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Invert Column Data

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This is likely not too difficult, but I couldn't find it through searching...

How do I invert a column of data? Example:
A1: 25
A2: 32
A3: 22
A4: 10

A1: 10
A2: 22
A3: 32
A4: 25


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Hi everyone !

I've got a problem with excel. I inted to invert stock quotes from newest to oldest but I can't cope with it.

How to invert for example numbers like 2, 10, 3, 15, 1 into the form of 1, 15, 3, 10, 2 ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi All,

Super easy question which has been bugging me all afternoon. I've got a bunch of data but I want to invert it.

Essentially, the bits at the bottom at the top and the bits at the top at the bottom.

I don't want to sort the data or anything, just invert it.

Any tips muchly appreciated!


How to invert a list of data with macro?

Lets say.. my data:


i have a macro which will add a new row of data which becomes:


after which, i wish to invert the data to:


which includes the new added data. As such, formula might not work in this case..

Hey Guys,

Is it possible to invert a selection? I have a heap of data that is scattered all over the place and I can to a Search and Find All to locate the data I want but I want to get rid of everything else, so can I invert the selection some how?

Hi - How can you invert data in a row assuming that it is ordered the way you want. For Example:

C3:C10 have values 7,6,4,1,3,10, 8 I'd like to invert it on B3:B10 so that it looks like 8,10,3,1,4,6,7


Hello everyone,

I am copying / pasting a range into a specific cell:



 Range("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, operation:=xlPasteSpecialOperationAdd

What I want to do is invert the values in my range after that. Or multiply the range by -1 to invert the values.

How can I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Does anybody know of a quick way in Excel to invert a table fully so that all
data is flipped - row headings become column headings and vice versa ?

I'm trying to highlight a bunch of cells in clusters not close together, and then invert the selection so that all cells BUT these are selected (therefore capturing all possible cells that someone could scroll to). In XL03 you could go to File > Invert Selection and it would work fine. But in XL07 which I have now, there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Also, when using ctrl^a to highlight everything, and while still holding control in XL03 you could de-select specific cells, not so much in 07. I need to know if there's a way to do it with no macros involved. If not, I need a macro to do such a function on any given worksheet. Thanks!

Hello all, I am a new forum member developing a spreadsheet to perform analysis using the finite element method. I need to invert a matrix larger than 256x256, possibly on the order of 1000'sx1000's. I get a #N/A for all values greater than 256. I am fairly experienced in Excel, but relatively weak in VBA. I typically record Macros, and go into the VBA editor to review and modify them. I have heard rumors that it is fairly easy to program a VBA code to invert a large matrix. Can anyone help?

I have a (small) problem which I am unable to solve. Perhaps some bright wizard has an idea.

I would like to multiply two arrays located in equal sized rows but invert one first, i.e. if the values a A, B, C and X, Y, Z, I want AZ+BY+CX.

e.g. if the ranges are 1,2,3 and 1,2,3, my answer should be 10.

My ranges are dynamic so could become much larger than 3 elements.

I tried to invert one of the arrays using the array formula:


where Mult is the array field (am quite proud of this!!!). If I use F9, this formula does invert the array. However, as soon as I try to use this in a larger formula to complete the multiplication, I get #Value! :


where CinList is the other array.

Any ideas much appreciated....

Okay, this may be a simple one, but I'm hungry, and I can't remember...

Say I have a two-dimensional array aryMine(10,15), and this array is filled with data. I would like to "invert" (may be wrong term) this array so that it is aryMine(15,10).

Is there an easy way to do this, or am I talking about a large amount of code?

Is there a way I could invert a series on a graph? Lets say my data points
are 3,9,2,4,7, but I really want graphed 7,4,2,9,3. Is there a way I could
just switch this in chart options? Here's the complicated part, a simple
solution would be to just invert the numbers in the worksheet using the index
function. However, I'm trying to record a macro and it seems impossible to do
if I use the index function because for different groups of data I'm not sure
what my last cell number will be. Any help?

What are possible problems to encounter when trying to invert a 9x9 matrix? All values entered are numeric and I still keep getting #NUM! problems. Many of the data cells contain zero and I haven't taken matrix theory in a couple years, so I checked with my calculator and it was able to invert the matrix.

Not sure how to words this, but bascially, I have an excel doc that I want to
invert, i.e make the data in the rows into columns, and the data in the
columns into rows.. The reason I want to do this is because I have 2-3 rows,
but 20-30 columns. You can't print the doc nicely like that.

Any ideas?

Let me be more specific. For example I have 1011 0100, what I want is to invert the second bit from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0.

10110100 = 11110100
11110100 = 10110100

I have 5000 rows of different 8-bit patterns and would like to invert the second bit from the 1st row to the 5000th row. Thanks.

I want to plot a moving range chart in excel. I can't figure out a way to invert the negatives to positive. I found some places saying that by right clicking on the data a series I could check a box saying invert negatives but it doesn't seem to work on my excel 2003.

Any ideas anyone?

In my workbook I am looking for a formula that will invert a percentage.

100 telephone lines
10 used
= % available

I know it is 90% available, but what is the formula. This is driving me mad.

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi all,

I have a ranking system in place for properties, based on price. My current system produces the most expensive as #1, then they decrease as the rank increases.

Is there a method/function to invert this, so that the least expensive property is ranked as #1?

Hello all,

I have a column of numbers which are both negative and positive:


Is there a way to invert these numbers to look like this:


Thanks a lot for any help!

I am looking for a quick way to invert a column in Excel.

Is there an easy way to invert rows and columns in Excel?


I have a range, for e.g:

7 apple
6 banana
5 kiwi
4 grape
3 litchi

Now I'm summarizing the data from several spreadsheets which have ranges like this, and the ranges are huge!

Easiest thing, is to copy and paste - which is what I'm doing. Only I want to do it in a logical order, i.e. the top of column "A" would be 1, below that 2, etc up to in the example 7. And of course column "B" would correspond to the right number.

My question, is there a quick way to "invert" the other spreadsheets so that the data is in the numerical order I want?? What I'm doing now is copying one row at a time and pasting it in the right order which is taking too much time. If I could "invert" either my sheet or the others, then I could copy an entire range and just paste in one go.

Thank you in advance


I am using Excel 2007 and want to use the invert if negative option in a chart. If I select this the negative column in my chart becomes white. Can I change the colour without using a VBA code? I have read a previous thread on this board and solution was to use a code but was wondering if this can be achieved without the need of a VBA code.


Let me be more specific. For example I have 1011 0100, what I want is to invert the MSB (most significant bit) from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0.

1011 0100 = 0011 0100
0111 0100 = 1111 0100

I have 5000 rows of different 8-bit patterns and would like to invert the MSB from the 1st row to the 5000th row. Thanks.

how do you invert the data in a column?