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Merged Cells Not Identically Sized

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How do I deal with the message - "operation requires merged cells to be identically sized?"

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Similar Topics

I've got a new problem. When I try to sort my list which has company, city
and state Excel won't sort it I keep getting the message that "this operation
requires that merged cells must be identically sized". What merged cells? I
did nothing that I know of to prompt this message. No matter what I try it
won't do it. This is Excel 97. Can someone tell me why this is happening?

I had a spread sheet with about 100 rows that I could sort ascending from the name of the company. Then I added about 200 rows and now I can't sort it says
"THis operation requires merged cells to be identically sized." So I combed through the entire list and eliminte all rows were the cells were not the same by copying adn pasting info into good rows with proper cell structure.
Still nothing. Any thoughts?

I have a seemingly small problem that I can't figure out. I have a set of grouped cells all in a row (B:M-cell1, N:O-cell2, P:R-cell3, S:U-cell4) I have copied them and pasted them several rows below my original line. I use this row as a look up row that is filled with a vlookup function. Once the row is filled, I select the four merged cells, copy them, select the original row and attempt to paste values in the row above. I keep getting a warning that the "This operation requires the merged rows to be identically sized." They are identically sized, and that is my confusion. If I try to just paste instead of paste values, I get a "$0.00" in the first cell which is formatted as text and not currency and nothing in the remaining three merged cells.

What do I need to do to get the data into the cells above?


I have a sheet which has data in repeating blocks of 5 rows identically formatted. The first column is a merged cell cells A1:A5, and then below that is a merged cell of A6:A10 etc down the page. i woould like to sort on that first column with the merged cells and have it drag along whole blocks of 5 rows in the sort process. Of course when I try to do that it comes up with a message saying

"This operation requires merged cells to be identically sized"

I was using an older version of Excel, but I do have access to Excel 2010 if there is a solution there.


I am getting Run-time error '1004': This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized.

I am using VBA CODE where macro copied the selected range from current sheet and paste to last row on sheet"Week". Code is

Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(5, 0).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
Application.CutCopyMode = False

Appreciate if somebody help me to solve this problem.

When I try to sort my data, I get this error: "This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized". Does anyone know the fix so the data can be sorted?

I have a fairly simple sheet that I'm trying to sort (and have in the past) using Data/Sort on 3 columns.

I do not know what a 'merged' cell is, so have no knowlingly formatted a cell as 'merged'. I have populated some cells with information copied from other applications, so they may be 'merged'.

When I try to sort I get the message: - this operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized. to avoid this behavior, unmerge all the merged cella in the range or....

How the heck do I even find the merged cells that are causing the problem?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hey all,
OK I have another problem, I'm using excel 2002. When I try to sort something, I get a "this operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized" message. Now I know how to unmerge all the cells, but is there something that will let me leave them MERGED while still able to sort? I can't unmerged them or my headings will look weird and my clients won't accept it. This document is updated weekly too so unmerging and merging each time I sort is not an option for me because it's over 1000 pages. Thanks for the help in advance!

I'm trying to Sort a database of several "identical" spreadsheets that were populated with data from a variety of vendors.

The original file was sent out and returned with the additional data.

When I try and sort this data I get an error message reading: "This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized".

What does this mean?

When I try to sort a table downloaded to Excel 2000, I get the

"The operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized"

How do I unmerge cells in Excel 2000?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ed English

I was given a large spreadsheet (737 rows and 45 columns) to clean up before
transferring into a database file. Certain cells text, others numbers,
emails, etc. and some are color coded to identify a specific distribution

Whenever I try to sort the data, the following message shows up and it won't
allow me to sort. "The operation requires the merged cells to be identically

I have spent the better part of a day trying to find the merged cells, but
have failed. Is there some way to find merged cells with the sheet without
clicking on every cell individually? Is there some other way to accomplish
the task for sorting? Thank you.

I am trying to past values from one sheet into another. Two of the destination cells are merged cells and I keep getting the above error. I tried formatting and merging the source cells exactly the same way but to no avail. Is there a way around this problem?


How do I sort a colume in a spread sheet that, I guess, contains merged cells? I didn't create the spread sheet and have never worked with merged cells.
From the looks of the spred sheet it appears that the last few cells of each row have been merged under that row.

The message I get when I try and sort on colume 'm' is: "The operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized".


Working on Excel 2008 for Mac

'Find/Replace' doesn't include 'Options' for merged cells. Trying to sort my worksheet, running into "Operation requires merged cells to be identically sized."

I am NOT the creator of the spreadsheet. Has 1900 rows, 28 columns. Have looked, can't find the cells. It's in two columns that have phone numbers entered in too many ways. I will eliminate the merged cells when I find them.

When I try to check/uncheck 'merge cells for these columns, get the message,"Cannot merge overlapping ranges."

Would appreciate your help. If you provide code, please tell me where to enter it as I'm not familiar with using code. Thank you

I have at least 4 columbs and an varable amount of rows to deal with.

Trying to sort my data by first columb only I get error message of:
requires the merged cells to be identically sized.

I then formatedd all rows heights to 14 and columd widths to 9.
Received same error message. Any insight please?

Hi everyone,
I'm having trouble sorting some data. I select the data i want sorted, then choose how to sort the data, but when i click "ok" it says, "this operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized."

Unfortuantely i did not create this spreadsheet. I am unable to locate ANY merged cells. The only difference i was able to find was that some rows were different heights. I have formatted all rows to be the same height and still no luck. Any ideas on how to locate the merged cells? Suggestions?


I want to sort by column c, then value, then alpha.

Not trying to merge - just a "simple" sort. I've never gotten that message before.


I'm trying to do an autofill and part of the source range for the autofill has some merged cells.

I keep getting the error:
"This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized."

I made a brand new test sheet (didn't screw with column or row widths) and merged, A1 and B1 and placed the number 1 in it. I then merged C1 and D1. When I tried to do an autofill in VBA -

sheets("Test").range("a1:b1").autofill destination:=sheets("Test").range("a1:d1"), Type:=xlfilldefault

it gave me the same error message (see above).

Can anyone tell me what this error message is referring to?

I am getting this error when I select a merged cell and an adjacent cell and try to drag them down the page (the lower right hand corner grab, to have it extend the formulas into the cells you drag over)

I only see the solution to remove the merged cells, but I cannot remove the merged cells, as it would disturb the formatting of the spreadsheet.

I can select the merged cell and drag it individually, but just not when I select the merged cell in addition to other cells. How do I go about fixing this, so I can select the merged cells and the adjacent non merged cells and drag down the page.


I have a pair of workbooks in which one calculates a number of values and I want to store the values only in the other.

I would expect to be able to highlight the range of the calculated cells in the source workbook, Copy and then Paste Special | Values in the other.

Both the source and the target contain some merged cells. When I try to do the paste, it complains that "this operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized".

They are identically sized.

I have even done Paste Special | Column Widths to guarantee they are identically sized. It doesn't complain about the merged cells then; in fact, it doesn't complain about the merged cells with any of the other paste operations, only with Values.

I have been able to repeat the behaviour with a very simple example. See the two attached sheets. Try pasting Values only of the range $B$2:$D$4 from either one to the other.

When I first created the samples they worked. What seemed to triggered it is I changed one of the merged column widths by one pixel, tried expecting it to fail (and it did), changed that column width back again and it hasn't worked since. As I said, I even tried pasting the Column Width to the target, which it appeared to do successfully, but it hasn't helped.

Now, the attached examples are only to show the principle of the problem. They are very simple and there would be a myriad alternative work-arounds for them. In my original case though there are many formulae over a much larger range and I want other people to be able to paste values without having to follow complicated instructions, so I am not looking for work-arounds unless someone has a mind-numbingly simple one that my numb mind has overlooked.

The only other way of solving the problem that I can think of would be to write a macro that copies cell values individually, but I'd rather not do that because I know these people: they will get narky about having to enable macros. It will be "against organisation policy" or something.

Is there any way of resetting the target workbook so that it will receive the values from the source?

I've created a spreadsheet which contains a copy and paste macro with merged cells. When running it in 2007/2010, it runs as intended. One of my clients cannot run it on an older version (pre-2007), and she gets the following message:

Run Time
error '1004': This operation requires the merged cells to be identically

Is this a compatibility issue? Also, how can I fix this in general (aside from reformatting the entire 93-sheet workbook)? Is it just a matter of merging and unmerging in the macro?


Is there any way to get Excel to sort columns that are not identically sized?

For instance, the first column has cells that are sized 3 rows high (by merging them) but the second column has cells sized 1 cell high - three cells are associated with the one merged cell from the first column. I want to sort A-Z in the first column.... any ideas? VBA code is fine, I can fit it into my other code or put it on a command button.

This error happens whenever you try to paste special -> values where your source has merged cells.

SP2 supposedly fixed this but it's a lie.

Instead, use the "Values and Number Formats" option in paste special.

Hi all,

My first post here and to warn I am a relative newbie at Excel (compared to most of the users on the site).

I need help sorting columns that have multiple rows in them. The reason for this is to keep the columns within one page for printing. For example:

Column one has three rows of info : Name, number & email address
Column two - five have one row of info, but merged over three cells to keep same size as the three rows needed for column one
Column six & seven also have three cells merged (downwards / rows)

Now when I try to sort (using the Filter button) by column, it says "This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized"

If I unmerge Column One, Six & Seven, then when I filter it won't include the info needed.

Is there a way I can merge a cell to "bluff" Excel into thinking it is merged, yet keeping the three cells seperate?

Or is there any other suggestions you can think of?

Thank you in advance and please let me know if there is any other info required (in case I haven't made sense above)

I'm having difficulty with the error mentioned in the subject title. I do not believe I have any merged cells; I have centered across selection. I'm at a loss as for what's happening here. Any thoughts?

Below is my code to initiate the sort:

Range(Cells(4, 1), Cells(lstrw, 19)).Sort Key1:=Range("H5"),
Order1:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlYes, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False,
Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _