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Excel Heading Rows To Repeat

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How do I get my column headings to repeat on subsequent pages during the
printing process? I'm not talking about the A, B, C, D rows that identify
the column. For example: My headings would be Apples Oranges Bananas
I want that to show up on every page of my printed report when the data is
more than just one page long.

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Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Basically, I want the top few rows on every page after the first page to be the same and not move, especially when I insert new rows above it.

This is for a purchase order type of form, so the first page will have customer and shipping information that I won't have to repeat on the other pages. However, what I do want to repeat at the top of each page after page 1 is the column headings for the order (i.e. quantity, product number, description, total cost, etc).

For each order I make (they are getting really, really long....20 pages or so) I add new items by inserting new rows, which moves the column heading on the next page down. I then have to go back and manually re-organize all the pages so each page has the column headings at the top of the page instead of having been pushed to the middle when I add new rows.

I hope this makes sense.....but I just want the column headings to freeze and stay put regardless of how many new rows I insert above it.

Freeze panes doesn't work because I don't want to just be able to scroll, I want each column heading physically present on each page. Headers WOULD work....except they only show up when printed (we are emphasizing a paperless environment).

Anyone have any ideas? I don't really know how to use excel well and it takes so much time to reorganize each order....Just wondering if anyone has a better way of doing this!

Thanks! Greatly appreciate it!

I have a Tab in a worksheet that can be up to 100 print pages long. I have a macro that automaticly hides all the unused rows prior to print. I also have the top couple of rows repeated on each page when printing.

When I print this out the repeat rows are printed out for every page. I end up with the repeat rows printed for the pages where there are hidden rows. I don't really want this to happen. Deleting the rows prior to print is not really an option, which I know would solve this.

Is there a way to stop the repeat rows printing when there are no rows of data to print.

Thank you

I have the first few rows of my sheet frozen so that I can scroll down the
long columns (about 3 printed page lengths) without losing sight of the top
I would like to be able to set it so that those top rows print at the top of
each page.
Is that possible? It would be a great deal easier than trying to repeat the
heading columns at periodic intervals down the page becasue i don't know how
to figure out where I would repeat them to make them be the top rows of each
consecutive new page. Hope this makes sense.

I have some reports that are between 30 and 40 pages long and I usually use
the page setup option to put column headings on every page, but some of the
pages do not need column headings and I cannot find a way to eliminate the
column headings on those few pages without manually copying headings on each
page I would like them to appear which is very time consuming. Please help
with any information to make this an easier process.

I have several reports that have a report heading and a headings for
all the columns. These reports are also separated by Business Unit. The
problem I have is that when a BU takes up more than one page the reader
may have to check back to see which BU they are looking at. I would
like the current BU to print below the column headings on each page.

Is there any way of repeating multiple sets of rows at the top of subsequent pages?

It's difficult to put into words so as an example, I want to repeat rows 1 & 2 on each subsequent page, so I go to page setup>rows to repeat at top and enter them there - no problem.

But, can I somehow also get Excel to repeat rows 10 & 11 as well as rows 1 & 2, but not with rows 3 - 9?

Any help greatly appreciated!


I have a problem formatting my report in the way I would like to.

I want to repeat the top 10 rows and the first 4 columns of my report on
each page when I print it (therefore the text I want repeated makes an upside
down L shape)

I know that I need to do the following:

Rows to repeat: $1:$10
Columns to repeat: $A:$D

However, the report 'headings' in the first 10 rows include merged cells
(e.g I merge 6A - 6T). This causes a problem in the printed version of the
report, as any header text which is not 'alligned' with columns A-D will not
appear on any page other than the first page.

Only the text alligned with columns A-D is repeted on each page - the other
text that I want to see from the first 10 rows is not vissible

Is it possible to get round this without using the actual 'Headers' facility?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys! I need to repeat column headings at the top of pages 1 & 2 in my workbook when it prints but the third page contains a summary that must not have the column headings on the top. any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm posting it here because I think the solution might involve some VBA. exscuse my spelling and typing - i have like 3 applications im developing at the same time and dont have time fto do spellcheckd

To preview and print multiple pages with column headings on each page the procedure is as follows;
a.. click 'File' then select 'Page Setup...'
b.. select 'Sheet' tab
c.. place cursor in 'Rows to repeat at top:' field
d.. and simply position cursor above the dialogue window until the cursor changes to a right pointing arrow and click once on the first row or drag down to select the number of rows you want to show
e.. the formulae will appear in the field automatically
Hey presto !

Most everything I found when Searching was people confused about Freezing their panes and Repeating Rows while printing.

I have a document that I want the same rows to repeat on each page that is printed. These rows are 1:5. In Page Setup, Rows to Repeat At Top, I have entered: $1:$5.

I also have columns that I want to repeat at the left of each page. These are columns A:B. In Page Setup, Columns to Repeat At Left, I have entered: $A:$B

I notice that these specifications work fine for the first page (obviously) and the second page. But, when viewing the 3rd page in Print Preview, it does not appear correctly.

On page 3, Columns A and B correctly appear to the left. Rows 1 to 5 appear at the top, but rows 1 and 4 are cut off where they would overflow into Column C and beyond.

Row 1 has text that is entered only in Cell A1 but overflows into B1. There is nothing in B1, so this is fine (the text all shows). Row 4 has text in Cell A4 but A4 is merged all the way to G4. The other rows appear as normal on Page three.

What I'm not understanding is why Page 2 displays rows 1-4 properly but Pages 3 and beyond do not. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that text overflows from column A, but then it shouldn't work on Page 2, right? I then thought that perhaps it has something to do with specifying both rows and columns to repeat at the top, but would that make sense?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If it appears I've missed something simple, please point it out--I'll look like a dolt, but that's not bad from time to time.

I am preparing a spreadsheet which when printed will have about 10 pages of data, then a single summary page.

I would like all of the data sheets to have the same text row at the top of the page, then the summary page to have different text.

Using "Rows to repeat row at top" in Page Setup will force the same text to appear on every page including the summary page. Is there something like MS Word Section Break?

I could use a different sheet for the summary so that the top row could be specified separately, but it would be much easier for the person using the spreadsheet to have it all on a single sheet.

(It is not practical to put in forced page breaks with individual page headings)

I have office 2003. I have a list of names and titles that is 19 pages long.
1000+ entries. I have headings on page one and have sorted it by the 3
different headings with no problem. I want headings on each page so you know
what you're looking at in each column. But if I put them in, it will not
sort. Isn't there a way to sort all 19 pages together, with a heading on each


i run a small business and keep my accounts with excel. the method used of columns with a headings beneath which entries are made. when i go to print and the amount of entries exceed the page height the second page is obviously printed without headings - this my accountant does not like.
although i could cut and paste the row of headings for each page, is there a way that said headings could automatically copy or appear onto each page?

thanks in advance

I am wondering how to repeat column names on printed pages for a multi page printout in Excel 2010.

This is under File Print --->Page Setup ---> print titles "rows to repeat at top" is not accessible.

Hi all

I have created a macro to create a report of 4 pages. I used the following property to repeat the rows D E and F in all pages: ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintTitleRows = "$4:$6". However I want these rows not to be printed in the last page of the report. Any ideas?

I thank you in advance for your kind help


Hello forum. I have a problem. Sometimes when looking at an older SS on the computer, I find the totals changed from when I originally printed them. I'm suspecting it has something to do with the headings/page break numbers that I add to the second/ third page after totaling all columns and rows. Or maybe the notations I write up at bottom of SS.

Is there a way to lock ( and Unlock for adding an add't row of data ) a SS so it cannot be changed? Or, preferably, is there a way to print the page that will automatically add headings and titles to second and third pages without me actually entering the headings etc between the figures when there is a page break. Each month's SS will always have 2-3 pages and each page has to have the headings etc. It's always the grand totals that are changed. The row upon row of currency data stays the same.

I'm using a macro to format information on a sheet which has variable number of columns and rows. I've also set the left 3 columns to repeat on each page as well as the top 6 rows which produces the output I need but my client also needs a logo on the top right corner of each page. I can place the logo on the first print area page but when printing multiple pages from one sheet (as many as 6 A4 pages) the logo only appears on the first page and none of the subsequent pages.

Any ideas how the logo can be incorporated in the repeating header area?

Many thanks for any responses.


In the attached file, I am attempting to evenly distribute values, in this case apples, oranges and bananas, for a fruit salad. The recipe calls for the salad ingredients to be placed one item (not group) in the bowl as far apart from each other, for a really good salad. I have 10 apples 8 oranges and 2 bananas. (These variables are dynamic). Is there a formulaic method that would place each into the most appropriate position. Currently I am using the excel solver and VBA to find the best fit but I am not satisfied with its solution and the time costs. Again this is a dynamic request, Ultimately this will expand to 120 positions with 8 values and differing quantities. This one is a stumper. Thanks Kevin.

Fruit Quantity
Apples 10
Oranges 8
Bananas 2

Pos Fruit
1 Apples
2 Oranges
3 Apples
4 Oranges
5 Apples
6 Oranges
7 Apples
8 Oranges
9 Apples
10 Oranges
11 Apples
12 Bananas
13 Oranges
14 Apples
15 Oranges
16 Apples
17 Bananas
18 Apples
19 Oranges
20 Apples

Hello All,

My appolgies for posting twice, but I do not know how to delete my other post.

I have been trying to create a formula for automatic list that will restart after some blank lines.
I am using Excel 2003 and and am using the List feature (Data > List > Create list...), which by default requires headings before there is the data.

This how it would look:
Column A data; Column B data (group headings start with PN); Column C ID number; Column D automatic numbering.
Row 1 -- List headings for entire list
Row 2 -- Group heading: i.e PN 2347 (Column B will always have PN [Plan Number] folllowed by some numbers. Columns A, C will be blank (No list numbering or data).
Row 3 -- Data (Automatic numbering should identify this as '1')
Row 4 -- Data (Automatic numbering should identify this as '2')
Rows 5 & 6 blank
Row 7 -- Group heading (no numbering).
Row 8 -- Data (Automatic numbering should identify this as '1')
Row 4 -- Data (Automatic numbering should identify this as '2')
And so on.....

Essentially there will be a group heading that does not require numbering.
Below that will be varying rows of data that requires automatic numbering.
Below this will be one or more blank rows.
Previous items repeat.

There will always be data in column B so I tried to use an IF function against this column. The problem I came across is that a 'list' requires a heading before my group heading i.e. my group heading in column B has a list heading on the next row above it.
The only thing in common is that each of the sub group headings will start with PN.

Thanking you all in advance and hope you enjoy the festive season.

Dave T

I see in the Setup - Sheet's Tab you can select Row and column headings to be
printed, but that prints the litteral headings such as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3

I need for have the content that I have named my columns reprinted on the
top of each page so that users of my printed spreadsheet don't have to flip
back to page 1 see what the titile of a certain column is to understand the
data in a certain cell in page 3, etc. of the worksheet in printed format.

I'm familiar with the freeze pane issue so you can see the title cells when
scrolling the worksheet - that's not my issue - I need the top row to PRINT
on all pages of a mulitple page worksheet.

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a report that groups items under specific headings. Each heading may contain a different number of items beneath it and the rows are not all the same height. Is it possible to create a macro that will automatically insert a page break based on the following conditions:

1) maximum number of rows on each page, but
2) page break is always above the next heading (in this case when the value of column F=1) ????

In other words I want to get as much data as I can on each page, but I do not want any of the groupings to be split between two pages. Hopefully someone can help.


I'm trying to print 1 row and 3 column headings on every page. When I try it
under file/page setup/sheets I select the row to repeat at top then columns
to repeat at left. When I try to print or preview I get the error message
"print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns." What can I do?

I have a list of 1000 names.
each coloum has a heading.
When printed it is 10 page, with the first page having the headings.

Is there an easy way I can print this so that each page has the headings included?

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


I have a bit of code that imports data into a single spreadsheet from text file. The imported data is broken into sections of rows according to the data type.

As an example, data is layed out as follows once text file is imported:

Row 01: Data related to Apples
Row 02: Data related to Apples
Row 03: Data related to Apples
Row 04: Data related to Apples

Row 05: Blank Row

Row 06: Data related to Rasberries
Row 07: Data related to Rasberries
Row 08: Data related to Rasberries
Row 09: Data related to Rasberries

Row 10: Blank Row

Row 11: Data related to Oranges
Row 12: Data related to Oranges
Row 13: Data related to Oranges

If, for example, each page is able to hold only 11 rows of data, the data related to oranges is printed on two separate pages (row 11 is on page 1; rows 12 & 13 are on page 2).

Is there any code I could use that would insert a manual page break at first blank row before the next page break (in this case row 11)? Thank you in advance for any comments.

Hi there

I have a spreadsheet that has 3 pages long when it is printed out. It has a title block at the top, and has "page number" information in it.

I would like the title block to be shown on every page of the spreadsheet in the print out, and what I have done is to go to "page layout" ribin, then "print titles", and select the title block area under the "rows to repeat at top" function. However, the problem is the page number information doesn't update, such that its got page 1 on all the pages when it is printed out.

Ideally, page 1 would have "page 1" in the title block, page 2 would have "page 2" in the title block, and page 3 would have "page 3" in the title block.

Can someone help me on this? Please don't tell me to use header and footer as it is not ideal for this project. It would be good if it can be done without VBA code.

Thank you