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Hello all,

First post here and also a new Excel user so please forgive me if I use incorrect terminology! Ok, so here goes. I'm trying to teach myself how to trade forex, and as part of my ongoing attempts to become profitable I am trying to analyse some of the price data in excel. I've managed to set up a live feed into Excel from my trading software using a DDE? Which works and is great but it just gives me current prices for the currency pairs and that's all.

So, my question is - Is there a way to take data from the live feed say, every hour, and form a table? Like a table that shows the prices for the last 24 hours and constantly updates itself? I'll leave it there for now and see if you guys and girls have any ideas. Thanks in advance,


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I have a spreadsheet that currently has a DDE link to live prices that are updated constantly (up to 3 times a second, possibly more).
There are 5 cells on the spreadsheet, A1:A5, and when A1 updates I have a macro that copies the value of all 5 to a , so building up the history of prices. That seems to work fine, but when I add some extra calculations (such as dynamic ranges for charts) the spreadsheet slows down, and I miss some of the live feed prices.
Is it possible to use the RTD function (which I believe temporarily stores unused data) with the feed I have for DDE (MT4|Dax!Last)


>>>>Excel 2003 - snapshot of live data feed

We have an Excel 2003 spreadhseet that contains a live feed from reuters and updates regularly. My boss has asked if we can get an automated snapshot of the spreadsheet every evening at 5pm! So withpout manually capturing a JPEG using Snagit or something like that - I am unsxure how to autiomate this one - any ideas guys?!!!


I am having trouble importing the live prices into Excel 2007.

After looking on the web on how to do it, it says that you can do it from a program called MetaTrader - which I have got on my computer, and the feed comes from there.

So what it is telling me to do is to post this into the cells and it should work.

I have enabled the DDE server within Metatrader but with no luck on how to get it working.

Any help would be appreciated.



I have a live data feed into excel, feeding share prices. I want the price to update in the next cell every time the price changes. Is this possible?

Hi everyone,
I'm brand new to programming in Excel, and currently building a system that will help me trade equity options (similar to trading stocks). So far, I've put together the ranking system I want to use based on a live data feed that updates in real-time (during market hours). For every possible trade in my 'universe' (currently about 600), Excel provides a live score (based on my formulas and weightings) as well as prices and other info about the trade (options strikes, symbols, expected return, etc.).

What I'd like Excel to be able to do is keep a separate sheet where a trade (row) that scores over an arbitrary threshold, say, 100 'points,' is recorded as a static line (instead of continuing to dynamically update), like a snapshot of that line. I'll use this list of trades to submit to my broker for trading.
If it was as simple as a 'triggered' copy - paste special - values, that would do just fine. The trigger would also need to see if that trade has already been recorded for the day, so I don't get an infinite list of the same trade.

After a trade makes it into this list, I'll need to compare it to what I already have in my portfolio (which I'll also need to build) so I don't become too heavily weighted in any one trade. (Just thought I'd let you know where this will be going, too).

I'm sure I left out some important details, so please ask away! Thanks for your help!


I have created a worksheet_calculate formula and it keeps giving me a headache... hope you can help
In my spreadsheet I am having live stock market data linked into the spreadsheet. On a separate worksheet I have an if statement that goes something like this...
cell B4 is the stocks price and it keeps updating every second (because it's a live feed)
I have the if statement and worksheet_calculate in sheet2 (seperate from the live data feed)

The worksheet_calculate is simply this...

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Worksheet_Change Range("$A$1")
End Sub

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
If Target.Address = Range("$A$1").Address Then
If Target.value = True Then
MsgBox "Buy"
End If
End If
End Sub

This does work however because the stock price (cell B4) keeps updating it keeps updating the if statement over and over again and causing the worksheet_calculate to fire off a million "Buy" Message boxes.
Is there a way to only have one message box pop up when the price goes over $15?
Thanks for your help


In one excel cell I have link to forex broker live data feed(ticks, prices) that is refreshed every second.

I would like to know is it possible to export those ticks to txt or csv file - when new tick arrive write them to the txt file.

Time: 08:05:25 Cell A1: 1.2555
Time: 08:05:26 Cell A1: 1.2554
Time: 08:05:27 Cell A1: 1.2558
Time: 08:05:28 Cell A1: 1.2556

txt file:
08:05:25 - 1.2555
08:05:26 - 1.2554
08:05:27 - 1.2558
08:05:28 - 1.2556


Hi guys,

I new to excel so bear with me. I'm not sure if someone here uses MT4 and excel.

I can get live data from a Metatrader forex chart through DDE link to excel, for me to get live data streaming into excel I need to put these code in indivdual cells:


But what I want to do is to record this live data into excel so I can use this data to manipulate later on such as build different time candles etc...

I really want to download past meta trader history and Metatrader history is there to download but I not sure if I can run it together with the live feed to get a continuous stream of data with looking at past history, also not sure if this is truly difficult to do in excel.

Anyway I hope I make sense


I want to know how I can get a cell to display the live and continuously updating price of a stock on CNBC. Using Best Buy for an example at this link: . How could I do this? Any help would be much appreciated.


---What I need is the "Last Trade" price in the top box.

Good day all,
I hope I can gain some assistance from you guys in relation to this subject.

I have a dynamic data feed into excel (cell references a1 to h1).
The width of this data feed is static. However the depth differs, because the feed has 3 parts, and each part can be a different depth, depending on the amount of rows contained in each part of the data feed.

I cannot segregate the data feed into 3 separate entities.

I have some cells immediately to the right of this feed. These cells have formulas and formatting in them that relate to the corresponding rows in the data feed in each section.

My problem is that when the data feed updates and displays a large amount of data in any section, my cells containing the formulas and formatting to the right of the feed becomes mis-aligned with the corresponding row of the data feed, and the formula references loose their source/target.(Absolute referencing does not fix this problem).

Is there a way I can lock my cells on the right to each data feed section so they align to the corresponding row in the data feed?

To start with:
first data feed contains 10 rows.
second data feed contains 10, and
third data feed contains 10 rows.

When the data is updated, i could have section 1 with 15 rows, section 2 with 9 and section 3 with 12. I want my formulas and formatting to shrink and/or grow with the depth of each section.

I hope I explained it Ok? Please assist if possible..

Hi there - using excel 2003.
I am using DDE to get currency prices from MT4 platform.

formula in cell D3 is =MT4|ASK!EURUSDm

I am trying to do a conditional format so that colors change depending on whether price has moved up (blue) or down (red)

I thought i could go to Conditional format and do the following :

If Cell Value (greater than) =D3 then turn blue
If Cell Value (less than) =D3 then turn red

this didn't seem to work.

Anybody have any ideas?

Do i need to include something in the formula which looks at (old cell value)???

Thanks in advance.

i am finding it hard to explain my problem.

i have an excel sheet which is calculating portfolio returns using a live feed for prices from bloomberg.

i want to know if it is possible if i can create a macro to copy the number in one cell that is continuously being updated to a column in another sheet keeping old values in the column too.

i am sorry for this idiotic explanation. but i will give an example.
suppose that at the moment the total return is 10%, i want the macro to copy this number into a new column and when the value is refreshed which is after 2-3 seconds then the macro will copy the new figure (lets say 12%) into the same column as before but below the last figure. So in the end i will have a column with all the numbers representing the change of total return over the day/week. so i can create a graph later on with how the portfolio is performing.

is that clear enough?

please help. thanks a lot

My worksheet has a data feed of market prices into cell A3. Is there a way of recording all the prices as they change in columns B3 to IV3?

I have live forex prices coming into a cell from a DDE server and I want
to record a 5:00pm price into a different cell

Iam using the formula =MT4|BID!EURUSD to get the live prices.

I just want to record a price at a specific time into a different cell

and I am not sure how to do that

I have a cell (B4) that gets a live data feed. I would like something to run that logs the values from that B4 cell into another column every 2 minutes. I am still pretty green at using VBA so please keep that in mind. Thanks!

Ive been trying to web query live,gold price $1369.30 and silver price $26.14 from a table here

My attachments show what Ive been getting .Can anyone help?


Getting the following error message:

"Unexpected error in Create XLMD err number = 429"

When I get this message, I can't open the workbook. I can see the workbook, but it's frozen and unresponsive.

The workbook is tied into a data feed from a major financial services information provider, which gives me live stock quotes and much more.

I know it has something to do with the feed, because I only get this message on the workbooks tied into the feed. Other excel workbooks are operating just fine.

Any suggestions?

What is the more reliable way to get live data in a cell?

Using a charting software, MultiCharts, I want to send prices info. My goal is to connect that live info to an Excel cell. Updated twice per second is sufficient.

At the moment, I have succeeded to sent a string of data from Multicharts directly to a designated cell. It work well until I'm working with Excel. Then, once in a while the link is stopped.

I did try to use global variable and use Excel to read from them. Problem, I was using all the resource only for that loop and Excel crashed.

I read that DDE solution is out of date and unreliable.

Witch way is more appropriate and stable for Excel and my charting software.

This is a bit of a philosophical question. A bigger but interesting project than i taught


Hi all, I have a DDE spreadsheet that receives live stock prices coming into it. I can type a stock symbol (let's say MSFT) into cell A1 and the current stock price will automatically display in cell T1, and it will then update live in realtime... maybe once every 2 or 3 seconds or so.
What I'd like to be able to do is to plot a chart of these live prices on MSFT coming into cell T1. I'm thinking however, that if I somehow write the value of T1 to some row each, say, 5 seconds, that pretty soon I'm going to have thousands and thousands of price quotes and it won't belong before I bog down my whole spreadsheet. Ideally (if possible), I'd like to only chart, say, the last few thousand price quotes and then every new price quote coming in would get tacked onto the end, while dropping off the oldest price quote from the beginning... so I'm never charting more than a few thousand price quotes at any one time.

Has anybody ever wrestled with a problem like this?


I have created an Access front-end that will update a table on our live database. However, there are tables on our live database I have linked to in order to provide choices for the user to pick from. For example, I created a link to the Part table so that the user can hit the drop down and all the parts will be listed for them to choose from. What I'm not sure how to do is once the user saves the changes I want the part number chosen from the drop down to be placed in another table which is storing the data. I do not want to make any changes to the part table itself. How can I accomplish this?

I have 'live' Microsoft shares price on my Excel spreadsheet via Real Time
Data (RTD). I would like to have snapshots of the last traded prices in say,
every 10 seconds and have them mapped out on the spreadsheet at the end of
the trading day. How can I do this using Macro function?

Hi All,

I am working with some Betfair data and trying to automate something that I am currently doing manually, I have a live feed coming into excel which states the $$$ matched on a horse at that time, now what I want to do is log this information at different times before the start of a race.

The spreadhseet has a timer counting down in B1 in this format for when there is 10 minutes to go 0:10:00 now when the timer hits 0:10:00 i would like it to copy the value from B6 to D6

I have also uploaded an example spreadsheet for anyone to have a look at.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.!!!download|158...dsheet.xlsx|12

Hi All,

I am working with some Betfair data and trying to automate something that I am currently doing manually, I have a live feed coming into excel which states the $$$ matched on a horse at that time, now what I want to do is log this information at different times before the start of a race.

The spreadhseet has a timer counting down in B1 in this format for when there is 10 minutes to go 0:10:00 now when the timer hits 0:10:00 i would like it to copy the value from B6 to D6

I have also uploaded an example spreadsheet for anyone to have a look at.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.!!

Is there a way to extract data from an RSS feed to Excel? I'd like something that takes the RSS feed, and for each post, adds a new row, and in columns puts
The Date
the Time
the Subject
The body of the text

Is this possible? Ideas or specific references appreciated. I'm very new to Macros and VBA, but fairly computer/programming savvy. Simple is good.


PowerPoint live update excel data during slide show

So I have an excel sheet that updates every 30 minutes and been trying to link the sheet to PowerPoint to update during live slide show. I've copy and special pasted as link and set to auto update but only works in edit mode or when the ppt is restarted but never live.

I've searched numerous threads and nothings worked. Downloaded and installed the add in to update links live : which doesn't work.

Thought this would work best: How to update excel embedded charts in powerpoint?

And still no data updates during live slide show. I dont know why either.

Using office2010. Any help would be much appreciated.