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Cant Copy And Paste Or Paste Special Between Excel Workbooks

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We have a number of Excel users in our office who cannot copy and paste
between Excel workbooks. They can copy and paste between worksheets. When
you highlight the section to copy and then go to the new workbook both the
and paste special are "grayed out". This is true whether you right-click the
mouse, go to the edit menu, or use control keys. This occurs with any data
type and the most simple workbooks. I have seen some suggestions here but
none have worked for this particular problem. I have reset the menus and
renamed the .xlb files and neither helps. You can open the clipboard and the
paste will work, but there is no paste special option. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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We have a number of Excel users in our office who cannot copy and paste
between Excel workbooks. They can copy and paste between worksheets. When you
highlight the section to copy and then go to the new workbook both the paste
and paste special are "grayed out". This is true whether you right-click the
mouse, go to the edit menu, or use control keys. This occurs with any data
type and the most simple workbooks. I have seen some suggestions here but
none have worked for this particular problem. I have reset the menus and
renamed the .xlb files and neither helps. You can open the clipboard and the
paste will work, but there is no paste special option. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

When doing a paste special (copy from one sheet, and paste special in a new
sheet) I get a different dialog box. Instead of the default (paste special)
window with radio buttons where I can select the the type of paste and
operation, and there are skip blanks, transpose, and paste link options... I
get a window (w/ same name "paste special") that says As: and a list of
options, a display as icon box, and a results section on the bottom saying
"Inserts the contents of the clipboard into your document..." How or is
there a setting that needs to be changed so that it doesn't act like the
copied data is an object/image? Why is it doing this (occurs randomly)??

I'm trying to do a copy and paste (special - values only) between 2
workbooks. I select the cells in one and click the copy button (also have
tried Ctrl-c), but when I switch to the other WB and select the arrow beside
the Paste button, the top options (Formulas, Values, etc) are grayed out. If
I select Paste Special (the bottom option), it gives me a box asking if I
want to paste the data as a Excel Worksheet Object, Picture, Bitmap, ...

If I try to paste in the same workbook (where I am copying from), the
Formulas, Values, etc. options are available.

I have each workbook open in separate Excel sessions - I assume this may be
causing the problem. But why does it do that?

Bill @ UAMS

Good Evening --

I have Office XP - I use Paste Special frequently.
Paste Special is in my Drop Down Edit Menu but is NOT in my Right Click Pop up Munu. Just "Paste" Appears there.

A Friend also has Office XP and His is in the right click Menu. It was on the computer when he bought it and had no idea how / why paste special is in the Right Click Menu - He has always just taken in for granted.

I have read the Paste Special Threads here - and Searched Excel Help and find no reference to my quest.

Does Anyone know how to put it there ?


I am using Office 2003 Pro on a Windows XP computer. I suddenly cannot copy
and paste between Excel workbooks. The function works fine within the
workbook and also between Excel and other applications. I have tried running
Excel in safe mode but have the same problem. I have used the repair function
of Office and have also uninstalled and reinstalled Excel but still have the
same problem.
I switch between workbooks by just clicking on the task bar.
If I have the Office Clipboard open, I can use that to paste to the other
workbook but cannot utilize the paste special commands.
Thanks for any help you can give.

This problem just started recently, so I wonder if is the result of an auto update done to Excel 2003.

When I copy one or more cells in one worksheet, then change worksheets the paste functions are not available. This is true no matter which method I try to use - right click, toolbar, or menu. It also happens when I copy from one workbook, open another, and change pages in the new workbook. If I copy from one workbook, open another workbook and don't change pages or selections it works just as it always has done. I can copy and paste within the same worksheet with no problems.

I can use the clipboard to perform the copy and paste, but the problem with that is that it pastes the value of a formula, not the formula.

I have noticed a similar problem in workbooks where my boss put some VBA code in to highlight the first and top cells of the column and row you are in. In that case, when you go back to the copied cell it is no longer in copy status. In these workbooks I can still copy within the same sheet with no problem.

Thank you in advance for any help that anyone can provide. I am an intermediate user and don't know much VBA, so please be patient if the answer is complicated and I have to ask more questions.


For one my workbooks, I have a requirement where, I want to modify the regular "paste" operation in such a way that it acts as "Paste Special->Values". The context is that - In the worksheets, I have several conditional formats being used which are different in different columns, and I want to avoid formatting getting messed up when a copy paste is done across columns or a copy is done from a different workbook. But, I want to let the user to copy the basic data because, otherwise it would be inconvenient in situations like, when a whole list needs to be copied from another source file into this workbook.

So, is there a way to modify the paste operation as long as I am on that workbook (being done through the mouse of key-board) to actually act as "Paste Special->Values" automatically?

In my search till now, I haven't come across an event like "BeforePaste" to handle such a thing. I am hoping there are other ways to do this!

[It is the regular copy-paste that the user usually uses and messes up (unknowingly) the format, hence this requirement. I want to still retain "Paste Special" since, if the user wants to copy-paste along with the format intentionally, he/she can always select "Paste Special->All". ]

We have devoloped a very huge web application for General Motors. The problem we are facing here, whenever we tried to copy either the label or value from the screen (struts with jsp) and paste it in microsoft excel, then try to access the application, the session is getting expired.
This happens only when we copy and paste the content in microsoft excel and not in any other editor like notepad etc.

The following are true
- you have a webapplication with a user session.
- if you select and copy text in your browser, everything is okay
- if you paste it into notepad, you can continue surfing
- if you paste it into excel, your session expires

But it work fines when you could work by using Paste Special, instead of Paste. When you do Paste Special, it gives you a menu of all the types of data on the clipboard. If you choose something simple like plain text or HTML, the problem might go away

how to solve the issue by using paste option instead of paste special?. Why this is not happening in other web application like yahoo, google and etc


Hello folks,

I can't believe I cannot find a solution to this problem somewhere on the Internet, but alas. I want to do something very simple:

1. Copy to the clipboard the contents of a cell in Excel, formatted as Currency.
2. Alt-Tab to a web browser
3. Paste the value WITH NO FORMATTING into an edit control.

For example, I copy the value 25000 (formatted to look like $25,000 by Excel) to the clipboard, then when I paste it into the browser edit field it appears with the dollar sign, commas, and some spaces thrown in for good measure.

Is there no way to make Excel copy only the value to the Windows clipboard with no formatting?

Yes, I know about Paste Special for pasting without the formatting. But I want to paste in an app that knows nothing of Paste Special.

Thanks in advance

I'm having a problem with the Paste Special functionality. Basically, I want to copy and paste special (values). But when I get to the paste special screen, I get a dialog box that tells me to paste as object. For some reason it thinks I've copied an object when I copied a cell or a range of cells.

This happens only across workbooks. I can paste special (values) just fine from within the same workbook.

Anybody else saw this problem before? I'm suspecting this problem could be related to last week when I tweaked Excel to be able to open two different Windows side-by-side with these instructions:

Any help would be much appreciated!

I have been trying to use paste special-value function to copy a large amont of data from one workbook to another workbook. It worked perfectly fine until today. When I click 'paste special', the paste special window is different, treating the data I am trying to copy as pictures, with pictures,bitmap etc to choose from but no 'value' option. Is there any way to fix it?


I have googled this for a while, and found very few results on the topic. Probably, this is something people find rather obvious, or they do not copy charts formats that often. Or I am using wrong keywords.

The problem is simple: there is one chart in the worksheet that I would like to use as a basis for all other existing charts.

So I am looking for a way to copy all formats (axis formats, title formats, graph formats, etc). In Excel 2002, there was paste special, but it seems to be gone in 2007. I copy one chart, right click another; but there is only "Cut, Copy, Paste, Reset to Match Style, etc.). No paste special And predominant Google concesus advise to use "Paste Special". How do I do this? Did they remove Paste Special, or simply moved it somewhere else?

I have been copying form excel and using paste special to paste links into power point. The problem is, now when I try to copy and paste special in excel, it only gives me the option to paste links. I can't figure out how to paste special for values, column widths, etc.. Why did this happen and how can I fix it?

I have a spreadsheet where sometimes people copy information over from a
previous worksheet. Problem is it sometimes stops the formulas working
because it gives a bad reference. Is there any way of programming so that
when the spreadsheet is open and the user goes to copy and paste that when
they paste it does a paste special and only paste the values without them
haveing to go into paste special?

I want them to be able to copy and paste cell values without it also copying and pasting the validation. This is because I have different validation settings for every single cell, and don't want to change those everytime I copy and paste. I know that you can use paste special to paste values without validations, but that will get tedious, and it doesn't seem to work anyway - when I paste special the value then its as if the paste special overrides whatever validation criteria I was using. Is there a setting or a trick to be able to paste values only all the time without using paste special, AND when I paste values only I dont want it to override the validation I have set? For example, if I have validation set for only allowing numbers between 0 and 2 and input 54 manually an error message occurs of course, but if I copy and paste special the number 54 into the cell it then allows that to happen despite setting validation to only allow numbers between 0 and 2, and despite pasting special values only.

I'm pretty new to Visual Basic and it appears I have learned just enough to get myself into trouble. I was trying to secure a document by disabling cut, copy, and paste functions, and now I can't quite seem to get them to work again.

I have recovered my copy and paste functionality, but can not get the paste-special option to reappear. I tried searching for a solution but the closest I found was in the following thread:

Anyone have suggestions that might get me back on track?

I recently started at a new company and notice a wierd issue ith Excel 2003.

When I first go into the edit menu after copying something, instead of paste special being there, I instead have paste picture link. if i leave and go back to the edit menu the paste special option reappears.

This is more than mildly annoying as I have Alt+E ,S,V/T/F hardwired into my brain, and it fails to work, due to this.

If anyone knows how to fix this I'd really appreciate it.

(and yes customized menus are disabled)


Can someone please provide me with a way to throw a message each time paste is used in a sheet? I have a workbook with multiple sheets and I wish to disable paste (just paste, not cut/copy) on that particular sheet only and enforce the users to use Paste Special (Text) instead. Also, each time they try to use paste, a message should show up asking them to use Paste Special instead. Is this possible?

If paste cannot be disabled for just one sheet, then I'd be content with allowing them to use paste but would still like to have a message box asking them to use paste special instead each time they use paste.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in anticipation..

I have a number of control spreadsheets which my users paste data into daily. Despite asking them to only paste special values to preserve the formats, they often forget and the spreadsheet requires reformatting.

Is there anyway when they open the control spreadsheet I can reassign paste or CTRL-V to paste special values. I've searched long and hard and found a solution for excel 2003 but nothing that seems to work in Excel 2007.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am generating an estimate. The estimate has 3 parts to it. I will copy the necessary pieces from each part and paste them into an estimate tab.

Each part has different column widths. So, The top part fits 7-8 smaller columns across 1 page (trying to keep it on one width of a page). The next section has 1 small and one large column that fits across. The third section has about 4-5 that fits across.
So if I try to past them below the other sections I run into a formatting nightmare.

My solutions which should work is to just copy and paste special as an image the bottom two sections. I know how big they are so I can move to the appropriate cell to paste the next.

Problem - You can not copy and paste special "Enhanced Metafile." I tried it. The only way it works is if you paste special over in word or powerpoint then bring it back. Kind of stupid.
I dont want to open up other applications for this if at all possible. Excel can do it, its just not allowing me to.

I thought about merging cells etc., but that would get to be cumbersome. Paste Special would work fine ...if it worked.

Any ideas?

Hi, I have a problem sometimes with the paste special options when going from one excel workbook to another. For example, sometimes when I copy data from one workbook and then paste special into another, I get the options that include: All, formulas, values, formats, has the option to transpose the data and paste link among other options. And then sometimes I try and paste data to another workbook and I end up the paste special options: Bitmap Image Object, picture, bitmap, and I also lose the ability to paste link. Well you can do it, but it puts it in as an object.

What I want is the first paste special option I described. Is there a setting to change? The data is nothing special I'm usually copying over, just normal excel entries.

Thanks in advance.

My copy and paste functions are not working.
For example:
If I Open a new work-book
type the word "hello"
Copy it
Move 2 cells down and paste
It pastes "hello" - great
Move down two futher cells
Paste again
I get a large, empty picture box

(which ever methods of copy and paste I use I get the same problem, if
I go for paste special only the picture paste options are available)

This is now happening more often that not and is driving me just a bit
potty - any help please?

I hope someone can help me..
I am trying to copy, paste special and save worksheets from a large workbook into separate workbooks. I also need to have the workbooks saved with the original name of the tab as their file name. The original workbook must be maintained. The boss wants to see the values not the formulas in the separate workbooks (paste special).

Any direction that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!!! I am new at writing macros and am lost on this one....

This is what I have written.
It copies and pastes everything (not special "values") and saves the workbooks but, for the life of me I can not figure out how to make the paste special for the values only.


Sub CreateWorkbooks()
Dim wbThis As Workbook
Dim wbNew As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim strFilename As String
Set wbThis = ThisWorkbook
For Each ws In wbThis.Worksheets
strFilename = wbThis.Path & "/" & ws.Name
Set wbNew = ActiveWorkbook
wbNew.SaveAs strFilename
Next ws
End Sub

Does anyone know of a way to replace 'Copy-Paste' with 'Copy- Paste Special -Paste Values'?

Ideally, 'Copy-Paste' shoud be disabled and 'Copy- Paste Special -Paste Values' would be the default option.

Is this even do-able?

Any ideas?

I have several different spreadsheets, which are continually being updated.
One thing i do is to copy 4 columns from each row of data, then paste special values only to another sheet.

This works fine most times, but annoyingly sometimes instead of getting the usual paste special menu, i am given a different menu for paste special which includes paste as unicode,text etc etc. whichever option i choose it then posts the entire row of data which contains over 60 columns instead of just the 4 i copied??

Why does this happen, how can i avoid this please?
Many thanks