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Has anyone seen an Excel program that will generate words based on letters entered. For example, if I had 10 cells in a row, and each cell contained a letter (duplicates are okay), what words could be derived from arranging those letters in random sequences.

It would need the ability to accept any letter of the alphabet, A thru Z

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

How many words could it generate, and what are the words?
I assume it would have to reference a spelling dictionary.

It could be used as a spelling learning game, etc.

No rush, just curious if anyone has seen something like this.


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i am trying to make a word search puzzle for my kids using excel i want to be able to enter there spelling words and have excel place them in a grid of letters in random places either up and down or back and forth or diagonal and have it different each time in order to help them spell there words i can get a field of random letters to fill a grid of what ever size i want and then i could go in and enter the words manually but i would like the computer do it for me lol i could send the work sheet that i have started with the grid of letters but i am at a loss for the placement of the words thanks for any help you could give me

I am tring to generate words at random to see how many times actual words appear. Right now I'm just producing a single titlecaps word of a given length (# of letters) with this formula:
=PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))) where I just repeat paste on as many instances of CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26)) inside the PROPER() formula connected by "&" as I want letters, i.e. a random three letter word is "=PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))&CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))&CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26)))".

This is fine but I also want to make the number of letters random, say randomly distributed between 1 and 5 letters. I tried using =REPT(PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))), randbetween(1,5)), but that just repeats the same randomly chosen letter the randomly selected number of times. I also tried the substitute() formula but that just confused me.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Morning all,

I thought it would be cool to give my Pop an Excel spreadsheet he would enjoy using and he loves his crossword puzzles.

I have a sheet 'Words! with columns for 2-15 letter words. 2-3 letter words are only partially populated, 5 letter words is fully populated and 6-15 letter words remain to be populated.

On sheets 'solver! i'd like to be able to type how many letters the word contains in G2 then type in the known letters of the word in B5:P5. As the known letters are populated the possible results should be listed starting in B9.

I need to build a way to check sequential characters.

I have 26 characters (alphabet) and a long list of 7 letter words.
I need a way to check each word for how often a group of letters appears in words, The result will be counts of three to six letters. Letters are not necessarily contiguous.Double letters are not counted.

The program would search all words for letters starting with a minimum of three letters in sequence.

The result would be how many times a sequence of letters occurs.

I think an easy way to do this would be to first sort the word into alphabetical order

for instance
bangles would become abeglns
aground would become adgnoru

searches would become:
abeglns: abe=1,abg=1,abl=1,abn=1,abs=1,aeg=1,ael=1,aen=1,aes=1,agl=1,agn=1,ags=1,aln=1,als=1,ans=1
adgnoru: adg=1,adn=1,ado=1,adr=1,adu=1, agn=2 ,ago=1,agr=1,agu=1,ano=1,anr=1,anu=1,aor=1,aou=1,aru=1

I have incremented agn as it appears in both words.

I thought maybe the best way to do this is in Excel as I do not know any programming and I also want to be able to sort to show sequences that appear a certain number of time.

Is Excel capable of doing this?
Can someone advise me how to do it?


Is there a way to generate a random word other than by brute force?
Ideally I'd like to be able to check the word generated against a dictionary ( or a subset of the dictionary based on the first few letters generated )

Thanks for your help


Is there a function or macro to create random words?

I mean the output will be like 6-8 letter words in a cell of a column. Including numbers and letters.

For example:


Any ideas?

Hi all, I am looking to make a revolutionary change to the structure of the alphabet and am looking for support. The letter f is a rather useless letter and should be replaced by 'ph'. This has been done with many words already and I think we should just take the plunge and do this for all words. So, phrom here on out, I will no longer use the letter f when I type. I realize that some words may look strange at phirst but I'm sure everyone will get used to it. Anyhow, I'm going to try it and see how things go phrom here.
There will be some words that will look strange, words like phluphphy (fluffy) or Daphphy Duck but thats ok isn't it?

I am trying to generate random words from the list of the vowels and the consonants standing in different columns - I am using F9 to recalculate next bunch of the random words but I wish to collect all of them in one single list. Can you please help me do this? In the future I plan adding more columns to the green area shown in the attached worksheet.
Hoping to hear form you soon!)

Hey everyone,

I'm really hoping that this isn't a stupid question or worse, one that's been answered and that I just couldn't find using the search function.

The background to my problem is that I'm trying to create a unique dictionary for a game I'm programming. I have imported the dictionary into Excel and need to manipulate it with the following conditions:
Word length can only be 3-5 characters long Word cannot contain special characters like hyphen or apostrophe Word cannot have repeated characters
I got the first two criteria done using pretty brute for methods. The first using the LEN function to find words greater than 2 and those less than 6 and then comparing those two lists to get the list of 3-5 character words. The second I did manual search for characters and replaced them with six random characters so they would fail criteria 1 and be filtered out.

The last one I'm having problems figuring out. The game I'm programming only lets you use a letter once. So words like "dad" (or coincidentally enough "mom") would not be valid.

Is there a way I can look at the words in the cell and see if any character is repeated and then act upon that (e.g., copy to another column if no letters are repeated)?

Thanks in advance!


When I type the first letters of a word in a cell, how can I do show up all the words that begin with the same letters and are contained in a given list of words?

Two questions:-

(1) I have no problem adding words to the custom dictionary. But I don't
know how to find them and delete them afterwards. I tried tools>options
etc. No luck.

(2) What is an alternative method of adding words to custom.dic other than
typing the word in a cell and click spelling to invoke the spelling dialogue
box. Tool>options>spelling won't give me the dialogue box.

Appreciate advice.

I need to figure out how to create a macro that will not only generate a random letter but also will record a list of past letters already generated.

I'm still new to Excel and learning a lot. I think I can figure something out on my own but thought I'd come here to see if there was a more expeditious route to take than the one that I am working on.

My idea was to use the RAND function to randomly generate a number, associate that with a letter (i.e., 1=A, 2=B, etc.), and then use a macro to cut and paste the number into a list by inserting a new cell each time.


Thanks so much for your help!


I need help with a macro which creates random sentences out of a list of words (I have a column with 2000 rows. Each cell contains 50-60 words). In each cell, I would like to create sentences - without meaning - for example one sentence contains 4 words, the next one 8, the next one 5...
Basically the words should be separated randomly by a dot, and after each dot the next word has to begin with a capital letter.

Any assistance you could provide would be really appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi there.

I'm looking for a way to isolate all words in a cell so that I can create an ID based on them. I've found formulae for finding the total number of words, and one for finding a finite number of words, but the problem is I don't know ahead of time how many words there will be. I need to return the first four letters from the first word and the first letter of the second if there are two--but the first three letters from the first, the first letter of the second and the first from the third if there are three, and so on.

I'll give some examples as I'm sure that didn't explain what I need very well:

This piggy - needs to return THISP
This little piggy - needs to return THILP
This little piggy went - needs to return THLPW

Does anyone know if there's a way to do this with a formula? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

I have set up a simple database of English words (column A) and their respective translations into other languages (column B, separated by commas ... and can be from 1 to 50 different translation words).

In trying to create the random translator, I have encountered a problem with the formula/combination I was using. What I'm trying to do is indicated below.

A) random translation - when an English word is entered on another page in a specific cell (A2), a random translation appears in the cell next to it (B2). If the exact word (letter for letter) is not in the list, a message of "not found" or something similar should appear instead.

B) reverse translation - when a non-English word is entered into a specific cell (A5), the corresponding English word(s) appear in the adjacent cell (B5). (Some non-English words can have multiple translations - and if so, should be separated by semicolon) If the exact non-English word (letter for letter) is not in the list, a message of "not found" or something similar should appear instead.

If anyone could assist me, it would be appreciated.


I know excel can generate random numbers,

Can someone guide me how i can create random word generator.

I have list off word in sheet 2 column A, Column B, Column C and Column D from row 1 to 60,000.

In sheet 1 i want to press next button and word is selected form sheet 2 and displayed in a cell BUT no word is displayed again if it was displayed once.

I am creating this file for school as one of the teached wants to do spelling test on kids, i though a file would make it easier.

hope someone can help out.

I have one alphabet in each cell (assume 5 rows and 5 columns has different alphabets).
The VBA code should suggest all the possible words which can be made using these alphabets. Words can be formed only if the letters are in a contiguous chain (up, down, right, left, cross) - any contiguous combination. The word should be a valid english words.

Kind Regards

I am total newbie when it comes to working with excel and I would appreciate if someone could help me with the following two problems I am having -

1. In a single column I have a list of random words e.g in column A, I have 1000 words going vertically down, in columns 1 down to a 1000. I would like to know how I can add a comma to the end of each word automatically?

2. In column A I have a list of 2,609 words going vertically down (the amount of words could be any random amount - even and odd numbers). In column A for the first 20 words I would like to automatically put the words "GROUP 001" in Column B next to the first 20 words in column A, thus the words "GROUP 001" would be repeated 20 times in column B. For the next 20 words in line in Column A, I would like to put the words "GROUP 002" in Column B, thus the words "GROUP 002" would be repeated 20 times in column B. In this example there are 2,609 words so 2,609 divided by 20 = 130.45, so there would be GROUP 001 to GROUP 131 in column B.

I hope this is not to much of a challenge.
Thanks in advance

****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 9">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 9">

I've written a sheet for my kids that is based on the game "Tell Me"

Basicaly you have to answer a question based on a random letter.

To generate the random letter I use


I want to create a sort of animation effect so it looks like the letters a whizzing by.

I can emulate this effect by simply pressing F9 for a period of time, but I want to automate this on a mouse click/ macro button

Any ideas?


Using 1-26 and the alphabet I would like to be able to total the sum of letters from lists of words.

so using 1-26 with A to Z
a = 1
b = 2
c = 3
d = 4


the word cat = 3+1+20 = 24
dog = 4+15+7 = 26

would appreciate any assistance.

best regards,

PS I can do this if I split the words into different cells but this is a pain

I am working on a spreadsheet that will take my son's spelling words and change the letters to the corresponding digit on a telephone keypad. For example, test (8378).

Is this possible with vb, and if so, how difficult is it?

Thank You.

Hi folks

I am fiarly new to discussin boards and have a general question relating to Excel 07 please.

I wish to determine the number of words in a column that begin with a particular letter.

For example - Assume Cell A1 has the word DOG, A2 has CAT, A3 has CAR, A4 has TAR and A5 has PIG. Is there a formula that i can place into A6 that sums the number of words in the column from A1 to A5 that begin with the letter C. In this example the answer "2" would appear in A6 as there are 2 words in the list that commence with the letter "C".

Any feedback is greatly appreciated



Ciao All ~

My pompous co-worker would like to get appropriate credit for using big words ... her words not mine.

She didn't think I'd reach out to an excel forum when I hit a wall on this little project.

I've created a spreadsheet that uses Scrabble scoring for each letter of an entered word. However, it currently doesn't account for duplicate letters within a word and adjust the score appropriately.

i.e. CONUNDRUM 2 Ns and 2 Us, but it's currently scoring as only 1 each.

I used the following formula to identify a single instance of a letter :

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(D$5,$B10)),D$6," ")

Is there a way to augment this formula or can you provide an alternative?




I'm sure my question is not new or difficult (except to me). Unfortunately, because I am a new Excel user, I didn't even now how to search for the answer to this situation.

If D2:D62 contains the words "confirmed" and "accepted" the cell to the right needs to say "A". If D2:D62 contains the words "acceptance" and "letter" the cell to the right needs to say "B". This continues with different words and different letters thru "G". If the cells do not contain any of these words, the cell remains blank.

Then, I need to age theses new cells between "A" & "B", then "B" & "C", etc. to the right of those cells. (number of days lapsed between "A" & "B", etc., I have the dates in the "C" column)

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you, in advance, for any help given.


I need to make 2 lists:

1) With a list of 25 random people, i need to make each one a random male or female (designated by M or F). So in A2:A26 I have the numbers 1-25 designating a person but in B2:B26 I need a function that when the macro is run, it will randomly generate M and F for each.

This is what I had for this one but it lists all letters F through M:

Sub Gender()
Dim RandomRange As Range, cell As Range
Set RandomRange = Range("c2:c26")
For Each cell In RandomRange
cell.Formula = "=CHAR(RANDbetween(70,77))"
RandomRange.Value = RandomRange.Value
End Sub

2) For C2:C26, I need to reference each person as smoker and non-smoker. Basically the same concept as before except instead of M and F, I need the full words "smoker" and "non-smoker.

Thanks in advance!