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How Do I Transfer Data From Notepad To Excel?

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I transferred a file from a database that will only save reports in Notepad.
I then, cut and paste the data into Excel. However all of the info is merged
into one cell. How can I format this data, so that it will be a simple
worksheet with more than one cell? i.e. Name, SSN, Home address should all be
in different cells

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Similar Topics

I have a lot of data in a notepad file. This data contains information I
need to create a database. I want to put it in a Excel worksheet b/f I
transfer it into Access. The notepad file contains various information
packed up together, but seperated by comma's. All the information is in the
same order on the notepad file (For ex. MLS #, Address, City, St., Zip Code,
etc...). I was wondering if Excel 2003 canl search through the file, and
filter the different types of data I need from the ones I don't. Then insert
the data in a spreadsheet which will organize it according to its particular

I'm not exactly a newbie at excel macros but not an expert....

I was wondering if there is a way to open up a given program (notepad in my example) ..paste data from cells copied in excel and save the notepad file to a specific location and close it out??
The file path will be given from a data cell in excel as well as the file name.

From searching the forums i've come up with the way to open notepad
using the lines

Dim RetVal As Variant
RetVal = Shell("C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\notepad.exe")

any help would be very much appriciated!!! Thanks

Hi guys, please could you help save me some time.

This is basically what i have:

250 folders (i folder per customer), each with 27 (months of info) notepad files, I need to write a macro which can open each notepad file for each customer then copy and paste the data into a different worksheet in a spreadsheet.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Cheers guys


I have a workbook with a bunch of live data feeds. 2 columns need to be exported to notepad as .zr0 & .zr1 files. Is there a way to copy the selected range, open & paste into notepad, then save the notepad file with a filename based on a cell reference?

I'm sure this is a fairly complicated process but I haven't had any luck in researching the topic because it seems as though the related posts on here are for people who want all kinds of wacky stuff done (ie. not saving, strictly to print, creating a shell and destroying the file... not my intention)

Just looking for some guidance on a simple macro to copy a range, paste it into notepad, save file with name based on a cell in the same column (will overwrite each time the macro is run).

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



I'm trying to write a macro that does the following:

1. Copy a range of cells from excel
2. Open Notepad
3. Paste, Select All and Copy
4. Return to excel worksheet and paste
5. Close Notepad

Could anyone advise me how you go about coding for closing Notepad please ?!?!?! I dont need to save .txt file once I've pasted back into excel.

Many thanks,

I need help completing a macro.

I need to copy data from an excel worksheet into a notepad file on a daily basis.
The data from excel changes modestly from day to day and I need to completely update (replace) the contents of the notepad file everytime I run the macro.

So far I have:

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This does a great job of copying the correct data from excel, opening notepad, and pasting the data into notepad.
But...What I need is it to replace everything that is already in the data100.txt document.

I thought that if I could force notepad to "select all" by inserting SendKeys "^A" like this:

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that the paste would replace the existing data. But it isn't. It only pastes the new data after the existing data.
After the paste I also need to save & close the notepad file.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am very new to VBA and have struggeled with this for most of the day.

Hi guys, please could you help save me some time.

This is basically what i have:

250 folders (I folder per customer), each with 27 (months of info) notepad files, I need to write a macro which can open each notepad file for each customer then copy and paste the data into a different worksheet in a spreadsheet.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Cheers guys


Hi. Grateful if anyone can help. I have a notepad file which has 4 columns of data that were pasted into it from some database. How to I convert/paste that to excel so all the column in notepad fit in different columns in Excel. Currently when you past from notepad to excel it pastes all 4 column into one cell instead of 4. Grateful for somehelp.

is it possible to create a macro to run on an excel sheet that will open a notepad file and do a loop.... example copy lines 1 thru 10 on notepad... go to excel file A1 and paste.... go to notepad lines 11 thru 20 and copy .... go to excel B1 and paste.

basically create some sort of copy loop where you can set it to copy blocks of 10 from notepad and paste in excel sheet where each block of 10 from notepad file goes in the cells a1:A10, B1:B10, C1:C10.... ETC until it ends on notepad (ex... notepad file has 50 lines so set the copy paste loop to end when it reaches 51)


I am triyng to paste a range in a notepad and then save this notepad as an xml file

So far I have:


Sub test()
    'The  range that contains the values
    'Start Notepad And let it receive focus
    Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
    'Send the keys CTRL+V To Notepad (i.e the window that has focus)
    SendKeys "^V"
End Sub

How can I now save this notepad as an XML file (for example: test.xml)


My current macro, copies range of rows from a sheet, and puts it into Notepad.

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I seek help to save the notepad file to a specific location on Drive, say C:\ABC\Note1.txt

Each time, the notepad file would be overwritten.

Thanks in Advance.


I'm having problems with date formats when using a macro to copy selected data to a new workbook and then save as a CSV file.

I've attached the macro to this post so you can see what is going on. Pushing the button will copy the contents of the first sheet of the macro workbook into a new workbook, and save as a CSV file with a specific filename, in a specific location.

What I need is for the contents of Column C (currently in format MMMYY) to be converted to "MMM-YY" format in the saved CSV file. (I've attached a reduced version of the macro for security reasons as it contains sensitive data but, the retrieval of the data in the macro is from another system and the date format retrieved is as in this file).

To verify the date format of the generated CSV file, i've been opening the file in notepad. A database app will be reading in the file so it is imperative that the date format is correctly represented in notepad. However, it isn't. Notepad shows the date as MMMYY.
However, if you open the generated CSV file in excel, the date format is displayed correctly.

The only way I can get the correct date format to display in notepad is to open the CSV file in Excel, re-save the file and accept the dialogue box that pops up warning me that some formatting may be lost if the file is saved in CSV format.

Hoping someone can help!

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Hi all

Everyday system generates a notepad with the information.. from the notepad i ve to copy paste the info to the excel manually.

Can a code be written where (after downloading information to the excel from the notepad) it automatically fill the information in the excel.

For your reference i ve attached both notepad and excel with dummy datas.
(how i do manually)

I am trying to copy data from an excel sheet and I want to paste it into note pad and save it on c drive. Is there a way to write a macro to do that task? Basically copy the data from excel, then open notepad and paste it there, save the notepad in txt extension on the hard drive.

Hi I have an interesting problem (I think at least). I have two macros. The first one gets a file name and worksheet name. Then it calls the second macro which opens up notepad (with the specified file name) and pastes the information in excel. The problem that occurs is when I call the second macro more then once in a row from the first macro. It runs great the first time but then problems occur as it tries to run the macro again. (Some times it just closes my excel file with prompting me to save). Calling any of the files works on an individual basis (I've tried for all three). I've erased some of the code due to privacy issues but path location is identical for all three files. Here is the code.


Sub Update()

Call Notepad("survey_fistp_en", "FISTP Data")
Call Notepad("mco_csrm_en", "MCO Data")
Call Notepad("survey_manager_en", "Manager Data")

End Sub

Sub Notepad(Name_of_File, Name_of_Worksheet)

RetVal = Shell("C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe \\[Path location]" & Name_of_File & ".Asc ", 1)
SendKeys "^a", 10000
SendKeys "^c", 10000
SendKeys "%{F4}{TAB}~"
Workbooks("TLC Comment Reports").Worksheets(Name_of_Worksheet).Range("A5").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll

End Sub

Is it possible to attach files?

I need to export specific cells from a row in a specific format into a notepad file and then save it as nameoffile.uai

Each row is a different entry in the notepad file.

All details are attached, with a further explanation.

The format.uai file gives an example of the format in which the export is to be made in.

Im very unfamiliar with VB so all i can really do is copy and paste code.

Any help at all would be appreciated.


Dear All,

Is it possible to export excel data into Notepad?

Or is it possible to open a notepad file inside a macro and paste excel contents into that file?

Any help will be appreciated..



What I need to do is move a list of data in an excel worksheet to Notepad. The data is 16 numbers long, but the Notepad needs to be left justified to 19 characters. I can't figure out a way to move spaces over to notepad. I don't know if there is a solution, but any help is appreciated.


I have a rather simple test (procedurally), but I can't seem to write the correct macro. I have a spreadsheet which outputs XML code based on a value I enter in a given cell (then auto-populating the changing lines in the XML code).

The final step that I want to accomplish is to simply Copy the XML code from excel, open notepad, paste the XML Code and then save it as a .xml

I really use Dreamweaver to open and edit the XML files, but of course saving it as an XML in notepad is just the same. I have the macro written that opens the files in a specific folder, populates the cell that directs the XML code changes...the only part I am missing is the Copy/Paste and Save As XML.

Any ideas?!

Hi guys,

I have two questions as follows,

1.) I have used a "sum" function to sum few coloumns. For few of the coloumns the sum function result is "0". However, some of the zeroes are showing as negatives i.e. (0.00) and some of the them are showing as positives i.e. 0.00. I tried to figure it out but was not able to. Although, not a big deal. But I thought it is still good to know why?
Does anyone has the answer.?

2.) Recently, I am encountering a problem with my notepad format is changed to Excel. Whenever, I open my notepad it opens in Exce format rather than "text" format. Therefore, everytime I have to open my notepad I have to right clik and choose the option "open with...notepad".
This is a recent phenomena. Prior to this whenever I used to open my notepad it always open in text format. I do not know what caused it.

Similary, I used to save data files from an external program and used to save it as "txt" format. I, then, used to right clik and open these files by choosing Excel format. This way I used to see all the data comes in one coloumn. However, something has changed here as well. So, whenever I open the "txt" file by choosing Excel option it automatically breaks the data into different coloumns. I don't know how it happened.
Does anybody know what happens here and how can I change back to my default setting where my data should remain intact in one coloum. I do not want to have my data automatically broken down into coloumns without having me to decide where to break it.

Any help will be appreciated.


I am sure this is easy but I need some help.

I want to:
1. Open Notepad using my VBA macro
2. Paste data from a specific Excel cell to the text file
3. Copy data from a range and paste that after the previous data in the text file.
4. Name the text file and save it in a directory.
5. Close the text file

any suggestions?



I'm using the following code to copy columns of data in a worksheet of mine. The code once activated will open "notepad" and copy the columns of data in my excel worksheet. Here is the code: Code:

Sub notepad()
    'The  range that contains the values
    'Start Notepad And let it recieve focus
    Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
    'Send the keys CTRL+V To Notepad (i.e the window that has focus)
    SendKeys "^V"
End Sub

Could anyone help me (if it is possible) to edit this code so that after the data is copied in notepad that the notepad document will be saved automatically as "Analysis.txt" and then placed on the C drive closing notepad and leaving my excel spreasheet still visible? Any suggestions and or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to simplify some time consuming elements with this code. Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I am saving an excel worksheet as a csv file. There is data in columns A to F and then nothing until column T which has some data.

I delete cells from G1 to T26 and then save the file as a CSV. When i open the CSV file using notepad, i get a long list of commas after the last entry e.g.

column A data, column B data,column F data,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are 13 commas, which is basically one for every column until T. But i've already deleted all the info in those columns.

Does anybody know how i can get rid of the extra commas?


John Mc

I am having 1 excel with mulitiple rows for GEFU upload.I am also having a macro which takes all records from excel and create a notepad file and paste it in a notepad file.
Now my issue is even if there are 1000's of record only one notepad file is created.What i want is my code should take only 1000 record from xcel and create a notepad file for that 1000 record and so on. it means if there are 5000 record 5 notepad file should be created and there are 5500 then 6 notepad file should be created.
What i want is a code which counts number of record in a xcel and select record in a multiple of 1000's.

Please find attached file of mu code.
Please help me and please revert's urgent.

Niraj Parekh

Hi all,

This is going to sound like a strange request, but I want a macro to basically copy some text into a blank notepad document.

So for example, if I wanted to copy cells A1 to A12 it would literally just copy the text and paste it into a new notepad document.

The reason for doing this is due to my ongoing lazyness I'm gonna make a spreadsheet that basically writes all my notes for me now, but copying it into notepad will remove any formatting (cell layout) and font formatting before I copy it into the database I have to enter this information into. I've chosen notepad too because I know as it's a base windows component (mostly) it'll be installed on any machine I use, while Word probably won't be.

I'm pretty sure this is possible as I've seen data copied to Word no problem, just wondering what the best way for doing this is?