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Change Screen Tip On Hyperlink Entered As Formula

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Dear All

I have a Hyperlink which appears in a cell as a result of an IF statement in that cell. Is there a way of either suppressing or changing the text in the Screen Tip box so that it does not show the path to the link location on hover ?

Also is there a way of being able to follow the link without having the cell unlocked on a protected sheet ?

Any help much appreciated

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Dear All.
I have a Hyperlink which appears in a cell as a result of an IF statement in that cell. Is there a way of either suppressing or changing the text in the Screen Tip box so that it does not show the path to the link location on hover ? I ask this question on this forum as I assume that any method will involve VBA
Any help much appreciated

Please note.... I have now Posted this thread on Excel General... So any Replies there please... Thanks

Hello all,

I have a formula like below with a HYPERLINK function inside an IF statement.

=IF(A3="red",HYPERLINK("","GOOGLE"),"no link")

When cell A3 = red, the link works perfectly. However, when A3 does not equal red, the cell with this formula still appears as if it is a hyperlink. I get the hyperlink cursor when I hover over the cell, and when I click the cell I get an error message stating that the address of the site is not valid.

Is there any way to get rid of this error? If I write the formula like below I don't get the error, but this doesn't give me the result that I want.



Excel 2003

Hi there
Have got a before follow hyperlink event

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
End Sub

What I want to do is capture the active cell reference on the active sheet before the hyper link is activated.

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
CurrAddr = activecell.address
End Sub

CurrAddr returns where the hyper link is linked to not where it was.

I want to be able users to click the hyperlink to a help screen and click another to get back where they were. Hyperlink seems to default to cell A1. Have an idea the option to specify the specific cell is in the insert hyperlink dialog box somewhere.


I am adding screen shots to separate sheets then copy the picture location and paste a hyperlink in the document which results in
file:///\\server_name\share_name\subfolder\excel_file_name\sheetname\cell location.

I would like to add a link that is relative just to this spreadsheet so when I send the spreadsheet to someone else all the links are local to the spreadsheet.
How do I create a link that is excel_file_name\sheetname\cell location? When I click edit hyperlink I don't have access to the full path.

I use place in this document when I create the link and pick the sheet and cell and then give it a descriptive name.


Sample Hardware Panel Order Form.xlsx

Hi all,

I'm using the HYPERLINK function to assign a link to a set of cells throughout the workbook. Is there a way to disable the automatic control tip text that appears on every hyperlink? Usually any cell with a hyperlink shows the link path when you scroll over it. I'm not using VB for this workbook either.



Is there a way to disable the information that appears in a little tool-tip pop up (telling me to click to follow the link) when I hover the mouse pointer over a hyperlink in a cell?


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a basic hyperlink that will take a user to a specific location in a workbook and give them the same display every time.

The problem is that if a hyperlink on Sheet 1 points to Sheet 2 Cell T239 then the display of that cell depends where the previously selected cell in Sheet 2 was. T239 could end up at the top, bottom, left or right of the screen.

I've searched and found this VBA solution but I'd really like to avoid using VBA if possible.

The other option I tried was to hyperlink to named ranges, which would be ideal if it didn't highlight the whole range at the same time.

At first I wondered if a hyperlink could go to two places at once ... e.g. click the link in Sheet 1, go to Sheet 2 Cell A1, then Sheet 2 Cell T239 straight away?

Any help greatly appreciated!

I have an excel sheet which is filled with hyperlinks to other excel documents.

If I hover over any of the hyperlinks, they look like this:


if I right click a hyperlink and go to 'edit hyperlink' it appears liks this:


I have a macro that needs to traverse all these hyperlinks and access the files themselves. However, when I access the cell's hyperlink value via the VBA code I get the 2nd format, and the macro isn't able to open the link.

I am retrieving the hyperlink address using the following:

log.Worksheets(1).Range(hyperlinkCol & i).Hyperlinks(1).Address

Is there anyway that I can retrieve the hyperlink in the full UNC format that I'm seeing when I hover over the hyperlink?

This is killing me, I have about 1800 hyperlinks that I need to use to pull data from each sheet.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to allows the user to follow a link contained in a protected cell?

There should be: a hand appears to show a link can be followed, but a click does no good....

I really need this....
(I am the file administrator, so I can change all settings... but the cell needs to be locked.)

Thanx a zillion times to whoever answers this...

This HAS to be a simple fix.... Could not find a string with this solution in it yet.

Trying to set up a hyperlink to reference another location in the same sheet.
Used the example in Excel as a model to set this up so placed this formula in cell B1:
this defaults to =hyperlink(Sheet1!a1,"LINK") since Book1 is the current wb.
clicking on "link" in cell B1 produces "Cannot open specified file" error.
I need the hyperlink to be dynamic, so I can't use the CTRL+K hyperlink function.

Thanks in advance for any help

How to make hyperlink work if link location is a value at cell c2 which correspond to worksheet name?

I.e spreadsheet "main" value of a2 = hyperlink(c2, name) , value of c2 = test1!a1 .

clicking a2 jump to spreadsheet "test1 (cell a1)"

hyperlink(link location, friendly name)

Hi all,

I have a question about hyperlink function. All the answers I can find on the internet is like =hyperlink("","My Link").

What I really need to do is we created a series of URL in one column and we tried to make the URL click-able.

For example, I have an URL in cell A1 and I want to have a hyperlink in cell B1. When I tried either =hyperlink("A1","My Link") or =hyperlink(A1,"My Link") and that did not work.

Dose anybody have any idea about how to do it?


Hi - My excel file is a shared file sitting on a sharepoint server. It has about 30 summary lines at the top (call it orders with an order number) and below are clusters of detail lines showing the progress of those orders. I want a hyperlink "THING" to click on the order number to jump down to the detail and another link to click back to the summary.
When I put a hyperlink in and hover the mouse over that link shows the full https: path to the server copy. Clicking on the link tries to open another server copy and not just moving the focus to the cell in the one checked out on my PC. I have tried various things (using names, trying to hand code the HYPERLINK() to put in references from other functions etc) Nothing has worked. I also have problems when inserting new rows when the hyperlink seems to point at an absolute cell. I would like to get some sort of hyperlink working which did not look outside the spread sheet to its file/directory/server location and worked when I inserted/ deleted rows in the sheet.

Is there a way of retaining link to a new cell address in a Hyperlink if a row or column is inserted

for example i have a link to cell aa5 if the user inserts a column the hyperlink just links to the now aa5 empty cell and not to ab5 the new location of the data


I'm trying to solve the following problems with hyperlinks in Excel:

1) When I have two hyperlinks in a cell, I would like to be able to optionally go to these 2 links separately. Either I click on the cell and there's an option to go to one of the 2 links, or when I click on a different part of the cell I get a different hyperlink re-direction. Can this be done?

2) When I have an hyperlink in a cell mixed with non-linking texts, I would like to not follow the hyperlink automatically whenever I click the cell. Perhaps only if I click on the portion of the cell that contains the link?

3) This is not a problem but something I am currently able to do: Make the hyperlink in a cell have the hyperlink format (underlined blue), but the rest of the text remains in their own format. When I click on the cell, I follow the hyperlink.

For all intents and purposes let's assume hyperlinks are URLs only.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I'm sure this is simple but i'll be darned if i can find out how, is there anyway to not display the actual path of a hyperlink, ie when you hover over the link the path does not come up?

Thanks in advance


I have set up a handfull of hyperlinks at the top of a worksheet so that it can allow the user to efficiently navigate around the worksheet, but I have run in to a bit of a formatting issue.

When I click on a hyperlink that requires the cursor to move "up" the worksheet (i.e. if I am in row 4,000 and I click on a hyperlink to bring me up to cell 2,000) then the formatting looks correct (i.e. the screen is formatted such that the cursor is in the "upper lefthand" corner of the screen and I can see all of the data below the cursor without having to scroll around).

However, when I click on a hyperlink that requires the cursor to move "down" the worksheet (i.e. start on cell 1,000 and need to move to cell 3,000) then the cursor ends up in the "lower lefthand" corner of my screen and I have to scroll down to get to the relevant info.

Does anyone know how to set up a hyperlink so that it will always result in the cursor ending up in the upper left hand corner of the screen to reduce any scrolling? Maybe there is a way to jerryrig the hyperlink so that it always starts by going to a cell at the bottom of the worksheet and then subsequently works its way back up to the appropriate location?

Hopefully I explained this clearly - feel free to ask any clarifying questions if needed.


I have a worksheet with a long list of resources (call it the ContentList), each with a hyperlink embedded in the cell.
I need to present the list sorted and broken out in various ways depending on the user, so I've created a pivot table. The user has to be able to folow the links to the resources, but the hyperlinks do not stay with the items in the pivot table.

I thought about inserting a column next to the pivot table containing the hyperlink text for each item in the table. The formulas in those cells lookup the hyperlink text on ContentList. Now I need to make that text turn into a live hyperlink.

So if a cell contains the value "", how can I make selecting that cell follow the link?
I thought about having a button on the sheet that when pressed would follow the link identified in the active cell. That is, if cell A3 contains the text "", the button lanches a macro which reads that text and launches the hyperlink.
Any ideas??
Thanks, Andy

I am basically trying to copy the hyperlink from one cell and paste it into another cell (of another sheet) so that it provides the exact same link as the original hyperlink. This is what I have to do that.


Dim n As Range
Dim h As Hyperlink 
Set n = Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(a + i, 7)
h = n.Hyperlinks(1)
Sheets("Sheet2").Cells(6 + s, 7) = "=HYPERLINK("" & h & ""," & n & ")"

I am basically pasting a HYPERLINK function. Does this make sense? The code is working, except for one thing. It is not returning a hyperlink location for h. The output to the cell still contains " & h & " and not a hyperlink location.

Hi, I'm trying to put in a hyperlink from one worksheet to another in a single workbook. Problem is that the cell that hyperlink is linked to will be changing over time i.e. The link is currently to cell A40, but I may need to put in extra rows making the cell to be linked to A50.

Is there a way to keep a link without changing the link reference each time, as you can between cells?

Thanks, Jess

I have a workbook with two sheets: Table of contents and Data.

I've created a link from TOC to some cell in the Data sheet.
If I follow this link it will drop me to the correct cell on the Data sheet, but that cell will appear at the bottom of the screen.

How to make it appear at the top of the screen?

p.s.: if I scroll the Data sheet to the bottom and then click the TOC link it will appear at the top.


I have a list of tabs within my excel sheet (approx 200). I want to create a hyperlink to each. I have tried a couple of things without success.

The =HYPERLINK(location, friendly_name) function doesnt seem to want to follow the link. I've entered the location as the tab name. no joy!!



I would like to add a hyperlink to a cell via a userform instead of using the "Hyperlink" button from the right click menu.

The structure of the userform should be identical to the attached screen.

The browse button should open up a browser window for users to browse for the file. The address of the link will be displayed in the text box.

Then when "OK" is clicked, the hyperlink should be attached to the selected cell.

Your help is much appreciated.

best regards,

I have a worksheet , in which column B has some text. Column P has a hyperlink in which the last part of the link is variable based on the data in col. B. I have used a formula to concatenate the fixed part of the link and the data from col B. So the hyperlink is displayed correctly in column P and when I click on it the link opens fine. Now what I want to do is hide column P , and instead put the contents of column P ( i.e. the entire hyperlink) in the 'insert hyperlink' box in column B. So can this be done ? I have about 400+ rows in my sheet where this needs to be done.

When inserting a hyperlink in an Excel cell, the default pathname for the new link is always the current pathname of the workbook. After navigating to a distant pathname and inserting a hyperlink, inserting the next hyperlink in the next cell starts all over again at the current path.

Is there a method of telling Excel to start looking in z:\\A\B\C\ instead of the current path? This would eliminate navigating through the entire path for each link.

A macro that handles the hyperlink and puts up a navigation window or something like that would be ok.