub Menu = Formats;Under formats = Percent, GBP, Comma, Time etc.

I'd want the custom menu to stay on the menu bar all the time not just open for specific workbooks but to be available for all workbooks.

Can someone please point me in the right direction. Is it difficult ?

If this isn't clear please let me know and I'll try again.

Thanks in advance.

I was proud of myself in creating a new toolbar menu and sub-menu and
assigning macros to the menu items until I discovered that the menu appears
on the toolbar always now, regardless of the spreadsheet I open. It appears
that when I select a custom menu item, it's going out the the spreadsheet
where it is stored and executing it against the spreadsheet I have open
(great, but that's not what I want).

How do I create toolbar menus that only appear for a specific spreadsheet
when it is open?

I am using, Microsoft Excel 2000, Tools->Customize->Commands to Create New
Menu. When save, reopen the file, the new Menu loss.
How to set permanent menu ?


I've lost the menu when you right click on the mouse, I have checked in
previous posts and followed the instructions. (VBE application.commandbars
etc.) This worked, however when I shut excel off and went back to it later
the menu had deactivated again. Is there a way of enabling this menu for good.


I have ben using code to produce a custom right mouse click menu which is fine but as i go further into this project I'm finding this menu is growingin size.
So, is it possible to have a right click menu which has some macos listed on it to run and some titles which when a user hold the moves the pointer over them, that it folds out another menu with mor macros in that group. I'm not sure if i've explained that well, but imaging some of the menus in excel like View opens a menu and if you point to Toolbars you get another menu come of it, thats what i'm after

Can anyone tell me if thats possible and if so, I'd appreciate an example of some code to play with.

Also, does anyone know if its possible for macros to still work if a workbook is put on a website?

many thanks

can anyone help? i have somehow lost my worksheet menu bar in all my excel files. i dont use macros at all.


I am trying to create submenus to run different macros. Is there a way to do this by not using vba?

For example I have in my menu "manual calculation" and "auto calculation". When I click manual calculation, it will run a simple macro to switch the calculation mode to manual. Similarly for automatic calculation.

But now I want to put both of these under one menu...under calculation, I want to be able to choose auto or manual. I can create the first layer of the menu by going to (in Excel 2003), View, Toolbar, Customize, Commands, Macro but is there a way to add the second layer of menu without using vba?

I would like to dissable the popup menus that appear when I right-click on a
row or cell on a Worksheet.

I have been successful at disabling the row one with:
Application.CommandBars("Row").Enable = False
I used a similar line for the 'Cell' menu.

My problem is that I'm still getting a menu when I right-click on a cell.
Does anyone know what the menu is or name of this menu.



Hi All,

I have this workbook which was upgraded from previous version of Excel.

Whenever I open the workbook, it will hide all the menu (Edit, View,
Insert, Format, Tools, Data, Window, Help) in the worksheet menu bar
(except the File menu). Certain items (eg. Save and Save as) in the
file menu are also hidden.

When I close the workbook, the worksheet menu bar is reset.

I have read in most websites that this can be done via vba macro.
However, when I look into this particular workbook, there are no macros

Also, there are no custom menu on the workbook.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how the Worksheet Menu bar can be
customized without any macro and only affects the workbook that it is
assigned to.

Please advice how this can be done.

Huey Yee