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How can I print a form with flexible data on a printer selected by the user?


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Similar Topics

I have a EXCEL form that I store on a public drive that everyone can access using a shortcut placed on their computer Users open the document from their computer put in their data and are supposed to submit it to MY printer. MY printer can be accessed on that drive. My problem is I made a MACRO button so all they have to do is click on the form and it will print, clear the form and exit it without saving it. BUT it isnt printing on MY printer it is printing on their default printer. I have tried every thing to change it so it will print on mine it wont unless the user clicks on the down arrow and manually selects my printer Please help. thanks

I'm pretty new to excel, but I'm starting to figure it out.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to change printer properties with a user created print button.

This is on a form which was created by someone who worked here before I did. Basically, the way the form works is there's an input sheet, and a print form sheet. Whatever is put in on the input sheet gets sent to different locations on the print form so that the input is printed into the correct boxes on a pre-made insurance form.

Well, there's a big green print button on the input sheet so that when you click it, it prints out the print form sheet. That's all fine and dandy... BUT the girls in the office don't print these forms out on their default printer. They print them out on our big copier/printer. So, every time they open up this .xls I have to click on the print form sheet and change the printer properties so that it prints to the copier/drawer 3. As long as they leave this .xls open all day, it's fine. But, it's kind of becoming a pain to have to go to every computer and change the printer properties and hope they don't forget to leave it open, otherwise I have to do it again.

I'm trying to find out if I can assign specific printer properties to the big green print button so that I don't have to set this up for them every day. It would make things a heck of a lot easier.

Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

Any help/advice would be VERY MUCH appreciated

Hi all,

Is there a Macro to automatically print the selected print area (print area is also established within the macro itself) to a user's default printer; whatever that printer may be?

Note that this printer and/or printer name could change depending on the user.

I would like this to actually select and print to the default printer without Excel having to ask you. I don't even want the "OK" box to show up if possible. I just want them to run the macro, execute all it's duties, and print, all in 1 shot.

Can this be done? I'm using Excel 2003.



I have created a User Form. I have added some command buttons such as Close and Print.

The Print button is working but the print does not show all the information contained in the User Form, only part of it.

The current code for the Print command button is:

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I have been trying to add more code (page set up, properties...).

So far nothing seems to work!

What I want is to print my user form in A4 paper.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.


I have an EXCEL from that different users enter data in once a week. They then need to print it to MY printer that is on the network. I made a Macro and choose my printer, placed a button on the form and it works. BUT it wont work from the different users computer, it prints to their defalt printer. I have done everything from opening up a new form and recording the macro and checking it but cant find out why it wont print to my printer from the other users. The reason I need this is some of the users are to lazy or just dont know how to change the printer.
any help. Thanks

I have a user form that uses scroll bars. I added a button at the bottom of the form to print what is on the user form. The code executed is userform.Printform. The only part of the form that prints is the part of the form that is in the user window. How can I get the whole form to print, including what is out of the user window?


hi, can someone shed some light (and code) on how i can create an input form that allows users to input item details and then print it out in a Sales Quotation format.

My problem is:

1. how to create a flexible input form whereby the user can key in any number of items.

2. how to use the data from 1 to print a sales quotation format

3. how to print the address information and grand total amount only on 1st and last page respectively.


I have 6 printers at work that I print to. I have my own printer set as the default.

When I print to printer A, I would like my default printer set as the printer that would print the next "quick" document. However it will print to printer A until I switch it back to my printer.

This becomes a problem when I print payroll documents to someone else's printer.

There must be a way that when I print to a printer that Excel automatically changes the default printer back to my printer.

Can anyone help me??

I thought I had previously posted a similar question, so, if this is a repeat, please forgive.

I have a two page (landscape) Microsoft Word document form that I would like to print out (with a user-selected network laser printer) and have it print out duplex (back-to-back) on one sheet of paper. Can someone please help me with instructions as to how I can get a command button on the switchboard form to accomplish this. The Word document form will be located in the same directory as the database files.
I am thinking that I would need to build some type of a VBA code in properties for the command button at the ******* line, but I don't know how to go about doing this. Am I on the right or wrong track? Please Help!!

I currently have two user forms to populate one master data sheet. We process refunds for patients and insurance companies. One form is for patient data to be entered the other is for the Insurance refunds however both go to one master data sheet. I would like to include to the patient form two seperate form letters to be populated with selected criteria when entered in the user form, a button to print each of those forms, then clear the forms when print is complete. Same with the insurance form.

Example: User form for Patients has 14 fields. 10 of those fields must go to the master spreadsheet, 6 of the 14 go to the patient letter & 5 fields to the Patient Form. All done with one time entry into the user form. When data is complete a button currently on the form is selected and populates the master. I would like a button to use to "Print Patient Letter" and one to "Print Patient Form" When the User form is cleared after the last of the three buttons is selected I would also like that to clear the Pring Patient Form and Print Patient Letter for the next Patient to be entered.

I currently have the function to populate the master and using it just fine however would like to eliminate multiple times of data entry into three different forms. Using the user forms also eliminates "user error" on non-experienced users in excel for us.

Any help and or advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I have a user form with a "Print" button with this code Code:

Private Sub OptionButton2_Click()
    OptionButton2.Value = False
End Sub

The button prints the user form as expected. What I'd like to do is send the user form to "Print Preview" and allow the user to change printers and/or printer options (landscape, portrait, etc.).

I've spent considerable time with Google and haven't found a way to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have a few Excel templates that I have created in the past that I use to print to pre-printed forms. To create the templates, I will start with a blank sheet and then resize all of the rows/columns to a relatively small size so the cells are all square like graph paper. I format the sheet to print the outline grids and then number the rows and columns along the side and top of the sheet. I then print this form on top of one of my pre-printed forms so that I can figure out exactly which cells will print where. I then merge the cells for each field in the right size and location so that when I populate those fields they will print on the right place within the form.

Depending upon the form, this process can take a while due to all of the tweaking and adjusting. I eventually get it the way I want it but I am not sure this is the most efficient way to do this. Does anyone have any better ideas on this? Also, if I use a different type of printer, I sometimes have to make adjustments because each printer has different margins.

If anyone has any better methods for doing this, I would love to hear them.
(I have thought of trying to just reproduce the entire form in Excel, but I really don't want to do that.)

Thanks for your input!

Perhaps someone can help with with what is probably a very simple problem. I've been trawling through the internet to find a solution and all I ever seem to find is a solution for the inverse of my problem.

So here it is...

I have a macro on a Word document that will print the document via the macro (bypassing the print dialogue box). What I WANT to do it to print the document to the user's DEFAULT printer (not their current printer). In the majority of cases the default printer will be the current printer, but there are times when a user has another word document open and has the printer set to another printer (let's call it printer 2). The default printer is printer 1 but because they already have a Word doc open and have the printer 2 selected, when the new document (with the macro for printing) is used, the document prints to printer 2 and not printer 1 (even though printer 1 is the default printer - it's just that at this point in time it's not the current printer).

Can anyone tell me what to put in the VBA script to make sure that when the document prints it prints to printer 1 (the default printer) every time, even if another Word doc is already open that has a different printer selected?

Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,



I want to create a form which should open when i hit the print button in excel and then it should give me option that which printer i want to use from the number of network printers installed on my pc. And when i click the printer name on the form it should print my spreadsheet. I want to access this function in every spreadsheet which i use.

Any Help will be appreciated.


I have a form that launches with a Macro that lets me select what TABS I want Printed. I can Preview Print or Quit out of the Print.

The one thing I don't have is a DROP DOWN LIST BOX that allows the user to select what printer they want it printed on in my FORM.

What is the code for this? Anyone know?

Thanks a lot!

Can I have a message box come up and ask do you want to print now.
If yes print report "RptWorkOrder" if no CANCEL PRINT

If it is Yes then print the form and I want another message box to appear. I want it to say "Enter white paper in printer then hit OK" When they hit OK it would then print.

Can anyone help me with code I can attach to a print button.

Thank You very much,


I have created a VBA form and want to add a button to it which will directly print the form using the default printer.

Can someone help me on this please.



I am making a questionaire form form for my company. Most of the people using the form are clueless about access.

The people filling out the questionaire want to be able to print out their answers after submitting, however the questionaire is to complicated to send to a report. I noticed you can print right from the form page, but when you hit print it tries to print every record in the set, instead of just the selected record unless you filter on the questionaire number.

I made a print button, but I am trying to auto filter the results to just print the selected questionaire when hit. However, I can't get the the filter code to work.

Here is my current code. When run I get the error: 'Applyfilter Action was canceled'


surveyID = Me.txtSurveyID.Value
    'set focus on form and then filter to selected survey
    With Forms!frmUserEditSurvey
        DoCmd.ApplyFilter , "pksurveyID = '" & surveyID & "'"

    End With

I've searched all through the archives here and through the microsoft help menu, but I still haven't been able to get this to work. Is this even possible?

I have two User Form in Excel.
When I Press close button from 1st then it shows 2nd user form.

from 2nd user form I press print preview button.
That show me print preview of that file.

But problem is this print preview come then 1st user form till there. I am unable to see the print preview.

Please give me the code that exit 1st form also and show me print preview.


I checked my USB Port and all connections but I can't get my printer to print
- I don't get an error message and when I go to control panel it shows that
it is set as printer but doesn't show any documents in print que. When I hit
the print icon it shows my Epson C86 printer and gives two messages that it
is printing on my printer but nothing happens. I have turned the printer on
and off and reconnected the wiring. Help me please!

I'm in the process of building a form that will be used to print standard barcoded
shipping labels. I have all the data sources and the necessary barcode fonts.
My problem is that I can't seem to get the form to print properly. Here's what the
form looks like in 'layout view' in Access:

Form Layout View:

Here's what print preview looks like:

Print Preview:

I've looked in the properties for setting that would help, but I can't seem to figure
out why the subforms "shift" around when I try to print the form.

I should also mention that I have 11 subforms that I've imported into this one main label
template form.

Any thoughts on what may help or what I'm doing wrong?'



Hi All

I have made a databse which can be viewed ona user friendly form in VB6.

Now what I need is a print button on it.

Basically, there is about 30 text boxes with agents name, and other details. Call stats and what they have access to. This does look very formal on the form i would really like a print button on this. I know you could use print screen, but then this isnt user friendly.

Does anybody know how I can get a print button with having to export to excel....

Many Thanks

Hi Everybody,

I need a form that will pop up automatically when a workbook is opened. The form should be able to do the following:

1. Allow input for cells B1, B2 and B3 in Sheet1 under the descriptions "Name", "Number" and "Date."

2. The form then will ask: "Print Packet?"

.......If "YES" then it should print Sheet4 of the workbook to the local default printer.
.......If "NO", it should leave the workbook open and make Sheet1 the Active Sheet.
.......In either case it should copy the data from the three text form fields fields into cells B1, B2, and B3 and close the form.

The form does not have to clear since it is only to be used once. It would be nice if it only pops up when B1, B2 and B3 are empty.

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

I have a form that all the salespeople use. The last thing in the process is to print the completed form to a specific printer. I recorded a macro to get the proper name of the printer but I am finding out that it records differently for each computer. Is there a way around this?

I have set up a form (template) and print it out. I want to fill out the form on the template, but only print those cells where information is requested. The printed form will be inserted into the printer. I have tried a2+a3, etc., a2, a3, etc. I have tried view page break and marked those cells to be printed. Nothing seems to be working.