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How Do I Create Lorenz Curve In Excel????

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How do i create Lorenz curve in Excel? I dont find it! I have Excel 97. Is it
possible that there isnt such option on this version? Or its there under
another name? I could find it under Chart wizard in another version. Please
help, i would need it urgently!


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I need help in plotting the data in the attached Excel sheet(sheet1).The data n a lorenz curve plot on the right is given(pls scroll right and scroll down a bit as well...).In the data table, the lorenz curve has been drawn from the data taken from column Nos. 3,4 , 6 &7. the diagonal line is called the equality line which can be drawn by giving dummy values to both x and y axis. i want to understand the steps by which the shown curve has been plotted using the given data.(We picked this data and corr diag from one of the study notes) I and my friend tried it using bar graph and then using pivot table to do it. But this graph is not coming up
Would be great if someone can tell me the "steps" to plot the shown graph using the data given.This is required by my Dad who is working on his thesis and I kinda promised him a solution for this. Positive that some gurus can help me thru with this

P.S: Kindly suggest the steps for Excel 2003 version


I am trying to make a quintile distribution of only 16 data points. The information is 16 countries and their per capita income. I have them sorted highest to lowest but I'm having trouble making the quintile distribution. After that I want to make a Lorenz curve with the data. Is there an easy way to do this in excel?



I am trying to create a lorenz curve using a pivot table. In the lorenz curve I need the value of the individual (unique) customers as a precentage of the total count of (unique) customers. Only problem is that some of the indivudual customers have more than one registration in the system. When i use calcultated fiels e.g customer/customer (to get 1) the total is also calculates as e.g (4500/4500) and i get 1.

Is there any way to get the sum of the calcutalted fields in a pivot? or a smart workaround. Or some other smart tricks i can use. I have also tried to do a own field in the indatatable where i use =1/counta(customers). But this doesn't work since i want to look at spesific (different) time periods.

Hope my question is somewhat understandable.

Hey all,

I am trying to plot the Lorenz curve.

X axis is labelled as "Number of Firms"

Y axis is labelled as "Cumulative size of firms"

Here are the datas:

Firm 1: 100
Firm 2: 200
Firm 3: 300
Firm 4: 400
Firm 5: 500
Firm 6: 600
Firm 7: 700

Could you also show all the steps of plotting the graph in details please?


Can you create the bell curve for a z-score in excel 2003? I don't see it as an option in the chart wizard.



Hi I have a detailed listing of health care claims (by social security number) for an organization. I want to create a bell curve (statistic curve) that will show the mean (average health care claim amount) and the standard deviations that create the curve. Does anyone know how to create this bell curve.

Thanks a lot,

Is there a way to make sure that a text box moves with a curve on a chart? For example, I have a text box on the chart that is a label for a given curve. But if I modify the curve, the text box will no longer point it properly. Is there a way to create an association between the two?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to produce a Lorenz Curve - if anyone has a good book on statistics handy, would be nice if you could look up what I mean

Anyway, what I have is the following table:

F G 4 0,42 0,063 5 0,60 0,135 6 0,78 0,270 7 0,94 0,550 8 1,00 1,000
Excel Tabellen im Web darstellen >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

Now I need a line graph with the values of Column F on the x-axis, starting from the 0 / 0 point of the chart rising to 1

a straight line going from 0/0 to 1/1

The y axis should show the values in Column G and be ideally on the right...

Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve that with XL 2007 on XP ?

Ok, I may be doing something really dumb, but I can't figure out how to create a chart that plots a curve when I have the (x,y) position for each line on the curve. Excel tries to create the X-axis for me based on a linear scale of it's own. Can anyone help me?

X Y 0 175 42 160 82 140 119 120 144 100 168 80 186 60 198 40 207 20 210 0



Hi all,

Newbie to this forum, but need some excel help. I have collected a bunch of data from an object as it heats up. The curve is very similar to a capacitor charging current curve. In my case, manually trying to approximate this curve, I come up with a formula of y= (rise)*(1-exp(-time))+ambient. Is there a way in excel to fit a curve like this or do I need an aftermarket solution? I need something that will use the data points and perform calculations to determine the curve.



Hello Everyone,

I am having hard time to create the bell curve. I have sorted the data (please see the attached file) according to the ditribution (only the green marked data) and I believe I will have to use different formulas to create the column graph and the curve.

I would appreciate it a lot if someone could take a look at this an advise, how to do it. I have already spend couple of hours researching how to do this but it seems to be quiet complex. Is there an easy way to create that type of chart?


I'm filtering through all of the chart options and I am not sure if excel offers a method to create some sort of bell-curve chart.

I have data like:
Sales Units/Store

And I would like to create a bell curve based on the data. Does excel offer me a solution? Any help would be appreciated!

If I have a limited number of data points and create a graph with the data (e.g., bell curve, normal distribution, etc.), is there something in Excel that will return all of the data points based on the curve?

For example, if I have 6 monthly data points (e.g., 5, 10, 30, 12, 7, 2) over a period of 12 months and I create a line curve, is there a function that will return all the data points for the remaining months? Also, if I smoothed the curve or did a trendline, I would get different data...


I have created a scatter graph with a regression curve to fit. The y axis data ranges from 0 to 1. How would I, for example, find the x value that corresponds to the y value of 0.5 according to the regression curve (it is a curve, not a straight line)?

In Excel, I am drawing normal distribution charts (your typical
bell-shaped curve) using a column of x values and a column of y values,
and selecting x-y chart selection with smoothed line. I need to shade a
portion of the area under the chart (typically from one x value to the
other). Is there some way in Excel's tools to generate a pattern fill
under the curve, between specified x limits? Now, I'm just using
Excel's drawing tool , Autoshapes, Freeform line, and trying to create
an area that just exactly fits under the curve, but it's difficult to
get all the points to line up under the curve correctly.
I can, of course, shade any closed area made with the drawing
tool, but how to shade part of the area under the normal curve?



I can't seem to find a way of plotting a simple normal distribution curve from a basic set of data. I've created a histogram but playing through the chart options in excel can't find a normal distribution curve. Probably have to add more to the frequencies (SD, Mean etc) which is fine, but can't seem to plot nicely in graphical format

Attached example.

Help is always appreciate as ever.



My boss asked me to create belt curve chart. I am a bit confused either my types data can be used to build belt curve which known as Normal distribution

Can anyone help me?

SCORE RANGE ------------2013 2014

< 3.0 -----------------------150 115
≥ 3 and ≤ 3.5--------------220 280
≥ 3.5 and ≤ 4.0-----------150 210
> 4.0 -----------------------30 60

Help! I have created a bell curve that shows me payment distribution for our sales force compensation. The bell curve works beautifully, however, I would also like to show in this same chart the budgeted average as well as the actual average. I am currently using the rectangle shape in the drawing toolbar to manually input the bars that represent these two data points. I was wondering if there is any way to have excel automatically chart these along with my bell curve.

I have an example that I can send if that helps.


I am trying to create a bell curve graff, firstly to reflect the standard IQ bell curve but then to overlay it using results captured from an IQ study I am conducting. Can anybody help?

How do I find the equation of given data sets and their curve? How to fit the curve in excel 2007?

a B
0.0625 0.179
0.1250 0.484
0.1875 0.626
0.2500 0.735
0.3125 0.802
0.3750 0.838
0.4375 0.882
0.5000 0.907
0.5625 0.938
0.6250 0.963
0.6875 0.977
0.7500 0.999
0.8125 1.022
0.8750 1.041
0.9375 1.053
1.0000 1.066

I have a spreadsheet with 53 rows, representing referrals. We track how long each referral took to resolve. It ranges from 30 minutes to an occasional high of 40 hours or more. I got my average times, median time, and Standard Deviation. I would like to display this as a bell curve so hat I can show the distribution. How do I create a bell curve chart? thanks

I use chromotography(GPC) in my research. This gives bell shaped curve. To compare two cuvres, I need area under the curve. Can any one teach me the way of calculating area under the curve in excel worksheet?(The curve will be in the shape of "Normal distriubution" shape).

Please help


Please see the attached two curves which i want to transfer to excel to automate my
calculations, i made a try in the attached workbook and i need your advice and comments

for the first curve
having t,x i got y
now, is what i have done is true and accurate (using the linear equation) or there a best fit polynomial or other way to do that
I tried LINEST on the rows A3 to A8 if i complete to A33 will it differ or be more accurate
if i have t=12 (or any value between 0,30 which have no exact values on the attached curve) and x =14.5 for example how can i interpolate to find y

with the same x i got y in the curve in the second sheet
is my polynomial is accurate , is there a better way
thanks in advance

I there any way, throgh commands or programming to have cells controlled by some kind of curve widget?
I would like to have a cells colum to reflect the Y values of a curve that I could manipulate with the mouse. Basically the opposite of what and excel chart can do very easily.

Thank you in advance.


can any one help me with customising a bell curve using excel. i already made a bell curve using sample data from microsofts help articles but i do not know how to shade/fill color inside the curve. is it actually possible using excel?