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How Do I Get My Menu Bar Back?

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I've lost my menu bar in Excel. I tried to enable Worksheet Menu bar, but
that is not even listed in my toolbar section in the Customize box. Any
other ideas?

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Similar Topics


How do I make my CommandBar menu item available ONLY IF there is a worksheet visible?

For example, in the Excel FILE menu, SAVE is available only when a worksheet is open. I want my menu option to behave just the same.

More info:

I have created an Add-in which displays a new menu item on the command bar. I want my menu item to be enabled only when a worksheet is open, disabled when no worksheet is open.

I know how to set the the enabled property, but I don't know how to automatically react to the opening and closing of worksheets.

Thank you

I had a problem where my right click menu was disabled for cells, rows, columns, everything. I found some code that I used in the intermediate window to get the cells, columns headers and Row headers right click menu to work, but I still dont have the ability to right click on the sheet tabs or the active X controls to access the right click menu.

Does anyone have ideas on now to solve this right click menu issue?

Hello Everyone... I need some serious help as I need to put together a report for work.

What I want to do is this:

Create a drop menu. The options within the drop menu to be links (either to another Excel worksheet within the same workbook, or a WORD document).

I know how to create a drop menu, that is simple, but am not sure how to do the hyperlink aspect.

It seems when I actually insert>hyperlink onto the actual text of the drop menu (on the other sheet where i created the drop menu data), the hyperlink is not active in the actual drop menu itself.

Can somebody please help me?

I've lost my right click menu on command buttons. Or anything created from either the control or forms toolbox.

Normally when you create a button with the control toolbox, you can go in design mode, right click the button and have a menu of options, like view code, Properties, Format etc.... It's not there for me.

I can right click other things within excel, like a cell itself, and get the menu. but not any kind of controls...Not even pictures I've inserted. No right click menu...

any ideas what's wrong?


In one sheet within my workbook, a grey menu/navigator has appeared. I've attached a print-screen view of this sheet.

The menu allows you to hide & unhide columns etc using the '+' and '-' buttons you can see in the first row of the grey menu. Clicking on the numbers down the side of the menu unhides more sections of the spreadsheet, and causes more '+' and '-' buttons to appear. I cannot close or hide this menu - it will not respond to right-clicking.
Does anyone what this menu is, and how I can get rid of it?


I have Hyperion smart view add in installed in my system. When I added it using Addin under tools menu. It is getting added and the menu bar is flashing for a second and it is vanishing after that. I haven't disabled anything. I tried reinstalling excel but facing the same issue.

It would be helpful if any one can help me on this?

I'm using Excel 2003 and am unable to find the name of, and therefore customise, the right-click shortcut menu that pops up when you right-click on a line drawn from the 'Drawing" toolbar. Can anyone help please. Basically, I'm trying to do some technical analysis on a chart. I want to be able to right-click on the lines that I draw on the chart and replicate a parallel line. thanks..

I'm trying to check if a menu item exists...and if it doesn't to add it, if it does skip to the next event.
I have the following which doesn't work.


Sub addMenu()
  Dim cmdbar As CommandBar
  Dim toolsMenu As CommandBarControl
  Dim myMenu As CommandBarPopup
  Dim subMenu As CommandBarControl
' Point to the Worksheet Menu Bar
  Set cmdbar = Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar")
' Point to the Tools menu on the menu bar
  Set toolsMenu = cmdbar.Controls("Tools")
  If toolsMenu.Caption = "My Menu" Then
  MsgBox "Menu item does exist"
  'Do Nothing
  ' Do Something else
  End If

Any suggestions?

How is a menu created from an item in a menu? For example, in Excel the
"Data" "Filter" menu expands to auto filter etc. How can I create this in a
custom menu. The menu displays a small arrow on the right that then expands
to another menu.



I figured out how to put a "custom" menu item on my personal.xls
worksheet, and attach a macro to it. What I actually want, however,
is to add menu SUB-items that cascade from my main custom menu. I do
not see where I can edit the one menu item to add additional sub-items.

Does anyone know how to do this?


I used to be able to right click with my mouse and get a menu that would
allow me to copy, paste etc... I have lost that ability... How do I get it
back... I know it is something simple...

I want to add a menu to my userform. How do I do this? I DON'T want to add to excel's already existing menus; I just want to add a menu to my form (like you do in Visual Basic).
How do I get the menu to react when clicked etc...?


My tools menu from the menu bar disappeared. How can I bring it back?

So I have created a drop down menu that is grabbing names out of a list on a second sheet. The problem is that there are way too many names in the drop down menu and it not be alphabetical makes finidng a specific name annoying. I cannot sort the names on the worksheet so I was wondering if there is any way to do so within the drop down menu.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hi all

I've created my own custom menu and added items to it.

eg My Menu, Item1, Item 2 etc

I would like to be able to change the enabled property of each item inside
certain subs. But no matter what I try I can't seem to 'get a hold' on the
ITEM to change it's state ? I have sucessfully changed the state of the MENU
to enabled true/false but not indiviual items.

I've done lots of googling but still have no luck with simlar 'delete'
examples that I presume should work. The main problem sees to be even adding
Tag properties I cannot use FindControls to find an ITEM



I'm building an application that requires a popup menu when a user right-clicks a couple different text boxes on a Form. Where is my Menu control that I had access to in VB6 (i.e. &File, &Open, etc)? Is it not possible in VBA?

Please let me know if there is some option to do this. TIA

Does anyone know how to add a help menu file to Excel using VBA? I have linked the help file using the "VBA Project properties" section under "Tools" but when I try to open the file it using a command button it puts up a memory error message. Anyonne know a way round this?

The code I am using to run the help menu from the command button is:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Application.Help ("c:\RSystems Help\Help Documents\help menu.chm")
End Sub

Hi There,

I need your help.

I've tried searching around on the internet for a multi-text box right-click menu that is able to accomplish the following: a right click menu that resembles the following right click menu on a userform.

Select All

This would need to the right-click on multiple textboxes,

I really need your help on this one.

Much thanks and appreciation.


What I am looking to do is create a dropdown menu. In this menu I want each individual date that I add to the column plus something that says "blank" so that if the menu is on it the only data that will be on my screen is the data that does not have any info in that column. I would also like an option in the menu to read "all" so that if I would like, all of the data will be displayed no matter whether there is info in the column or not.

What I have is 6 columns. I have it sorted by Plate#. I want a drop down menu for the dates that each individual registration was recieved. When I input the date into the box I would like it to automatically appear in my drop down menu that at a later date I can pull up all of the registrations recieved on that particular date.

I hope this makes sense to someone. My current job does not have a computer person where as my last job the IT guy set it up for me.


I am not sure if I have opened a corrupt excel file or what but now when I
open my excel there are no menu or tool bars (not hidden from view, but gone)
I have tried re-installing excel but this did not fix the problem. What is
going on?

How can I enable the shortcut menu in cells using mouse right click?
When I right click in a cell now, nothing happens. Right clicking twice
opens Essbase login.


I have done a goof up & require your help in undoing the damage

I had opened the View->Toolbars-> Customize option.

While thie customise option was open, I went to Data->Filter->Autofilter option and dragged the "Autofilter" outside the menu.

Now this option is missing from the menu.

Ho wdo I restore the "Autofilter" back?

Please help.

Thanks & REgards

When I right-click a cell I get the shortcut menu with cut , copy, paste etc.
I would like to be able to edit this menu and add commands that I frequently
use. Hhow is this done?

I know how to create a drop-down menu for a blank cell, but how about for a filled one? E.g. I Could you have a cell pre-populated with the word PC and I do want to make a drop-down menu of companies like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Gateway, etc.

Is it possible to extract the contents of a drop-down menu?

I recently started at a new company and notice a wierd issue ith Excel 2003.

When I first go into the edit menu after copying something, instead of paste special being there, I instead have paste picture link. if i leave and go back to the edit menu the paste special option reappears.

This is more than mildly annoying as I have Alt+E ,S,V/T/F hardwired into my brain, and it fails to work, due to this.

If anyone knows how to fix this I'd really appreciate it.

(and yes customized menus are disabled)